byMany Feathers©

I had been keeping myself on the edge for sometime now, and knew it was time to enjoy the first of many orgasms to come hopefully. "So Rachel, I am ready to cum for you. Do you want me to finish jacking myself off? Or would you like to finish doing it for me and watch as it happens?"

She considered my request for a moment. "I think I'd like doing it, and watching you while I do," she admitted freely. "I've only ever jacked off one another guy before, but I never even saw it when he came," she giggled as she turned towards Tracy, reminding her with a look of the story she had shared with her.

"Go ahead honey," Tracy urged as Rachel slipped off the couch now to kneel down in front of me. As she did, Tracy sat down beside her and began fondling the young woman's breasts as her hand tentatively sought me out, gingerly at first exploring the hard firmness of my throbbing organ.

"I'm almost there now," I warned them both. "Aim it towards your breasts Rachel so you can watch it when I cum. Now, firmly, not too hard, not too fast, just keep pumping my prick with your hand, yes...just like that until I cum."

Tracy knelt behind Rachel cupping each of the young girl's breasts within her hand, slowly and gently rolling and twisting her hard little nipples as she continued jacking me off.

"Here it comes sweetie," I told her only seconds away now. Then watched as the first of many hard felt spurts of hot white semen exploded from the tip of my cock, covering Rachel's cute perky little breasts. Tracy now began smearing the essence of my hot fluid over and around her tits, massaging my cream into each of them, toying and still teasing her young sweet nipples with the white sticky fluid.

"Wow!" Rachel spoke finally with an obvious quiver in her voice. "That was awesome!"


To our surprise and delight, Rachel continued to fondle my rapidly deflating member, where only minutes ago, she held it stiff, firm and swollen within her hand, now wobbling it back and forth delightedly as it shrunk to less than half the size it had been.

"This is really cool," she said in amazement. "It's so neat how it can get so big and so hard, and then suddenly feel like this!" she said, continuing to play with it. Then she frowned slightly looking up towards me. "Can you make it hard again?" she asked.

I laughed, "Sure in a few minutes I can," I told her. "In the meantime, Tracy told me there's something else you've never experienced before that I think you'll very much enjoy, won't she Tracy?"

"I'm sure of it," my wife responded. "Like I told you yesterday, Brian has a very talented tongue!"

"Ooh, wow," Rachel moaned just thinking about it. It was obvious she was very horny and more than ready to try just about anything at this point as evidenced by the fact that she had just slipped one of her hands down between her legs and had begun twirling the tip of her clit with her finger just as I soon would be doing with the tip of my tongue.

"Why don't you lie down here on the floor?" Tracy suggested, grabbing one of the couch pillows for her to rest her head against as she did. "Comfy?"

"Yes," she more purred than spoke.

"Good, now go ahead and bend your knees a little, open yourself nice and wide so that Brian can have full access to that sweet little cunt of yours." Tracy spoke wickedly, enhancing the level of excitement that was already permeating the entire room. She then did so, forcing her head back even deeper into the pillow, her legs so obscenely spread that her pink little nubbin poked its head out invitingly towards me.

Once again Tracy positioned herself around Rachel's head, the lips of her own cunt actually resting against the top of Rachel's head, one leg sandwiching her in between as she reached down, easily cupping her breasts, once again beginning to fondle and caress them as I moved into position between her outstretched legs.

"Holy shit!" she cried out mere moments after I'd begun lapping at her exposed hard little clit with my tongue. "That's fucking amazing!" she cried out once again.

"Nice huh?" Tracy responded cupping her tits, tweaking her nipples as I continued rolling that tiny little nubbin of pleasure around inside my mouth.

"Shit! You can say that again! I never knew it could be like this!" she stated excitedly, squirming beneath me now with an involuntary motion. "Wow! This is far better than my own fingers!" she added unabashedly.

She lost all sense of being however moments later as the only sound coming from between her lips was the rapid deep breaths she was taking as I continued to suck, lick and twirl the most sensitive parts of her very liquid, very sweet tasting pussy.

Soon afterwards she tensed, her ass coming up off the floor arching her back as her low throated whale of a scream pierced the air.

"That's it baby!" Tracy urged her just as excitedly. "Feel it! Feel it! Let it go!"

It took a long while to fully calm her down afterwards. So intense had her orgasm been that it had taken her completely by surprise.

"I never imagined in a million years that it could feel like that!" she spoke openly. "How can I ever possibly repay the two of you?" she asked innocently, honestly.

"Well..." I began. "The only person here who hasn't climaxed yet is Tracy. How would you like to try doing for her, what I just did for you?"

"Really?" she asked sitting up. "I'm not sure I'd be very good at it though," she realized a moment later. "I've never done it before you know."

"That's why we're here remember?" Tracy said smiling. "So that you can learn how to do these things, and how they should feel. And don't worry, I'll teach you, tell you want to do, how it feels good to me, as long as you're willing to listen and follow along."

"Sure! Wow! Ok!" she stated, and noticed in doing so that I was once again fully erect.

