tagSci-Fi & FantasyDeceive Me Not

Deceive Me Not


I was making a Caesar salad for dinner when the doorbell rang. I mumbled a curse, hoping it wasn't some salesman or Jehovah's Witness as we'd been getting a lot of both lately. A polite "no thanks, not interested" on my lips, I opened the front door and instead breathed "whoa" at the very attractive woman standing on my porch.

"Hi!" she said, perky as she could be. "I'm Kyra Lane, your new neighbor."

She had a lovely heart-shaped face, cute straight nose and full gleaming lips. Her thick black hair was a cascade of ringlets that fell to the center of her back. Her eyes, large almond-shaped pools of royal blue, sparkled with life and--if I wasn't mistaken--a hint of mischief.

I ignored the voice in my head yelling, "Inappropriate, inappropriate!" and allowed my gaze to slip down to the halter top that matched the shade of her eyes; to the tight jean skirt that hugged her waist, hips and thighs; then back up to her large yet natural-looking breasts.

Dear God. This sexy creature was all-woman, all-natural; full-figured with long curves and an aura of sensuality that sent my heart rate soaring.

It took me a few seconds to stop gawking at her. I figured she was used to such reactions, the way she smiled at me patiently until I had finally regained the ability to speak.

"Oh . . . um, I'm Josh Barrett." I extended my hand. "Welcome to the neighborhood."

Kyra accepted my hand and offered a firm yet gentle shake; I nearly shuddered at the warmth of her velvety soft skin. "Thanks. But it isn't anything permanent--three to four weeks at the most. The company I work for sent me here to straighten out some software glitches and create new databases at a local accounting firm. I'm renting the house next door while I'm here." Then she pouted. "Just a short stay then back to the home office, I'm afraid."

Damn, I thought. What a shame.

"Oh, well, that's too bad."

She nodded, a subtle motion which made my cock twitch.

Jesus Christ, Josh, keep it together.

"Well, um, my wife is upstairs. I know she'll want to me you. Please"--I opened the door wide--"come in."

Kyra accepted my invitation and stepped past me into the hallway, trailing the heady scents of vanilla and roses. I had to stop myself from leaning forward and inhaling deeply.

I called to Brie who was upstairs changing out of her work clothes. A minute later, she rounded the corner into the hall and for the second time in the past few minutes I was rendered speechless. Brie was wearing my favorite pair of cut-off shorts that left a good deal of her voluptuous ass uncovered and a tight t-shirt with Tweety bird centered right between her tits. She wasn't wearing a bra, either, which wasn't unusual as it was normally the first thing she removed at the end of the work day.

Brie rarely wore much clothing at home, especially in the summer months, which was fine with me. But she was a little on the conservative side when it came to how she appeared in front of others. She wasn't some bible thumper or uptight bitch, just a little self-conscious about her body, with all its big round curves. She was always complaining about how she needed to lose weight and how people looked at her like she was some cow, despite my adamant objections. The truth was men and women stared at her out of appreciation and--I'm sure--lust, though she never saw it that way.

I felt my face blush, an anticipatory response to how I imagined Brie was about to react: she would let out one of her cute little squeals of surprise before bolting back upstairs to put on more clothing. Instead, she smiled brightly, walked right up to our new neighbor and introduced herself. I was a bit stunned but didn't say a word.

As they exchanged pleasantries, I was struck by how much they resembled one another. They were the same height, and their bodies were practically mirror images. Brie's hair was a shade lighter and her skin a bit darker, but the overall similarity was uncanny.

Brie asked Kyra to stay for dinner. She politely refused, at first, not wanting to intrude. But after a little cajoling from both of us, she agreed to stay.

We dined on Brie's famous spaghetti and my crisp, tangy Caesar salad. During the meal, we downed a couple bottles of red wine that left us all quite talkative. Our conversation was far from original, but we talked with the ease of old friends, exchanging standard background information: where we were from, our jobs, our families . . . Then with a third bottle, we retired to the living room.

Brie and I sat on the couch while Kyra eased into the recliner, caddy corner to our left. I continued where I'd left off at the dinner table with a rundown of my work at the university. Kyra seemed particularly interested in my teaching, or more specifically, my subject matter: Myth and Lore. Apparently she liked the idea of a magical world rife with vampires, werewolves, fairies . . . I'd always been more interested in the cultures that bred and fostered those fictional beings, those legends, but I appreciated her questions, nonetheless. Our conversation then segued into movies and books inspired by creatures that go bump in the night, which isn't really my thing. But Kyra and Brie seemed excited about sharing an affinity for sexy creatures of the paranormal.

