December Diary


He fucked my ass for at least thirty minutes. He was good. He often varied his speed and the motion of his big cock.

When he reached around and began masturbating my cock, it was not long 'til I came all over the floor. Then he fucked me really hard before unloading in my hot rectum.

His cock stayed hard for several minutes and he left it in me, until he softened. That felt good, too.

We talked for a little bit afterwards, as I licked his salty cock clean. We agreed to meet again.

He left first and then I left a few minutes later. The creepy cashier just glared at me.

December 11

After a night of drinking, I took my date to an ABS. She started out a little nervous, but after watching some porn she lightened up and we started fooling around in the back row of the theater. It was very dark and that helped my cause, as well.

After I fingered her for a while, I got down on my knees and ate her juicy pussy, until she came. She returned the favor as a small crowd gathered to watch and openly masturbate. To my surprise, my date let some of the guys fondle her tits and butt as she devoured my cock.

Seeing her little mouth expanded around my thick cock and the audience watching precluded me lasting long. I dramatically stood up and warned her loudly that I was going to cum.

Although I am sure she appreciated the advance warning, I came so much she gagged and spit out several mouthfuls of sperm to the dismay of the on-lookers.

I held her close during our recovery mode. She was a little embarrassed and her eyes were watering. We watched some more porn and then went to the other theater and sat there for a while. She was able to shake it off - and let me fuck her!

I bent her over a theater seat, pulled up her little skirt, moved her g-string aside, and inserted my cock into her tight, warm pussy. I came twice in her! Who wouldn't? Just looking at her naked, small, round ass could make anyone cum.

After we finished, I turned her around, told her to spread her legs. I then treated her by letting some older guy suck my cum out of her pussy. As I watched, I let another guy suck her pussy juices off my cock. My date did not mind, she was so engrossed in her multiple orgasms.

She slept all the way home. I almost had to carry her to her dorm room.

I wouldn't see my little lovely 'til the next semester. She was flying home for the holidays the following day.

As I tucked her in, I chuckled as I imagined her telling her girl friends about her night out! She was a cutie!

Thanks to the guys who were cool about letting us enjoy each other and, especially, to the guy who ate her out! My best date night!

December 13

My new GF was gone and I was lonely for her. Bored, I stopped in at an ABS. Not much was going on.

Just as I was about to leave, a couple came into the middle theater. I watched them play around a little, before I decided "what the hell" and sat in the row in front of them.

Eventually, I was given permission to finger her pussy. This was woman, I soon learned, was a squirter!

Since she seemed to enjoy my attentions, I asked her male friend if I could eat her pussy. She said, "Yes Honey," and then he nodded.

I was between her legs in no time. I put my mouth over her gash and sucked away.

Occasionally, I had to swallow mouthfuls of her juice. Let me say - that was certainly better than getting squirted in the face! Regardless, she had a sweet taste to her.

After licking her unbelievable pussy for at least twenty minutes, I dropped my pants, and stood up. My cock was sticking straight up and throbbing. To be honest, I am not sure if I have ever seen it bigger!

The woman stroked it admiringly and then spread her legs as wide as possible. I gripped the armrest and lowered myself onto her as she guided my cock into her hot, soupy hole.

With her leaning back in the chair and me on top of her, you would think it would be a little awkward. Nope! She started cumming immediately! I actually thought I had cum when she squirted.

After I flooded her pussy, she closed her eyes. She was wiped out.

To show my appreciation, I knelt down in front of her friend and sucked him off. He had been stroking his cock the whole time.

For whatever reason, he did not cum very much. Anyway, that ended the evening as the couple packed up and left. They were awesome!

December 14

I dropped in around noon hour to be a bad boy. Lucky for me, the place was packed with horny, lunch hour guys.

I got down on my knees, behind the last row, and began sucking hard cock. I had my choice of cocks and sucked only the ones I wanted. I eagerly sucked cock after cock.

Everyone - construction workers, guys in suits, blacks, Mexicans, and white guys quickly blew their loads, too. Most came down my throat, but some spurted cum all over my face.

After an hour, I had to take a break. Cum was starting to crust on my face and I was tired. I watched porn for a good hour and then hung out in a gloryhole booth.

