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Decision Time


(Author’s note: This continues the story of Larry and Lucy. I hope you enjoy it. It is chapter 3 of this series and, while fiction, closely parallels an experience my wife and I had with new found friends in the northwest corner of Texas. And, no, these names are not their real ones either.)


We left the student hotel the next morning after a final ‘confirming’ enjoyment of each other’s wives (and they of us). I couldn’t believe that in the space of less than two weeks my lovely wife had been fucked by two men, both of whom wanted her as much as I, and shown the same respect I would hope all men show their partners.

Lucy was sleeping soundly, wedged against the passenger door, her pillow against the window, one leg up on the seat, the other on the floor, as I drove. I was having a hard time staying awake too. It had been a long, fun filled night and only the fact that 75 miles separated us from home sustained me. I smiled to myself as I remembered how wonderful that had been. Adriana has been just as enjoyable as I could have ever dreamed. Seeing Mark bring Lucy from one orgasm to another almost all night long had really turned me on, inspiring me to do the same to his wife. My back had the marks to prove that.

I wasn’t sure that Mark hadn’t been pulling my leg and just trying to set up another tryst with Lucy when, as we got ready to leave he took me aside and promised to set me up with some friends in our home town with whom he and Adriana had been swinging for four years. The phone number and first names were on the piece of paper in my shirt pocket.

“Call them,” he said with a smile. “And the first date you and they decide to meet, we’ll come up and make it three couples. That will help break the ice, and it gives us more variety too. We’ve learned over the years that you always make groups of couples in odd numbers. Don’t bother to try to figure out why, it just works better that way.”

I hadn’t. My brain wasn’t functioning that well anyway, especially after that final bout with Adriana. So, with a final pounding of each others shoulders and a hug for our respective partners, we set out for home.

I looked at Lucy again and smiled. Even asleep she was smiling. She told me that as much as she had liked seeing Mark and Lucy again, she wished that we had done it first in separate rooms. I didn’t care one way or another. I don’t think it hampered my enjoyment of Adriana a bit, and it certainly didn’t seem to slow Lucy down, but I was learning to defer to her ideas of how to arrange a sex party.

I still had my mind on the new couple when I felt her stir. Glancing over, I saw her straighten her body, yawn and stretch, while looking around to see where we were.

“Just a few more miles, honey, and we’ll have you home.” I told her as we turned of the interstate.

“M-m, good,” she replied. “I need to brush my teeth. I’ve got this awful taste in my mouth.”

“It couldn’t have anything to do with that cum sandwich Mark gave you before we left, could it?”

She smacked my arm hard enough to smart, and laughed.

“You have no room to talk. You won’t need to floss for a week with all of Adriana’s cunt hairs between your teeth.”

“Well since we both brushed before we left, I don’t guess we can blame that on our friends, can we?” I said with a grin. I changed the subject before she could form a retort.

“What do you think about meeting the new couple Mark and Adriana suggested?

“Well, I think we could sleep on it. I’m still only half awake.” She snuggled close to me, putting her hand around my arm and blowing softly in my ear. “I’d like to do some snuggling of our own before we look for more.”

Regardless of how many times I fucked Lucy, I knew from that remark that she wanted to screw me – and l knew I wanted her! The feeling of her soft breasts against my arm, the tip of that tongue just peaking out from between her lips as she smiled, the warmth of her body against me - everything! My goodness, this lady only got sexier!

Four hours later, I woke to the highly erotic sensation of warm lips on my cock. I raised the covers enough to see Lucy smiling at me, and then dropped them again. I wasn’t about to break this up.

We had gotten a quick fuck as soon as we got in the house and dropped our bags. Lucy drew me into the bedroom and almost tore my clothes off. She pushed me back on the bed and straddled me as the rest of her clothes hit the floor. I knew I couldn’t perform. I just couldn’t. I had shot three loads since 2am, I was dying from lack of sleep and now Lucy was spreading the lips of that lovely pussy of hers and beginning to slide down on my rapidly hardening cock.

