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Decency Broken


This is a prequel to the Heather and Tom series. This is about the meeting of these two lovers. If you like this please look for the other two in this series. The fourth one is coming soon. So without further ado.

Decency Broken (First meeting of Heather and Tom)


The car trip to the beach's camping site was long and tedious. This long boring drive has had nothing to really keep Heather's mind from drifting. Sure occasionally there had been some chat with her sister Julie, but that has long since died off. So with nothing but the drone of the car tires on the road to entertain her mind is started to drift and migrate to her favorite subject...sex. It never takes much to get her mind going in that direction anymore. Right now she kept thinking about the last encounter with her off and on again friend/fuck buddy Randy.

This guy really was just not good for her and would never lead anywhere, especially since he already had a girlfriend. She never meant for this to start in the first place, but they started talking, then kissing, then things just kind of happened and then neither wanted to stop. The last year with him has been very fun and needed. She has had so much going on in her life for the last year that she really just needed the distraction he provided. It also got her to let her hair down and relax a bit about sex.

She looked in the glass of the window looking at her reflection wondering why she was still single. She knew that the problem with finding someone was not her appearance. She works out regularly, eats healthy, takes good care of herself, and can still turn the heads of the guys when she tries. The issue has been time. Just not enough time actually start a relationship. Then again, she thought, perhaps it was her that always pushed men away. Despite her relationship with Randy, she was still innocent in so many ways. She loved sex sure, but she was still timid and shy about it. She has had a very limited number of lovers. Whenever a guy moved too fast she just asked for things to slow down and then the guy would disappear and the guys always seemed to move to fast.

She had no idea what happened with Randy. From the start she just felt this sexual attraction to him; this spark. She was sure he felt it too, because what that spark would turn into when they were together was just amazing. This was just a distraction though, a passing fancy. So when life slowed down she started looking for someone else; something like a real relationship. Then the dating thing was not going well and Randy was available to fulfill her need, so she had kept him available. For him it was nothing but sex, and she kept telling herself that was all it was with her too and it would stop as soon as she found someone serious, but she knew the truth. She knew that she secretly wanted him to break up with his very long time girlfriend and never really tried too hard to find someone. Sure, they never were together often and when they were together it was always short like in the car or when his girlfriend was not there, but it was still hot and made her feel alive.

Then he started to act like a dick and just pleased himself and leave her wanting, then he would come around less and less. It had already occurred to her that perhaps the reason why she could not find someone else is because he is still around. So it seemed like a good time to stop seeing him and tried to concentrate of finding someone new. Then, of course, all prospects dried up and she got busy again. So recently her only release of her overly active sex drive has been her toys that she always keeps close at hand. They get the job done, but even that has gotten boring.

Watching the scenery flash by she started reminiscing about the last time she had met with Randy. She had met him in a parking lot and they masturbated each other and ended with him shooting his cum on her bare pussy. She remembered then having to masturbate on her own later that day and could still feel, smell, and taste him on her pussy. Remembering all of this she had to wiggle and cross and uncross her legs a bit more than usual in that car seat. Just trying to scratch that itch forming between her thighs. Unfortunately with Julie here she has to show at least some restraint and not touch herself now. Maybe she could run off somewhere private later.

The car starts to pull into the camp office so that she and her sister can check in to their campsite. "Finally here!" Heather said. The car just barely stops and Heather quickly jumps out of the car needing to get out and walk to get the kinks out of her legs. She starts up the stairs and sees someone opens the door and starts down the stairs looking more at his camp map than where he was going. Heather turns to her side to let him go by.

At the last second he looks up notices her and tries to turn sideways as well. "Oops, excuse me. Should have been looking where I was going," he says as tries to stop. These narrow stairs are not real wide and Heather's large breasts brush against his arm as he walks by. Her eyes watching him as he smiles a bit looking down at her cleavage that she has showing. Her excited nipples tingle with just the slight contact.

