tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDeceptions Ch. 03

Deceptions Ch. 03


'If she doesn't hurry up and put her fingers inside me, I'm going to scream! What is she waiting for? I know she wants me, so why doesn't she just take me already?'

So there I was, shouting inside my head. Completely naked, I lay facedown on a queen-sized bed. Katherine and I were alone on stage, and the touch of her teasing fingertips exploring my bare, writhing bottom was driving me insane.

Earlier, after she had sent the rest of the cast and crew home for the evening following our first full rehearsal of the 'fucking' scene, she'd asked Dirk and me to stick around for a few extra minutes, explaining that she wanted to talk to us about something.

I had no problem with that. Despite being naked, I'd just flopped back down onto my stomach atop the rumpled sheets. Dirk, though, clearly seemed a bit embarrassed. With Katherine having taken a seat next to me on the bed, he found himself standing directly in front of us, his big dick bobbing right in our faces.

Funny thing, about Dirk's dick. He had stayed soft pretty much the entire rehearsal. Come to think of it, that was probably the first time I'd ever seen him soft since we'd started this whole sexy game. On every other occasion his cock had always been at least semi-hard, whether it was the 'sixty-nine' scene rehearsals or the nights we'd gotten together at the dorm. Just hearing Katherine describe the hotter scenes was usually enough to make him hard.

I swear, he must have been born with an erection!

This rehearsal, though...not so much. He was between my legs, and we were supposed to be fucking, so I was fully expecting him to be super hard. I just knew he would be dying to put it inside me once we were 'pretend' fucking.

Nope, and I don't blame him, either. There were way too many distractions. Katherine was constantly hovering over us; moving the covers this way, changing the overhead lighting that way, forever repositioning us. It was actually kind of aggravating. Every time he'd roll on top of me to begin the scene she would immediately interrupt us, shouting, "Cut!" or "Wait!" or "Hold on, I have an idea!" Then we'd be swarmed over by her and the stage crew.

"I hope it won't always be like this," Dirk whispered, spooning me beneath the covers between takes.

"Me too. This isn't half as much as fun as I'd imagined it," I added, accentuating my point by smiling over my shoulder while wiggling my bare ass against his soft cock.

"Sorry. If they would ever just leave us alone, you know I'd—"

"There he is!" I grinned, wiggling against him again as I felt his dick twitch and stiffen. "Dirk, I'm only teasing. I feel the same way. With so many interruptions, it's difficult even to think straight."

Finally, we'd caught a few moments of alone-time. Katherine had decided to call it good for the day, and while everyone was shuffling around gathering their things, Dirk and I were able to touch each other without any instant interruptions.

"You'd better put something on to cover that crazy thing!" I said, giggling at the sight of his swaying pole. Naked, we'd climbed out of bed to grab our clothes, and Dirk was almost completely hard.

So of course Katherine chose that moment to come have her little talk with us.

"This will only take a second..." she said to Dirk, who was obviously looking around the stage for his robe. Sighing in resignation, he just stood there, his enormous erection bobbing directly in her face as she sat beside me on the bed.

Feeling playful, I reached out and boinged his cock, bopping the tip with my index finger. It bounced up and down like a sprung jack-in-the-box, and Katherine and I burst out laughing. Dirk laughed too, relaxing despite his predicament.

"So, what's up?" I asked, exchanging grins with Katherine.

"You mean besides this?" she giggled, grabbing Dirk's huge boner...then she made it boing too! Oh my god, I about died laughing, especially when she put her hand on Dirk's stomach and said, "It was just staring at me! I had to do something!"

"Oh, so you think this is funny, huh?" he grinned, turning to me. "You want funny? I'll show you funny!" He started swinging his dick left and right and round and round, bapping my laughing face with it. Using it like a club, he pummeled my cheeks, nose and eyes before stuffing it into my wide-open mouth. I swear, I was almost delirious with laughter as I halfheartedly attempted to fend off the comical barrage he was administering with his oversized truncheon of a cock.

"Had enough?" he crowed, gleefully pounding deep into my throat.

I was laughing so hard that tears were pouring down my cheeks, until finally I pulled back and shouted, "I surrender! I surrender! Just don't beat me to death with it!"

Satisfied that he'd demonstrated his mastery, he nonchalantly changed gears. "So, Katherine, what's up? What do you need to speak to us about?"

