December Diary


Since I was home early, I was able to play a little more. I borrowed Sis's eight inch, cyberskin, suction cup dildo and set it up in my shower.

I fucked the cum out of my ass as I masturbated under the warm shower. I slept like a baby that night.

Sis got very pissed when she could not find her cock. Although I managed to sneek it back into her room, she knew how I had borrowed it.

December 19

At twilight, I went to a park I had been hearing about. After I parked on the lot, I headed down to what looked like a main trail.

I met a Latino guy on the path. He put his hands in his sweatpants, rubbed his ass, and motioned me to follow him into some trees.

After we reached a secluded spot, he got down on his knees, and began sucking my limp cock. His little mouth was very talented and he quickly got me hard as a rock.

After a couple of more minutes, he asked me to fuck him. I said sure and he immediately took out some lube and lathered my cock up, and then bent over a fallen tree trunk as he spread his brown cheeks.

I soon learned why he was in a hurry, when a mosquito bit my exposed butt cheek. I hated them!

I stepped up to him and pushed my cock all the way his greased ass to my ball sack. He was very tight and his rectum felt hot. I fucked him hard and rough. Thankfully, his ass could really take a good fucking.

He had me cumming deep in his hot hole twice. The first time I came quickly, but I stayed hard and just kept banging him, until I came, again.

It was dark when we began to walk back up the trail. Although I saw some moving lights up head, I thought nothing of it. However, my Latino friend whispered, "Police...Police..." and took off running in the opposite direction.

I foolishly ducked behind a tree right off the main trail. Luckily, the cops followed the other fork in the trail.

December 20

I went back to the new place from a couple of nights ago. As I entered the balcony area, I saw a black guy sucking off a Latino guy as another Latino watched. I sat down a few feet away to watch, as well.

The Latino guy, who was watching, apparently, decided my mouth needed a cock. He simply got up, walked over to me, and pushed his hard cock into my mouth. That was bold I thought.

After a couple of minutes, the first Latino guy walked over and stood by his friend - in front of me. The black guy must not have been very good because my mouth was soon alternating between two hard Latino cocks.

When the first Latino blew a huge load of sperm into my mouth, the black guy and I snowballed it a couple of times before he swallowed it. He then started rimming the second Latino as I sucked his cock - exclusively.

In no time, the Latino groaned, moaned, and gave me a facial. Sperm was dripping everywhere. I wasn't very happy about that.

After he left, I sat back in a chair, spread my legs, and let the black guy suck me as he fingered my prostrate. After about thirty minutes, I was so hot I jacked off in his mouth. I had a huge, gratifying orgasm. I left right afterwards.

December 21

I was driving by my favorite adult theater around 1 PM, on my way to the mall, when I noticed the parking lot was full. Thinking something was going on, I pulled in.

When I walked in and found the place was packed and that there was plenty of action, I got down on my knees behind the theater seats. In no time, a hard cock was stuffed down my throat.

A Latino guy was getting fucked next to me and my face was level with his hard cock. When the guy fucking him came in his ass, the Latino rubbed his cock. Almost instantly, jets of cum spurted onto my face and all over the cock I was sucking!

Two days in a row!

I finished my Christmas shopping later that day. December 22

The staff at this ABS is very easy-going, and though there were many guys, standing around yucking it up, this place is very conducive to a 'good time'.

I went into a booth with a young guy, who had a beautiful, huge, thick cock. We stripped naked and I sucked him and played with his heavy balls for almost an hour.

The booth had benches mounted on two of the walls so I was able to lay back and deep throat his great cock as he massaged my prostrate. No one bothered us, even when we only occasionally fed the video machine dollars.

There was an ultra large gloryhole between our booth and booth next to us. At some point, I noticed a handsome guy watching us. His cock was even bigger than the one I was sucking!

Eventually, the guys' spit roasted me. I was on my hands and knees with a cock in my ass and a cock in my mouth. Every so often, the guys would turn me around to alternate orifices.

After the first two guys came, word must have leaked out. I was soon the life of the party as I continued to be spit roasted in front of an ever-growing crowd.

It was hot, sweaty sex. I'll definitely stop here again!

