tagIncest/TabooDecisions: 03

Decisions: 03


When we last saw the Family, they were in the midst of making a decision. The decision they made resulted in Mandy being fucked and knocked up by her Brother Mark.

We also discovered that Sisters Carol and Sarah have been masking love for years. They had heard everything from the bedroom door, and actually considered the idea of being knocked up by the eighteen year old a turn on.

But let's face it, a fantasy is nice, but reality is an entirely different game.

How would the Sisters feel if one or both women were to actually face the possibility of being impregnated by Mark?

In this final chapter of Decisions we will explore that very question.

"I don't mind if Mark sleeps with me," Lucy said. "It's not like he's some strange boy. Mark is my cousin."

"No, Honey, you sleep in your room with Mandy," Sarah replied. "I'm sure Mark can tolerate sharing a bed with his Aunt during your stay."

Mark shrugged his shoulders. "I don't mind."

After everyone had settled in for the night, Sarah lay next to her sleeping Nephew, and waited to make sure he was sound asleep.

Her Sister, Carol had told her to wait for an hour and then slip out to the living room so they could continue their annual tradition of making love.

Normally they made love in the downstairs bedroom. But since that was occupied by the sleeping teenager and his Aunt, they would have to take the risk and make love on the couch.

Satisfied that Mark was sound asleep, Sarah slipped out of the bed and left the bedroom.

Carol was sitting on the couch, waiting for her Sibling. She gave her Sister a warm smile. "I take it Mark is asleep."

Sarah sat down next to her Sister. "He is snoring away."

Carol reached out and drew her younger Sister into her arms.

Sarah glanced at the bedroom door. "You do realize we could get caught out here."

Carol drew her Sister close and kissed her. It was a long and sensual kiss. She eased her tongue between Sarah's lips.

Sarah moaned into her older Sibling's mouth. They kissed and touched one another.

Sarah finally broke away from her Sister. "You know how to drive me crazy," she said a little too loudly.

Carol placed her fingers over her Sister's lips. "You'll wake Mark."

The middle aged Sisters resumed kissing and caressing each other. They began peeling each other's pajamas off. Within moments they were naked and stretched out on the couch, and their night clothes were in a pile near one end of the couch.

Carol began sucking Sarah's left nipple.

Sarah moaned in pleasure. "I love the feel of your lips on my nipples."

Carol gently bit down on her younger Sibling's nipple, causing her to gasp.

Sarah thrust her chest against Carol's mouth, and moaned loudly. "Oh baby that feels so good." Her voice carried across the room.

"You've got to be quiet," Carol quietly reprimanded her Sister. "Mark is fifteen feet away. He's a fairly heavy sleeper, but you could wake him up."

"I'm sorry. I can't help myself. You drive me crazy." Sarah gazed at the bedroom door. "I wish I'd brought my toys with me. You could keep me quiet by stuffing a ball gag in my mouth."

"Why didn't you bring them?" Carol asked.

"I was afraid that opening the top drawer of the night stand would wake Mark."

Carol stroked her sister's cheek. "You do love your bondage toys."

Sarah gave her sister a playful smile. "I can't help it. I love it when you hand cuff and ravage me."

"Perhaps we can play with the toys tomorrow night. You can sneak them out during the day." Carol squeezed Sarah's right ass cheek. "Right now I want to taste that sweet pussy of yours."

Sarah held her breath as her older Sister slid down her body. She spread her legs wide, laying her left leg across the back of the couch. She watched the top of her Sister's head as Carol closed in on her pussy.

Carol eased her shoulders between her Sister's spread thighs, and lovingly gazed at the hairless pussy before her. Gazing up into her Sister's eyes, Carol leaned forward and kissed her clit.

Sarah shuddered in pleasure as Carol's lips came into contact with her clit. "Oh fuck that feels wonderful."

Carol slid her tongue through the folds of her Sister's pussy lips, and flicked the tip of her tongue across her clit.

Sarah jerked against Carol's mouth. She bit her lower lip to keep from crying out.

Carol began flicking her tongue across Sarah's clit. She tormented her sister mercilessly with her tongue. Every so often she would jab her tongue into Sarah's love hole.

Between the possibility of getting caught and her Sister's delightful tongue, Sarah was soon moaning and whining lustfully. Her clit began to throb with anticipation. "Oh fuck Sis, you're driving me crazy."