Just like that!

Katherine was still laughing, but she calmed herself down enough to say, "Guys, I just wanted to talk to you about how things are going so far. I know this has to be a bit of a shock, performing naked on stage and doing simulated sex scenes, and I wanted to tell you that I think you're handling it awesomely. I never would have guessed that you're both only eighteen, or that neither of you had ever done any professional stage work. The way you're breezing right through everything, anyone would think you two are seasoned vets at this stuff."

"We're just doing what you tell us," I said, happily hugging my pillow.

"Yeah, and pretending to have sex with Jen is not exactly the most difficult job in the world," added Dirk, with a sly grin.

"Oh, I'm sure it isn't..." smiled Katherine, resting her hand on my lower back in a gesture of friendliness. "That's not it, though. It's the way you two still remember and execute your lines. It's the way you take direction. It's the way you stay in control, even when I know it must be awfully hard."

She made a show of eyeing Dirk's bobbing cock before turning to me with a sexy smile. "So temptingly hard," she added, biting her lip.

"See you guys tomorrow!" we heard from offstage.

The last of the crew were leaving. The three of us were alone on a darkened stage, with a couple of offstage lights plus the one nightstand lamp illuminating the bed. That was the lighting the audience would see. Our 'fucking' scene wasn't going to take place in near-total darkness like the 'sixty-nine' scene.

Meanwhile, Katherine was doing subtle little fingertip circles up and down my spine.

Oooh! Tingles!

"So do you guys have any questions for me about any of this?" she asked, again eyeing Dirk's throbbing erection.

"Yeah, I have one..." said Dirk. He turned to her, bringing his cock nearly to her lips. "Doing plays like this, I mean with these simulated sex scenes, have you ever had actors actually do it before? You know...not just pretend?"

"Do you mean have I ever directed porn?" she grinned. Leaning forward almost imperceptibly, she let his tip brush against her soft cheek. Slowly turning her head, she trailed her lips along the length of his shaft and over the crown before pulling back with a beguiling smile.

"No, nothing like that..." I said, jumping in, totally enthralled by her sexy tease. I flashed her an approving grin, and she coyly bit her lip again as I continued, "He means have any actors in your plays ever disregarded the fact that they're only supposed to be simulating the sex? Have they ever actually gone ahead and had real sex on stage when they weren't supposed to?"

"Is that what you two want to do?" she smiled, caressing my back.

"Could we, if we wanted to?" answered Dirk.

"Are you asking me would I mind as the director if you fucked my gorgeous little Jennifer right here on stage?" Katherine responded, grinning evilly. She patted my ass, and I wiggled it for her. I just couldn't help it.

She laughed, "See? You always do that!"

I laughed too. "It's your fault! You know you've got me constantly thinking about it now. It's like whenever someone looks at or touches my ass, I should do it every time. It's almost becoming automatic!"

Katherine patted it again, then she even squeezed it, saying, "Excellent! If I accomplish nothing else in this life, at least with your wiggling ass I'll return to my maker knowing I provided one great service to mankind! You do have the prettiest bottom I've ever seen, Jen. I have to admit I love when you wiggle it, even if it's not for me."

I did an exaggerated wiggle for her. "Like that?"

"Damn, girl! That looks absolutely awesome! Maybe too awesome, if you know what I mean...." Laughing sweetly, she patted my ass again before simply stroking it, which she continued to do during the rest of her talk with us. "Anyway, getting back to your question, to be honest I don't know whether anybody has ever done that before. I've only directed two other plays with nudity, and only one of them really had any implied sex. The way we set those scenes up, I doubt they did anything for real. Besides, that couple wasn't nearly as beautiful and perpetually horny as you two are. They probably had a much easier time of keeping their hands off each other."

"Could we - could you - get in trouble?" Dirk asked.

"Good question. The best answer I can give you is that as far as I know this theater isn't zoned for live sex shows, which is what you're talking about, right? I know we didn't apply for any of that sort of licensing. I also know that the producers and I never even talked about the possibility of the actors doing anything for real. They want a sexy show, not a sex show. I'm pretty sure they don't want explicit sex even if it was legal, which I'm almost positive it isn't in this instance."

"But what about you? Would you get in trouble, and would we?" I asked.

