Decorator and Housewife


"No, stop, we cant, stop, please," Julie said as she grabbed my hand.

"Come on darling we both want to," I tried convincing her.

To cut a long exchange short I eventually accepted her wish to stop at that point and after composing ourselves I drove her home.

Despite Dave asking, I told him nothing, and despite Carol appearing flirty he said he'd still only received a kiss.

At our next meeting Julie appeared to blush quite a lot although it was a warm evening on that occasion. Both girls wore skirts as summer was now upon us and without making it obvious I managed to get a few glimpses of Julie's lovely legs. When asked if they would agree to the pub with the split rides home next time, Carol seemed to ask Julie before answering and I wondered if anything had been said. Eventually though Julie agreed.

Moving to that occasion, the girls again wore skirts, Carol in a fairly long white skirt that didn't hide the visible presence of a thong underneath the thin material, and a loose fitting dark blue top and a frequently visible white patterned bra. Julie wore a tight light blue skirt that came to just above the knee and pink blouse buttoned down the front.

As before I took Julie home. And again we stopped on the industrial estate.

It hadn't got particularly dark as the summer nights were increasing and I put the stony silence down to us looking around a little as we parked up.

"So, has Carol said anything?" I asked.

"What about?," was the reply.

"About what her and Dave have been getting up to, or what time you've been getting home."

"No, she hasn't said and I haven't asked, she probably just gets a lift like I do."

I laughed and then said "well Dave always asks me to take my time getting you home."

"Oh, did he ask about last time?"

"No, and as we agreed I didn't tell anybody, did you?"

"No, of course not."

"Are you angry with me for letting you know how much I like you," I asked.

"Erm, no, its just, well, erm I don't know."

"I couldn't tell if your rosy cheeks were due to you being angry with me or if you were flirting," I added.

Julie laughed and added "I don't flirt."

I placed my arm around her and said "you kiss nice though."

Julie laughed again and said "well I'm not kissing tonight."

"Ohhh, well I might have to try and pinch one then."

"Well you wont get one," Julie replied, with a slight glimpse of a smile on her lips.

I tried for a kiss and she turned away. That was repeated another three times.

"You're not having a kiss, you went too far last time," Julie explained.

"We both liked it though," I reasoned.

"Did we?" Julie replied and then turned away to look out of the window.

Oh shit, I though to myself, it seems she's off me now. How can someone who let me get her tits out and give her a good feel, with a very arousing kissing session, now go cold on me?

I decided to try a few more attempted kisses with a view to stopping if she became angry.

The game got to the 4th attempt before I landed a kiss on her cheek. I got her to look at me by threatening to go for a walk and coming back later. A few dives across missed again. A silent pause followed.

Eventually she turned to say something and, I've no idea how, I got a kiss onto her lips. Very briefly, but on target even so.

With my arm around her shoulder again she said "don't do that again."

I pulled a few faces at her that eventually made her smile. As I smiled back I said "I cant."

"Cant what?" she asked.

"Resist you," I said and quickly kissed her again.

She seemed to be considering what to say so I kissed her twice more, the second time being similar to that first wonderful kiss a few weeks ago.

Further kisses met with no resistance, fondling her left breast met with no resistance, neither did my opening of her blouse buttons as we continued to kiss passionately. A definite gasp was heard as I stroked the bare cleavage above her bra cups. As I moved my right hand behind her back she gasped "no, someone might see."

Her cheeks were rosy as before.

"Not if I lower the seat," I replied, knowing she would know my intentions if the seat became lowered.

With no instant objection I kissed her again, and we continued kissing as I lowered the seat using my right hand. With it suitably lowered, and Julie looking up at me with glowing red cheeks, I kissed her and stroked her exposed torso. Her body trembled as my fingers approached her bra cups, and our tongues finally entered each other's mouths as I eased each cup down from her breasts. I desperately wanted to feel both those brilliant tits but kept my left arm under her for the comfort of both of us. As we broke for breath, I ducked to kiss and suck each breast, feeling her semi hard nipples reach full erection in my mouth as my right hand stroked her left knee slowly rising further and further up her leg with each upward stroke, raising her skirt as I did so.