December 23

Stopped in late tonight - same place I'd stopped yesterday. I sucked a super hung, older white guy. He came so much it seemed I had it coming out my nose!

About thirty minutes later, I sucked two more cocks back to back. This place draws a horny crowd both day and night.

December 24

I was hungry for a woman tonight. Sis had walked by me this morning in her bra and panties - her big tits and great ass made me hard.

Around midnight, I ran right into a guy and his wife at the adult theater. I watched her get her bald pussy get fucked twice on the big sofa in the back of the dark theater, before I approached them.

After a little small talk, I was completely naked. The wife, who was also nude, but from the waist down, took an immediate liking to my hairless body and cock - and so did her hubby.

Soon, hubby and I got into a sixty-nine position. He was on the bottom, still wearing his boxers, and I was on the top. When I reached into his boxers to pull his cock out - was I surprised! His cock was about eight inches long - like mine, but his was still soft!

I swallowed all of it because I love to feel cocks harden in my mouth! Hubby did the same to me. However, wifey kicked it up a notch and began probing my asshole with her tongue. This couple was something else!

As our cocksucking became more aggressive, the deeper wifey's tongue went into my anus. Although I could barely think, I knew I couldn't take much more before I shot my wad. I did everything possible to stretch out the incredible feeling.

However, when wifey slid a finger up to my prostate and began to massage it, while her free hand milked my large scrotum - that was all she wrote. I shrieked like an animal and began shooting. I felt hubby swallow repeatedly, so as not to choke on my massive loads.

After I came, hubby got out from under me and moved behind me as wifey positioned herself in front of me. She spread her long, toned legs and then extended them down each side of me.

Her pussy was right in front of my face. It looked like a butterfly in flight. Her pink lips were spread wide open. I stuck my tongue out and began to lick her leaking honey.

Even though wifey had lubed me and loosened me up, hubby lubed me, again, with some cool slick lube. When hubby was through, I spread my cheeks, and hubby began pushing his cock up my relaxed ass. Since I had just cum, my ass was completely wide open for the taking. I had no idea how much cock I could take in the prone position.

As hubby began to fuck me, I would clench his cock tightly on his in-stroke, then loosen up on his out-stroke, and then tighten again on his next in-stroke. I was trying really hard to please hubby. I wanted to meet this couple, again.

After I had licked wifey's sweet cunt for a while, I returned the favor and lowered my tongue to her anus. The more I licked her ass, the more she squirmed.

After a few more deep tongue waves, I grabbed each of her cheeks and as I pulled her groin into my face, my tongue slid into her anus. Wifey moaned loudly as her anus gently opened wide. Her anal insides were hot, wet, and clean.

As wifey's soft asshole started to clench and release around my firmly placed tongue, I pushed a finger into her cunt. Wifey gasped and pushed her ass into face and began humping my finger.

Encouraged, I began to suckle her asshole as her hubby plundered mine. Both of our thighs quivered as we submitted to our anal pleasure. We both had huge wet spots underneath our sex organs.

I decided who would cum first, when I withdrew my finger from Wifey's pussy and my mouth from her ass, and centered the suction power of my mouth directly on her clit. In less than minute, Wifey screamed and squirted all over my face.

Despite the fact, I had a massive cock in my ass and a hot pussy in my face; I was still able to take some quick glances around the theater. Not too far away from us, I saw a tall Latino in black sweats bent over a small railing. Another Latino guy was really reaming him out. The second time I glanced around, I saw a black guy approaching us. I could clearly see his erect cock bobbing and swaying, as he got closer.

The black guy watched hubby's cock going in and out of my ass for a while, before he asked wifey if she wanted some. When she nodded, he easily slid under her petite body. Wifey then raised up to get his hard cock into her pussy.

After they were situated, the back guy slid both his hands under wifey's yellow tank and began fondling her small braless tits. When he felt her prominent nipples, he began pulling on them as if they were small cocks.

"I'm going to cum in your ass," hubby moaned. He then arched his back and began pumping harder. We all heard the wet slurps as his hips pounded his long, hard cock deep into my ass. My body shuddered with each thrust.

When hubby suddenly stopped, I looked into wifey's eyes for a second before grimacing. My internal prostrate-triggered orgasm just swept over me.

