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Decorator and Housewife


As a painter and decorator I often get the chance to meet some nice housewives, occasionally engaging in flirty chat as my mind wanders further than perhaps theirs do. Most are appreciative of my work which makes it even easier to engage them in conversation and as most of my work is in the local area, I occasionally see customers out and about and say hello. As I am often up a step ladder I get some great views down cleavage and I'm sure some stand and talk knowing that they are giving me a nice view of their tits. Occasionally some become very flirty and suggestive but being a happily married man I've never taken advantage of those situations. Perhaps I would have if any of the more attractive customers would have given the same signals.

On the weekly mid-week evening out I have with my friend, conversation often includes mention of any attractive females I've seen during my work.

One particular job was the decorating of a hallway, requiring the use of stepladders as well as the stairs in the hallway. The family was a typical two parent two kids, with the housewife at home most times. She had a pleasant demeanour, friendly decent personality, good looks, smartly cut dark brown hair that framed her face without being very long, a nice smile, nice eyes nose and mouth, shapely figure and a generous bust. I am 5'9 and I guessed I was at least 6 inches taller her, her two kids almost as tall as her. She was always dressed smart-casual and almost always with at least a hint of cleavage showing, sometimes rather more than just a hint over the three and a half days I was there. Always in jeans I didn't get to see her legs but what I could see was a shapely bottom and nice thighs hugged by the jeans, and beautiful shapely generous tits down the front of her tops. I guessed she was in her mid-30s but she looked younger with her pretty face, good figure, and lack of height.

Amongst various things discussed in conversation we revealed our names and those of our family.

During one evening out drinking with my friend, Julie walked into the pub with another woman. We exchanged smiles and hellos as they passed us on the way to the bar, with Dave asking me who they were. I explained Julie was a recent customer but I didn't know who her friend was.

Julie was obviously explaining to her friend who I was as they kept glancing over in our direction as they ordered their drinks.

Julie wore smart figure hugging jeans and a tight top, not revealing much cleavage this time but hugging her body to reveal the fine shape of her impressive tits, and some smart low heeled shoes showing the tops of her bare feet. Her friend was only slightly taller, and dressed quite similar but without the pretty face and impressive figure, seemingly smaller in the chest department and a little overweight in the legs hips and bottom.

They stood about halfway between us and the bar and Dave suggested they had positioned themselves to check if we wanted to go and talk to them. We kept glancing over at them, occasionally noticing them glancing at us. Two younger guys approached them and chatted for a short while before wandering off, Dave laughingly suggesting they'd bounced them in their quest for experience over youth. As we were almost empty I suggested we both go over and say hello and maybe offer to buy them a drink.

So we did. I opened the conversation with Julie, asking how things were with her hallway to which she was very complimentary, with her friend saying she could also do with a quote. We started to chat them up, Dave getting on quite well with her friend and Julie being as relaxed and friendly as she was in her home. We established that they occasionally went out for a drink together, about once a month, but usually nearer to where her friend lived.

I offered to get everyone a drink but they declined saying they had to go, so we said our goodbyes, with Dave and I reflecting on our fairly brief encounter with them.

It turned out Dave lived near Carol, and about a month later we were in the pub near his house, playing in the empty pool room. Dave went to the bar and saw Julie and Carol, bringing them back into the pool room from the almost deserted bar area.

We exchanged hellos and agreed the pub was becoming more and more deserted over time, and then Dave suggested we pair up for a game of pool. They both declared their lack of ability but we encouraged them to play, Julie partnering me. Dave and I coached their play, using descriptive comments about how to hold the cue until the double entendre chat extended into outright mention of gripping hard cocks. Everyone was laughing but what was even more enjoyable for me and Dave was that, every time they bent to take a shot, Dave and I were positioned to see down their tops. They seemed to be unaware, often looking at each other from the side or behind, watching the attempt to line up a ball. Both had tops that overhung their jeans. Carol had a blue top and a blue bra, smallish tits. Julie had a white top and white bra, the sight of her wonderful tits causing us to delay her shot as often as we could. After 3 rounds of drinks and 4 cock-hardening games the girls declared they had to leave.