At some point, I excused myself to visit the little boys' room. When I returned, Brie and Kyra were sitting next to each other on the couch, still chatting away about this gorgeous vampire or that hunky werewolf. I settled into the recliner and listened to them talk, enjoying the way their equally impressive breasts jiggled when they got really animated about some character or plot point. They touched each other's thighs as they talked, too, which, despite my best efforts, gave me a raging hard on. After a few minutes, when I'd reached the point where I was either going to have to cross my legs or put a throw pillow in my lap, they suddenly hopped off the couch and walked over to the shelves that held most of our books and DVDs. I frowned at their departure, poured myself another half-glass of wine, closed my eyes and relaxed.

Perhaps it was a little too much wine, or maybe a full day of teaching, but I drifted off. Next thing I knew Brie was gently shaking my shoulder and telling me Kyra was leaving. I stood up, rubbed my sleepy eyes, and saw that Kyra was holding a plastic bag full of books and movies. She was grinning from ear-to-ear, thanking Brie for letting her borrow them. I followed them to the door and exchanged goodbyes with Kyra before returning to the living room for the wine glasses.

When I came back into the hallway, Brie and Kyra were talking about getting together sometime for a swim in the pool or dinner and a movie. Then Brie wrapped her arms around Kyra's shoulders and gave her a friendly hug, which seemed to linger a little longer than new-friend protocol would call for. When they broke their embrace, both of them had fully erect nipples, perfect little nubs that strained against the feeble material that contained them. My erection swiftly returned and didn't bother going away until Brie and I fucked thirty minutes later on the couch; a wild, near-desperate and--in hindsight--inspired coupling that left us both breathless and covered in sweat.


The three of us spent a good deal of time together over the next few weeks, mostly after work and on the weekends. We shared dinners, went to the movies, out for drinks; Brie and Kyra went shopping every-once-in-a-while. I was especially fond of our pool time together, watching them sunbathe in skimpy bikinis along the apron or while floating on inflatable lounges. I usually had to sit in a chair with a book in my lap, or make sure I was submerged in the water to my waist, lest I show the ladies my straining erection, which I was tempted to do on numerous occasions. What would happen? I'd wonder. Would either of them say anything? Do anything? Or would they storm off in a huff leaving me and my engorged cock all alone? Sometimes it'd get so bad that I'd retreat to the house, ostensibly to refresh our drinks or retrieve some snacks. Once inside, I'd rush to the bathroom and masturbate furiously, emptying a ridiculous amount of come into the waste basket. When I returned to the pool, Brie and Kyra would knowingly smile at one another, making me blush scarlet red.

The time for Kyra to return to her company's home office arrived all too quickly. Each of us was saddened by it and made a point to keep reassuring one another we'd call, e-mail, take turns visiting, maybe even share a vacation. All those things people say though deep down they know they'll probably never see each other again.

Two nights before Kyra's departure, after turning the lights out, Brie rolled over on her side. Facing me, she said, "I really want to have a threesome with Kyra."

We'd talked about bringing a third into our sex life on numerous occasions--usually a woman though I'd told Brie a man would be fine, too. And often during sex we'd tell each other made-up stories about having trysts with strangers, people we'd pick up at bars, or meet while hiking in the woods, or some other random occurrence. I'd tried to get Brie to actually go through with it a couple times but she'd gently refused. I never pushed the issue, though. If I had, she would've probably gotten defensive, making the chance of us ever engaging in a threesome pretty much nil. I could also tell she genuinely felt bad, maybe even guilty, that she couldn't go through with it, like she was disappointing or failing me somehow. So when she announced her desire for Kyra, I nodded my head and said in a calm, even voice: "She's very attractive, and I'm pretty sure she has the hots for you."

