tagIncest/TabooDecember 2012

December 2012


My grandfather was one of those people who worried about the Russians nuking us back in the early days. Around the time of the Cuban missile crises, he bought land out away from any major city. It truly was in the back of beyond.

Now grandpa made a lot of money working for a major airline contractor. He used that money to build the house I grew up in. Though to call it a house is like calling a wolf a lap dog. He built a bunker in every sense of the word. The house was built to survive a near miss from a nuke, or at least as well as anything above ground can.

Concrete walls four-foot thick, military grade blast windows, Solid steel doors, I swear to God, five inches thick. The roof was a dirt bank that over hung the top of the house. It was meant to give protection from fall out.

And that was just the above ground part. Once you go threw a hidden door you would find a door not out of place in a bank vault.

Grandpa served in Europe after WW2 he patterned the rest of the house after German bunkers he saw over there. The concrete walls were laced with metal. Walls, ceiling, floor all had it. Grandma thought her husband was insane. Then the Russians detonated that monster nuke in Siberia just to show they could. After that she gave him her full support.

Well those bombers never flew from Russia. His friends laughed at him for all the money he had wasted.

Then came the long years of the cold war. With tensions rising higher every year. My Dad grew up through that. If Grandpa had been afraid of the Russians, Dad was absolutely terrified of them. He expanded and added storage rooms for huge supplies of food, water, and place to grow plants underground. He also added an inner bunker.

I don't know how they got it down there, but somehow he and grandpa put a truly massive foot thick steel door on this inner bunker. A canon couldn't punch threw the thing!

All of this maybe while Mom and I are still alive.

It started in the winter of 2011. We had all been hearing about the Mayan prophecies, Nostradamus, Web Bot you name it. Every thing said the world was coming to an end.

But I had grown up listening to that shit.

"Oh we'll never see 1996, world come to an end before then. Nope we'll never see 1999! Year 2000 that's it, Y2K, worlds coming to an end."

Well we passed those dates and others. Dad kept the food in the bunker replaced ever few years of so. I've probably eaten more MRE meals than some solders with twenty plus years in.

Just after the New Year 2012 the tornadoes started. The south got hit, then the Midwest. Then by mid spring it was stranger places. California, New York state, Chicago got hit twice for gods sake. Alaska? Who the hell ever heard of a tornado in Alaska!

Hurricane season started around Easter. By June they were running out of names. I saw the footage from Cuba when it got pounded by a Cat5. Then Haiti, still rebuilding from an earthquake just a few years earlier, got hammered! Then Mexico and south Texas took the last of it.

And that was just the first monster. By mid summer we had five Katrina size hurricanes hit the US coast. From Texas all the way to Maine no shoreline was completely undamaged.

The pictures! New York under 20 feet of water, Miami...fuck just gone!

Then there was looting of course. Mostly just people trying to survive. Course some people seem to think they need ten flat screen TVs to survive.

There were riots in several cities. Riots over food and water, over police shooting looters, over why no one was doing anything.

All on an election year. I think that more than anything lit the fire under the government's ass. I'll give it to them they did try.

The word from the rest of the world was if anything worse. Earthquakes every where, Storms, hell they had a blizzard in Africa!

As governments stumbled their militaries took control. All over the world counties came under marshal law. Then in many places the 'Fanatics' over threw the military.

We watched the news in horror as footage of the first nuke sense World War Two got used in war. The death toll was enormous.

It wouldn't be the only one to fly, as little nations screamed and religious idiots yelled 'Jihad' from every temple.

I don't know when the count passed a million dead. Ten million? All I know is when Yellowstone went up in August such little numbers became meaningless.

We felt the tremors even in our concrete world.

Mom, Dad, my baby sister, fifteen years younger than me. Her world was going to hell before she had even seen it.

Our surveillance cameras showed the first looters, refugees, survivors, what ever you want to call them. They broke into the house up stairs. They used a truck to ram the door to the garage.

They were pathetic wretches. Hacking volcanic ash from damaged lungs. Two men and a woman. They were looking for food. We had left nothing up there of course. They never found the hidden door in the back of the house. They wouldn't have been able to open the three-foot thick slab of lead and steel anyway.

Mom had cried seeing them. She wanted to help them.

I don't think Dad would have opened that door for his best friend in the world.

It was strange watching the monitors, like watching TV, but with no sound. They lived in our house for a week or so. They slept in our beds. Never did learn their names.

A second group came through about the middle of the second week they had been there. All men. All armed.

They gunned down both of the men. Then Dad turned off the view screen and made us all leave. I think he alone watched as they raped the woman to death.

Then they ate the bodies.

He called me in and showed me that part. Mom could never know the use some of her old cookware had been put to.

There was no food upstairs and even as strong a place as it was upstairs they didn't stay long.

Dad told me they killed one of their own and ate him just before they left.

After that maybe one or two others just wandered threw. Never stopping for more than a night.

After October even that stopped.

November rolled around. That's when Dad got sick.

We don't know what he had, but nothing seemed to help. He died on Thanksgiving Day.

Mom and I wrapped his body. I checked the radiation gauges. They had spiked once or twice back during the summer, but nothing much since then.