"Yes, maybe. Both of us, possibly. All three of us, I mean," Katherine answered.

"Okay, I was just curious. Now, if you don't mind," Dirk said, drawing our attention to his flagging cock, "I'm gonna go get dressed and head on home."

"Okay, see you tomorrow...and you too..." I smiled, reaching up to give his thick length a couple of playful final strokes.

"Yep, see you tomorrow, and good job today! Awesome work!" grinned a thoroughly amused Katherine, calling after him as he went to fetch his robe from the back of the sofa. Slipping it on, he gave us this big shy act. We all laughed, then he blatantly flashed us before heading off to his dressing room.

Once he was gone, Katherine said, "Jen, hold on a sec. I'll be right back...." Hopping up from the bed, she dashed over to the little break room offstage. I heard a faucet running, then she returned with a bottle of water and a washcloth. A few moments later we heard the stage door open and close as Dirk left the building.

"You look hot," she said, handing me the water. The washcloth felt cool but not too cold as she pressed it first to my face then down my back.

"Temperature-wise, too," she smiled.

I grinned happily at the compliment. Lifting my hips a little, I wiggled my ass again for her. "That feels so good, Katherine. Thank you."

"You're very welcome," she said, still smiling while languidly running the washcloth down my legs and over my back, giving me goose bumps all over. "You're the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen...with the most amazing, beautiful body..." she continued.

"Mmmm...you're gorgeous too."

I couldn't believe I said that, but it's true. Katherine is achingly beautiful, and I'm developing a serious crush on her. She makes me feel like I have my very own guardian angel, she's so sweet and wonderful to me. Also, she really is genuinely beautiful. Although probably in her mid-thirties, she has a youthful look, and she behaves just like a happy child. She has these huge chocolate eyes and full lips, and I love the way she keeps her long, sexy hair in a French braid draped over one shoulder. She's slim and darkly exotic, with awesome breasts, like an Italian movie star.

She is totally hot. I had never been with a woman before, not even with my friend Steph, yet I easily pictured myself being with Katherine. The way she was touching me, and especially the way she was looking at me with those amazing eyes, she was making me want her like crazy.

"Jen, please, let me finish. What I'm trying to say is that because you are so extraordinarily beautiful, we may have some issues with Dirk and the play."

"What do you mean?" I asked, becoming concerned. 'God, please don't let her have second thoughts now about casting us,' I thought.

"Jen, let me be straight with you. When we first met, I had my doubts about casting you, simply because of how beautiful you are. You're even more gorgeous than the real Layla, and I was worried that the egghead music critics might rip us for casting such a strikingly beautiful ingénue in a real woman's role. I got over it, though, once I saw your auditions. You're great, and you're great with Dirk."

Having discarded the washcloth, Katherine was stroking subtle circles across my back and down my legs. Tracing elegant swirls up my thighs, she paused at my ass. "Does it bother you, my touching you this way? I'll stop, if you want me to."

"Don't stop. Keep going..." I whispered, rolling my hips with desire.

Running her fingertips over my tingling curves, Katherine began caressing my ass. There was no pretense of it merely being a warm gesture of support, like before. No, she was simply helping herself to my bottom.

God, I loved it. Wiggling my ass again, I bent one leg at the hip to spread myself open for her.

"So perfect..." she whispered. Leaning across my thigh, she propped her head up with one hand while continuing to caress my ass with the other. She was looking directly between my legs, and I knew my drenched pussy was flowering open.

I wanted her to see. I wanted her to take me.

"Jen," she finally continued, "I'm okay now with how beautiful you are. You've proven to be serious about this play. You've also proven to be talented and worthy of the role. Besides, fuck the critics if they say you're too young and beautiful. I think you're absolutely perfect."

She laughed, and so did I. Since I was facing away from her, she was basically talking to my ass! What a strange yet wonderfully erotic feeling it was to have this gorgeous, talented, sexy woman talking so respectfully to me even as she was openly lusting for my pussy. I was so turned on, I was either going to get up on my knees and arch my back or I was just going to roll over and spread my legs for her.

Continuing on, she said, "You and Dirk are what I'm worried about now. It's obvious that you two really want to have sex...real sex. You do, don't you, Jen?"

"Yes," I said, moving my hips in small undulations beneath her caressing fingertips. "Mmmmmm, yes, we want to fuck."

