December Diary


I could now see that her eyes were directly focused on my hard cock, as I continued slowly stroking it. Regardless, I kept my hands home and did not stare at her exposed, bald pussy.

When the woman turned to kiss her friend, I gently took her hand and slowly put it around my hard shaft. She did try to pull her hand away once or twice, but I held it firmly on my cock.

When her hand relaxed, I slowly began moving it up and down my shaft, as if I was jerking myself off with her hand. Her little hand made my cock look huge!

Eventually, I heard whispers and then she leaned over and began to suck her friend's cock. I watched for a minute or two, before I leaned over and pushed her top thigh further back over her bottom thigh, so that her pussy was exposed.

I then leaned forward and began to lick it. Her warm body instantly shuttered and then juices began running out of her warm pussy.

As my tongue began probing deeper, the woman grabbed her top thigh and scooted it even further over, giving me even better access to her pussy.

I stood and gently pulled her hips closer to the end of the seat. The woman saw my erection out of the corner of her eye, grabbed it, and attempted to pull it to her pussy. I leaned forward, so she could guide my cockhead into her pussy.

With all that had happened, and was happening, she orgasmed. In fact, she came at least twice, with just my cockhead in her.

To my utter amazement, the couple quickly packed up and left. I was left sitting there with her pussy juices on my hard cock.

After absorbing condolence looks from the small group of on-lookers, I kicked back and began watching the porn movie. I also continued slowly stroking and fondling my hard cock.

About twenty minutes later, the same couple walked down my row and stopped right next to me! Before I could react, the women stepped in front of me, lifted up her skirt, and as she squatted, grabbed my cock, and guided right up her greased anus!

She then wiggled her warm, tight ass all the way down my eight-inch hard-on. She did not stop until her cheeks were resting on my swollen nuts. I was speechless.

As she began slowly rocking back and forth on my cock, her friend kneeled in front of her and ate her pussy.

He ate her out for at least twenty minutes. I did not have to worry about my cock going soft because her anal canal was sooooo tight.

When she had had enough, she raised herself up, off my cock, and stood up. Her friend, who remined on his knees, leaned forward and began to suck her ass off and pussy off my cock, as she watched.

To encourage me to cum quickly, he wormed his finger up my ass. That worked.

I involuntarily began humping his finger and came hard in his hot mouth. The woman just continued to stood there and watch as I filled her friend's mouth with cum.

After he had sucked me dry, they officially left.

Another awesome couple!

December 30

I went to an ABS that I infrequently visited. It was pretty far out into the country and the action was very hit or miss as a result.

In the small theater, I sucked a guy while he sucked his girl's bared tits. His cock was slightly bigger than mine, thick, and very, smooth. I sucked on him for at least twenty minutes before she had mercy and jacked him off into mouth.

His girl and I stared into each other's eyes as I began swallowing his cum. He came big. He spurted at least eight or nine times.

After he had cum, she flung any sperm off her hand, buttoned up her blouse, grabbed his arm, and walked him out. I had no idea which one of them wanted me to suck his cock. I knew this though, she was a raven-haired beauty!

Later, a trucker came in. He had a nice big cock and was as hard as a rock. I sucked him 'til he told me he wanted to fuck me over there. He pointed to a love seat that the cashier could see through the security camera.

I hesitated because I had just seen the young cashier. She was barely eighteen, if that and we had exchanged wonderfully warm smiles. I wasn't sure what she would think of me, after this...

Since there wasn't anybody else around and the cashier probably smiled at everyone like that, I reluctantly dropped my pants, and shuffled over to the love seat.

The trucker told me to put one foot on the floor and the other on the back of the couch, so that my legs were open wide. When I did, he just stood there looking at my ass.

It seemed an eternity 'til he finally grabbed some lube and squeezed several gobs on his middle finger. He then reached down and slid his middle finger up my ass.

After several breathtaking twirls, he said, "Yeah, this will do nicely." He then put his cigar down and dropped his pants.

I was squirming and gasping as he forced his thick meat into my tight rectum. Eventually, he firmly held my ass still, until he achieved full penetration.

When my anal canal was stretched enough accommodate his size, he pumped me hard. Hard enough, so that I had to hold onto my cock to prevent it from flopping violently back and forth.

As the trucker banged me, I began wondering if the cashier's little pussy was wet and whether not it was bald. I also wondered what I could say to her when I left.