When we cracked open the big door the air stank. Smoke, sulfur stench, like rotting eggs.

We carried Dad outside. I couldn't even recognize our yard. None of the trees were still standing, most were burned stumps.

It was bitter cold. With Mom holding the gun and watching I tried to dig him a grave. The ground was as hard as stone. The soil tilled in the spring for our family garden was to frozen to dig into.

We used rocks from the garden wall to build him a cairn. We worked as quickly as we could.

We were terrified.

The sky!

It looked like heat lightning and northern lights mixed in a black thundercloud.

Every thing was covered in a thick layer of ash, like gray snow. It covered us by the time we were finished. Not wanting to take it back inside with us I made Mom strip and then myself. That I saw a woman in bra and panties for the first time, and that she was wearing a respirator seemed fitting for this world.

That she was my Mom was the weird part.

As November fade into December we began to feel trimmers ever so often. Soon concrete dust cover every thing in the bunker. Mom kept it dusted off with a fanatic edge to her cleaning.

I took to sleeping next to Mom. She would be curled up around my sister and I would hold them both.

Clocks had no meaning now. Why bother when there is no sun to tell the time by. It was buried under hellish clouds. Day was night, night was day.

I woke curled up against my Mom's back. I reached around her to feel my sister. When I didn't I got scared for a second. Then I remembered we had left her asleep on the couch.

My Mom woke enough to grind herself back against my crotch. I realized at that moment I was painfully hard.

Mom's nightgown had moved up during the night. I was pressed against her panties, pushing hard into the crack or her ass.

I heard her moan. I felt her fingers reach down. She slid the waistband of her panties down.

"Oh Tom."

Hearing my Dad's name tore my heart.

"Mom wake up." I shook her shoulder.

She came fully awake and aware of whom she was grinding against. Whose cock was pressing between her bare ass cheeks.

She started to cry. I pulled her too me.

"Hush now, Mom. You'll wake Jennifer." I whisper to her.

She curled into her pillows, letting them hide her sobs.

I reach down and try to pull her panties back up.

She starts slapping at my hands.

"What does it matter? Here" she pulls them completely off. "There does that make any difference? Is the world back the way it was? No, then it doesn't matter. Nothing matters." She ends in a whimper.

I bury my face in her hair as I feel tears start to leak from my eyes.

"You matter. Jennifer matters. I hope I matter."

Mom lies still for a second then turns over to face me. She places her hand against my chest.

"I love you. I love the both of you." She softly beats against my chest with her fist. "But I loved your Dad as well. I couldn't do anything to help him. I just had to watch him die. All I could do was bury him in the ash."

. "Mom it's ok. It's ok. I'm here. I'm going to take care of you. You and Jennifer. I'm the man of the house now. I'll keep you both safe."

How I thought I would do that I have no idea. Over the next two weeks the tremors got worse. I even noticed a small crack in one of the storage room walls.

We had long ago given up on the TV. Then the radio. For awhile it had made sense to listen to the different sound of static. To hear that faint sound of life from anywhere.

Not that they were encouraging. The last one was almost laughable. Someone was quoting Revelations. Like anyone who believed hadn't memorized that chapter in the last year.

Mom got Jennifer to sleep in her own bed most of the time now. I still slept curled around my Mom. I needed the comfort of her even more than my sister did.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown.

We have enough Dvd's in stock to watch a new movie every night for years to come. Somehow we had fallen into a retinue of sitting down every night together to watch a movie after dinner.

It kept us sane.


I picked Jennifer up from the couch and carried her to her bed. I turned on soft music, and the recorded sound of crickets. As I went to close the door the fact they were probably extinct now came to mind.

I helped Mom turn off all the power. I switched us to the smaller generator.

We have enough fuel in a huge tank to keep the main generator running for five years. By switching down to the smaller one that number increases dramatically. All it does is keep the refrigerator going, stirs the fuel tank and lights a few LED lights threw out the bunker.

I crawl into bed next to my Mom. She turns to face me. My hand rests on top of hers, her hair soft under my chin.


"Yea Mom?"

"I'm sorry for you, and your sister. Your Dad and I we got to have full lives. You never got that."

"It's ok Mom."

"No it isn't. We wanted to watch you go off to college. To see you get married. To hold our grandchildren." She says near tears.

"It's alright. I had a good childhood. Some don't even have that." I tell her brushing her hair softly with my fingers.

A quake shakes the bunker. They have been getting stronger all day.

Mom clings to me.

As my heart races in fear I couldn't admit to noticing things about her.

How soft she was. How warm. How good she smells.


"I'm here."

She pauses and takes a deep breath.

"Did you.. did you ever get to be with a woman?"

I hold her confused. That wasn't something I ever expected to be asked by her.

"Did you?" she asks again.

"No Mom. I came close a few times with girls I dated in high school, but no."

I felt her nod under my chin.