Eventually, a hairy guy entered the adjacent booth. When he saw me, he locked the door, dropped his pants, and pushed his nice looking, soft cock through. I worked my lips and tongue over his cockhead as he masturbated his shaft.

I thought this guy must not have cum in a while, because he oozed so much precum. Sure enough, when he came, he blew load after load down my throat. Talk about a happy meal! The next guy came even more!

Thinking I was alone, I began to stroke my cock - I hadn't cum, yet. I was couple of minutes away from shooting, when a guy opened my booth door, looked at my cock, and then entered. He pulled out his cock and began to stroke it, until I sat forward and opened my mouth.

Eventually, I was rewarded with the biggest load of cum I have ever swallowed! That is saying something because I cum, a lot. Right before I left, I walked back into the theater and fed the first guy who touched me.

These lunch hour guys sure cum a lot!

December 15

I went to my favorite beach today. This place is great outdoor sex. You have three choices: under the sun and in the open; between the sand dunes on the beach side; or among the bushes and wooded tree area that runs adjacent to the street. I chose dunes on the 'gay' side.

It did not take me long to find a secluded spot. I staked my claim, completely stripped, and then laid down in the prone position on my beach towel. Last, I spread my legs wide so that my anus was visible.

After only a few minutes, a guy stopped, and we began to chat. Since he kept looking at my ass, I asked him to rub some lotion on my back. He slipped off his trunks, squatted down over my ass, so that his limp cock laid in the crease between my cheeks, and began to rub lotion on my back.

As he moved back and forth, I felt his cock slowly harden. It felt so good up against my puckered anus, that I began rocking back against it so that the guy knew I wanted it deep.

My needs were acknowledged as he gently lubed and loosened my tight anus. When we were both ready, he slowly worked his medium-sized erection into my horny ass and began to fuck me.

At some point in time, we simultaneously noticed a guy who was watching. He was politely standing about ten yards away. I immediately knew he wasn't a stalker and waved him over.

About a second later, the guy in my ass started grunting, pulled out of my ass, and spurted his load on my back. That was a first for me!

When the new guy pulled his semi-hard cock out, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to feel his big cockhead rubbing my prostrate. I simply reached back, spread my cheeks, smiled, and said, "Your turn...I am loosened up..." before the first guy had even left! Not one more word was said.

When he got into a push-up position over me, I couldn't help but notice his shiny, new wedding ring. For all I knew, he had just told his new, probably chubby bride, that he had to use the public toilets.

Feeling honored that he wanted to part my tight cheeks and not his floppy bride's, I encouraged him to give me a good fucking by wiggling my ass and squeezing his cock with my anal muscles. I was rewarded. After a respectable five minutes, he came hard, hollering all the way!

After he came, he remained hard. I was pretty sure now that he wasn't getting any.

Not wanting his erection to go to waste, I tried to coax another cum out of him, but he apologized, and said he had to go.

I thanked him and left about an hour later myself. I was smugly satisfied.

December 16

It was suppose to be "another unseasonably warm day", so I came back to the beach. This beach is an awesome naturists' beach. There are some very cool locals here. In addition, both sexes, of all different orientations, love to flaunt their assets here - in the buff.

The 'gay' side is on one side and the 'family' side the other. Discretion is necessary because of the families. All the 'action' occurs on the 'gay' side, regardless of your orientation.

I chose the wooded area on the 'gay' side. I laid my towel down in a secluded area, hid my keys, and removed my trunks.

I was going to live dangerously today. I took off down a trail I had never been on - butt naked and completely smooth from my chest down. I shaved everything the night before and it felt wonderful.

About a hundred yards later, I came across a guy heading the opposite way. We paused to look at each other.

When I turned slightly so he could see my ass, he touched his cock. I nodded and he suggested we go up the trail - behind the boulder. I nodded, again, as if I knew where we were going.

A few hundred feet later, I saw the huge boulder, sitting off the trail. We walked behind it and then stopped.

When the guy unbuttoned his trunks and pulled them down, I went straight to my knees. He had a fat, long, semi-hard cock, surrounded by a thick, curly brown hair. I had never seen such a nice looking cock!

I sucked him all the way in, massaging his cock with my tongue and throat muscles. When I began massaging and milking his heavy testicles, the guy spread his legs wide and said, "I need this."

