tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDeceptions Ch. 01

Deceptions Ch. 01


Once again, the intrepid Jill wrote me to request a story about her favorite fantasy: "A woman in a relationship is taken by another man." For this one she requested much younger characters, which was fun for me because I enjoyed writing their dialogue.

Special thanks go to Dirk, a reader who saved this one for me after it was lost.

~ ~ ~

I'm usually not a nosy person. Really, I swear. Although I only turned eighteen last week I am starting college now, and I think I've already developed a pretty mature attitude about not judging people. I bet it comes from my theater background. My parents met while working together on a play. I've been around actors my whole life, so that's probably where I got my laid-back attitude. What people do in private is their own business, right?

So why was I sneaking out in the middle of the night to the rec room of my boyfriend's dorm? I'll tell you why! The sounds coming from that room across the hall were driving me batshit crazy!

Practically every night, always right around 1:00 a.m., my boyfriend and I hear the moaning and thumping and muffled cries of...well, of people fucking! The guy next door, Dirk, he's constantly fucking the brains out of some woman! Actually, it's often not even the same woman. Over the last couple of weeks I've heard at least three different women crying out in pleasure.

We usually hear them right through the walls, but tonight the sounds were coming from the rec room.

It's not like I'm even there every night either. I only stay over at my boyfriend's dorm three or four nights per week, and still I hear the same sounds every time. It's like he never takes a night off!

I'm Jennifer, and J.T. is my boyfriend. Whether I stay over at his dorm or not usually just depends on my class schedule. Well, okay, it also depends on how much we're fighting. I love J.T., or at least I like him a lot. Maybe I love him, who knows? The one thing I do know is that he's fucking hot, and that's precisely the problem. He knows he's hot. Making it even worse, he knows all the little sluts around here think so, too.

My girlfriends say he looks just like Johnny Depp, but not the Pirates of the Caribbean Johnny Depp. He's more like the Ninth Gate Johnny Depp, or maybe the Once Upon a Time in Mexico Johnny Depp. He's got that same dark, careless straight hair, and that same intense yet whimsical 'intelligent, disturbed guy' thing going on. He's thin and sinewy like Johnny Depp too, with the same kind of chiseled facial features. I swear, one of these days he's going to make my boobs bleed with those sharp cheekbones of his!

I've never seen Johnny Depp's cock, but I really like J.T.'s. It's not as if I have a whole lot of experience or anything by which to compare him, though. I guess he's about as big around as a tube of toilet paper. When I hold it, I can just get my fingers to touch together. He seems pretty long, too. I've seen some pornos, and he's not like those guys, but I've used my hands to show his size to my girlfriends. They assure me that he's above average.

Whatever. I know I like his cock. I also know I'm not his first. He's told me he's fucked at least five or six other girls, and he flirts with every girl around here. They flirt right back, big time! I'm sure he's even fucked a few of my girlfriends.

That's why we fight. I don't think I'm a particularly jealous person, but would it kill him not to flaunt it so much? I mean, come on, I don't mind the occasional harmless flirting. That's fine. What I'm not so cool with is the way he practically dry humps fifty different girls every time we go out dancing. I've also seen him fully making out with them when he thought no one was watching.

It's not so much what he does, but the way he does it. Sometimes he's so blatant about his flirting that I really think it's sort of disrespectful to me. If you're going to fuck other girls, fine, whatever. This is college. People fuck a lot here. I get that. Just don't show it off so much, okay?

I try my best to make him happy, too. Granted, I didn't know much about sex when we initially got together. He was my very first. Still, I think I've opened up a lot for him. Pretty much, I do whatever he wants now, and I'm always trying to get better at it. I'm definitely no cold fish, either. I really get into it! I totally let him know how much I'm enjoying it - because I am! He says I'm the best "cock sucker" he's ever had, and ever since I went on the pill, c'mon, we fuck like rabbits!

He knows there are only two things I won't do. I won't fool around with him in front of his roommate, and I won't let him put his dick up my ass. That would just hurt too much, I'm sure.