“I thought it was dead,” she giggled, “but it looks like it’s alive after all,” she said spreading her love lips with one hand as she tucked my rapidly recovering head between them with the other. All concerns about performance ended as soon as I felt the hot, tight channel surrounding my throbbing joy stick. I couldn’t suppress the sigh of enjoyment as I felt her vagina expanding, then contracting around the length of my manhood. She leaned forward when it was fully tucked in, dragging those lovely tits of hers over my chest, letting them hover over my mouth until I could resist no longer. I pulled one into my mouth and began suckling it like a child at his mother’s breast. Her nipple swelled as I stroked it with my tongue, and my other hand reached for the other one.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” she giggler once more. Then, reaching behind she pulled my knees up until she could rest her back against them. I felt the end of her channel as she sat upright with a sigh.

“Ah, that’s what I needed,” she murmured. “Mark is good, but now I remember why I married you. This is lovely!”

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked with a smile. I already knew the answer to that, but I just had to ask for form’s sake.

“Yes” she nodded. “I really did. I had forgotten how good Mark could make me feel. That first fuck, while we were still in the chair, was outstanding. Of course all the rest of them weren’t bad either, especially that last one before we left. I think he was trying to put it right through to my throat.”

“He was really pounding you,” I said, watching her lean forward once more. I knew what she was going to do – when I was this tired, Lucy used to ride herself to orgasm and then go to sleep on my chest. We hadn’t done that in a long time, but neither of us had been fucked this hard in an equally long time. I immediately thought of Charlie. Wouldn’t he love to be here right now, sliding his big dick into her already well-filled pussy and having both of us ride my lovely wife?

Lucy was already well into it, enjoying the posting up and down on that rigid rod, using the perspiration to smooth her glides up and down our chests.

“I loved watching Mark fuck you,” I whispered in her ear. “He told me you make him even hotter now than in the days when we were in school.”

“U-m-m-m” my wife moaned. She was getting into it hard now. I loved it!

“You know, you and I have had more sex since that day with Charlie than we had had in the previous two months.” I had to shut up for a moment. She was getting me awfully close and I wanted us to cum at the same time. “I loved watching you with Charlie too. I hope you plan on continuing like this.” The last part was a little muffled because once more Lucy had her breast in my mouth and I was sucking it so hard I thought I might swallow it. She was near her own orgasm, huffing and puffing as she rode her favorite pony. As soon as she straightened up again, I knew I had her.

“Ah-h-h-h” I gasped when she gave a little yip of enjoyment and began riding me even harder. My cum shot into her with a force I wouldn’t have believed possible after so much sex the previous night. Lucy, with a gargling, choking sound thrust her pussy down so hard I could feel her pubic bone as she reached orgasm and the flood of our juices combined in my pubic hair. She literally ground her cunt into my pubic pelt as three hot jets filled her completely. Then she leaned back, gave me that freshly fucked look. I knew what she wanted. I lay there very satisfied with our love life as I felt her body move up mine. I held her legs wide apart and closed my eyes in delight as I felt her sodden pelt touch my mouth. She is such a tasty wench!

Now, four hours later, my ever-loving wife is about to devour me, starting with the good stuff. I wasn’t about to protest this time. The nap had fixed me up and I, or at least part of me, was raring to go.

It isn’t hard to just lay back and enjoy something as wonderful as a blow job from the woman you love – or any woman for that matter, but my wife had always been a past mistress of that art form and her skill had only been increased as we experimented. This last week and a half had increased her talents to a degree I wouldn’t have believed possible. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t love this woman as I do?

It must have gotten too hot for her under the covers. She threw them back and gave me the view of her head bobbing up and down in my crotch, occasionally circling around my pulsing pole, wringing what had to be the last juices from my balls. I didn’t have to force it. In fact my toes curled and my hands clawed at the sheet beneath me as she brought me to an almost unendurable climax. My groans as I felt her throat closing around the thick syrup in her mouth pulled a few more pulses from my aching balls, but not much more. She wasn’t content though until she had cleaned it off and tucked it away for posterity.

Purring like a contented lioness, she turned on her side and curled up in the hollow of my shoulder. Pulling my arm around her, I heard her say softly. “I loved it when you did me, so I thought you should enjoy some too.”

I tilted her head up and kissed her softly. It wasn’t a kiss of passion, it was one of love. I had found out in a very short time just how far this wife of mine was willing to go to keep me happy, and I loved it – and her more than life itself at that moment. My lips touched her eyes, her nose, her lips again, and then her ear. I felt her shiver.