"Cool! It's hard again," she grinned wrapping her tiny fist around my re-aroused member.

"If you'd like, after you've given Tracy a nice little orgasm, I'll teach you how men like to be sucked and licked as well, if you're willing of course."

"Hell yes!" she beamed outwardly. "I want to learn everything, everything I can!"

Tracy gave me a satisfied wink then moved over towards the couch where she positioned herself, legs spread hanging over the arm of the couch.

"I like it like this," she told Rachel, openly displaying herself, fingers already toying with the thick swollen lips of her cunt. "Come stand over here where you can be comfortable. The height is pretty good actually, if you don't mind bending over a little."

"What should I do first?" she asked taking up her position.

"Well for starters, you should probably just stick your tongue inside me, find out how I taste, how I smell and make sure you're ok it with," Tracy instructed simply.

I stood off to one side, watching as she did, grinning down at my wife as she wrapped her hand around my hard prick giving it an affectionate squeeze.

"Sweet," Rachel murmured into my wife's split, still tentatively licking it and tasting her with her tongue. "Now what?"

"Just start doing what Brian did to you," she urged her. "I'll tell you when I want you to try, or do something different."

I soon walked behind where Rachel was standing, though slightly bent over as she continued lapping at my wife's exposed cunt. Reaching out, I began fondling her perky young breasts, teasing each of them as she continued teasing my wife with her tongue and lips.

"Very good Rachel, now draw my clit inside your mouth, using your lips and suck it a little, softly at first until I tell you to do otherwise."

I felt Rachel squirm slightly as I placed the tip of my rigidly hard prick against the softness of her ass. "No worries Rachel, I wouldn't even attempt to fuck you without your permission, I'm just going to stand here and tease you a little with my cock while you're eating my wife."

She relaxed at that, and continued even more urgently with her tongue and lips as I began sliding my once again slippery leaking prick back and forth against her exposed, firm taut little ass-cheeks.

"Oh yes Rachel, that's very nice, very, very nice. Now flick it a little with your tongue the way Brian did to you. Quick light little butter-fly flicks. Oh yes, that's perfect! Just like that!"

Reaching down, I sought out Rachel's creamy wet cunny, slipping a finger barely inside where I probed her lightly, then reaching for and finding her clit which I began rubbing with the tip of my finger in a circular motion. She moaned audibly into my wife's cunt as I did, though continuing to lick, then suck Tracy's cunt exactly as she continued instructing her to do.

"Now go ahead and really suck on it," Tracy told her. "Pull it hard, deep between your lips and work it for me! Oh fuck yeah! Just like that! Just like that baby!"

Taking my hard throbbing cock in hand once again, I placed the tip of it against Rachel's wet slippery pussy lips and began working it up and down that sweet slick passage. Using the head of my prick to masturbate her clitoris with, causing her to shudder as the thrill of her clit being so directly stimulated with my cock pleasured her.

"Oh yeah honey, make me cum now, that's it, make me cum now!" Tracy moaned desperately, obviously hovering on the edge of her own climatic release. I backed off slightly, not wanting to detract from my wife's pleasures as she came, though continuing to press the length of my prick firmly and comfortably between the full valley of Rachel's twin ass cheeks.

Tracy was soon after bucking herself upwards, humping the young girls face as she came, thrusting her pussy, rotating it as she often did whenever I got her off this way. Rachel obviously pleased as she held on for dear life, continuing to suck, lick and flick my wife's clit into several rolling waves of orgasmic ecstasy.

As Tracy gradually calmed, I once again slipped my prick back against the now very wet opening of Rachel's pussy and began again to slide it up and down that slick wet passage, teasing the inflamed lips of her cunt with my shaft, slapping the tip of her swollen, super-sensitive clitoris with the head of my dick as I slipped back and forth against her, though not in her.

"Please...please, fuck me!" she said softly.

"You sure?" I asked continuing to tease her with my prick.

"Yes! Yes I'm sure!" she announced with finality. "Please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Easing myself inside her, slowly so that she could comfortably accommodate my enraged prick, Tracy meanwhile sat up, moving forward and wrapped her lips around one of Rachel's breasts sucking it. At the same time, I felt the tentative touch of my wife's fingers twiddling Rachel's clit, as gently as I was now moving in and out of that hot wet slippery fuck-tunnel.

"Holy shit, Holy fuck!" Rachel moaned over and over again tossing her head back and forth side to side as she said it.

Tracy moved back and forth, kissing, sucking and even nipping at Rachel's exposed breasts, her fingers still thrumming, still caressing, even occasionally clasping my prick to beat it against Rachel's clit before stuffing it back inside the young woman.

I continued to fuck her, slowly, smoothly with nice long penetrating strokes, even as I slid out once again, pausing momentarily before re-entering.

"Harder! Fuck me harder! Faster! Harder!" she now screamed.

So I did.