He tried to get me to do it one night, and I wouldn't let him. Afterwards, when he went to take a shower, I grabbed one of his Sharpie markers and attempted to see if I could fit it up my ass. I'd already done it with my finger a couple of times, so I kind of knew how it would feel, but that Sharpie was a lot longer and thicker than my finger! I managed to get some of it inside me, and it felt like I was stuffed to the gills! It really didn't feel bad, though, not at all. In fact, it felt pretty good. Or maybe it was simply that I felt good, knowing I was being so slutty! I mean there I was, having just had sex with my boyfriend, and now I was trying to jam something up my ass!

I found that I liked the feeling of pressure there. Having something stuffed in my ass was actually very nice. It wasn't so big that it hurt me; it was just...different. It felt way different than having something in my pussy.

Who knows, I'll probably end up letting him fuck me there, too. I'm sure I'll even learn to love it. I love everything else now, so why not?

Yep, I have definitely come a long way in a short time. He should be happy with me, I think. I don't see why he still has to chase after all these other girls.

It does make me wonder, though. What are they doing that I don't? What's so hot about them? What am I missing?

Whatever. We had sex twice tonight, then I guess we fell asleep. It was probably an hour or so later that I was woken by the sounds of Dirk's usual moaning and thumping. Checking on J.T., he was out like a log. I don't know what's gotten into me lately, but I was feeling hella mischievous. Even though it was really late, I just had to go see what was going on in that rec room!

I looked over at Ray, J.T.'s roommate, asleep in his own bed. He must have come in and crashed after J.T. and I fell asleep together.

Like I said, I won't have sex in front of Ray, but if I want to spend the night with J.T. then I have to accept that Ray will see us in bed together. I guess as long as I'm covered up and we're not doing anything major, I'm fine with it. A little kissing and touching is okay, I suppose. Though Ray is definitely cute, I don't need him watching me having sex with my boyfriend. That would just be too weird.

Anyway, after double-checking to make sure that both J.T. and Ray were really asleep, I got out of bed totally nude and went over to my bag to get my little silk robe. I quickly threw it on, hoping Ray wouldn't wake up and catch me standing there naked. He didn't. I don't think he's ever seen me naked. He might have caught a glimpse of my boobs once or twice, but I think I managed to pull the covers over me before he really saw anything.

I went to the bathroom and peed. Wanting to be quiet, I didn't flush the toilet. After checking again to make sure they were both still asleep, I grabbed the room key and snuck out into the hallway.

I don't know what I was expecting to find, especially since it had become really quiet. The sounds that'd woken me had stopped.

Whatever I was expecting, it definitely wasn't what I found!

The rec room in J.T.'s dorm is across the hall from us, a few doors over. I tiptoed as quietly as I could down the bright hallway, then I just barely poked my head around the corner to take a peek. Conan O'Brien was on TV, and the room was its usual mess, with empty beer cans everywhere. The cue ball from the pool table was wedged between the fridge and the counter, which was covered in Taco Bell wrappers. The whole place smelled like a bunch of old gorditas. Gross.

Then I saw him. It was Dirk, the crazy sex machine from next door.

Even though we had shared a few classes in high school, I really didn't know him very well. He was our star wide receiver, and I knew that sometimes when he was practicing with the football team across the field from us he would stop and watch me as my squad did cheerleading drills. We'd also been in a couple of school plays together, but we never managed to be in the same scenes.

All I really knew was that I always thought he was absolutely gorgeous, and I think he thought I was pretty hot, too. Still, the whole time we were in high school together we hardly even spoke to each other. I was always too busy with acting and cheerleading, then I hooked up with J.T., and that was it.

Well, I sure noticed Dirk tonight, sprawled out on his back on the red leather sofa. He looked asleep. He was shirtless, with his jeans completely unbuttoned. Even better, they were pulled down his hips, and he had no underwear on!

Check that. Yes, he did, but they weren't his, and he wasn't wearing them in the usual way. Instead, perched on his face was a pink thong! I could see his mouth peeking through one leg hole and his closed eyes through the other. Some girl had left her panties on his face before just upping and bailing on him!

Sneaking over to the little love seat by the couch, I checked him out more closely. Fuck, he's so hot. He sort of looks like John Cusack, only way more buff. He has the most perfectly ripped body, which he always did like to show off, hardly ever wearing a shirt unless he absolutely had to.