Carol wanted to admonish her Sister for speaking so loudly, but decided that the only way she'd keep Sarah quiet was to gag her.

Tomorrow Carol would make sure Sarah got the bondage toys out of the bedroom.

Sarah half sat up, and then reached down to tug at her sister's hips. "Please Sis, I want to taste you."

Carol turned so that her pussy was over Sarah's face. Lowering her pussy lips to her sister's mouth, she resumed eating Sarah out.

Sarah thrust her face into Carol's sex and began devouring her Sister's clit.

The two women moaned as they thrust their pussies into one another's mouths.

As they ate each other, the bedroom door slowly opened.

Mark stepped into the living room, and quietly slipped to one end of the couch. He watched his Mother and Aunt lick and suck on each other clits. His dick was as hard as steel. He pulled his cock out of his shorts and began to stroke himself. Mark was careful not to cum. He wanted to save that for what he had planned.

Neither woman noticed the young man standing over them, watching their sexual escapades. Soon they began to cum. Their juices flowed into one another's mouths. They moaned and writhed as their orgasms overtook them.

Both women pushed their faces into one another's sex. They licked mercilessly at one another. Their bodies trembled and shook as they came together.

Mark decided it was time to put his plan into action. He quietly picked up his Mother and Aunt's night clothes, and slipped back into the bedroom, leaving the door open.

Sarah and Carol eventually began to come down from their orgasms. Their bodies shook a little longer, until they finally were able to break free of one another.

Carol turned and lay on top of her sister. She kissed her Sibling, tasting her own juices on Sarah's lips. "Damn, I hate it that we can only get together two weeks out of the year."

Sarah smiled up at her elder Sibling. "You could come see me during the spring. Our kids will be away in college, and it would just be us."

Carol kissed her sister again. "Now that the kids are grown and in college, it would be a good time to see one another more often."

Carol glanced at the floor. At first it didn't register that something was missing. Then it began to dawn on her that their clothes were gone. "What the hell?"

"What is it?" Sarah asked.

"Our clothes are missing."

Carol stood up, and looked around the room. She spotted the open bedroom door. "Fuck!"

Sarah stood up and followed her Sister's gaze. She saw the open door and sighed. "Mark was in here, wasn't he?"

"Yes, and he took our clothes." Carol took a deep breath and strode towards the bedroom.

Sarah followed her older Sister into the bedroom.

Mark was sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing nothing but a devious expression.

"Alright Mark," Carol demanded. "Where are our clothes?"

The male twin stood and fearlessly approached his Mother. His large semi-erect cock was swinging in front of him as he approached her. His eyes raked over her nude body. "I have them here. You can have them back in exchange..."

Carol glared at her Son. "We can have our clothes back in exchange for what, Mark?" She asked.

Mark turned his gaze to the nearby nightstand.

Carol saw both sets of her sister's handcuffs, and two ball gags lying on the nightstand. She also noticed the box of condoms that were most likely left over from when Sarah's Husband was still with her. Carol looked back at her Son.

He gave her a confident smile.

"Mark, I can't let you have sex me. I'm your Mother."

Mark's eyes went to his sexy Aunt. "And Sarah is your Sister. Yet you don't have a problem fucking her. How do you think Dad would feel if he knew you were down here eating Aunt Sarah's pussy?"

Carol knew she was busted.

Mark held all the cards and there was nothing she could do.

"What if I refuse?" Carol asked, trying to run a bluff.

Mark just stood there, staring his Mother down."

Realizing she had no choice, Carol gave in. "Fine, if fucking me will keep you quiet, and get my clothes returned then we might as well get this over with." Carol was just glad that her Son had found the condoms. The last thing she wanted was to have her eighteen year old Son filling her still fertile womb with his sperm.

Mark slowly shook his head. "Mom, I don't want to fuck you." His gaze returned to his nude Aunt. "I want to fuck both of you."

Sarah started to laugh.

Carol turned to her sister. "What the hell is so funny?"

"I'm not laughing at the humor of our circumstances. I'm laughing because we've wondered for years what could happen if we ever got caught. I never thought this would be the result." Sarah's gaze fell on her Nephew's impressive cock. "What the hell. If Mark wants to fuck both of us, I say why not. I've never had a threesome before. Besides, I've never had a cock that big in me before."

Carol had to admit to herself that she hadn't either. She looked back at the sex toys. "I suppose the cuffs and gags are for us."