I remember thinking how great she would look in a bikini with her generous helping of first class titty and her smooth shapely legs. I remember thinking of her husband again. He seemed a decent enough guy but this little darling was wasted on one man, the pleasure she could give should be shared amongst many men.

I moved back to her mouth, her nipples impressively erect as we instantly sent our tongues into action. I wondered if her cheeks went red every time she wanted fucking, as I knew that there was no way I'd be taking her home tonight until I'd fucked her. She gasped large breaths into my mouth as my hand trailed across her knickers and then gripped the back of my neck and bucked a little as the forward party of my fingers led the journey into her knickers at long last. I moved my kisses to her neck as she seemed to be struggling for breath as my fingers found her smooth slit, probing one, two then three fingertips into her warm wet cunt. I wondered if she was moaning out of pure enjoyment, or was it the knowledge that her decorator was about to fuck her, or was it the worry that her husband might suspect his pretty and faithful wife had built up a friendship with another guy and had let him fuck her in his car after he had played with her beautiful tits.

Whatever it was, she continued to moan as I slowly finger fucked her. I brought my right leg across hers, wanting to pin her down, and I began sucking her left nipple again as I watched my fingers sliding into her, watching her body spasm, congratulating myself for gradually getting to this position with a woman I might not have seen again until they wanted some more major decorating doing. Her moans were getting higher pitched and more frequent, my fingers were becoming wetter, I pressed my leg and my fingers into her and my face into her beautiful soft tit. Her spasms were becoming more frequent until she gripped the back of my head and started to lose control.

"Ohh, ohhh, Alan, oh Alan, ohh, no, no, ohh, ohh Alan, I'm going to come, I'm going to come, ohh ohhh, oh yes, yes, ohh, oh yes, yes ohh , ohh ohhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

I felt the car must be shaking such was her thrashing as she came, but I held her down until she started to compose herself.

She was panting as though she'd just completed a marathon, but I wanted to press on so grabbed the side of her knickers, she eased her hips upwards to allow me to get her knickers past both buttocks then raised each knee so that I could get her knickers completely off. I was pleased at her eagerness to help get her knickers off so that I could fuck her. I wondered if she was thinking about the story I told her of Dave and Carol, or maybe Carol had told her something, or if she was thinking of her husband and kids while she was helping me to get her knickers off so she could let me fuck her.

I looked at her as I undid my trousers and pushed my clothing to my knees, our eyes fixed on each others as her panting continued and her breasts heaved on her chest. I wondered how long her rosy cheeks stayed red and if her husband would suspect his wife had been fucked if they were still red when she got home.

She parted her legs as I moved between them, and closed her eyes as I aimed my cock at her waiting entrance. Her mouth widened as I entered her, her eyes opening as wide as her mouth as I fully penetrated her. Her beautiful big eyes looking at me as her mouth stayed open and made sexy little squealing noises on each penetration. I balanced myself on my right hand, finally allowing my left hand to feel her right tit as I slowly fucked her. Her eyes and mouth kept opening and closing, letting out little moans, letting out a second "oh god, ohh"

"Is that good darling?" I asked, "Is it?" I asked again.

"Yes," Julie gasped in an almost breathless whisper.

I made sure I was bringing it almost all the way out and then penetrating her firmly and fully with each forward movement. Her hands were gently holding my waist as I watched her tits shudder to my movement while I gently played with her right tit in between stroking her body and leg.

"Is it bigger than you're used to sweetheart," her frequent gasps caused me to ask, to which Julie smiled and weakly laughed.

"I think it is bigger isn't it sweetheart," I continued.

"Yes," Julie gasped in an almost breathless whisper once again.

I started to go a little bit faster, and Julie closed her eyes.

"You like it though don't you darling?", I asked, expecting to have to ask again but Julie surprised me with an instant answer.

"Yes, oh yes," before pinging her eyes wide open as though having said something she didn't mean to.

"I think you'll like it a bit harder, a sexy girl like you, wont you?"

"Ooh, yes, yes, oh god, ooh," she replied as she stared at me, my hands holding the top of the car seat now as I rammed into her, her tits shaking to my every thrust.

