Deceptions Ch. 01


Yes, she was stunningly beautiful, although in a somewhat non-traditional way. Odd hot, indeed.

If her face and overall look were slightly left of center, there was nothing odd about her painfully sexy body. His little girl seemed to have no idea that she was truly extraordinary, and he loved that about her.

She had a perfect eighteen-year-old cheerleader's body, with everything that entails. Although relatively short, she was all supple, toned legs leading up to a mouthwatering little heart-shaped bubble butt. Her legs were flawless works of art, and he could eat her ass for days, it was so full, round and firm. She alternated between being completely shaved versus keeping a small pelt of black pubic hair above her delectable slit. Initially he preferred her smooth and completely hairless, since that's how most of his favorite porn chicks kept their pussies, though more and more he was beginning to enjoy her pretty landing strip. He loved the way her trimmed patch held her scent, and he especially loved how he could make it out through her sheer panties.

He also loved how she could sometimes cum just from having her bright pink nipples chewed on. For having such large boobs, she sure had sensitive nipples. Usually it was the girls with small tits who had the really sensitive tips. He'd never been with a girl who could cum just from having her breasts sucked, but Jennifer would flat out lose her mind whenever he'd suck really hard and bite her nipples.

That was always the one thing he could do to ensure she'd make lots of noise during sex. He loved her moans, squeals and shrieks, but she usually wouldn't make her sexy sounds unless he was chewing on her nipples.

"I really like my breasts," was all she ever said when asked about the sounds she made.

And well she should, he thought. She had a tiny waist to go with a sculpted V-shaped torso, and her large, firm, high-set D-cup breasts almost seemed oversized on her petite body. If it weren't for her round bubble butt, she would have looked a bit top-heavy. Instead, she simply looked gorgeously symmetrical. Right side up or upside down, Jennifer had the same hourglass dimensions. Her pale, luminous skin only heightened the effect for him.

'She's insanely hot, and one day she'll come to realize just how devastating she really is. When she does, I'll be history,' he thought. He felt it was inevitable he would lose her. He knew lots of girls thought he was hot too, but where Jen was concerned he was all too aware that he'd wildly out-kicked his coverage.

~ ~ ~

"Whatcha thinking about, Mister Dopey Eyes?" I grinned, having let J.T. play possum long enough. I'd long since turned my chair to face him, and I was smiling as I crossed my bare legs.

"I was thinking, wow, I don't know that I've ever seen you look more gorgeous, Jen," he said, with a wistful, dreamy expression. "I was also know...what about him?" he added, nodding towards the still-sleeping Ray. "You're hardly wearing a thing. For a second there, when you crossed your legs, I thought I could see your panties."

"No biggie. He's still asleep. Besides, you didn't see my panties."

"Are you sure? I think I did. They're your pink ones."

"Yes, sweetie, I'm sure," I smiled again. After quickly looking over at the snoring Ray, I casually leaned back against the computer table and spread my robe, along with my legs. I stroked up and down my bare, moist slit; then, making a delightfully wet sluicing sound, I plunged two fingers deep inside my pussy.

"Believe me now?" I smirked. While casting another glance over at Ray, I grabbed the Sharpie from the table and slid it inside my pussy. Once I'd buried it all the way, I began a slow fucking motion; with the other hand I pulled my robe open, exposing my bare breasts. I brought one nipple to my lips for a teasing kiss before simply leaning back and thoroughly fucking myself with the Sharpie.

J.T. stared, stunned and thrilled. He made a move to come to me, but I held up my hand. "Stay there, tiger. Just watch." Raising my legs, I draped them over the armrests of the chair, spreading myself all the way open. I'd never done anything so brazen before, and I was discovering that I got off on it. Really wanting to blow his mind, I reached down to wet my finger in my pussy; as I increased the speed of the Sharpie pumping inside me, I slid my moistened finger into my asshole.

"Is this what you've been wanting, baby? You'd enjoy letting Ray see me like this, getting fucked? You want to put your cock in here?" I tilted my hips, showing him my finger driving deep inside my ass. That was the furthest I'd ever gone there, and I was loving it! I was loving it so much that I switched holes, rubbing my clit with my fingers while slipping the tip of the lubed-up Sharpie into my ass. There was only a little resistance before it popped inside.

"Do you want me to be a total slut for you, like all those other girls you fuck? Should I be as loud and nasty as the girls Dirk fucks?"