Encouraged, I blew him for a good 15 minutes. I ran through all the techniques I knew, as he kept groaning, "That's it...suck that big cock".

When he got close, he asked if I wanted his load. I looked up and greedily nodded. He then cupped his left hand under my chin, pulled halfway out, and stroked five long spurts into my mouth.

When he stopped cumming, he said, "You are very good." I looked up and smiled. He wiped the last few drops of cum off my lips.

After we smoked a cigarette, he took some coconut oil tanning lotion out of his trunks, and asked me if I wanted a massage. Realizing what that could possibly lead to, I smiled and eagerly agreed. I stretched out on my stomach, on a rock slab and spread my legs.

Although my deep penetration massage was out of this world, laying on my big hard-on was very uncomfortable. Thankfully, he was very hard in about ten minutes and when he leaned over and asked me if was ready to fuck, I said, "Hell yeah!"

Hoping he wouldn't mind doing it upright, I got up, walked over to a big pine, bent over, and then planted both hands against it. There was no need for concern.

He came up behind me, spit into his hand, rubbed it on his cock, stepped forward, and pressed his cock against my greased anus. I sighed in pleasure as his big cockhead eased into my relaxed ass.

When he was firmly lodged in me, I began to push back against him. That got him hot.

He reached around my waist, locked his hands, and began thrusting forward with all his strength. Almost immediately, my well lubed anal canal began making very loud, erotic suction noises.

When the he was close, he put one hand on my shoulder, reached around, grabbed my rock hard cock, and began to stroke it - not too gently. The roughness and speed felt great. In no time, my semen was spraying the tree trunk.

As if on cue, the guy groaned, "Shit." He also began pumping out loads of semen as my rectum convulsed around his hard cock.

He held his cock inside me, until he was soft, and then we parted ways. Although my ass was wet and sore, but I still wanted more, so I kept on cruising.

After walking down for about ten minutes, I saw a guy ahead of me. About two minutes later, when I came around a corner, the guy was standing off to the side.

He wasn't as hot as the other guy, but there was something about him. He said he liked my clean-shaven look and suggested we walk back further into the trees, where no one could see us.

I led and he followed my naked ass. I am sure he could tell - whenever he happened to glimpse my anus, that I had already been fucked.

When I stopped, he unzipped and pulled out an average size, uncut cock. I got on my knees and began to suck him.

When he was hard, I simply stood up, went to a nearby tree, and bent over against it. He spread my cheeks, and rubbed his cockhead over my slick anus, before pushing it into me.

He fucked me with short, quick strokes, grunting the whole time, until he came in me. I could tell he came quite a bit.

As his orgasm subsided, he collapsed on my back, gasping, and holding me as if I was his lover. When he pulled out, I said, "Thanks," and quickly left.

I now had two substantial loads in me, but I still wanted more. I walked back to the boulder area.

About a half hour later a guy my age, walked past me, and then circled back. He couldn't keep his eyes off my bald cock.

He stood about ten feet away and started rubbing an obvious hard-on. I asked him if I could take care of it and he said, "Yeah, I am really fucking horny."

We went back into the bushes and found a secluded spot. I kneeled down and he pulled his trunks down.

He had one fine cock. It was long and about medium width. I sucked him, licked and sucked his balls, and even licked his asshole.

After about fifteen minutes, I tired. Eventually, I stopped completely.

I stood up and looked at him. After a few seconds, he finally spit out, "Will you fuck me?"

He explained that getting fucked helped him get off. I told him I was the same way, at times. I also told him that I wanted to swallow his cum when he was ready to shoot. He agreed and then leaned over a tree stump.

Being a little frustrated, I spit on my cockhead, and then pushed a few inches into his slick anus. For some reason, seeing his pink anus stretched around my cock made me think of my new girl friend.

As I thought about her, I let him do most of the work and he willingly did. He pushed back onto me, slid his ass back and forth on my cock, and even wiggled and squeezed his rectum. He was a great fuck.

After about ten minutes, he'd gotten me really hot and I told him I was ready to cum. He replied, "Go for it," and I immediately let loose.