Mark turned and picked up the gags. Stepping behind his Mother he slipped one gag over her head, and placed the ball against her lips.

Carol reluctantly opened her mouth, allowing her Son to force the ball between her teeth.

Mark expertly tied the gag off, and then stepped behind his Aunt Sarah.

She readily accepted the second gag into her mouth. A low moan escaped through the ball as Mark forced the gag between her teeth, before tying the gag tightly around her head.

Mark then closed and locked the bedroom door. Taking his Mother by the hand he led her to the bed, and laid her in the center of the bed. He then took the metal cuffs and locked them around her wrists.

Carol assumed he was going to fuck her first. She felt like kicking herself for being so careless. Her only solace was she wouldn't have to watch her Sister go first.

Mark however, had other plans. Turning to Sarah, he motioned for her to climb onto the bed.

Excited by the prospect of being hand cuffed and fucked by her sexy young Nephew, Sarah quickly joined her Sister and Nephew.

Mark took hold of her hips, and guided Sarah over her Sister's body. "Lie face down with your legs between Mom's thighs."

Sarah soon found her body positioned so she was lying on top of her nude Sister with her engorged clit pressed against Carol's clit.

Mark took Carol's right arm and moved it so her hand was sticking between two of the rails of the big bed's headboard. He took hold of Sarah's left arm and moved her hand through the next set of rails. Slipping the cuff over his beautiful Aunt's wrist, Mark locked the two women's wrists in place.

Realizing what he wanted, both women slipped their other hands through the head board rails.

Mark reached over and cuffed his Mother and Aunt's wrists together.

Carol and Sarah had cuffed each other to the bed numerous times over the years. But this was the first time they had ever been cuffed together. Both women found their new situation strangely stimulating.

Sarah began to involuntarily rub her clitoris against her older Sister's clit.

Even though Carol was still uncomfortable with her new circumstances, the familiar metal of the cuffs, and Sarah's clit rubbing against her own was beginning to have an effect on her. She involuntarily spread her legs wider, and bent her knees to give Sarah a better angle at her button.

As Mark watched his Aunt rub her clit against his Mom's clit, his erection began to grow even stiffer.

Carol spotted her son's growing erection. The sight of his cock made her gasp into the ball gag. She had no idea if that monster would even fit inside her.

As Mark watched the bound women grind their pussies together, a sinister thought passed through his young mind. He knew his idea was risky, but being eighteen he decided what the hell.

Mark moved his aunt's legs apart and knelt between her creamy white thighs. Grasping her buttocks, he firmly squeezed them.

Sarah moaned in pleasure into her gag.

At that moment Carol realized that Mark hadn't put on a condom.

He hadn't even opened the box.

Her gaze fell on the unopened box laying on the night stand. 'Is Mark going to fuck us bareback?' Carol thought. The lovely Mother was still fertile and able to be impregnated. On top of that, she was dangerously close to entering her ovulation cycle.

If Mark came inside her, and she began to ovulate in the next day or two, she could very easily end up pregnant.

Turning her gaze from the condoms to Mark, Carol gave her son a pleading look.

Knowing what was on his Mother's mind, Mark just smiled at her. "Yes Mom, one of you is going to get a pussy full of cum. The question is which one of you will receive my sperm?"

Sarah stopped rubbing her clit against her sister's button. She did a quick calculation and deduced that she in the middle of her most fertile time. Her eyes grew wide with fear.

If Mark came in her unprotected womb, she could get pregnant.

And from the expression on Carol's face, Sarah suspected that the same was true for her.

"We're going to play a little game of Russian roulette. I'm going to fuck each of you for a few minutes at a time. I will keep taking turns fucking your pussies until I cum. One of you will be relatively safe. Although I have heard that a woman can become pregnant from sperm that is in pre-cum. One of you however, will be filled with millions of sperm all desperate to find an egg in your womb to fertilize."

Mark leaned forward a little and placed the head of his cock against the entrance to Sarah's exposed pussy. He began to rub his cock head through her labia.

Sarah moaned into the gag.

Mark intended to start with her.

Carol shook her head, continuing to give her son a pleading look. She tried to tell her Son "No," but the gag muffled her plea. The lovely Mother doubted that Mark would listen even if she could speak. She also suspected that he wouldn't be satisfied with fucking his Mother and Aunt once. She was pretty sure that her virile Son would want to fuck them several times every night until they returned home.