This time it was even better. Like I said, his pants were undone, and I was really checking him out. I could see his dark thatch of moist pubic hair plus the first few inches of his bare dick before it bulged beneath the open flap of his jeans. His dick was wet and shiny, and I think it was still a bit chubby. It was definitely pulsing. God, I was so tempted to pull it out and suck it. Apparently he'd just finished fucking and had sort of half-assed tucked his dick back into his pants before falling asleep. I guess the girl he was fucking thought it would be funny to leave her panties on his face as a trophy.

I couldn't see all of his dick, but it sure seemed big. It looked really thick - much thicker than J.T.'s - and it wasn't even fully hard. I could see about four inches of naked, wet cock, then the bulge in his pants continued on another four inches or so across his left thigh.

Maybe the girl thought it would be funny to leave him that way, but I thought it was the hottest thing I'd ever seen.

It became even hotter when he rolled his face a few inches. The panties shifted, and out popped a little note!

I knew I shouldn't, but I was past the point of caring about privacy, right and wrong, or any of that stuff. I wanted to see that note! Reaching over, I gently tugged it through the leg hole of the panties. Just as the little note was sliding over his nose, his breath caught, then he sort of harrumphed. I froze, not moving a muscle. A few moments later his breathing seemed to relax again, and I took that opportunity to grab the note.

Moving away from him, I sat back in the love seat. I noticed my robe had come undone to where I could see my pussy, but I didn't care. I was only hoping he wouldn't wake up right that second and catch me nearly naked, sitting next to him alone in the rec room, reading his note. Still, I just had to read that thing.

Unfolding it, I saw that the writing was definitely a girl's, and she'd used a girly-looking pink ink. It read...

Hey, baby, sorry I couldn't stay, but I had to get going. I know how much you love the taste and scent of my pussy, so I left you these as a little memento. You definitely earned them! You left me a nice memento too! God, I can't believe how much you came inside me! Amber was right...you are absolutely amazing. My pussy will be leaking cum for weeks now! LOL! Also, I swear, no one has ever made me cum like that before. Okay, you win. Next time, I promise not to wear panties when we go out! You're right, they only get in the way! :big grin: Anyway, c-ya in class, stud boy. Xoxoxoxox (That's me kissing, licking and sucking your huge cock. Mmmm, yummy!)

I checked on Dirk again. His dick just looked so damn good. I wanted to see the rest of it. I wanted to taste it. I wanted to feel it twitch.

Jesus, I was wet.

'Screw that lucky bitch,' I thought, grinning to myself. Taking a crazy chance, I gently removed the panties from his face and rubbed them against my wet pussy. I used her panties to soak up as much of my juice as I could, then, as softly as possible, I placed them back over his face. I was seriously considering pulling his pants all the way open so I could see the rest of his cock, until I heard footsteps coming down the hall.

Fuck. I at least wanted something before I left, so I quickly licked and kissed his wet cock. It was really warm, and I could taste the combination of his cum and the girl's pussy. I liked it - a lot.

'Jeez, I really am changing,' I thought, as I snuck back into J.T.'s room. 'I'm becoming such a total slut. I bet J.T. would be so proud of me for wanting to suck Dirk's cock.'

Then I realized how stupid that sounded, and I laughed, 'Okay, maybe not!'

Still, even if J.T. wouldn't exactly be proud of me for nearly sucking someone else's cock, I was at least proud of myself. I couldn't believe what I had done, considering how inexperienced I'd been only six short months ago. Just this very night I'd already had full-blown sex, twice. I had two loads of cum inside my pussy, plus I'd swallowed another. I was caught in my boyfriend's bed by his roommate, and I risked letting him see me completely naked when I got up to go to the bathroom. I also snuck out of our room wearing next to nothing, just to go watch people fuck. Christ, I basically rubbed my wet pussy on Dirk's face before kissing and licking his cum-covered dick. If I hadn't heard people heading towards us, I probably would have sucked him off.

He would've woken up, and there I would have been, some strange, half-naked girl sucking his cock. I would've done it, too. Even after he woke up and caught me, I would have kept sucking his big dick, I just know it. I wouldn't have stopped until he came in my mouth.

Yes, I was excited. I was proud of how daring and uninhibited I was becoming.