Having closed my eyes, I was talking partly to J.T. but mostly to myself. I wanted to cum, and I wanted to do it quickly, before Ray woke up and saw me.

To be honest, at that point I almost didn't care if Ray saw me.

I'd been typing an e-mail to one of my girlfriends, telling her about all the crazy things I did and saw last night. I told her everything, including how I snuck out in my tiny robe and kissed Dirk's big, shiny dick in the rec room. I described how I felt stripping down naked once I got back, and how I would have let J.T. fuck me even with Ray there in the room.

Seriously, I'd been going out of my mind with 'horny teenage girl' thoughts, until I heard stirring sounds from J.T. Turning around, I discovered he'd been awake and watching me, and that's when I dove right into my brazen display.

Now I was pounding half the Sharpie up my ass, and J.T. was watching me with a look of astonishment. 'Good. Let him be shocked,' I thought. 'I'll show him that I can be every bit as hot and slutty as anybody he could ever fuck.'

Just then I noticed Ray beginning to stir. His back was to us, so all I did was bring my legs down from the armrests. J.T. looked at me in a panic, since I didn't seem to be stopping!

He was right, I wasn't! I was still fucking myself in the ass with the Sharpie while openly pinching and rubbing my clit. Most maddening of all to J.T. was the fact that I was smiling at him like it was no big deal.

When Ray rolled over onto his back and began to sit up, I finally let J.T. off the hook. Very casually, I pulled my robe over my breasts. J.T.'s shock was complete, however, when I simply sat down on the Sharpie, hiding it by impaling myself on it! I took it all the way up my ass!

Again I crossed my legs, letting the robe slip off of one fully exposed thigh. Clasping my hands together on my raised knee, I smiled sweetly at Ray. "Welcome back to the land of the living. Rough night, honey?"

He sort of sat there blinking at me, then at J.T. "Ummm, yeah...late night. I had to get a ride home from Billy. I definitely drank too much."

Giving me a bemused smile, it was obvious he'd finally noticed what I was wearing, and that I was making no move to jump up and put some clothes on. Instead I leaned back, yawning while stretching my arms high above my head. I knew my erect nipples were showing through the thin silk, so I held that position. I wanted him to see me. I wanted J.T. to watch as his roommate ogled me.

Then I went one step crazier. When I was done stretching, I swung my legs up into an Indian-sitting position. I did it so quickly that before they knew what had happened I was just sitting there, facing them with my legs folded beneath me. I could tell that my robe was splayed wide across my thighs. I could also tell that with the way I was leaning forward my boobs were pretty much out in the open. I don't think the nipples were showing, but I bet everything else was. It was definitely the most I had ever shown Ray, and J.T. had never seen me reveal anywhere near that much of my body to another guy.

Wanting to know whether they could actually see my pussy, I tried to follow their eyes. I still wasn't sure. I thought maybe my ankles and calves might have been blocking their view. I knew the robe wasn't.

"Oh, fuck..." said Ray. Lurching up from his bed, he ran to the bathroom in his boxers, and J.T. and I laughed as we heard him pay the price for all that drinking.

I looked over at J.T., who grinned, "Wow, babe. That was an amazing show. I mean,"

Returning his grin, I pulled the Sharpie out of my ass and tossed it to him. While holding up the marker like it was the Super Bowl trophy, his voice took on an exaggerated tone of awe as he said, "Dude, you are my hero."

"I never got to finish. I still haven't cum," I whispered.

"Sorry, babe. Better go faster next time."

"Maybe next time I just won't stop," I said, raising my eyebrows.

"Babe, when you were sitting with your legs folded beneath you, did you know we could see your pussy?"

"No, I wasn't sure. Did it bother you?"

"Me? What about you, with Barf Boy there? You were always such a fanatic about making sure he never saw you naked."

I smiled coyly. "You know, if you would have woken up last night, you could've fucked me with him here in the room, just like you've always wanted. I would have let you."

After studying me for a few moments, he finally said, "Something's changed. You're not the same Jen today that you were yesterday."

Offering him an enigmatic little smile, I thought, 'You're right. I'm not the same Jen now.' I was having fun teasing him, so I grinned, "Like I said, you shouldn't have fallen asleep last night. You missed a lot."

"Oh yeah? Like what?"

"Well, for starters, how would you like to know that I ran around this room naked while you were both asleep? Ray could have woken up at any time and seen me completely nude. How would you also like to know that your sweet, innocent Jennifer did a little exploring in these hallways last night, wearing nothing but this tiny robe?"