As sperm ran out my semi-hard cock, I felt several of hubby's pulsing, sperm squirts in my intestines. Even after I could no longer feel them, I could tell from the warmth spreading in my intestines, that he was still cumming.

The black guy and wifey had taken a little break to watch, but now resumed their tryst. He fucked wifey hard, but only for a couple of minutes, before tensing up, and cumming in her pussy. She did not cum.

When the black guy pulled out of wifey, he offered me his cock. I gladly sucked her juices and his cum off it as they both watched. Meanwhile, hubby pulled his eleven inches out of me. My rectum felt painfully vacant - just like my emotions when I later found out the couple was only visiting from California.

After the couple left, the black guy came around, again. It was his lucky day. He got to fuck a lovely white pussy and now my white ass. In addition, each of our orifices were already lubed with sperm. Merry Christmas dude!

Since he had already cum, he lasted a long time. We fucked in many different positions.

Whenever I see him now, I know his cock is going up my ass. Also, I never fail to think about the couple from California.

December 25

Wow! I went to a place I had just read about the day before. It seemed in no time, I got my cock sucked by three different guys. I let each one suck me for several minutes, but I did not feed them. I was not in the mood, I guess.

Later, I saw two guys fucking. I let the guy getting reamed suck me, 'til the top came. Then several guys got in line to give the bottom their loads. One after another, they ejaculated in his ass. The sperm just flowed out of his gaping asshole as they relieved themselves. I counted at least ten guys as I watched. "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" was certainly apropos.

After the gangbang was over, I left. I wanted to go home and open all two of my Christmas presents. However, I almost turned around when I realized how much precum I had been oozing. I can wait 'til tomorrow I told myself.

December 26

I walked in to the video booth, left the door open, took off my pants, lubed my butt, and began jerking to some hot porn.

A few minutes a mid-forties, handsome Latino peeked into my booth. He thought must have thought the same about me - when he unzipped, a thick, brown, uncut cock flopped out.

I stood up, automatically, bent over, and engulfed his cockhead into my mouth. As I began to suck him, he reached back and casually finger-fucked my slick hole.

By now, my anal muscles were in great shape and I demonstrated their capability by squeezing and releasing his fingers, at will. The Latino showered me with compliments.

When he was rock hard, I decided to offer him my ass. I stood up and gave his cock a few gentle strokes, before turning around, and bending over. The Latino said something in Spanish and then began rubbing his slick cockhead against my anus.

After a few minutes of passionate fucking, I just happened to look back at him only to see that more Latinos had gathered around the open door. They were watching my white ass get stuffed by the big, brown cock.

After a minute or two, two of them came into the room. They opened their zippers and took out hard, brown cocks.

The Latino fucking me pushed my back down, so that his buddies could take turns sliding their cocks down my throat. Our mini-orgy went on for a good ten minutes before a warm load filled my bowels and two filled my belly.

When the guys walked out, I collapsed down on the bench to catch my breath. However, two more came in, stood me up, turned me around, and jerked their cocks off in my ass, one after the other.

Before I could move, an old black guy, probably in his early 60's, shoved his very short, but beer can thick cock into my soupy, sperm-filled ass. Luckily, my ass was stretched out enough so that I could accommodate such a prohibitively thick cock.

I am sure it wasn't every day this guy could insert his entire cock into a pussy or butt-hole, without hearing a lot of loud squealing. He must have been in hog heaven.

Speaking of hogs, his big hog literally fucked all the cum out of ass. Massive amounts of cum ran down my smooth thighs as the old black guy relentlessly plowed me.

After about ten minutes, his cock began to soften. I turned around, squatted, and sucked his gooey cock, until he was hard, again.

Although I winced as his width, obscenely, expanded my sphincter, again, I muttered, "Fuck me!" I wanted him to cum. To my disappointment, he only stayed hard another couple of minutes.

The old man pulled out of me and said, "I'll be right back. Wait for me, okay?"

When I nodded affirmative, he left. I sat down on my wet, sticky cheeks wondering what he was up to.

Lo and behold, he brought his gray-haired wife into the booth! As I opened my mouth in shock, he gravely said, "She will milk my balls and then I will orgasm in your ass."

