Decorating the Newlywed


"Now we're even." The beautiful wife said as she watched her husband's friend stare at her in shocked disbelief. "Quits?"

Connor's hand grabbed his brush quickly and once again flicked water and paint at her, though this time Shelley was able to shield herself somewhat beneath her arm as he replied.

"Oh, not now Mrs Winters, you shouldn't start what you aren't willing to finish." He announced and with a laugh as she flicked her brush at him again and ran to grab the paint pot for more 'ammo', Shelley replied.

"It wasn't me that started it, you did." She said as she ducked behind the table and from Connor's next throw before launching her own retaliation. "Just call it quits, I have the whole pot."

"Yeah? Well I've got the water..." He responded, emphasising his point with a cold splash that sent water down the back of her shirt, just missing coating her ponytail as she tried to duck out of the way.

Shelley exclaimed as the cold water suddenly soaked her back, and then thickly loaded her brush and stood up.

"Right Mr McAlister, you just wait!" She threatened mock-angrily as she paced after him around the table.

"Now don't be hasty." Connor said, holding the water in one hand and raising his other to fend her off. "Let's be reasonable about this."

"You should have thought about that before you started this..." She said warningly, a smile on her beautiful face as she came to his side of the table. "It's just like you said, don't start something you aren't willing to finish."

Connor held his hand up, eyeing the fully-loaded brush in her raised hand.

"You're right..." He said suddenly and with a quick movement tossed some more water at her before trying to dodge out of the way.

"You bastard!..." Shelley exclaimed playfully, the front of her shirt getting covered in thick blobs of essentially watered-down paint.

With that the stunning newlywed brunette hefted the paint brush as hard as she could and lashed out, huge strands of thick white paint flinging across the room to splatter the wall opposite, the floor, the rags in the corner and Connor in the middle.

The splattering of her husband's friend with large gobs of paint was short-lived however, as Connor quickly moved, rushing towards her with the bowl of thick-water/paint in his hands.

"No, no, no!" She repeated, backing away from him as he moved ever-closer, and then as he prepared to throw, Shelley flicked the brush at him again.

Connor, caught unguarded this time, almost lost his hold on the water pot and instead of flinging the water at her grabbed her wrist so that she could no longer fling paint at him from the brush. Shelley quickly tried to toss paint at him from the pot as she laughed, however Connor, as equally amused, tipped the water pot first sending a thick white gush towards her which Shelley barely moved back from, though some did splatter the front of her shirt.

In the moment she was off guard, Connor swiftly placed the bowl behind him on the decorating table so that he could quickly grab a hold of the paint pot with her, stopping Shelley from covering him in a pot-full of white paint.

Both of them tried to pull the pot their way, as Shelley tried to free her hand with the brush in it, however neither could budge the other. That was until Shelley tried to stand on Connor's foot to make him loose one or the other, however her husband's friend moved first and she lost her grip on the paint pot.

Connor must have had enough of being covered in paint, quite-speckled as he was, as instead of using it to threaten her he hurriedly added that to the table behind him...or maybe it was the fact that his momentary inattention had given Shelley an instant to once again flick her wrist and spray a thin strand of white paint across his hair. Either way Connor wasted little time in trying to pull the brush from her fingers as they both danced around in a circle laughing, paint falling or spraying on them, the wall, and the floor as they struggled with each other.

"Give in, you've lost." Connor growled in concentration as he tried to reach the brush with his free hand only to have Shelley prevent him with her free hand.

"Never!" She growled in response triumphantly as she managed to wipe the edge of the brush on his forehead.

That seemed to do it then as Connor suddenly shifted tactics and pulled his hand from hers, and instead of reaching for the brush again, his fingers swiftly moved to begin tickling her ribs through her painting shirt.

Caught off-guard, Shelley stumbled and began laughing hysterically and trying to fend off Connor's fingers from tickling her.

"Stop! Stop!" She giggled as she gripped the paintbrush, trying vainly to push his fingers away while attacking him with the wet brush.

"Getting some of your own medicine now, huh?" Her husband's friend taunted as he managed to brush the paintbrush against her cheek, causing Shelley to playfully-gasp as she giggled on. "Just give me the brush and it's all over."

