Decisions, Decisions


Her hands were suddenly at his waist and tugging his swim trunks down.

"Whoa there. What you up to, girl?" He asked, steadying his hands on the wheel as she aggressively tugged them down and then snatched his bare cock into her hand. Her palm smoothed over the underside of his shaft, fingers coming closed around it when she came down to the base

"I told you. Making it up to you~" Kelly answered, pecking him on the cheek.

Her hand pumped away, getting it nice and rigid. She didn't stop until she felt it strain and tense, standing straight up. Once her hand left, she lowered, leaning into his lap. Alex felt tongue, pink squishy tongue swirling around the equally pink crown of his manhood. He bit his lip and squeezed the steer wheel tighter.

Her lips clung around tip. They inched down, hiding more and more of his stiff prick between her cheeks. Kelly's head bobbed as she began to suckle and slurp up and down his cock. Slick trails of saliva were left with each eager gulp.

"Kelly... I.." He was going to protest, fearing that her talent was making it difficult for him to drive. Luckily their exit was coming up. The truck began its rumbling shift to the right. Meanwhile, the eighteen-year-old girl was tilting her head and lapping across the the length of his shaft. This gave him some time to pull off into the nearest parking lot. Alex gave a long, pleased groan as his truck came to a stop and he turned the keys.

"You can cum in my mouth. Just let go when you feel like it." She let him know, lips plopping off from the tip as she stroked it fast. Alex nodded and grunted, feeling the pressure build. Those perfect pink lips enveloped his member again, returning to her lavish suckling bobs up and down. The sensations mesmerized him, preventing him from holding back. That equated to Kelly receiving a mouthful and half of his creamy white spunk.

His vision blurred for a good minute or two from the sheer intensity of his climax. When he could finally see straight, he looked down at his lap. There he would find Kelly dutifully tongue-bathing his cock clean of any lewd remainder.

"I gotta punch guys more often." He mused aloud, affectionately combing through her hair.


Monica was radiant as she sat wrapped up in her towel.

"Alex... that was..." She began to say, lit up with glee. "Really just the best time I've had in a while. Made me feel like a teen again."

Alex nodded, looking over to her and returned the smile.

"Glad I to hear, Monica. I had a blast too. We'll have to make good use of those free summer passes."

There was something mischievous in her eyes as she looked over him.

"And you aren't embarrassed to bring some old hag along with you?" She asked with a pout.

Alex rose a brow and laughed. "Monica, have you looked in a mirror recently? You were the hottest girl there. I'm fine with bringing you as arm-candy. Hell, I've been attracted to you since I first started going out with Helena."

"Really?" She asked, seemingly stunned.

"Oh yea. Only got better looking over the years too."

Monica was blushing once again, although there was no reserved bashfulness at this point.

"You're such a sweetheart, Alex." She purred, smiling towards him hungrily. An idea popped into her head as she giggled and began to fish through her bag. From it she exhumed a dark amber bottle from inside it, pouring the slippery contents from it into her palm. Her other hand snagged his swim trunks and abruptly pulled them down to his knees.

"Whoa there." Alex said, surprised, but pleasantly so.

His member was quickly brought to a glistening polish as she stroked him in thorough pumping jerks.

"Just thought you deserved a treat."

"I've been a good boy?"

"A very good boy." Her honeyed voice half-whispering against his ear as she scoot closer to him while having him an extremely slick handjob. She would milk him, squeezing as it got closer to the tip and then twisting a little around the base. The motion became fluid and rapid, her lips nipping at him as he held onto the steer wheel with a death grip. The experienced and nurturing touch Monica had was quickly bringing him to the edge.

"Don't hold back, sweety. There's plenty more where this came from." She nuzzled into his neck and gave the head a coaxing rub down with her palm. Monica returned to pumping him. With her a deep grunting groan, Alex let go and soon there was an eruption of gooey cum covering his lap, her hand and the bottom half of the steering wheel.

There was also a small bit that had nailed him on the chin. Monica was nice enough after giggling to lick it off for him.


Kelly had disappeared, leaving him on her bed butt-naked. Alex looked around, releasing oddly that after years of knowing Helena, he had never once seen the inside of her little sister's room. There wasn't any big surprises. She had an alarming amount of panties laying around but that was it. As he waited for her to come back, he tried to count all the ones scattered about. Around thirty-seven, he saw the door open. His attention was immediately brought to Kelly who was in nothing but her bikini top. Her hands reached behind her and undid the the back of it. As she sauntered to him, she had a playful glint in her eyes.

"So...?" He asked, curious why she had asked him to hold on a minute when he had just been in the middle of plunging her pussy.

"I want to try something with you." She said, still not really explaining what was going on. When she straddled him, the way her rump was humping back against his cock gave him a good idea as to what she was getting at. The big clue was the fact that her pucker and the inside of her cheeks had been lubed up preemptively, alluding to what she had just been up to.

"All yours." Alex said, leaning up on his elbows and flexing his cock. The shaft nudged into her a bit, the tip kissing at her slippery rosebud.

"Alright." She was wide-eyed, wiggling around and getting into position. With a slow dip down, her hips guided her ass onto his meaty rod. He was nice enough to grab it and lead it, prodding into her tight ass. The tip pushed in without too much trouble. The rest of his shaft was a whole process. He let her to take at her own speed, simply just holding it up by the base as she lowered herself down. Kelly showed some moxy as she sank down in determined jaunts. When she had it hilted, she groaned, eyes half-slitted. She spent a long moment squirming and adjusting to the girth. The naughty-raunchy feeling of being filled so lewdly drove her to a panting, glossy-eyed state. It didn't take long before she was bouncing up and down his turgid length. Alex reached up, steadying her hips and bringing his own to meet in stride. "Ohhhfuck why does that feel so good?" She exclaimed, both hands on his chest as she gyrated and rode him into a frenzy. Alex searched for an answered and would eventually find one after short bouts of moaning and huffing.