We both congratulated ourselves on getting to see the tits of two married women while their husbands were probably looking after their kids, oblivious of the attention their wives were receiving and the sights they were displaying.

Dave was of the opinion that Carol enjoyed the flirting and the glint in her eye and regular smiles leading him to believe she might be up for a little more activity. I wasn't so sure about Julie, believing she was just being pleasant and having an enjoyable evening out without realising the admiration her tits were quite rightly receiving. But I was pleased that Dave seemed to be latching on to Carol instead of Julie despite him mentioning how much he'd enjoyed looking at Julie's tits.

We saw them again, 5 weeks later, at the pub nearer to Julie and I, and greeted each other as though we were friends that had agreed to meet. This was on a Tuesday night this time and it turned out that their husbands and kids went to watch midweek home games of the local football team so they had decided to go for a drink in addition to the monthly Wednesdays. We chatted for quite a long time and arranged to meet a fortnight later when the local team was at home again, and followed that up with a meeting the following week on their monthly Wednesday slot.

We chatted about all kinds of things and each time got to a point where some flirting or sexual innuendo was brought into conversation. Dave was good at telling jokes, and seeing the girls laughing with us was even more encouragement for us to spend time with them. He started to introduce bad language and sex into his jokes, and at one point asked for clarification that they wouldn't be telling these jokes to their husbands, to which Carol confirmed that they didn't mention to their husbands any specific conversations with other people that might have occurred on their nights out.

We gave them a lift home on that particular evening, dropping the girls off first, who agreed they would tell their husbands they had shared a taxi, which occasionally happened whenever one of their husbands weren't called upon as a free taxi. For the rest of the journey Dave was adamant that Carol and Julie were both up for more fun, reminding me how they'd laughed at his dirty jokes and admitted that their husbands weren't told about us, effectively dating us the last 3 times.

I told him that I wasn't sure Julie was. Although I'd definitely not turn down any chances that might come by.

Dave hatched a plan where we were to visit a pub about halfway between our usual meeting points, and as it was halfway Dave and I would both drive. We would meet the girls at a pre-arranged pub as normal and then take a girl each to the pub he suggested, then each take that girl home on our own at the end of the evening. Because both of us were driving we would use that excuse to leave the pub a little earlier than normal. Dave's plan was obviously to be alone with Carol to test the water further.

Amazingly both girls agreed to the suggestion, causing Dave to suggest to me in a quiet moment that they had both confirmed they were prepared to lie to their husbands about how they got home, and both were prepared to spend time alone with each of us, and could possibly be actually on the look out for a bit on the side. The thought of Julie willingly accepting that she would be alone with me was very gratifying, but I was pretty sure that she was only out for a social drink with her friend rather than looking for extra-marital sex.

So we met, and once again the girls looked attractive yet casual. In fact Julie looked amazing, dark blue figure hugging jeans and a white blouse with buttons down the front that was not only thin enough to make out her bra underneath but had an almost completely see through U-shape of material above her breasts and chest, barely hiding an impressive view of cleavage.

It got to the time when Dave suggested we leave, and although the girls looked a little disappointed at leaving earlier than normal they came along anyway.

I drove Julie most of the way home before turning off into a deserted industrial estate, explaining we had better not get her home too early in case her husband compared notes with Carol's.

We sat chatting for a while before Julie eventually asked if we could go home. I drew the conclusion that if either of them was up for more action it definitely wasn't Julie, yet I'd enjoyed just being alone with her chatting to her and admiring her.

I decided to at least ask if I could make contact.

"Do you mind if I give you a goodnight kiss here rather than near your home? I'd need to act as a taxi driver nearer your home instead of a friend"

Julie laughed after my first sentence but then appeared to consider what I'd said when I finished.

"OK then," she replied, but sadly turned her cheek as she leant towards me.

I kissed her cheek, then paused to see if I might have been allowed to follow up. But instead Julie straightened herself and looked ahead, obviously indicating her requirement to head for home.

Comparing notes with Dave he actually got one brief kiss on the lips but that was all, so his expectations of Carol hadn't been met. We next saw them near Julie's home and asked if they fancied the same arrangement as the previous time, to which they agreed.