"Have you yet?" she asked, her breath so warm and sexy on my bare skin. God, she was driving me absolutely insane.

"Fucked? Each other? No, not yet."

"But you plan to, don't you?"

"You know we do, Katherine. He's killing me with that hard cock of his. I'm sure you know what I mean. The way he's always so hard for me, sometimes it's all I can do to keep from jumping him."

"Yes, baby, I know exactly what you mean. He has an amazing cock. I was literally starting to drool there, watching it bob and sway only inches from my lips. I was dying to take him into my mouth, just the way you did. I didn't know about his cock when I cast him for the part, but once I saw it, my god...."

"Are you going to fuck him too?"

Katherine was still helping herself to my ass, and I felt a huge climax building deep inside me.

"As much as I'd love to, I doubt it," she said wistfully, giving each cheek a firm squeeze. "That probably wouldn't be a good idea. I don't think my boyfriend would be too thrilled with the idea of his woman fucking eighteen-year-old cock, no matter how gorgeous the cock. I don't think my girlfriend would be too thrilled about it either."

Silence. As she continued her teasing figure-eights on my bare bottom, she let that one hang there.

"Your...girlfriend?" I finally asked, then I gasped. She'd slipped a single painted fingernail into my crack. She brushed ever so gently over my asshole before trailing down to my pussy, which instantly went into wet spasms. This beautiful woman knew exactly how to drive me crazy. As my orgasm was approaching, my hips were bucking, and Katherine just kept softly knocking.

"Yes...my girlfriend," she said, the smile evident in her voice. "With everything I've told her about you, she's already super jealous. The last thing I need is for her to be worrying about another cock, too. She doesn't mind sharing me with my boyfriend, but I think she might draw the line at a second man."

"What about sharing you with other girls?" I asked, barely able to get it out.

Jesus, she was killing me. When the soft pad of her fingertip touched my wet lips, I just about passed the point of no return. I was about to explode! "Katherine," I panted, "you're going to make me cum!"

She dropped the hammer on me. "Jen," she whispered, slowly sliding her finger inside, "I know you're about to cum...and to answer your question, my girlfriend doesn't mind sharing me with other girls - with you, baby - as long as she's eventually invited to watch...and join us."

"Oh, Katherine...god!!"

Katherine let out a squeal of delight when my body convulsed from the crushing orgasm she'd given me. She cupped her hand over my pulsing pussy, just holding it there while I rode out a long, wet cum.

When I was finally done, and my breathing was returning to normal, she leaned down to give my naked bottom a sweet kiss. "Gorgeous girl, you cum just as beautifully as you do everything else," she said, gently moving my sweaty hair off my neck before sliding up my body to blow cool air onto my moist skin.

"That was incredible, Katherine. I've never cum before with a girl," I said, smiling over my shoulder. "Thank you so much. You are just completely awesome."

"No, thank you..." she whispered, painting my grateful bottom with tender, lingering kisses. "Baby, that was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

I grinned softly. "Katherine, don't look now, but I think I'm falling in love with you."

"Jen, don't you look now either, because the feeling is more than mutual." She was still stroking my wet hair as she trailed a series of delicate kisses along my spine. "Still, what are we going to do about you and Dirk fucking?"

"What do you want to do about us fucking?" I purred, writhing beneath her soft lips.

"I know you two are going to fuck; that's not the issue. There's no way he can resist you. Christ, I can barely resist you."

"I don't want you to resist me. I want you to take me," I moaned.

Caressing my ass, she leaned down to kiss it again, this time adding a few teasing nips. "God, baby, if you only knew...but let me get back to the subject, okay? Sweetheart, I have no problem with you and Dirk having sex. I just don't know whether any of us can handle you two having full-blown sex as a part of this show. That could be a very bad idea. It might be a very bad thing for your career, and mine too. Jen, please, whatever you do, you have to make sure the crew and the audience think you're only acting. Yes, I want the sex to look real, but we can't show them everything."

I thought about that for a moment. Realizing what she'd just said, I pondered whether to say what I was thinking. I decided that since she was being so straightforward and honest with me, she deserved the same respect. I rolled over onto my back so we could see each other and talk face-to-face.

At first she gasped, then she bit her lip when she took in the sight of my drenched, naked pussy. God, the way she did that, it was so fucking hot!

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