"No! No!" The beautiful brunette wife giggled hysterically as she gripped tighter, the brush now held halfway between his and her face as she continued to try to fend his tickling-assault off. "Never!"

And so the pair danced in a stalemate for a few seconds more before Shelley managed to return the tickling-favour with a ticklish-jab in the ribs for Connor. This however, only caused him to redouble his efforts and once again the room was filled with Shelley giggling hysterically.

Over and over the two play-fought to try and control the paintbrush while trying to distract each other with tickling, spinning this way and that until suddenly Connor moved and Shelley suddenly felt herself slam against the unpainted wall opposite the one she had painted first.

Trapped and unable to move, Shelley kept her grip on the brush's handle while trying to flick paint at Connor, vainly trying to fend off his other hand as his fingers danced along her ribs making her laugh loudly.

And then, in her desperate state, Shelley began to bite out at Connor's cheek as she laughed, trying vainly to surprise him so that he would leave an opening for her to escape. As she did, he pinned her wrist to the wall, despite the fact that the move allowed her to flick paint on him, and his other hand kept tickling her as they both laughed.

Once, twice, three times, she missed and then the fourth time her teeth nipped his scalp, though not roughly, a fifth time he moved his head in time, but the sixth she nipped his cheek. However it wasn't enough and Connor redoubled his efforts again and Shelley laughed hysterically, writhing in his grip, both of them caught up in the moment, the hot newlywed wife laughing and struggling in the play-fight, biting out, missing, missing, nipping his cheek, missing, nipping his chin...

...and then suddenly in the struggle, as Shelley bit out and Connor tried to move, their lips met accidentally...

Caught up in the moment, lost in the adrenaline of the play-fight, their lips mashed together and without thinking both Shelley and Connor kissed forcefully, once, twice, three times before Shelley instinctively parted her lips, her eyes closed as her tongue darted into Connor's mouth, pressing her lips firmly to his.

Caught up in the moment, Connor's tongue danced back with his friend's wife's as his hand abruptly froze on her slender waist, Shelley's hand resting on his and holding him firmly in place as his other hand flexed on the wrist he held against the wall, the paintbrush forgotten as they both began to kiss passionately, breathing heavily as their tongues danced and their lips smacked loudly, filling the room with the hot sound.

"Ohhm!" Shelley breathed loudly as she pressed her lips instinctively against Connor's and arched her back as all of the repressed horniness from both earlier in the day and when Hayden had left flooded rapidly through her body.

The stunning brunette tried vainly to push off the wall, to wrap her arms around Connor's neck, however his strong hands held her firmly in place, stirring and increasing the raging lust rampaging like a torrent through her hot, 27-year-old newlywed body.

Neither could think clearly, both were lost in the moment and the instincts of mating overrode them instantly. Shelley's young, hot body yearned for that strong touch, and Connor, though he had never looked at Shelley as anything but his friend's girl, knew instinctively that this woman was voluptuous and gorgeous.

Shelley's hand rapidly left Connor's on her waist and reached up to grab his neck, pulling his face to hers as she continued to writhe hornily against the wall, arching her back and breathing heavily into his mouth.

For his part, Connor moved closer towards her, his jeans bulging as he moved close enough that every time Shelley arched her back her luscious 32E tits pressed into his toned chest, sending hot horny electricity through both of them.

The two continued their lust-fuelled kiss a moment longer, with Shelley's hand raking hornily through Connor's hair until he reached up to take her hand, their fingers entwining as he placed her other hand firmly against the wall above her head.

Arching her back as the whole restraint sent a blaze of horny lust searing through her body, Shelley moaned breathily into Connor's mouth as her tongue danced fervently with his.

For a moment he simply held her there, and then slowly his fingers un-entwined, and oh so slowly began to gently slide down her wrist, down her bare forearm, onto her arm and shoulder, cupping her face to his as Shelley kept her hand above her, ever-increasingly writhing as her pussy began to blaze hungrily, before slowly sliding down, over Hayden's paint covered shirt to cup one of Mrs Shelley Winter's large, heavy, 32E breasts.

"Ohhmmm!" Shelley moaned breathily between kisses as her husband's friend's hand gently began to squeeze her large breast through her top, his fingers sinking into the large, soft but firm, flesh as he squeezed and pressed his palm and fingers into it firmly.