"It's OK. Tight stairs," she says as he walks by in a slightly elevated voice. He turns at the bottom of the stairs and take in the rest of her. He must of felt the contact too and there was no way for him to miss the flush of her cheeks as they brushed. Heather turns and gives him a nice view of her tight ass and firm legs. She knows he is still watching her so she puts a little extra into her walk swaying her hips to make sure to keep his eyes on her. She turns as she pulls the door open and can see him still watching, smiling in her direction. She enters the office and he turns to go. Just the brief encounter was enough to get her wet again. Who ever that guy was she is going to have to keep a watch out for him. He was pretty good looking himself and she loved the feeling of having him watch her. She really hopes that he is camping close to their camp.

She turns and starts to talk to the clerk and getting the campsite. "Do you have any spot in particular in mind?" she is asked by the women behind the desk.

Heather bites her lip and looks out the door, but can no longer see him. Maybe it would not hurt to see what is around him. "The man who just came in said that he got a real good spot. Is there anything around that?" She asks. She feels rather pathetic and desperate. She knows that nothing would ever happen, but still cannot help asking just in case.

"Yes, we have a few spots open right across from his and his friends spots. Would you like one of those?" the attendant said with a slight knowing smile.

Blushing slightly, she did not even think when she said yes. She paid, was handed the camp map and directed where to go. Julie was out walking around the car as well. "Did you get a good spot?" she asked. "I sure hope so. Looks promising so far," she says smiling. They get back in the car and head to the site they were given.

"Did you see that guy coming out of the store Heather? He was totally eyeing you. Wouldn't it be funny if we were near him?" Julie laughed as they got in the car to go to the campsite.

Heather laughed a little but did not comment and Julie missed her guilty flush of her cheeks.

The campsite actually did turn out to be a nice one. Plenty big enough for their tent, away from the campers and their families, and really had no one else around. The two got out of the car and started to unpack the car. Heather looked around, and saw him walking around getting his site setup. He was a bit away from her and there was an empty site between the two of them. It looks like there was only one other guy there; who Heather though, was not to bad looking either.

"Hey Heather, did you see who our neighbors were?" Julie mentioned as they got everything out of the car.

Again flushing a little bit she answers, "Yeah I did. Looks like the attendant just gave us the next campsite on her list," Heather lied. "Maybe we should go over and introduce ourselves?"

"Look at the time Heather? If we go over their and you start your flirting it will be dark by the time we get back around to setting up this camp." Julie said handing her the drop cloth. "Besides, we are here all weekend and from the amount of stuff they have taken out of their truck they are going to be here for a while too. So get to work before you go and start your flirting."

Heather put on a little frown but Julie was right. There was plenty of time after they got setup. When they were half way through Heather saw them leave in their truck. "Oh well," she thought. "Maybe later then."

The camp was finished and it was time to get a fire started. Heather took off walking to the camp store to go and get some wood before they closed. As she got to the store she sees him putting some wood in the back of his truck. He must have noticed her first because he was already walking over to Heather. "Well small world neighbor. First we meet here, then I see you camping right next to us and now we meet again in the store. If I did not know better I would say you are following me." He says as he sets down his wood.

She laughs feeling the color rising in her cheeks at the truth of his statement. "Well may be not following you. Just random happenstance I would say," she says.

Finding her blush just add more to her looks, he smiles again. She cannot help but notice his eyes dropping to her cleavage again. "Well perhaps it is. My name is Tom. My friend, right over there is Kevin. We are here just for the weekend from Raleigh," Tom says. "Are you here for the weekend as well?"

He is taller then she was, grey/blue eyes, a face that seems to well accustomed to smiles, short hair and a thin but athletic build. "It must be just coincidence or fate. My sister and I are also here for the weekend and also just drove from the Raleigh area. My name is Heather," she says smiling. She can feel an attraction here, and her hopes are definitely lifted knowing that he is close by. She looks at his hands and don't see any ring. Another good sign she thinks. Maybe they could get a chance to know each other a little this weekend and then continue this back in Raleigh. "I just came by the camp store to get some wood before they closed," Heather told him.