“Cold?” I asked.

“No, just very happy, cozy and content for the moment.” She looked and studied my face carefully.

“Did you really enjoy yourself with Mark and Adriana?”

I knew she felt my nod, so I remained silent.

“I did too,” she murmured. “I don’t know why I thought what you were suggesting would be so terrible. After all, it wasn’t as if I had never done it before. But doing it with you…Wow! That was really hot!” She paused for a moment before adding, “I guess I have some pretty big hang-ups.”

“We all do, honey, including me. I didn’t know marriage meant. I guess I expected it would be a continuation of what we enjoyed in school. Then, somehow, between graduating and a couple of weeks ago, I guess I just got lost in the idea of working. Somehow it seemed like all the fun had gone out of it.” I hugged her close and said, “But you sure showed me that the fun is still there.”

“And you had been telling me all these years that we could have the fun, I just didn’t believe it until you gave me to Charlie.”

I started to say something but she laid her finger across my lips and continued.

“When you first started talking about me fucking other men, swinging and all that, I was afraid you were setting me up for some terrible exposure – that you were just looking for a way to have sex with another woman. I never dreamed it could be anything like what you and Charlie did with me. Forgive me, honey. I’m all yours and always will be, regardless of how many men I sleep with or how many women you fuck.”

I squeezed her closer. “I was going to suggest that it looks like we’re at a decision point but obviously, as usual, you’re way ahead of me. Assuming this means that you want to continue, there’s only one thing you need to remember, honey. I do it not only for the pleasure I get from seeing you get and give, but because we both benefit from it. I don’t think we could ever have made love like we have these last two weeks, even before we were married, and it’s been fantastic. Seriously though, we could come up against some bad situations like this. I just want you to know that anytime you feel something isn’t right, you can back out of that situation. I’ll do the same thing if it looks like it could be bad for either of us. Fair?”

She got on her elbows and kissed me. The same gentle kiss I had given her moments before. “Deal!” she said before cuddling in the hollow of my shoulder again and both of us drifted off into sleep.

“Is this 298-3745” I asked the breathy voice on the other end of the line.


“Then you must be Sheila,” I said.

“No, that’s my mom.” I heard faintly her calling for her mother through her hand covering the phone.

“Damn,” I thought to myself, “that was probably a world class faux pas. I’ve got to come up with a better way of finding out who I’m talking to.”



“Yes, who’s this?

“This is Larry,” I told her, remembering that Mark had said use only first names until you meet with others and find they’re compatible. Of course that’s kind of stupid in this day of criss-cross directories, etc. It only took a few steps to find out who lived at the phone number I was using. Still, it was a consideration. “You may have heard Mark mention myself and Lucy.”

There was an immediate warming of the voice.

“Oh, yes, Hi, Larry. Mark called last week and said he knew a couple here in town he wanted us to meet. He said you’ve lived here for five years. Is that right?”

I had to chuckle. Mark had paved the way alright. I told her that was right, and then admitted my initial blunder.

“I hope I didn’t cause a problem by calling up from the blue and speaking to your daughter as a stranger.”

“Oh, no,” Sheila responded. “Sharon, that’s my daughter who answered the phone, and her husband George are here visiting us for the week. They’re going back home tomorrow. Nothing is going to surprise that girl. She and George have been swinging partners since high school.”

I hastily revised my estimate of their age. Sheila and Glen had to be in their late thirties at least to have a married daughter. I wondered how compatible we would be with their ages. Regardless, I remembered Mark saying that they were a fun couple, so I decided to brazen it through.

“We’re new to swinging,” I admitted. “Have you and Glen been at it long?”

“Only ten years or so,” Sheila answered with a chuckle. “We got into it right after we were married and really enjoy it.” She switched topics on me for a moment. “You said you knew Mark and Adriana. They mentioned that the four of you had been together two weeks ago. They really enjoyed being with you, so we’re looking forward to having some fun too. Have you got a date in mind? They said they would like to join us when we meet you all.”

“That’s what they told us too.” I confirmed. “How about next weekend? That’s the 7th. I’ll make sure that Mark and Adriana can make it and call you back if that’s okay with you.”

