tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDeceived Ch. 03

Deceived Ch. 03


Chapter Three: Still no apple?

This girl amazed me. I have had more than my fair share of women, but she was something unique. She looked like an angel, but her fantasy was so devious, so wicked. A couple of times I wondered if I wasn't taking it too far, but she never used the stop word. Damn, she was a great role player. Now she claimed to be a virgin. She was so lovely with her yelping, "I'm a virgin, stop". She must have been reading too many romantic novels: "Oh no Sir, I have never done that", she said to the handsome dark stranger. Never mind, whatever works for her, surely works for me.

With quasi terrified eyes she watched my hand fondling her vagina. I had asked her to lick my finger as if that were necessary, the little slut started to get soaking wet. I could predict the next line taken from a novel: "Oh what is happening to me". She felt so ashamed as her body betrayed her. So wonderfully cliché.

I rubbed her labia. The slut was shaved, her skin felt really good and was quite sensitive. It gave her goose bumps. This is heaven to me: just cupping a clean shaved young cunt, enjoying the smoothness, the moistness. I wanted to kiss her. But she wanted to get to the next phase as she evaded me and wiggled her ass, of course enhancing my touching on her. So be it, I 'll play along. I stroke her lips up and down, yet barely touching her. She would like that for sure, the little tease. Yep, she kept wiggling. I parted her lips, found and played with her clit. Tears of bliss were running down her cheeks, I licked them off.

Every now and then a horn blew: truck drivers parking there or passing by were encouraging us.

"Oh god, somebody help me."

I wanted to probe her pussy, I inserted a finger in her love channel, it was so tight. Ah, she started 'fighting' again, "Stop it, you bitch, you know you want it." Sweet Eve didn't stop, kept acting like a fighter, so I slapped her face and held it, making her look me in the eyes: "Cooperate bitch or I'll have those truckers fuck you!" Terror was in her eyes, it almost looked for real! She played so well!

"Please, not that, I'll do anything you want."

Finally, it took a while, but we had finished that chapter, "Okay, beg me to kiss you." She did, not very convincing, but good enough. As a reward I fingered her clit and made her cum. And cum she did, shuddering with a delightful blush.

We drove to my house in the outskirts of the State residence, not far from the city she lived in. Eve was silent, clearly still in aftershock of the orgasm. I smiled, she was so delicious. We went straight up to the bed room. I undressed her, she played the rag doll. She was not as voluptuous as the Rubens' women she studied, and the picture she had sent me, was definitely not hers. But she was stunning.

I got undressed and made her help me. I rubbed her hand over my crotch, "Do you feel what you're doing to me?" She shivered. "Now, open my pants," she hesitated. I raised my hand as to 'encourage' her, it helped: buckle opened, button, zipper down. I got out of my pants, only wearing my boxers. I pushed Eve down on her knees, she was eye in eye with my bulge. She pulled my shorts down, liberating my cock.

"Oh my god," she said, as if it was the first she had ever seen.

So sweet, I caressed her head, "Make love to that cock, baby." No reaction. I pushed her head against my crotch. No reaction. I grabbed her hair, pulled her head back, so she would look at me: "Open that fucking mouth and suck me." She sucked the head. Either she was a lousy cocksucker or she needed some force. Whatever, I took her head in my hands and fucked it myself.

Eve choked, tried to push me away, but apparently she wanted me to continue. Hahaha, this Eve still didn't need her apple. I loved her mouth, but now I wanted something else. I kissed her forehead and took her to the bed. She was still acting docile. I made her sit on the edge on the bed, pushed her back, spread her legs and paid tribute to her vagina.

Her pussy tasted so good, my tongue hovered over her lips, I parted them and licked her good, from the bottom to the clit. She enjoyed it and moaned, her fingers running through my hair. When I entered her with my tongue, she was like pushing my head in. Eve shuddered and came and I drank it all, burying my face deep in her lap.

By now my balls were like begging for relief. I rubbed my cock head over her lips, I looked at her and waited. She looked back, horny, "Please take me, I want you." This girl made me so happy, she was really beyond anything I had ever dreamed of. I lifted her up, laid her down on the bed and kissed her sweet lips. She opened her mouth and our tongues met in a crazy swirl. She spread her legs wide open for me, I entered her. She was as tight as a virgin. I heard her groan as I pushed slowly forward.

Her eyes were large, I saw her lust. "I need you inside me," she whispered with a hoarse voice and pushed her hips up. That made me thrust deep inside her, so unbelievably tight. I saw blood on her lips, she had bitten herself. Eve embraced me, scratched my back. I kissed her, bit her. I made her straddle me.

As she lowered herself upon me, I saw there was more blood. "Eve... you' re a virgin..." She smiled, bent over and kissed my chest. I embraced her, laid her on her back and started making love to her, real tender love. I helped her to an orgasm, I was so close myself but I didn't want to come inside her.

Eve held me tight, wrapped her legs around me, "Please stay inside me." Those words gave me the best orgasm ever, I came deep inside her.

There we laid, this was bliss. I played with her hair. She kissed my chest. "Eve, that was incredible role play."

She nibbled on my nipple, her hand making me hard again. She looked at me, puzzled, "Role play? What do you mean by Role play?" And then she kissed me.

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