"Mmm dirty nasty sex is always the best." He managed to get out between groaning heaves of his hips, pounding her booty as he took over the pace. Alex rocked his hips rapidly, making her bounce around erratically.

Kelly agreed, whining out and reaching up to tug at her own bubblegum pink nipples. One stayed to cater to the hardened bead, while her other crawled down her tummy, past her navel. The barely legal teen frantically started to frig her pussy, making fast anxious circles over her clitty with a pair of digits.

Alex figured he could give her hand, sitting up and stuffing a pair of his fingers into her pussy. He kept an arm hooked around her waist, keeping her locked onto his cock and forcing their strides to short staccato thrusts. Her moans climbed into screams. Her hips started to shudder. Her pussy started to gush, squirting over his lap and drenching his hand. Near simultaneously, Alex squirmed around uncontrollably. It was a clear sign of the inevitable. Soon her rectum was being flooded with his cum, white washing the inside of her ass.

The two slumped against each other, sweaty, satisfied.


"Alex!" Monica exclaimed, slapping at his shoulder as he pulled her out of his truck and started to carry her into the house. "The neighbors." She giggled, giving a nervous look around before being swept into the house.

Once in the two floor abode, Alex put her down and then smacked her ass.

"Ow! You better better play nice mister. That's no way to behave after being pampered like you did back in the car."

"Oh. You're absolutely right. Where are my manners." He began to drop down onto his knees. On his way down, he hooked his thumbs into her bikini bottoms and dragged the rose red garment down with him. "Bend over."

Monica did just that, gripping the banister of the stairs as she pushed her back end out and spread. This gave Alex a lovely view of her puffy eager-looking pussy lips, framed by well-trimmed wisps of soft gold. Her bottom was luscious, kept delightfully firm all these years. Between the two plump cheeks, he could make out the winking iris of her ass as well. His attention was drawn back down to her pussy, his tongue making an etch over the splayed lips. Alex rubbed over her hips and thighs, tracing her pussy lips with the tip of his tongue now. It was all a prelude for his the same pink oral muscle to jab between and begin lashing across her slit. The angle and positioning was lovely, leaving him to slurp from the clit up to her drooling canal.

"Ooh~ Alex don't stop~" She murmured dreamily, gently writhing back against his mouth. He obeyed, continuing a steady assault on little perky love button. Her clitty was being licked constantly, only stopping once and a while to suckle at it. She didn't seem to mind, moaning and shaking a little each time.

"Fuck baby... I'm getting so close." She pleaded, spreading out further. Alex jammed his tongue into her and swirled it around, finding him moaning at the taste alone. Her scent had left him hypnotized a long time before that though. He was sated to just kneel here for the rest of his life and service her cunny orally by this point.

"No no..." She shrugged away, stumbling over to the stairs. Monica pulled her legs back against her chest and eyed him. "Fuck me... please fuck me..." She begged, out of her mind with lust.

Alex didn't even bother opening his mouth to answer. He turned and loomed over her. She was mounted, her new boytoy scooping his hips down after discarding his trunks. The simple motion was enough to stamp his cockhead against her mound. With some squirming and shifting on both of their parts, Monica was stuffed to the hilt with his dick. He took no time in building up steam. As soon as he entered he slammed away, jackhammering her against stairs.

"Ohfuckyessss" She hissed, mouthing over his chin and cheeks between long, passionate kisses. Even as their lips were locked, she would still moan and pant into the embrace.

"Getting close, Monica." He mumbled, trying to keep up the pace even as he felt that familiar tingle in his loins.

"Just go for it. Alex. Mmm do it baby." She huskily told him, her hands releasing her legs, letting them droop around his sides. She bent them, hooking her ankles into his ass cheeks to bring him deep into her. "OOHHHhhh CUM FOR MOMMY." She howled, nails clawing over his chest as her hips spasmed and stuttered in their bucking back up against his.

Alex couldn't take it any longer.

The brown haired boy leaned in and snatched one of her juicy nipples between his lips. He suckled hard, tongue batting across the hardened tip as he furiously rammed away. His mind was numbing at the pleasure flooding his senses. She was cooing, stroking through his hair as her orgasm was now redoubled, splintering into a salvo of micro-apexes. With Monica climaxing over and over, his cock was getting squeezed and milked on for all it was worth. Her tempting twat was demanding he make a deposit.

Her only warning would be the rumbling moan muffled by her tit that he let out, ass tensing visibly as his balls emptied into her. The churning splatter of his seed inside her went on and on, sending her over the edge once more for the countless time in this session.

The two ended up tangled in each other, petting and kissing one another in their shared afterglow. "Very... very good boy..." She cooed happily, stroking his cheek.

Alex could only smile and kiss her, although his cock did begin to stiffen once more at the words.


Alex emerged from bedroom door, shutting it very carefully behind him.

He had left her with a promise to be back tomorrow and sealed it with a long lavish kiss. Now he began his march towards the front door.

Before he could turn the knob, it swung open to reveal Helena barreling through in a teary fit.

She stood stunned, looking at him confused as she wiped at her eyes. "What the hell are you doing here?," She asked between sniffling whines.

"It's a long story." He answered ambiguously. "Whats got you so worked up?"

"Aaron... I'm sorry for ditching you. He was a jerk... " She said with a pathetic pout.

"No. Worked out fine for me." He said with a shrug, walking past her towards the door.

"You're not going to leave me like this are you?" She pleaded in a shrill whimper.

Helena knew how to work him. The princess-in-peril tone of her voice had him turning towards her and giving it a second thought. Alex let out a long, contemplative sigh.

Would he stay?

Or would he go?

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