When she came this time, she surprised everyone, including herself. Her body had completely succumbed to the onslaught of sensation, of glorious, never before felt ecstasy and desire. When she came, her pussy literally exploded in a dam-bursting, gut-wrenching wave of pure unadulterated intensity. She didn't even realize it, or know what she was doing as she did it, but suddenly her pussy was spurting streamers of silk-like ribbons of female nectar that drenched and filled Tracy's still fingering hand, likewise all but forcing my prick out of her cunt with a liquefied furry that sprayed backwards against my thighs, soaking my balls in a rich thick coating of creamy white fluids that ran copiously down my legs.

"Oh my god! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" she cried out suddenly realizing finally what had just happened. "Did I pee? Did I pee?"

Tracy was laughing hysterically. "No baby, you didn't. You just came very, very nicely, and very, very hard. Sometimes I do that too when it's been really intense, really good!"

"That's normal?"

Still laughing she answered, "Very much so, now...slide over here so I can lick you clean," she urged her wantonly.


The timing of Rachel's orgasm couldn't have been any more perfect. Had it not been for my earlier climax, I would have emptied my balls deep inside her the moment she'd exploded. Even then I had fought with every ounce of control I possessed to refrain from doing just that.

Once again taking my seat, I waited for the long moments of Rachel's afterglow to burn itself out as Tracy's talented lips and tongue did indeed lick the young woman's pussy perfectly clean from the surprised results of her spending.

Afterwards, she sat with stupefied splendor etched within her face, recalling the joyous release that she'd experienced only moments ago. Her look turned to one of renewed lust however as she gazed over towards my prick which stood purple, angry looking, and throbbed of its own accord.

"Teach me how to suck you," she asked in a far more mature sounding tone of voice than either one of us had ever heard before. "Show me Tracy, let's do him together!"


Just watching, let alone feeling the two women as they knelt on the floor in front of me was almost enough to get me off. The feel as they took turns sucking me, or simultaneously licking my shaft, stroking it with hands together, sometimes kissing one another with my prick sandwiched between them was enough to drive me insane.

"I want to taste it when he comes!" Rachel announced. "So please tell me Brian, tell me when you do."

"I wouldn't worry about that," Tracy laughed, "I think you'll know it long before then, Brian can get pretty vocal whenever I suck him off," she explained. "And I promise you, there'll be plenty of it for both of us," she added with a knowing grin.

They continued on, passing my prick back and forth, feeding it to one another, lavishing it with kisses and sucks, tongue flicks and finger strokes that soon had me spiraling out of control.

"Oh yeah, fuck yeah, I'm gonna cum!" I announced shortly.

Holding my prick between them, Tracy pointed it directly inside Rachel's waiting mouth, receiving the first of many hard felt jettison's of my spunk before snatching it away to take the second, third, then passing it back once again where Rachel greedily consumed my shaft, mouthing it, pulling on it with her lips as though her intent was to suck the head off the top of my prick.

Even when it was over, at last finally drained, satiated beyond reason, I sat there watching the two of them, mesmerized as they playfully swapped sperm back and forth with one another, kissing, and then licking the residue of cum-drops that spilled or ran from the corners of their mouths. Before long, the pleasure, wickedness and wantonness of this very act had them unabashedly fingering one another there on the floor in front of me until each had finger-fucked the other into a nice quiet little oblivion once again.


It had been several days since I had seen or heard from Rachel. "Tracy? Have you talked to Rachel recently?"

"Yeah, why?" She asked.

"No reason really, was just wondering how she's doing, how she's maybe feeling about all this," I said a little worriedly. Tracy laughed at me.

"Don't get all upset," she snickered. Everything's fine. I spoke at length with her yesterday. I think she's gone through a really remarkable change. She even told me she'd sat down and had a seriously long talk with her mother. It was about time she did. Ever since her father left them it's just been the two of them trying to make it on their own, and I think that Rachel's mother has been living too sheltered of a life as it is anyway, and has been holding Rachel back. But like I said, after speaking with her, she's doing great and looking forward to coming over again for some additional lessons!"

I found myself smiling over that thought as well.

It was a week after that, that I had arrived home from work, setting my briefcase down on the sideboard, I stepped into the foyer, calling out to my wife. "Tracy? You here?" Which is when I heard the giggling, already heading towards the family room where I now knew I would find them. And find them I did, though somewhat unexpectedly.

Tracy was lying on the floor with Rachel sitting on my wife's face, another woman whom I'd never even seen before was happily licking my wife's cunt.

"Hi Brian!" Rachel spoke, rolling off my wife, allowing her to sit up and look at me, as did now the other unknown woman.

"Welcome home honey," Tracy said with a more than lust filled look in her eyes.

"You can say that again," I said grinningly, still somewhat surprised at what I was seeing here.

Then laughed as I realized. "I take it its back to being my turn then?"

Tracy shook her head.


"Nope! This was Rachel's idea," she announced with a wicked evil grin.

"It was?"

"Yep!" Rachel stated excitedly. "Oh and Brian? This is my mom, mother? This is the guy I was telling you about."

All I could do was stand there with my mouth hanging open.

"Decadent enough for ya?" Rachel asked smiling.

And was, it really, really was.

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