Dave didn't share my view that the attraction was the refurbished and trendier pub and not us.

However, after meeting up and having another enjoyable evening once again we left slightly earlier than normal but without any hint of disappointment. Julie wore what looked like her usual jeans and with a soft v-neck blouse that showed a small but nice view of her cleavage.

Arriving at the same parking spot on the local industrial estate, I confirmed we should be considerate of the other two and give them some time together before completing our journey.

Julie asked how long I thought they'd be chatting, and I wondered if she and Carol had compared notes too, so I asked her.

"Did Carol say anything about how long they stopped on the way home last time?"

"No, and I didn't want to ask," Julie replied.

"Didn't want to hear what she might have said?" I asked.

"I just don't want or need to know, why have you and Dave said anything?" Julie asked.

"Erm, well, Dave asked me if anything happened so I said no, we paused to chat for a while but that was all, in fact to be honest that's all I would tell him if anything different happened anyway as I believe in keeping confidences," only avoiding mentioning the kiss on the cheek.

Julie dived straight into the next question, "and did he say if anything happened between them?"

I tried to appear reluctant to say, and said "erm, well, yes."

"What,.......they kissed?" Julie asked.

I raised my eyebrows as if to indicate it was much more, and Julie took the bait.

"M-more?" Julie asked with a growing look of concern.

"Erm well.....they did kiss," I added, knowing I'd spoken those words in a way that indicated there was much more.

"And?" Julie pressed.

"I'm not sure I should be telling you this, Dave wouldn't be happy that I'd told you what he told me, and I'm sure Carol wouldn't be happy either if you asked her about it."

"I, I'm not going to say anything," Julie added, now wanting to hear more, and with secrecy confirmed I decided I was now going to feed her a story I'd quickly assembled in my head.

"Well, as they were kissing, he put his hand inside her jeans."

Julie gasped.

"And then she put her hand down his jeans."

"Oh my god," Julie exclaimed in genuine shock, before adding "then what?"

"Then, when she'd got him exposed, she went down on him for a while."

"Ohhh myyyyy gooooood," Julie slowly spoke fairly loudly as her eyes and mouth were wide open, and then after a slight pause quietly added "then what?"

I decided to keep going, planning to ask for a better kiss this time as a reward for confiding in her.

"Erm, well, after a while, he decided to find out if she would go further and sat her up, kissing her while he lowered the back of her seat down." Julie's eyes and mouth were still wide open as I temporarily admired her good looks and naivety before adding "then she helped him get her jeans and knickers off, and then they did it."

"Ohhh my god," Julie partially squealed.

"Well you did ask, did you wish you hadn't?" I asked.

Julie seemed to try to compose herself before answering.

"I don't know what I wish."

"Well I'd wish for a kiss, not on the cheek though," I stated with new found bravery.

"Well if she let Dave do that to her I'm sure she'd let you have a kiss," Julie replied, making me smile that she'd got confused.

"I mean a kiss off you, not Carol."

Julie laughed as she realised her mistake and then added "well dont be expecting to get your hand in my jeans or mine in yours."

I think we both realised at the same time that she hadn't objected to a kiss, only focussing on what might happen after a kiss.

"I'd be happy with a kiss darling," I declared.

Julie appeared to be thinking of something to say and eventually added, "and what would Dave think to that?"

"Like I said earlier, I'm not going to tell Dave or anyone else anything other than I gave you a lift home. What he tells me is up to him, but anything we do or say when we aren't with them is between you and me in my opinion."

"Oh," Julie seemed to accept my explanation.

"So am I ok for a kiss then?" I asked.

"Err, I, err, I don't know," Julie hesitantly replied.

"You're not thinking of telling someone I've asked for a kiss are you, or are you thinking that I'm too ugly for a kiss?"

"Err, no, no, its just......" she started to say, and as that didn't seem to be a strong objection I unbuckled my seatbelt and then kissed her, unbuckling her seatbelt as I did so.