He would most likely fuck them mercilessly, depositing his rich sperm in each of their wombs, night after night over the next two weeks.

Carol and Sarah could both end up impregnated by the young stud that hovered over them.

Mark would not be satisfied until he knocked them both up.

Carol also knew there was nothing Sarah or she could do about it. Her Son had caught Sarah and her doing something that would destroy her Marriage and both their reputations if word ever got out.

They were helpless to do anything except let Mark have his way with them whenever he wanted. Sarah and Carol had become Mark's sex toys and breeding stock whether they wanted to be or not.

Mark slid his cock head down Sarah's pussy to his Mother.

Sarah felt both relieved and sexually frustrated as her Nephew moved his cock from her sex to her Sister's. She didn't want to become pregnant. Yet there was the thrill of playing the dangerous game of Russian roulette with their reproductive systems.

There was no guarantee that either Carol or Sarah would become pregnant, but still the dangerous game did add spice to their sex lives.

Mark sneered at his helpless Mother. He pressed the head of his cock against the entrance to her vagina. His cock head slipped inside her. "Are you ready to be fucked by your Son?"

Carol bit down on the ball gag as the entrance to her fertile sex opened up to her Son's invading member. She closed her eyes and waited for him to push his cock deeper into her. Her pussy hadn't been stretched this wide in eighteen years. Her fear that she couldn't handle his big cock resurfaced.

Mark pressed his cock in until the head of his cock was completely inside Carol. He then withdrew and shoved forward again. His man meat sank deeper into his Mother's depth.

Carol's eyes flew open as she felt her son's cock forcibly stretching her open. The last time her pussy had been opened this much, the young man who was fucking her was coming out of her womb to meet the world for the very first time.

Mark's third thrust opened Carol's vaginal walls up even more. He was into virgin territory this time. His Dad's cock had never gone this deep into his Mom's pussy.

Carol moaned, and gasped into the ball gag as her vaginal walls were forced open even more. She involuntarily thrust her pelvis upward, grinding her clit into Sarah's clit.

Sarah squealed in surprise, and thrust her clit back against Carols' pelvis.

Mark thrust into his Mother again and again until his pelvis bumped against his Aunt's pretty bottom.

Because of their awkward positions, and Sarah lying between Mark and his Mother, he could only get two thirds of his cock into Carol's body. He wasn't worried about getting all of his cock serviced though.

With Aunt Sarah's buttocks sticking up in the air, he would have no problem sinking into her pussy to the hilt.

Of course, there was the possibility that Sarah's vagina was too shallow to take all of his cock.

Mark knew from experience that a lot of women couldn't take all of a long, thick cock. He could tell that if it wasn't for Sarah lying between them he could probably sink balls deep into his Mother. He would have to switch them around before fucking them again. Yes, Mark fully intended to do this again, and again, and again. He would fuck his Mother and Aunt several times a night, every night during their little get together. He wouldn't stop there either. He would fuck his Mother and Aunt every chance he got.

They wouldn't be able to resist wanting his cock. Once they were filled by his man meat both women would want more.

And if everything turned out right, both women would be carrying his babies in their wombs.

Mom of course could tell Dad that they were going to have another child.

Aunt Sarah on the other hand would have a hard time explaining how she got pregnant.

Rumors would fly. The Family would suspect that Mark was the Father, but nothing would be said out loud.

Mark however didn't care. He had his Mother and Aunt right where he wanted them. He could fuck them whenever he got the chance and they were helpless to stop him. Visions of his Mother and Aunt walking around with swollen bellies flashed through his mind.

Carol moaned with pleasure as her Son pounded her pussy over and over. She knew she shouldn't be enjoying this, but between her Sons monster cock stretching her, and the feel of her Sister's clit rubbing hers, her body was going wild with lust.

Sarah found herself waiting in anticipation of her turn. She had no doubt that Mark would soon withdraw from his Mother, and then thrust his cock into her. The feelings she had were so wrong, but she couldn't help herself. Between the cuffs, the ball gag, and her Sister's clit rubbing against hers, Sarah's sexual urges were out of control. She wanted that big cock stuffed in her fertile pussy. She wanted Mark to fuck her hard, forcing her clit to grind into her Sister's clit. Although Sarah knew it was crazy, she wanted Mark's rich, thick, baby making sperm deep in her fertile body.

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