As she watched me get down on my knees and begin sucking her husband's limp cock, I realized my face was red. I knew she couldn't help but smell the strong aroma of sperm in the room and all over me.

When her husband was hard, I assumed the position. I felt really nasty spreading my ass, almost in her face.

The third time, he pushed into me, I grunted much harder than the first time. My battered asshole had begun to swell and close.

As he fucked me, she pulled hard on his balls, and he kept repeating, "That's it baby." She had the magic touch. Her hubby came hard.

When he left, he tried to slip me a twenty. I thanked him, but did not take it.

Right before his wife left the booth, she turned to me and said, "Soak in Epsom salts when you get home, honey. That way you won't get hemorrhoids."

December 27

My ass was sore today, so I reminded myself not get into a position I could not refuse as I entered the adult theater. I went to a middle booth and sat down. I did not remove my pants, as usual.

I sucked about seven cocks and swallowed four loads, before everyone left. As I was leaving, a guy approached me, boldly holding his hard cock.

As I casually stroked it, he suggested we go upstairs to the balcony. He wanted to fuck me up there.

I politely declined, but said I would suck him. He agreed and we went upstairs and found a dark, vacant corner.

I squatted in front of him and sucked his smooth, firm cock. He fed me two huge mouthfuls of cum and left.

A guy, who had been watching, asked if he could suck me. I agreed and sat down in a cushy theater chair. The guy gave me a great BJ and both of us enjoyed the happy ending.

December 28

This afternoon, I went to spa. It had been a while.

I was alone in the shower room taking a relaxing shower, when a guy came in. He looked at my hairless body and touched his cock.

When I nodded, he walked over to me, grabbed my cock, and started pulling on it. I didn't complain, of course, so he got down on his knees and started sucking me.

"Oh my God!" His mouth was so hot, I came real hard in just a few minutes.

After my huge orgasm had subsided, I kneeled down to return the favor. I quickly discovered this guy was far more aggressive than I was.

He put both his hands over my ears and he began pulling my head up and down his hardening cock. The more I resisted, the harder he pulled.

I wasn't quite ready to have his cock jammed down my throat, so tears popped into my eyes and began running down my cheeks as he fucked my face. Eventually, I lost interest and just held my mouth open.

Right before he came, he pulled my head off his cock and shot several sperm loads all over my face. Then he rubbed his still hard cock on my face, spreading the sperm around, before jamming his cock back into my mouth.

After he came, we finished showering. I went back to my room and locked the door. I slept for a few hours and then left.

December 29

I went back to the adult theater. The quality of the movies was excellent and the movies themselves could turn anyone on. Perhaps, that was why there was always so much action here.

Anyway, I got there around 11 PM and headed right for the theatre area. I wanted to have sex in front of lots of people.

Hopefully, some of the couples that I had had sex with previously would be there, too. I was always well received because I treated the women ice and I could cum like a fire hose.

I walked to the back of the theater, unzipped, and let my cock and balls hang out of my jeans. My presence drew a couple of other guys who did the same.

We all played with each other for a while, before I squatted and started sucking them. They both fed me huge loads.

Later, a lightly complexioned guy took his cock out and let me suck it for a while. Then he got down on his knees and sucked my cock, too. We played until he got off and shot his load in my mouth.

I walked over to the other side of the theater to see what was happening - not much I quickly discovered. I was about to go up to the balcony when I saw a couple walk in. Since I had not seen them before, I went up to the balcony anyway and stood where I could watch below.

Eventually, they started kissing, her skirt was pulled up, and the guy began fingering her pussy. She did not object. That was my cue.

I came down and scooted into a seat, one seat away from her. I did not look at the couple.

After a minute two, I casually ifted my butt up, pulled my pants all the way down, and began slowly stroking my cock. I still did not look at the couple.

My plan seemed to be working. The couple did not appear to mind. I was not gawking or paying any attention to them.

When my cock became fully erect, I could sense that the woman was staring at it. During one of her long looks, I slowly turned my head and gave her a little smile as I looked into her friend's eyes. He was just watching his woman's reaction.

After another minute or so, I turned to the couple and said, "Mind if sit by you?" They did not say anything, so I got up and sat by the woman.

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