Standing there in our dorm room, I smiled mischievously to myself as I watched the two sleeping guys. After taking my robe off, I just stood grinning at Ray. I went to the sink to get a glass of water, then I went between the two beds and leaned against the windowsill to look out over the empty campus grounds. Anybody outside could have glanced up and seen me naked in the window. Ray could've woken up and seen me standing nude beside his bed, my bare ass thrusting out, my naked body bent at the waist. J.T. could've woken up and seen the same thing, and he would have wondered what in the fuck was I doing?

I was definitely excited. "Your loss," I finally whispered to Ray, as I climbed back into bed.

J.T. immediately snuggled into me, spooning me. He wasn't hard, but I pressed my ass against him anyway. If he had wanted to wake up and fuck me, I would have let him.

The thing is, though, I was thinking of Dirk, and Dirk's cock, and everything that girl had said about him. I was thinking about how much cum he must have poured into her. I was thinking about what I'd just done, and what I might yet do. Even if J.T. had woken up and fucked me, I would have been thinking of the sounds those girls always make when Dirk is pounding them. Yes, even if J.T. had woken up and fucked me only four feet from Ray sleeping in the next bed, I still would've been imagining Dirk and his big, wet cock.

~ ~ ~

When J.T. cracked his eyes open the next morning, he noticed his girlfriend sitting at the computer. With Ray sleeping only a few feet away, he was surprised to see Jennifer wearing her sexy silk robe. Pleasantly surprised, actually. Normally she wouldn't risk letting Ray catch her in something so revealing, yet there she was.

While pretending to be asleep, J.T. studied his girlfriend. He simply loved looking at her. Despite his occasional episodes of cheating, he was under no illusions that Jennifer wasn't the hottest girl he'd ever seen. He knew she was, and he was definitely proud to be with her. Besides the fact that she had become quite the eager little nympho, she was also talented, smart and funny. Maybe even more importantly, she was good-natured and easygoing. Jen was that rare hottie who also had the proverbial 'good personality.' She knew he flirted like crazy, and she probably even suspected he cheated on her, yet she didn't bust his balls about it. Though nothing was ever stated, she seemed to understand that this was their first semester out of high school - their first time out in the big, wide world - and he wanted to experience as many new and exciting things as possible.

He really had to give her credit. The only time she ever became pissed at him was when he would act like a total jerk by obnoxiously scamming on other girls right in front of her. As long as he made some effort not to embarrass her, she didn't give him any crap. She let him have his fun with other girls.

'Gotta respect that,' he decided. Even at his youthful age of eighteen he knew she was a rare find. Thinking about it, he began to wonder how she could be so easygoing and tolerant. Most girls would lose their minds if they caught their boyfriends doing some of the things she'd caught him doing. Maybe her being so accepting of his cheating might be a tip-off that she was also playing around a bit?

He honestly couldn't imagine it; not the Jennifer he knew. She was a virgin before they'd had sex, and she'd been with him almost constantly ever since. He just didn't see when she would have had the time to develop some other relationship with another guy, which he knew would be necessary before she'd give herself to anyone.

'Still,' he thought, 'just look at her. She could have anyone she wants.'

The thought of her fucking other guys sent a chill up his spine. He couldn't deny how easy it would be for her, if only she wanted it.

As Jennifer sat typing away at her computer, J.T. drank in every inch of her. She was his idea of the perfect-looking girl, mainly because she was what a lot of his friends called "odd hot." She wasn't Angelina Jolie perfect; no, she was more like a combination of Angelina Jolie and Wynona Ryder.

She was striking like an Angelina Jolie, but not quite that exotic. For one thing, she looked less Lara Croft and more Urban Goth Chick. She was very pale, with intensely blue eyes and blue-black hair cut in a severe Vampira style. She had a perfect little beauty spot above her mouth, and a cute piercing in her adorable button nose. Standing only five-foot-four, she was rather petite; very much the waif. Nonetheless, she had a brooding intensity that belied her casual, laid-back nature.

Though she had yet to acquire any tattoos, she was already extensively pierced. In addition to her diamond nose-piercing she had a pearl stud in her tongue, which she gleefully suggested getting after he told her how good they feel during blowjobs. He also really enjoyed the small hoop she'd recently added to her tight little belly button. She had a row of studs around each ear, and he knew it wouldn't be long before she decorated her clitoral hood. She'd been talking about it for weeks, and once she got an idea in her head she never stopped until the job was done.

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