Occasional closing of eyes and biting of bottom lip accompanied her moaning as Julie was genuinely enjoying having a bigger cock than normal fucking her.

"Hold your tits for me darling," I ordered and was obeyed.

"Play with your nipples darling," and once again Julie did as I asked, closing her eyes and rubbing and rolling her nipples.

"Oh Julie you're fantastic darling," I complimented her, not wanting to tell her she was a fantastic fuck in case she thought that was my only reason for wanting to be alone with her. But the truth was I was enjoying fucking her more than anyone else I had ever had sex with. I think it was a combination of her diminutive height, her wonderful tits, her pretty face and good figure, her friendly personality, her sexy voice, the moaning and gasping that indicated she was enjoying what she was receiving, the way she eagerly helped me get her knickers off, the way she played with herself, and not least the fact that she was someone else's wife and mother of his kids.

Fucking her even harder her moans lost sync with my penetrations as they appeared longer.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh" she moaned, gripping the back of my neck as I lowered myself down on her, my arms under her as I continued to give her a good hard fucking.

"Ohh, ohh, oh Alan, ohh, oh, I'm coming, oh, ohh, ohhh, oohhhhhhh."

"Oh babe I'm going to come too, do you want it in your mouth or do you want me to fuck you?", I asked.

Still in the latter stages of her orgasm, she uttered under shortage of breath, "oh god, oh, fuck me, fuck me Alan, fuck me, ohh, ohh, oohh."

I instantly exploded into her, the sound of her asking, no, demanding me to fuck her being more than I could bear. The thought of some one else's wife, and a pretty customer at that, pleading with me to fuck her was beyond my wildest dreams.

We gathered our breath before she asked to be passed her knickers. We dressed and I drove her home.

The planned meeting the following week didn't materialise.

Two weeks later I got a call from Julie. She sounded a little nervous.

"Alan, Carol doesn't want to meet up with you and Dave anymore,"

"Oh, did she say why?"

"She said, he, he asked her to have sex."


"You said they'd already had sex."

I had to think fast, Julie was clearly doubting that I had told the truth.

"That's what he told me, and why would he ask me to avoid getting you home too early if they weren't doing something?"

"I don't know, but she said she wanted to stop seeing you both because he asked her."

"Do you think she'd maybe been doing it with him and now wanted to stop?" I asked, trying to throw Julie off the scent of the trap I'd laid.

"I don't know, I can usually tell when she's lying."

"Hmmm, strange, I suppose Dave could have been lying, but why would he?"

"I don't know, but one of them seems to be," Julie replied, making me think she doesn't suspect me of making it all up.

"What do you reckon we should do?" I asked.

"I don't know, I suppose if Carol wont meet then we cant meet."

"You're not making this up because you don't want to meet me again?" I asked, trying to turn this around.

"No, its what Carol said."

"Well if she doesn't want to meet Dave again it doesn't mean we cant meet again does it?"

Julie laughed and then added "Well it would be difficult now."

"Hmm, I see where you're coming from," I replied, trying to make her think I'd accepted we wouldn't be able to meet up on an evening.

"We could meet during the daytime," I suggested.

Julie laughed briefly before adding "Where?"

"We could meet for lunch, have a drive into the country," I offered.

Julie seemed to stutter.

"What are you doing now?" I asked.

"N-now? Nothing."

"I need to come round and see you, talk this through."


"No-one else is there is there?"

"No, but." "I'll come round in 10 minutes," I interrupted.

"But..." Julie continued.

"Cant talk now, got to go, see you in 10-15 minutes," then I closed the call.

Arriving at her house I nonchalantly walked down the drive, trying to give the impression I was coming to quote for a job.

Julie allowed me in. She was wearing a knee length denim skirt and a brown short sleeved sweater that fitted snugly to her curves and the v-neck showed a nice glimpse of cleavage.

"So, do you reckon they've had a disagreement?" I asked.

"I don't know, she gave me the impression he asked for sex and she's not interested."

"Hmm, something strange there, but you can hardly tell her that Dave had told me that they were already having sex." I think that suggested we would never know the truth and it would be dangerous playing our hand.

Julie looked confused.

I approached her and asked if she wanted me to only see her when she wanted a job doing.