My thoughts were rudely interrupted when the trucker arched his back and pushed hard into me. Seconds later, a warmness began to spread out in my bowels.

I felt like I was getting a sperm enema. He came buckets.

After he had finished making me his cumbucket, he slapped my ass hard and said, "Okay Henry, I loosened him up for ya... Ha...Ha...Ha!"

I quickly turned to see a black guy. He was holding a really big cock and walking toward my ass.

As he pushed into me, he started talking to the other first trucker. "Jeeez...Big Al. Let me go first next time, if you're going to do this. What a mess! Ha...Ha! You really opened this boy's ass up! Yea, I came in late, saw you back I decided I'd better get some of this young, tight, white ass, too."

"Great," I thought. "Everybody gets to watch me get fucked in the ass by two old truckers."

After the black trucker came in me, both of them left the theater. I waited 'til I thought they were gone, because I had to use the bathroom. I couldn't drive home with all their cum in my bloated intestines. In order to do that, I had to ask the cashier for the key...

To my horror, both truckers were standing by the cashier, joking around with her. When I walked up to her, they just smiled.

At least they waited to burst out laughing, after I had shut the restroom door.

December 31

I went to my favorite adult theater for New Year's Eve. I was only in the theater for about three minutes, when two young black men pulled my cock out of my board shorts, and took turns sucking and pushing it down each other's mouths, before leaving. That was different, I thought.

Later on, I hooked up with a girlie looking, except for the big cock, tranny. She boldly stripped me naked, greased my ass, and then pushed her long cock into my ass - in front of everybody.

Since I was bent over, holding onto to the theater chair's armrests, my mouth was never absent cock. I swallowed a few loads, before the tyranny displayed her gratitude for my ass, by making me kneel in front of her. To the delight of the crowd, she gave me a huge facial.

After she was through cumming, I picked up my clothes and took my drenched face to the back of the theater. Several guys followed my hairless, round ass.

Each one wanted to fuck it. I took the guy who had the biggest, hardest cock, first.

As I bent over and spread my cheeks, one of the guys was kind enough to stand in front of me, so I could brace myself. I held onto his shoulders as my ass was plundered.

After the fourth guy had cum in my ass, the guy who had been holding me, asked me to fuck him. I readily agreed.

He had a wonderfully tight ass and I came, too, quickly. I even tried to apologize, but I was cut short.

A guy gently took my arm and led me to the front of the theater. To my surprise, everybody in the front now was either naked or almost naked - men and women.

The guy, who had guided me to the front, smiled when a curvy, good looking blond female approached us. She explained that her hubby had brought me to her because she wanted to fuck me! 'We' had fucked here once before...

As she reached down and stroked my semi-hard cock, she asked if 'we' could do it, again. When I nodded, she took hold of my erection and led me to the outskirts of the crowd.

Everyone was watching what looked like two women doing something. With the theater being pretty dark, I really couldn't say for sure.

When we reached an area that was not crowded, we stopped. The blond stood in front of me.

She was close enough, so that I could make out, with help from the reflective light off the screen, that she was naked under her blue skirt. I could see her very ample ass cheeks through her flimsy blue skirt.

I stepped forward a little and parted the material. I then slowly pushed my hard cock up between her cheeks. They were sweaty.

After I had rocked back and forth a while, the blond reached behind her and pulled her ass cheek aside. I pushed my cock into the first orifice it touched.

This was a first for me. I had never fucked a guy and a woman in the same night! Another first was about to happen.

My cheeks were parted and a cock went up my ass. Wow! Getting fucked and while fucking someone at the same time!

About a minute or two later, the blond turned her face to look at me. She smiled before she said, "Don't worry Honey... That's my your ass. He can fuck your little ass all night long."

After I came in her pussy, her hubby got me down doggy style on the floor, and fucked me good in front of as many people, as wanted to watch. Eventually, I had to take a break. She was right.

Upon recuperating, I went into a booth and sucked a huge black cock. The guy wanted to fuck me, so I backed my ass up to the gloryhole and let him impale me. I slowly jerked off as he fucked me.

When I felt him stiffen, I came with him. All butt-fuckers love that.

Tonight, New year's Eve, was definitely one of the best times I ever had. However, on the way home I felt remorse for not being with Sis, Stepmom, and Dad. I decided I would make amends.

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