In the near darkness, I noticed Brie beam when I mentioned my suspicion that Kyra wanted her. She brushed a wisp of hair behind her ear and started rambling: "You think so? Really? God, she's sexy as hell, don't you think? I swear I've been fantasizing about her and me--and her and you and me--" she quickly added, "since she arrived." She shook her head. "Damn, there's been so many times when I thought something was going to happen, you know, but it just . . . didn't." Brie paused long enough to grin, a slow, Cheshire cat curve of her lips. "And I can tell she has the hots for you, too, stud. She's always eyeing you, checking out your ass and bulge."

I returned her smile and thought, Huh? Sure, Kyra was definitely a flirt and I'd caught her ogling me a few times, but that was part of her charm, her appeal. Surely, she flirted with lots of other men. Nevertheless, I sincerely hoped Brie was right in her assertion.

"Well," I offered, "maybe she wants something to happen but is afraid we don't."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Brie pressed her lips together thoughtfully. "Hmm, I suppose we could give it a shot. And if it doesn't work out--well, Kyra's leaving in a couple days. That would at least cut down on the awkwardness. But"--she groaned--"I hate the thought of ruining our friendship, you know? I really like Kyra."

I was treading on dangerous ground. If I pushed the issue, Brie might balk. "That's completely understandable. She probably feels the same way."

"But if we don't try, I'll always wonder if it could've happened."

I exhaled a long sigh and briefly considered admitting that I'd been fantasizing as well; simple daydreams at first, fleeting images, whispered sensations. But for the past week I'd dreamed of us every night without fail, fucking like animals in a rut, tasting and penetrating one another for what seemed like hours on end. They were the most vividly detailed fantasies I'd ever had, each one ending only after I'd come into Kyra's pussy, mouth or ass; never Brie, odd as that sounds, always Kyra. Then, with the last spasm of my cock, I'd wake with a start, certain I'd orgasmed all over myself. But, to my surprise, I was always clean except for a slight stickiness along the length of my fading erection.

"I mean," Brie continued, "how would something like this happen? Do I just kiss her, start playing with myself while we're in the pool, or say, 'Hey, want to fuck?'"

There was a serious edge to Brie's voice. It was obvious she really wanted this, but I was still afraid to push. I reined in my own desires and needs and tried to think of a way to coax her without putting her off--

An unexpected surge of buried frustration rose up and slammed into my senses. My inner voiced intoned: You know what? Fuck it. No more waiting.

Without further contemplation, and past the point of caring how Brie might take my suggestions, I told her of a plan I'd been considering since the dreams started: "Well, I could go out," I began, "but not with the guys. It's hard to tear myself away from them sometimes, especially when we're drinking. But I could say I was going out with them and really go to a movie or somewhere I could kill a couple hours. You two could have some drinks, maybe put in one of your soft-core supernatural movies. It might help Kyra relax, you know, open up. Then I'd return home earlier than expected and, well, just go from there I suppose."

Brie rolled to her back and sighed. "That might work. A couple of the movies have some pretty hot scenes. And drinks definitely wouldn't hurt. But . . ."

"But what?" I struggled not to raise my voice.

"Shit, I don't know," she whined. "Wouldn't that be tricking her, being deceptive?"

"No, no. I don't think so. I mean, if she wants to she wants to, right? It's not like a little booze and visual stimulation is going to make her do something against her will. If it helps dampen her inhibitions a bit, I don't see a problem with it. She'd still be doing something she wanted to do."

I held my breath for the next few seconds, hoping like crazy that Brie would agree to go through with it. I could see her point, though. The plan was based on a modicum of sneakiness. But, I reasoned, we'd just be greasing the skids a little bit. Priming the pump, so to speak.

"Let's try it," Brie said, shocking me out of my own rationalizations.

I could barely hide the glee from my voice. "You sure? It's totally up to you."

"Yep, I'm sure. I'm tired of just talking about having a threesome when it's obviously something I really want to do." Brie turned to me. "You sure you're okay with this?"

Try as I might, I couldn't help but smile like an idiot. Brie elbowed my in the ribs and laughed. "Men are such dogs." Then she got up and sashayed to the mini-entertainment center against the far wall, swinging her curvy hips and round, glorious ass. She turned on the television and used its blue light to find one of the adult DVDs we'd collected. She put the movie in, pressed play, and came back to bed.

The first scene was like every other scene in the production: threesomes having fast, furious, hardcore sex. Brie moved down to the end of the bed and took my throbbing cock in her nimble fingers. A pearl of pre-cum leaked from the tip as she lightly squeezed; she smeared it in slow circles around the swollen head, making me moan and arch my back. Brie flashed me a quick, lust-filled smile before swallowing me whole, not stopping until her lips reached the base of my cock.