Although feeling my warm cum flood his tight ass was awesome, I wondered if cumming in my new girl friend's ass would feel the same. For sure, her sexy ass could my make my cock hard - just thinking about it.

Right after my last spurt, he pulled off my cock, turned around, bent his head down, and sucked the cum off my cock as stroked himself. Then he stood, pulled me to my feet, and tried to give me a sloppy, wet kiss with lots of tongue.

To get him to stop, I reached around his ass, and slipped my thumb up his sperm-filled hole. He let go with a deep moan, but then spurted against my stomach, before clenching his cockhead with his hand.

Somewhat in desperation, he said, "Can I fuck you....cum in you?"

I turned around and bent over the same stump. The guy immediately got behind me and shoved his slimy cock all the way up my ass.

Although he did not last long, it was thrilling to be getting fucked in the ass, while hearing people and cars on the other side of the trees. If anyone had walked through the hedge of trees -they would have been in for a surprise.

After he came, he held his cock in me and began kissing the back of my neck. That made me feel very uncomfortable. I quickly disengaged my ass from his softening cock.

Sensing my feelings, he abruptly said, "Thanks," and left the opposite way I had come. I was glad.

I headed back to my spot. Once again, the beach did not disappoint.

December 17

Since the last couple of days have almost worn me out, I only need just one good release today. I got a booth and left the door unlocked.

A few minutes later, a blonde guy peeked into my booth. When he saw me with my shorts down, stroking my hairless cock, he came in, kneeled down between my legs, and took my cock into his mouth.

While he sucked me, another guy came in. He was middle-aged, but looked physically fit. He watched a while, before unzipping, and pulling out an average looking, limp cock.

With the slurping going on between my legs and the action on the screen, it didn't take long for this guy to get hard. His cock grew to at least nine inches!

When I licked my lips and opened my mouth, he gladly fed it to me. Sucking on the monster cock while I was being sucked - was hot.

Eventually, the guy I was sucking took control of the situatio. He had me stand and bend over the guy sucking me. Then he put his mouth directly on my anus and began rimming me! I could not help but moan loudly and drive myself deeper into my cocksucker's mouth.

When my anus was loosened and slick, the middle-aged guy pressed his big cock into me. I braced myself against TV video frame as he continued to push into me.

By the time he got his monster cock all the way up my ass, I had beads of perspiration on my forehead. In addition, my prostrate was signaling orgasm, but my sphincter was squeezing the thick shaft so hard, that I could not cum. All l could do was moan and frenetically buck my ass up and down the wide, long shaft that had impaled me.

As soon as my ass was tired-out, the guy grabbed my hips to steady me, and then methodically fucked me for a good twenty minutes. The guy who had been sucking me gave up and left, at some point.

I knew the older guy was going to cum when he grabbed my shoulders and jammed his cock so deep into my rectum, that he almost lifted me off the floor! Then he came so deep and so much in me, I actually felt nauseous. It felt like his cock was spurting inside my belly.

After his orgasm subsided, I literally begged him to stay in me. His cock had softened a bit and I knew I could cum, now.

I quickly jacked off and came, forcefully spurting all over the wall. For me, there was nothing like cumming with my butt cheeks forced apart by a monster cock that was embedded all the way up my cum-soaked rectum.

It was a magnificent cum. Even the guy who had just cum in me said, "Wow! You must have been saving up!"

I laughed and said, "No."

December 18

I returned home for a week or so over Christmas. That very night, I went to a place that I had been hearing about - a new adult theater today.

In the back of the theater, there were some dark rooms for group action. There even was a balcony. I saw a number of guys sitting up there with their flies open, stroking their hard cocks. Cocksuckers were also servicing a couple of these guys.

I went into a booth with a gloryhole, took off my pants, lubed my asshole, and began to jack off. The guy in the booth next to me saw me nude from the waist down and slid his hard, long cock through the gloryhole. I sucked for a minute or two, before he withdrew it, and asked to see my asshole.

I turned around, bent over, and spread my cheeks. He whispered something like "nice" and then told me to put it against the hole.

Once his cockhead was in me, he told me to push back. I took all that he offered.

As he began to fuck me, his cock fattened out, filling me nicely. It was a very satisfying fuck for both of us.

He dumped some large loads into me. My intestines gurgled all the way home.

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