I flipped it open and spread my legs again, showing him my pink center.

Grinning, he was about to say something when we heard Ray turn off the faucet after finishing up in the bathroom.

Quickly I added, "And what if I told you that your faithful girlfriend has now tasted more than one cock?"

That definitely made him sit up and take notice! His mouth was hanging open like a fish!

In a moment of perfect timing, Ray returned to the room, preventing J.T. from grilling me any further.

I turned back to the computer and finished my e-mail to my girlfriend. I sent it off, then deleted it from the system. Before I sent it, however, I added one little note...

P.S. - You think you're bad? I'm becoming such a slut! I just sat here in my little silk robe, chatting up J.T. and Ray while fucking myself in the ass with a Sharpie!

Grinning, I turned back to the guys, who were again staring at me.

'I could grow to like this,' I giggled to myself.

"Hey, Jen, I was meaning to give this to you. I thought of you when I saw it. I picked it up from the student union."

Ray was offering me a flyer, and I hopped up and went over to take it. I hadn't really tightened my robe from when I'd pulled it open before, so when I leaned down to him I felt it gaping everywhere. I saw his eyes bug out, but pretended not to notice.

I took the flyer from him, and instead of going back to my seat I just plopped myself flat on my back next to him on his bed. Having a pretty good idea of how much I was exposing, I held the flyer up and read it. Taking a quick glance down, I saw that my breasts were mostly still covered, but my little landing strip was peeking out. I think my pussy was covered, though...maybe.

"Wow, you thought of me when you saw this?" I asked, sitting up to hand the flyer to J.T., who read it aloud...

Auditions being held for a major new Off Broadway theatrical play. Very avant-garde and cutting edge. Professional pay and excellent exposure are guaranteed. Contact Katherine at (212) 555-5514 to schedule an audition.

I looked up at Ray.

"Hey, you've been in plays your whole life," he said. "You've whined forever about wanting to be on Broadway, and you're majoring in theater! Give it a shot. Call her. Why not?"

I glanced over at J.T., who was grinning like an idiot. He was ogling my bare breast, which had fallen out of my robe. I smiled while tucking myself back in, and both guys playfully booed me.

"Pervs," I smirked.

"Guilty as charged!" grinned Ray.

Getting up from his bed, I slipped off my robe. "Avant-garde and cutting edge, huh? Fine. I need to become those things. There's no time like the present, right?"

I stood stark naked in front of Ray. Smiling at his shocked expression, I added, "I'll call her today."

I draped the robe over his startled face before heading to my overnight bag to grab my bathroom things. Bending at the waist with my ass pointing directly at Ray, I pretended to search through my stuff, all the while moving my hips back and forth. When I finally stood again, bathroom items in hand, I felt their eyes burning into my bare bottom and naked pussy as I sauntered off to take a shower. Putting a little extra sway in my walk, I turned and went back to Ray. Startling him again, I kissed him on the lips.

"Thank you for thinking of me," I smiled, breathing it into his mouth.

Alone in the bathroom, I used their little hand mirror to check myself out. I was relieved to see that my recent waxing was still good. My pussy and asshole were completely hairless, and nothing looked red or irritated. Everything was smooth and even. J.T. loves to tell me how pretty my young pussy looks, and as I really studied it, I could see his point.

It is pretty. Even though I'm young, my pussy isn't like one of those you see on a nine-year-old girl. With mine there's a little lippage. It's not some nasty roast beef sandwich, like an old hooker's pussy, but it's not just a discreet slit either.

I think it looks sexy, like an elegant painting of a beautiful woman's pussy.

I could also see why J.T. seemed so obsessed with fucking my ass. Looking over my shoulder, I saw a very nice bottom. There wasn't a hint of cellulite, and my full cheeks sat high and firm. Very curvy. Spreading myself wide open, I took my first serious look at my tight little pucker. I'm glad I waxed there, too. It's a nice companion to my pussy. They're both pink; a pretty, matching set.

'If I were a guy, I'd definitely want to put my dick in there,' I decided, then I laughed. Jesus, I'm becoming terrible!

After I took my shower, I thought it would be fun to continue with the New Me. I wrapped my hair in a towel, but that was it. Naked, I padded back into the room. Smiling at J.T.'s stunned reaction, I returned to my seat at the computer and quickly wrote my girlfriend...