The next day, Brie invited Kyra over for a farewell dinner. She arrived around six o'clock wearing a sleeveless black dress that was sinfully short and tight. The flimsy material hugged her big round ass and heavy tits like a body suit. A silver necklace, matching earrings and high-as-you-please fuck-me-pumps completed her ensemble. I was a bit surprised she hadn't changed before coming over, but God did she look sexy as hell. She must've driven the guys at the accounting firm nuts that day.

Brie was wearing an equally short peach-colored sundress that looked great against her dark tan. She'd skipped the bra and her tits damn near spilled out of her top every time she leaned forward. Needless to say, I was really, really hoping our plan worked. Hell, I think I actually said a prayer, a heartfelt albeit selfish supplication to God, and I hadn't prayed since I was a kid.

Kyra seemed a little upset when I told her I'd be leaving after dinner. I apologized and explained that it was one of my friend's birthdays and that me and the guys had been planning on taking him out to celebrate for awhile. She assured me she understood and said maybe we could have coffee in the morning before she left for the airport. I told her that was a great idea, all the while hoping, and praying again, that we'd be doing so after a long night of sex.

I grilled steaks while Brie took care of the sautéed green beans, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and salad. We ate on the back patio, savoring each delicious bite and pausing often to talk about one thing or another. I did my best to appear like my old relaxed self, but I was anxious to get the show on the road and see if things worked out the way we'd planned. I could tell Brie was feeling a little amped as well; her posture was a tad rigid and she was talking pretty fast. I hoped Kyra didn't notice the change in our demeanors. If she did, she kept it to herself.

We drank cabernet sauvignon as we ate and chatted. I only had a couple glasses since I'd have to drive after dinner, but I made sure to freshen up the girls' glasses whenever they got less than half full. Thankfully, about midway through the meal, Brie and I both relaxed a bit.

After a final dab of the napkin at the corners of her mouth, Brie pushed her chair away from the table and angled her body towards Kyra. She slowly crossed her legs, making the hem of her sundress ride up high. Kyra arranged her chair and body similarly as she began telling Brie about some older guy who'd hit on her almost every day she'd worked at the accounting firm. By the end of the story they'd started stealing glances at each other's legs and chests, appreciative looks that lingered just long enough so as not to be too obvious.

Okay, I thought, mentally crossing my fingers, time for me to go.

"Well," I said as I stood, "I'd better get a move on."

Kyra said, "Oh, so soon?"

I made a sad face. "Yeah, I'm supposed to meet up with the guys."

Brie and Kyra walked me to the door.

"Don't wait up, Brie. I'll probably be home late."

We'd actually rehearsed this part of the evening.

"Okay but you be careful." She gave me a quick hug and peck on the cheek. "You have a designated driver, right?"

"Yes, dear," I mocked. "Danny is driving and has promised to be a responsible DD. I'll leave my car at his place and pick it up in the morning."

"You have your cell phone?"

"Yep. Call me if you need anything."

I turned to Kyra to say goodbye and nearly yelped when she hugged me. It didn't last long, but in that short span of time she managed to press her entire body against me--tight. My own body went hot and rigid when I felt her tits against my chest and her firm pubic mound against my groin. The embrace only lasted a couple seconds, three at the most, but I still popped an erection.

"Coffee in the morning, right?" Kyra asked.

It took me a couple seconds to focus and realize what she was talking about. "Oh, yeah. Absolutely."

Brie nodded enthusiastically and echoed her agreement.

With a small wave, I walked out and got into my car. I watched the front door shut and released a shuddering breath. My heart was beating like a base drum and my cock still hummed from Kyra's hug. I buckled my seat belt and turned the ignition key. The engine roared to life, a deep rumble reverberating through my already wire-tight body. I eased out onto the street and headed for the closest movie theater.


Three hours later, I returned to the house. After turning off the car, I sat quietly for awhile, listening to the pops and hisses of the cooling engine and the sound of my pounding heart. I'd planned on returning after the movie, but decided to give the girls another hour for good measure. I spent the extra time walking the aisles at a book store, trying to ignore my now painful erection, heavy balls and the spreading wet spot on my underwear.

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