"Looks like you were going to carry it back. We just got back and wanted to also stop in before the store closed. Why don't we just put the wood in our truck and have us drop it off for you. This way it would give me another excuse to stop in and say hi," Tom suggested.

Heather smiles. How could she say no to that, "I would like that. Will save me a long trek back. Thanks a lot Tom." The two of them walk back into the store and she then pays for the wood.

"Heather, why don't you head back. We have to finish up hear and I will just grab your wood on the way out." says Tom

"Thanks Tom. I will see you in a few then." Heather waves good-bye and then leaves the store excited by the prospect of seeing him later.

Heather went back and told Julie that he was coming over. "So does this mean I need to sleep in the car tonight or am I sleeping alone tonight?" she asks trying to get a rise out of Heather.

Heather laughs knowing that she would never go that far. "Never know, but I would say that I am sleeping in our tent tonight with you."

"Well just remember that Heather. I am going to go for a quick walk around Heather. I will leave you to meet with him and get our wood." Julie then left and Heather sat at the picnic table and started to read while waiting for Tom. She saw Tom and his friend come back to their camp and then a few minutes later Tom did indeed come over and drops off the firewood.

"Hello again Heather. Here is your wood." He sets the large bundle by the fire pit. "This is a nice camp. Have you ever been here before?" The conversation then starts to build and Heather is pleased by how friendly and easy the conversation seems to come. Unfortunately it only lasts for a few minutes.

"Well I hate to run off on you so soon Heather, but I need to get back and help Kevin with a fire. I told him that I was not going to come over for very long. I was thinking of going for a walk later. Care to come with?"

She smiles. "Sure Tom. That sounds nice," Heather answers him trying not to notice him staring at her. She knew what was bothering her about the stare; it was not the staring so much as the look...almost like a predator eyeing prey. To make matters worse, it was turning her on and she was doing an awful job of hiding it.

Tom just smiled, "Well then later it is. Till then Heather." Then he got up and walked a way.

In a way she was glad it was a short conversation and that he left. She did not know how long it would be before Julie came back, but there should be time to relieve some of this pressure. God it was not like she was not already horny, but now with Tom eyeing her like he is going to just consume her, she really needed to bring things back in check before the walk and this could be the only time.

She climbs into the tent, brings out her favorite vibrator and pulls down her pants and panties. She touches herself with her hand and knew that she was excited, but the wetness did surprise her some. She turned on the vibrator and applied it directly to her clit not wasting any time. It was but a few minutes of circling her clit with her toy that the climax came and trying to be quite she screamed into her pillow to help muffle the sound. That was fast Heather thought, and sadly it just made her want sex even more. Well maybe she can sneak off again later. She put her toy away, pulled up her pants and then climbed out of the tent just as Julie came back.

Heather had a good evening with her sister and between having to cook, get a fire going, and then getting caught up in a conversation with her sister, she was surprised that it was so late before she resigned herself that Tom was not coming back. She could see him and his friend talking and drinking beer and really was tempted to go ad talk with him, but felt really guilty about abandoning her sister. This was supposed to be a camping trip just for the two of them. "Still," she kept telling herself. "There was plenty of time to meet with Tom for that walk. Of course if he does not come by then he was not all that interested anyway."

So that night she had a restless night sleep. No, it was not dreams about Tom, but she was just uncomfortable. This was the one part about camping that annoyed her. Sleeping on that damn inflatable mattress. It was always comfortable enough to get some sleep on, but not enough to sleep well. Finally giving up getting anymore sleep, Heather was up just before sunrise and got dressed and then left the tent. Julie could always sleep well anywhere. Heather told herself that she was going to give Julie a couple of more hours before she would go in and wake her; using cold water if need be.

Heather was out of the tent for about 15 minutes before she saw Tom walking towards their camp. She started to get little flutters but remained sitting and just waved to him.