To my surprise and even elation it wasn't just a quick kiss either. To finally feel my lips on hers was ecstasy, to kiss this customer, this married woman and mother, this pretty little lady that I admired when I first saw her and began to like her more the more times I'd spoken to her, felt simply awesome.

We paused but I didn't move away, and after a respectable few seconds I gently kissed her again. Again she accepted my kiss as our lips moved together, my left arm was around her shoulders and my right hand on her waist. But I now moved my right hand down to the front of her thigh, then to the outside as I brought it back to her waist, continuing the movement upwards to rest against her left breast.

"Alan," she gasped as she broke free from our kiss. Hearing this sexy attractive little housewife gasp my name made my erect cock twitch with added excitement.

Her left hand gently rested on my right arm, nearer to my elbow than my wrist, and as no attempt was made to push me away I kissed her again. Again our lips moved together, and my hand slowly covered her breast. Feeling no movement from her hand I gave her breast a gentle squeeze. A gentle gasp of breath puffed from her lips and as we resumed our kiss I squeezed a little harder, and then again as my hand tried to engulf this overflowing handful of beautiful tit. Another 2 squeezes, including my finger raking over her hardening nipple, caused her to gasp again. After yet more squeezing and more soft gasps her lips stopped matching mine as they slightly parted. I wasted no time in offering my tongue, and another firm squeeze caused her lips to part wide enough to now get my tongue into her mouth. Occasional pinching of her nipple caused us to lock onto each other's lips as our tongues explored our now wide open mouths. I felt her left hand on the back of my neck and adjusted my position slightly so that I could bring my left hand into play. Neglecting to give her right breast the same gentle introduction I was now squeezing the best pair of tits I'd ever felt as Julie gasped her breath into my mouth. Both hands were around my neck, momentarily relaxing onto my shoulders as though she was about to ask for a truce but then resumed their hold of my neck. I still cant think of words to describe my delight as I fondled Julie's fantastic tits. I briefly wondered how her husband might feel if he knew the decorator and another guy had been ogling his wife's tits, trying to chat her up, having sexy thoughts of her that only intensified with our meetings in the pubs, and now the decorator had her alone in his car with his tongue down her throat playing with her brilliant tits while she held onto his neck gasping with pleasure. If only I could have got this far while I was in her house.

The thought of the cleavage I saw in her see through white top was still clear in my mind, causing me to want to get my hands up her blouse. I dropped my left hand and easily raised it inside her blouse.

Julie let out a short squeal and rapidly uttered "No, I'm not going to do what they did."

I realised she meant sex, and realised she was adamant, so tried to pacify her with "I'm not asking you to, we're only kissing," while at the same time getting my right hand up her blouse too.

I felt pretty sure that even if she had considered telling someone I had kissed her, she wouldn't now be able to bring herself to tell anyone that I had been having a good long feel of her tits.

My left hand got to her bra strap as my right approached her left breast. For such big tits her clasp was very small and I quickly got it undone, feeling the material on her left breast come loose.

Julie moaned loudly as my hands speedily flicked under her bra cups and gripped her superb exposed tits. The big soft and shapely milky white mounds of flesh with stiff pink nipples were as good as any man could wish for and Julie's hands found their way back to my neck as she now moaned with the pleasure she was feeling as she allowed me to kiss her neck and grope her beautiful tits.

My wrists were working her blouse and bra upwards and she would have known at exactly the same time that I did that her tits were now completely exposed. I wondered if she'd sensed that I wanted to fuck her when I chatted to her in her house, and wondered if she had been turned on by that. I certainly knew that she must now know that I definitely wanted to fuck her, as I fed her left breast to my mouth, chewing and sucking her nipple. The sound of her rapid breathing was now replaced by loud moans as her body started writhing beneath me. Thoughts of her family came back into my head, knowing how easy it can be for a good looking mother and wife to obtain sexual extras without her husband and kids ever knowing about it, I wondered if other guys had been lucky enough to have a good feel of her tits and hear her respond, and maybe even fuck her. I wondered if her intention on her nights out with her friend were indeed to find someone to do this to her, and more. My right hand had found its way to between her legs, fingers rubbing against an intended target.

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