She seemed to be thinking so I made another suggestion. "We can still see each other occasionally, as if met by accident or something."

"I don't know," she replied almost apologetically.

I placed my hands onto her waist, adding "I've missed you," and then kissed her.

"No, don't," she broke off from our kiss to say.

"You sure its not you that wants to stop meeting, been given the task to tell me seeing as its your idea, you can tell me if its you, I'll respect that," I schemed again.

"No its not me," she said.

"You still like me then even if they're trying to spoil our fun?"

Julie laughed and agreed she still liked me, which in turn was a reasonable cause for another kiss.

After a further kiss I asked if we should go upstairs.

"Nooo," she smiled.

"Come on, if anyone might notice they'll think I'm giving you a quote for something like a bedroom decorating or something," I said as I took her hand.

"Alan, no," Julie unconvincingly replied.

"Honest, if anyone's around we'll come straight back down," I gambled as I walked us both towards her stairs.

Her cheeks had gone red yet there was no forcible resistance to our handholding as I commented on the hallway decor as she giggled at my inventiveness.

"Nice window, no one around or looking through other windows," I summarised as I looked through the landing window.

"Which bedroom were you thinking of," I asked. Julie temporarily raised her eyebrows, as if reflecting that she hadn't made any suggestion of any kind before realising it was part of my deception.

Her hesitancy gave me time to estimate the small front bedroom may only have a small bed, the main bedroom with the large front window may enable us to be partly seen, the second bedroom at the back probably had a single bed but probably not overlooked, so I led her into there.

"Yes, I can sort something out for you in here," I smiled, as did Julie who I think was still going along with my deception.

I kissed her and received her response. Becoming more passionate I stroked her back as I pulled her towards me, the feel of her breasts against my chest reminding me of what a great figure she had.

A gasp from Julies mouth allowed the parting of our lips and our tongues to meet as I grasped her left breast while my left hand moved up her back inside her sweater.

I then lifted her sweater up and off as Julie gasped "oh god I don't believe I'm doing this."

"No ones going to know babe," I reassured her as I unclipped her bra and got her completely topless for the first time. After groping her tits and sucking her nipples my hands undid and removed her skirt, revealing a tiny pair of partially see through white panties that I quickly got off.

My cock was harder than Id ever noticed it before as I guided Julie onto the bed and quickly shed all my clothes.

"Oh god I don't believe I'm doing this," Julie repeated again almost apologetically.

I was admiring her beautiful naked body and too engrossed to respond as I drooled over her, especially her beautiful tits and neatly trimmed pussy.

Julies body reacted as soon as I got my hands on her, clearly indicating she wanted sex as much as I did.

I took my time having a good feel of her tits and body, her smooth skin and fullness of her breasts adding to my excitement. And then a good feel of her beautiful little cunt until she eventually came on my fingers. We both knew what was going to happen next as I used my knees to part her limp legs as she slowly recovered from her orgasm. I ran it along her wet slit for a while, making her gasp and her body jerk.

"Are you ready for it inside you?", I asked, hearing her inhale as if asked an unbelievable question and then a whispered gasp of "yes."

Her pussy lips seemed to require more of a push for it to get in so I gave a hard push to force it in her sexy little cunt then another to fully penetrate her, both being met by loud moans. She continued her gasping and moaning as I gradually increased the pace with which I was fucking her. Her body was a dream, beautiful smooth white skin, great shapely tits shaking between us, and her eager hips and pelvis pushing in time to meet my penetrations.

Her moaning merged into one continuous moan before she eventually called out "oh, no, no, oh my god, ohh, ohh, I'm coming, I'm coming again, ohh, ohh, ohhh."

As she screamed into her second orgasm I was losing my control too, roughly fucking her hard, feeling my cock and balls swell as my ejaculation overpowered me, then gripping her tightly as I came deep inside her.

We lay still for a while, before eventually softly kissing each others shoulder and then getting up to get dressed. My eyes were glued to her sexy body as she dressed. We said quiet almost regretful goodbyes, even though we had agreed on me taking her number and agreeing to call her only every 3 or 4 weeks. We both knew that those calls would be for me to arrange to meet her, and for us to have sex.

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