Tom walks into her camp and does not bother sitting down. "Good morning Heather. Where is your sister, still asleep?"

She laughs, "And will be till I drag her butt out of the tent. I can never sleep as well as she does on those mattresses." She moves her book from the seat next to her, tucks her hair behind her ear, and offers him a seat.

Tom just shakes his head. "Actually I was going for an early morning walk and stopped by to see if you would care to join me?"

She thinks that this is as good as time as any. "Sure let me just leave a quick note for Julie incase she wakes," She answers him. She goes in the tent and writes a note to her Julie who is still asleep and then runs a quick brush through her hair, pulls it back in a ponytail, and gets up and leave the tent. "All set Tom. Anywhere in mind?" she asks as they leave the camp.

"In fact I do. There is a quite trail that heads to the beach. It's only a couple of miles long. Figured I would walk it this morning if that is not to far?" he answers with a smile.

She thinks she might hear something in his voice but cannot identify it. "No that sounds fine. I probably still have a few hours before my sis wakes. If she is not up by the time I get back it would be a good excuse for me to wake her. Besides it looks like a great morning," she answers him as the two of them walk through past other campsites.

They almost make it to the last camp site when a noise hits her ears. It is faint, but the rhythm cannot be denied. It was coming from the last campsite they have to walk past. At that camp sight there is a small tent and that is where the sound was coming from. Heather could feel her face start to turn red. Well maybe if they stay quiet and we go by it quickly it won't be so bad. As they get close the noises suddenly get louder and the panting and moaning of the man and women within can be heard clear.

To Heather's surprise it is Tom that makes the first comment, "Wow. Sounds like someone is having a good morning doesn't it?"

Heather blushes again. "Yes is does. I wonder if they know that we can hear them?" Heather asked. She could not believe this was happening! Her cheeks were just flaming.

"Well they must know that they cannot hide anything in the tent." Tom answers just as the entire tent start to wiggle. The sounds keep getting louder and the woman not doing anything to mask or hold back the sounds. It was a few seconds before Heather realized they had stopped walking and she was now staring at the moving tent.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck... God it feels so good... faster please I am almost there," said a woman's voice from the tent. It was not that loud. And probably would never have been heard if there were walls, but with just the nylon canvas of the tent it was totally clear now.

Heather could feel her getting wet. She kept staring at the tent like she was watching them even though nothing could be seen except for the moving tent. She was straining not to touch herself being painfully aware that Tom was standing right next to her.

Suddenly a loud deep groan is heard and then a pleading voice. "Don't stop keep going, keep going...almost there." Heather finally turned her head and looked at Tom for just a glance and saw him staring not at the tent but at her. She could not take this. She turned and started to walk away and heard Tom follow her. They had not taken more then a few steps before the women's orgasmic scream could be heard and Heather blushed even deeper.

"Well that was unexpected," Heather said still looking ahead and not at Tom at all.

In an amused voice Tom said, "Oh I don't think so. She said she was close." Heather made a little giggle at that and then they walked on.

The walk was doing little to help her urges. Even though the conversation had drifted to work and normal everyday life stuff, Heather could still feel that sexual buzz going; that feeling of being turned on and unable to do anything about it. She was still thinking about the couple in the tent. She was trying to get into the conversation, but her answers were short and sounded distracted. Before she knew it they were approaching the beach and could start to hear the crashing of the waves.

They had hit a spot where there were surrounded by dunes when suddenly Tom stops. Heather stops, turns around to see what's wrong and suddenly she found herself getting pulled into his arms and getting kissed full on the mouth. She is so shocked that she does not push away for a few seconds and actually was kissing him back. Then his hand grabbed her tit and her eyes opened. Then the shock wore off and she broke the kiss and tried to step back. "Tom please... I just met you," Heather said. This was not her way. She liked to get to know the guy a bit before she kissed a guy like that and a lot better before she slept with a guy. No mater how horny she was she just did not move that fast. Even with her "friend" she never did. It took weeks of talking and meeting with him before they even kissed.

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