"Fuck!" Connor breathed at the feel of his friend's new wife's tits moulding around his hand and fingers as he squeezed firmer.

"Mmmmph!" Shelly moaned deeper though still breathily as her eyes fluttered from the feel of this man's strong hands on her large breast. Fuck but this is just what she needed!

And then horniness over took Connor and he roughly pressed his hand hard against Shelley's heavy breast, squeezing firmly before groping roughly, much to the brunette wife's delight as she reached round to claw at his neck, passion beginning to take over them both.

Pulling at her shirt neck as she pulled his mouth to hers, her nails digging into his neck as she arched her back in pleasure, Connor pulled hard and Shelley felt as three of the buttons instantly popped free of Hayden's blue shirt.

Instantly Connor's hand found its way into the now half unbuttoned shirt, grabbing and roughly groping her big, firm breast through her gypsy top , his fingers squeezing so hard and his palm pressing and moving so firm that Shelley wondered if Connor was trying to actually push her tits out of the neckline of her gypsy top.

Whatever he was doing, to the sexy brunette newlywed it felt incredible, and so Shelley moaned breathily into his mouth, clawing at his neck and arching her back so that she pressed her big tits into his incessantly-searching hand.

The paintbrush, long discarded, now fell out of Shelley's hand as pleasure surged through her...her body buzzing from instinctual horny need. All thoughts of the paint fight, play fighting and who they were, were lost on the horny pair...right then they were just a horny guy and a horny woman, and they needed that tension released.

As the paintbrush clattered to the floor, spreading more paint on the uncarpeted room, Connor relaxed his grip and Shelley's hand went to his chest, running down his toned body as he once more gave her large breast a firm squeeze before grabbing her face with one hand and her slim waist with the other.

Kissing hot and fierce, the pair, oblivious and right then uncaring where Hayden was, ran their hands on each other, up and down, and Shelley clawed at Connor while he pulled her lips to his, their mouths pressed firmly, their lips continuously smacking lewdly and loudly and their tongues dancing rapidly as both felt like they would burn up with horniness any instant.

For a few more, passion-filled, minutes, the pair remained lip-locked, until Connor broke the kiss and began passionately kissing down Shelley's slender neck.

Rolling her eyes in pleasure as she draped her arms around his neck, Shelley breathed heavily, her impressive rack rising and falling and stretching the material confining it, before she opened her eyes, looking around wildly as she ran her hand through Connor's hair, his lips sending shivers through her whole body.

Suddenly lust-consumed her, and the hot wife couldn't take anymore. Grabbing his face, Shelley pulled his mouth from her neck and mashed her lips once more to his, kissing so hotly, their tongues dancing so fiercely, that often their lips didn't meet as their tongues danced and Shelley, with one hand gripping Connor's face and pulling him to her, let her other hand slide down his strong chest reaching to his jeans and attempting to unbutton them, however when one hand didn't work, her other swiftly joined it, pulling and yanking at the button as Connor kissed her hard, holding her waist.

Finally the tough material opened and moaning breathily as she opened her eyes to stare into his as their lips kissed once, twice, three times without their tongues, Shelley ran her hand up a little way under Connor's shirt and vest, letting the feel of his toned stomach send a shockwave to her already blazing pussy, before her hand slid down into his unbuttoned jeans, under his boxers.

The moment the fingers of her right hand deftly wrapped around his hard length, Shelley's heart skipped a beat and she breathed deeply, breaking the kiss and staring deep into Connor's eyes with her own blazing with heat that should have scoured him away.

Fuck! He was...restrained as he was Shelley couldn't tell, but he felt enormous!

Her heart raced, her eyes wide, her impressive chest heaving as she stared into her new husband's friend's eyes, her hand full of ragingly hard and apparently enormous cock-meat...Shelley's mind continued to reel, still enflamed with lust and passion.

She had to see it. She had to see big was he!?

Staring deep into Connor's eyes, Shelley quickly kissed his lips before leaning back against the wall and biting her bottom lip, her eyes sparkling with lust. She always loved spontaneous impulsiveness and such always turned her on...just like when Hayden was like that, the same worked when she was, and now apparently when both she and Connor were...though right then all Mrs Shelley Winters could think of was the hot guy in front of her, the incredible horniness pounding through her veins and the fucking huge dick that was pulsing in her hand.