"When I first met your Dad we were at a party. It was a collage frat party. They were playing a drinking game. 'If you were one of the last people left on earth what wouldn't you do?' I don't remember how it's played, I think you had to take a drink if your answer wasn't something shocking. I don't remember all the answers, but I do remember mine. I remember your dad's. Most people answered with a sexual situation. We were young. One girl said if she was the last woman on earth she would have sex with a black man." Mom grins. "Different times. It was horribly shocking to hear her say that."

I smile trying to picture Mom at that age playing a drinking game.

"When it came to me I said I wouldn't commit incest. I remember every one laughed and I had to drink."

I feel Mom's hand slide down my chest. Her fingers go inside my shorts and curl around my cock.

"I was a fool. If you're the last woman on earth someone you love more than any thing is the perfect person."

"Mom.. I..oh god."

"Feels good doesn't it? A strange hand on you feels so very different than your own." she looks up at me. "It's getting worse every day Jacob. Even if the last woman on earth is his mom no man should die a virgin." She moves up to my lips.

Her lips touch mine in a hot wet kiss. I've had girlfriends before, so this much I know how to do right. I kiss her back softly, slowly.

I feel her hand on mine. She takes my hand and places it on her breast. She is all soft and warm and fills my hand.


"Hush. " she kisses me again. "It's ok. There's no one to tell us what's right or wrong anymore. She squeezes me tight till I groan. "Doesn't this feel right?"

"...oh yes."

"Then it's right." She catches the back of my head pulling me into a hard kiss. Working with a purpose Mom quickly gets us stripped of our clothes.

To feel a woman naked against me. My god if felt wonderful! I was so hard in her hand it hurt.

"Now." She tells me softly.

She guides me on top of her then reaches between us. I feel her hand place me at the perfect spot. Her body opens for me.

As I sink inside her that she is my Mom is the furthest thought from my mind.

"Yes Jacob just like that."

My breath starts to quicken as I thrust faster into her.

"Oh my wonderful boy. No my wonderful Man!" she pulls at me caressing my face, holding me tight to her.

All too soon I feel my body start to tremble. I know I'm going to cum here just seconds after getting inside her.

"Mom I'm going to cum. I'm sorry."

She laughs under me.

"Don't be sorry Jacob, I want you to cum. This is your first time there isn't anything to prove. Just enjoy it. Cum for me. When ever you want too."

I pump into her as I feel myself tighten.

"Oh god Mom. OH. YES!"

With a shutter I feel myself cumming into her. She wraps her arms around me pulling me in tight to her. She holds me as I feel the last drops leave my cock. I feel her brushing my hair back from my face.

"I love you. I love you so very much." I tell her when I can breath again.

"I love you." She whispers back.

I move off her and lay down next to her. A long time passes without words then a question keeps nagging at me.


"Yea hun?"

"What did Dad answer? If he was one of the last people on earth."

Mom smiles.

"He said he wouldn't lose hope."

I hold her to me as the night fades. Twice more we make love before she falls into a deep sleep. I could have done it again, but I get up and leave her to sleep.

After a stop by the bathroom I look in on Jennifer. I can tell she's sleeping soundly.

I grab a drink and go to the monitor screens. I look up into the house I was raised in.

The inside is full of rubble. A lost of the rubble is burned to charcoal. Something had blown in the blast windows a few days ago.

I looked up at the Rad counter. It was god almighty high. I look at the thermostat. I shake my head when I see its 110 degrees outside. It's the twentieth of December.

Mom is right.

I look up at the clock on the wall. Grandpa put it in. It's accurate till hell freezes over.

One minute till midnight.

As I sip my drink watching the seconds tick away I feel so helpless. I had told my Mom I was the man of the house. That I would keep them safe.

Ten seconds to midnight.

Looking up I see the radiation gauge spike. It goes very quickly to the top of the scale. The thermostat begins to rise like it's touching the sun!

As I watch in growing horror my monitors start to go out. One by one they go down. I catch an image of wind tearing threw the house tumbling every thing around then all of them are dead.

The tremors begin as I get up. I sprint down the hall as they increase. I grab Jennifer as she comes out her door.


"Quite sis."

I can hear a rumbling. The ground lurches under my feet. I stumble into the inner vault. I sit Jennifer down.

Turning I step out into the hall to go get Mom just as a hellish sound comes from the other end of the bunker. I see a glint of red in the hallway just as Mom steps into it.

I hear Jennifer scream. I turn towards her and see her coming towards us. I lift my hand.

I hear Mom scream and feel the heat on my back.

I hit the door switch.


The last thing I see is her terrified face just as the massive door slams shut.

It was to a world scraped bare that I crawl into. I leave forever the hole that had been my home for ten years. It also is the grave of my Mom and brother.

All I found when the door opened was charred bone.

"I'm Jennifer. I'm the last woman on earth.

What wouldn't I do?"

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The Author.

I believe if people read your bio, they would understand that you are a writer. Not just of erotica but of short stories. That you have so many interesting plots with so many twists is to be commended.more...

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Another great story

Yet another great story from yourself. I would say that the transition at the end wasn’t that smooth though. I feel like it could have ended better.

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Good story

I really like your style of writing and the story is great. However, it almost seems as if you dictated that story; some of the words sound similar, but are written differently (through - threw). Verymore...

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