”That’s fine,” Sheila almost purred. “We didn’t have a thing scheduled for then. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.” With that, Sheila hung up. I immediately dialed Mark and Adriana’s number. I assumed Mark was working so I called the house, but Adriana answered her cell phone. Thank goodness for call forwarding.

“Oh, hi, Larry, “she announced. “I’m just recovering from our get together. Wow! Was that fun!”

“For us too,” I told her with a laugh. “Can you talk?”

“A little,” she said, so I assumed she was working too. “I talked with the people Mark mentioned. They’re free this next weekend. Can you all make it then?”

“Yeah, in fact we were going to come over that weekend anyway, just to make sure everything was fine on your end.”

“Great! I’ll be looking forward to it, and I know Lucy will. Since we’re so new at this, what time do you suggest and where?”

“Let’s meet at Pinocchio’s,” she suggested. That will give us a chance to talk before we go back to their place. Is six okay with you guys?”

“Perfect,” I responded. “Wear your glad rags, doll. I want some more of that good stuff,” I told her with a chuckle. ”I’ll call Sheila and Glen and let them know.”

“I’ll be waiting,” she laughed before hanging up.

With a second call to Sheila, I confirmed our plans. She told me they would be looking forward to meeting us. I gave a brief description of ourselves and hung up.

I’ve never seen Lucy take as much time and care with her preparations as she did that night. I could tell she was nervous, but certainly no more so than I. This was totally different from our experience with Charlie, and then with Mark and Adriana. We were meeting total strangers. Lucy changed three times before selecting a brilliant blue surplice neckline dress that set her blonde hair and blue eyes off so spectacularly. One look was all it took to make me hard, instantly. I pulled her into my arms as she finished her makeup and kissed her.

“You look fantastic,” I told her. “If we weren’t going out, I’d do you right here, right now!”

“Down, boy!” she laughed, poking me in the ribs as she finished putting on her four inch high heels that matched her dress perfectly. “You’ll get your chance if Mark and Glen don’t take it all.” She lifted her face and let me kiss her lightly, then, in that little girl voice of hers, she asked me, “Are you sure, honey? This is your last chance to back out. I’m going to fuck a perfect stranger tonight. Can you handle that?”

“Oh, I don’t know if he’s ‘perfect’ or not. You’ll have to let me know later,” I replied with a snort and laugh of my own.

We arrived right at six pm. The restaurant was crowded, but Mark and Adriana had beaten us by a few minutes. I saw them across the room and waved. They were sitting with another couple who I assumed were Sheila and Glen. We walked toward them as Mark stood and beckoned us over. It gave me a couple of minutes to size Glen and Sheila up. It was worth it!

Glen had dark hair, just beginning to grey at the temples. He was at least as tall as Mark (six feet), without a noticeable trace of fat. His deep tan indicated he spent much of his time outdoors. Sheila was gorgeous! She could have been Adriana’s sister except for maybe an additional ten years. The time had been good to her though. She too was a red head, with hair that flowed down to the collar of the dark green dress she wore. I’m no authority on clothes, but just from the way both she and her husband were dressed, I saw money – lots of money. I felt almost shabby in my best suit, but Lucy made up for it. She looked like a million dollars and all their eyes were on her except Adriana who I saw give me a wink.

“Well, here they are,” Mark announced, standing to shake my hand and give Lucy a kiss on the cheek. He murmured something to her that made her blush. Glen took my hand next and shook it firmly. Then he introduced me to Sheila. I fell in lust immediately. With a set of knockers that pushed her jacket past its limits, she took my hand and purred that she was happy to meet me. She was a head shorter than her husband, but equally trim and healthy looking. I was still staring (one of my bad habits) when Adriana gave me a hug. “I hope you can handle us three,” she whispered before sitting back down. I felt my cock hardening and had to sit down rapidly. I was like a kid in a candy store. Three beautiful ladies around me and I expected to fuck all of them before the night was out. Lucy was given a hug by Adriana and Sheila as we got into the booth with them. The seating arrangement put me between Adriana and Sheila, while Lucy was between Mark and Glen.

The meal was good, but too long. I wanted to get on with the nights events. With a couple of glasses of wine, we polished the food off and got set to leave.

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