Leaning back against the unpainted wall, the large French doors open, staring deep into Connor's, her husband's friend's, eyes, Shelley smiled teasingly as her eyes sparkled and she oh so slowly began sinking to her knees in front of him.

Hayden Winters pulled into the parking space he had managed to find in front of the hardware store and turned off the engine just as a song he really didn't care for began its first notes on the radio. Thankful for his lucky escape, Hayden stepped out of the car and headed inside.

Unbeknownst to the perusing husband of three weeks, back at the house he and his new wife were going to call their home, Shelley and Connor had begun throwing paint at each other, dodging around the room as Connor spilled the tin into the water and Shelley took advantage as she could.

As Hayden found the aisle with the paint in it and began walking up, Connor rushed towards Shelley with the bowl of paint-water and the gorgeous brunette backed away around the table. As Hayden looked through the various pots, finally finding the colour he was after before heading to the checkout, Connor's fingers found his wife's ribs, tickling her as they struggled for the loaded paint brush in her hand, until as Hayden handed over the money and began to make his way out, Shelley backed hard against the wall, squirming and struggling in Connor's strong grip.

Hayden left the store, though it took him a couple of minutes before he could drag himself away from the man handing flyers out who must have turned up after he had gone inside, he didn't remember him being there when he went in, and placed the paint in the backseat.

While the newlywed husband climbed in the front and turned the ignition, Connor and Shelley struggled, the young wife biting out until their lips met, and as Hayden backed out of the space, ready to head for his family's house for the next leg of his journey, his beautiful wife of three weeks was pinned against the unpainted wall, her lips pressed firmly against his friend's as their tongues danced and their hands roamed; Connor's reaching to grab and squeeze her large, firm tits like only Hayden should have, and Shelley's roaming his body as she moaned breathily into his mouth from the feel of his strong hands and hot kiss.

As Hayden once more pulled out onto the road and began his journey to his parents, he was oblivious to what his new wife and friend were up to back at their house, ignorant of the fact that Shelley's right hand slowly descended into Connor's jeans to wrap her fingers around his huge, hard cock as lust consumed her.

As the radio came back on, much to the new husband's delight, and as Hayden began singing along to Simple Minds' 'Don't You Forget About Me', Shelley's eyes glazed and burned as she slowly knelt before his friend.

As Shelley slowly began lowering herself to her knees, sliding down against the wall, Connor watched her intently, his face as instinctually burning with lust as hers, neither had yet understood what they were really doing as lust simply drove them on impulse. However, before her jean-clad knees touched the ground, her painting shirt half undone and now missing most of the buttons, her husband's friend's hand rested oh so softly on her shoulder and gently began to help push her to her knees.

Finally, Shelley felt the floor beneath her as she knelt in front of Connor, staring up at him as she breathed heavily, forcing her big 32E tits tightly against her white gypsy top as her heart raced in her chest.

Releasing that thick cock and pulling her hand from inside his jeans, Shelley looked up at her husband's friend with a horny, heavy look and a small smile of anticipation formed on her beautiful, soft lips, before she lowered her eyes down his toned body until they stared straight ahead. Her face now level with where that huge monster awaited hidden, Shelley breathed even heavier as she reached up with both of her hands and began to finish the job she had started on Connor's jean buttons.

Most of the zip had already been undone and so soon the beautiful newlywed wife was opening the tops of his jeans oh so slowly, her head dizzying from the blood and fire pumping through her veins at how hot and horny she felt right then...oh he had felt so big!...before Shelley reached around to take a hold of both the waist of the jeans and boxers beneath at Connor's hips.

With one more look up into Connor's now intensely focused...oh he wanted her so much then, and that set a further flame blazing inside her...and ragingly hungry face, Shelley yanked his jeans and boxers down as she lowered her face to finally get a good look at the monster she had held a few moments before.

Without warning, her new husband's friend's thick, solid cock sprang straight out and slapped firmly against the new wife's cheek, its heat and width stirring as Shelley gasped in surprise.

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