I'm now completely naked, sitting at the 'puter. I'm talking totally bare-ass naked. I just showed J.T. and Ray my pussy, and probably even my asshole too, before I took off to grab a shower. I didn't put anything on when I came back out.

J.T. and Ray are right here behind me, watching me type this. They have no idea what I'm typing. All they know is this seems to be the New Jen! I think they like it!

Talkatcha some more later! Bye!

I sent it, then deleted everything again. I didn't want the guys snooping around, reading what I say to my girlfriends.

Turning back to them, I saw that they were both still just sitting there, slack-jawed and unblinking...utterly dumbfounded.

I felt like Wonder Woman.

"So..." I began, turning directly towards Ray. I got up and went over to sit next to him on his bed. Leaning back on my hands, my legs bent at the knees, I was showing him every inch of my body. "Tell me why you thought of me for this, for real. You know they're probably looking for a professional actress with actual Broadway stage experience. I'm still just a kid, barely out of high school. All I've ever acted in are some lame school plays, plus a few commercials when I was little.

"Oh, and yes, I realize I'm suddenly allowing myself to be naked in front of you. I'm guessing you must be wondering why I'm doing this, completely out of the blue?"

Ray could only nod. Okay, he gurgled and drooled, too. He gurgled, nodded and drooled.

Setting my knees to a subtle in-and-out swinging motion, I was showing him my pussy while thinking, 'I really want to become good at this teasing stuff. I need to learn how to be just as hot as anyone Dirk is fucking.'

Continuing on, I said, "Ray, J.T. wants me to be a really sexy slut. It doesn't matter whether it's his girlfriend or any of the other girls he's fucking, that's just what he likes. See, you two probably think I don't know that he cheats on me, but I do. Here's the thing, though. He enjoys showing me off to other guys, and I need to become more daring and worldly anyway, especially if I'm to compete for things like the role in this play, so this works out great."

I grinned at J.T. His mouth fell open, but nothing came out.

Awesome! I was feeling more worldly already!

"So that's why I'm doing this..." I smiled, spreading my legs for Ray. "I'm letting you see my pussy, my breasts...everything. I consider it practice. Training. Acting. Also, yes, it totally turns me on. I love being a slut for you.

"Okay, now it's your turn. Tell me."

Though he tried to keep his eyes locked on my face, he couldn't stop slobbering over my tits, and I knew the thought of my naked pussy being right there was just torturing him. He blushed when I caught him staring.

"Ray, alright, let's try this. I want you to forget about proper etiquette for now, and just enjoy my body. It's totally okay if you don't look me in the eyes. I won't mind. I know you want to check out my pussy, so go ahead. Stare at my ass and pussy all you want, then maybe you can talk to me."

Flipping onto my stomach, I lifted my hips, offering him my ass and pussy. Rising to the doggie position, I reached back to pull my bottom all the way open. "It's okay. Look at my virgin asshole. Stare at my wet, naked pussy," I said, moving my ass in seductive figure-eights. Rolling onto my back again, I spread my legs wide and cupped my breasts. "Is this sexy enough? Will men - not just boys - want to fuck me?"

"Yes," Ray finally said.

"Yes, what?" I asked, sitting up Indian-style again. My back was to J.T.

"Yes, men will want you. Everyone wants you. You were the hottest girl at our high school, and you're the hottest girl here. All the guys already know it. Everybody wants to fuck you, Jen, even our teachers.

"Look, okay, this is why I showed you the flyer. It's like you were telling me about your drama teacher."

"You mean when he said he wants me to branch out and take some chances, and quit limiting myself to safe, boring plays at school?"

"Yeah, exactly. You told me he said you need to do some really heavy stuff, some uncomfortable stuff. If you're going to be serious about this, you have to take some chances. You gotta do some professional theater, where things aren't always so neat and safe."

"Something 'avant-garde and cutting edge,' you mean?" I smiled, leaning back on my hands again to show him my body.


Openly staring at my wet pussy, he really was drooling. God, I loved it.

"I agree. That's why I'm going to do it. I have a confession to make, alright? My drama teacher already told me about the flyer. He's the one who posted it. He knows about the audition, the role, the whole play. He said that all I have to do is give him the okay and he'll put in a good word for me with Katherine, who's an old friend of his. There's no guarantee I'll get the part, but I'll definitely get an audition. Professor Keener thinks I'm perfect for the role. He says I have a good chance at landing it if I just throw myself in headfirst, without fear. He also says he has a lot of pull with Katherine. Although he was only joking, I could tell he kind of meant it."

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