Decoy Ch. 02


As the saga decoy cop wife, Susan, having seen how excited I had gotten on our first outing to the mall with her dressed as a Catholic high school girl indulged me even more. Susan continued to wear her Catholic high school girl uniform off duty for me, or should I say for "us". Since it was apparent that her love of exhibitionism was well balanced with my lust for voyeurism and the fucking that followed was animalistic, such "sexcapades" occurred with regular frequency.

Just the thought of seeing Susan wearing the short blue plaid skirt and cotton buttoned down white blouse made my cock hard. At 5'4", with 38D tits and shapely legs and bubble butt ass made her an attention getter to say the least. Her strawberry blonde hair, which some people call more appropriately especially in this case as "dirty blonde", framed her very pretty face and green eyes. She would alternate from looking like the proverbial innocent virgin school girl to porn school slut by applying either very little make up or too much. I of course preferred it when she wore Ruby red glossy lipstick which accentuated her pouty full lips and left its mark on my cock shaft after one of her famous blowjobs.

On this occasion, Susan went with the innocent virgin look. Wearing no make up and her hair in pig tails she looked even younger than before. But the experienced eye of any man could tell that underneath her uniform there was a hot body and a wet pussy to be had under the right circumstances. As she had done before, she rolled up the waist band of her skirt to shorten its length, revealing even more of her white firm thighs above her ankle socks and Mary Jane style shoes. To add to the innocence, despite her 20/20 she wore eyeglasses for effect. The eyeglasses had no strength in the lenses so they did not impair her vision but were just like looking through a window. Susan kidded that these were her special "Horn Dog Watchers" which allowed her to pick out the perverts in the crowd and how I stood out from all of them. All I knew was that the sight of her made my cock stiff with lust. Also, not knowing what would happen when we went out with her looking that way excited me. Normally Susan's role as a decoy cop was to bait and apprehend gropers and molesters that lurked the streets and school yards, but this hunt was different. This hunt was for us. So off we went.

As we entered the park we walked separately so as not too appear as a couple and thus making Susan more vulnerable. Um, I mean more approachable. I could see the heads of several men who were sitting on the benches supposedly reading their newspapers pop up. Some went back to their newspapers but a few stared at her much like how lions stare at the prey before them. I could tell what was running through their minds, only because I was having the same thoughts. Although, I wondered what was worse to know. To know how Susan's full breasts actually felt cupped in your hands, the wetness of her pussy as you plunged your cock deep inside her or be one of these men who are imagining and anticipating it.

Surprisingly, Susan sat across from a much older looking gentleman who appeared to be in his late 70's and the least threatening or for that fact interested of the bunch. I deferred the choice to her, since after all not only was she the expert but the bait. As she sat, her already short school skirt rose higher exposing the inside of her thighs. I took a seat on bench across from where she sat but off to the side. The man looked at me for a moment as I sat down, his expression blank. I nodded acknowledgement and turned my gaze back to Susan who was fiddling with the contents of her pocket book.

Absentmindedly, or so it seemed, her thighs parted as she searched making clearly visible to me and the old man, her shear white panties. The white triangle of fabric that covered her pussy appeared damp and commanded our attention. The man shifted in his seat, surely to relieve some of the pressure from his crotch.

Susan broke away from her search and asked him if he could help her find her keys, saying that maybe another set of eyes would be more fruitful. As asked, the man rose and went to her side to offer his assistance. She placed the pocket book between them and partially twisted towards him, her right knee slightly resting higher on the bench. I could see from where I was sitting that the old man must now be getting one hell of a view of Susan's pussy. Apparently, the view proved to be too much for him because without hesitation he leaned and reached over and placed his hand high on the inside of her thigh causing Susan to gasp in surprise. Seeing that no attempt was made by her to pull away or signs of protests, he proceeded to touch her pussy.

I was amazed at such a bold public move. The old man was in a trance! It was obvious he didn't care who was watching. Although, to anyone quickly passing it would appear just like an old man helping out his granddaughter look for something. With no words spoken, he caressed her thighs, Susan's eyes closed at the touch. He slowly outlined, up and down, her pussy lips with the tip of his index finger before slipping his fingers underneath the fabric. Running his knuckles across her pussy he caused Susan to bite her bottom lip. Did she cum? I couldn't tell from where I sat, but it looked as if she had. My cock ached at the sight of this old man "molesting" my beautiful wife in front of me. But after all this was what Susan and I wanted from our hunt. I waited patiently to see how this would unfold.

The old man said something to Susan which I could not make out. But shortly afterwards he stood up and extended his hand to her which she accepted. As they walked towards a gathering of trees and bushes I followed intently. The lust must have been so strong that at no time did either one give it a second thought to turn around to see if anyone was following. So I vigilantly followed.

They stopped in the middle of a clump of trees, well hidden from public view and began to kiss. I could see their tongues darting in and out of their opened mouths, his hands running up and down her body. Reaching underneath her short skirt and cupping her ass, pulling her into him as he did. Susan's hands now on the old man's crotch, feverishly working his belt and zipper. Apparently not knowing what he wanted, since it was all good, the old man pawed Susan's tits, his hands all over her. As she freed his cock from his pants, he reached behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and held her tightly his hands separating her ass as he did so.

Lowering herself, Susan knelt in front of the old man. His cock although not long was thick and had a huge knob on the tip. Susan wasted to no time in wrapping her red lips around it and taking in as much as she could. It was his turn to gasp now. He stood with his back against a tree and back slightly arched. From where I stood I could see her head bob up and down as she ate his cock. I could also clearly hear the loud slurping sucking noises her mouth was making, a sound that I knew all too well. A few times I heard Susan gag, meaning that she was taking as much of him into her mouth as she could.

Susan always loved to "feed" herself when she sucked cock. So as she sucked his cock me with her lips, she firmly stroked the shaft back and forth making his cock head even angrier with lust. With her other hand she fingered her pussy like a wild woman. The old man groaned as if he was being tortured. But it wasn't just him that was being tormented my cock too needed freedom and relief.

To my surprise the old man said in a loud voice, "Come out and fuck her! I know you're there watching!" His declaration made Susan suck even harder and now she too was panting and moaning loudly. I stepped out of hiding stood behind Susan. The old man looked at me in silence. I opened my zipper and let my cock out. Susan shifted her attention to my cock. Her lips and tongue on me felt wonderful. She continued to stroke the old man as she sucked me, at times bringing both cocks near her mouth and licking them together. Susan opened her mouth wide and literally shoved both our cocks inside it. It felt very strange to have my cock rubbing against another man's but Susan's licking and sucking dispelled any concerns I had. I only wanted to cum, apparently so did he. As the old man looked at Susan taking both our cocks inside her mouth he came. His cock immediately becoming soft as a glob of his man juice appeared on its head. Susan not one to miss out on an opportunity, smeared his cum all over her lips and face as she stroked my cock at the same time without missing a beat. Being taken by her wanton behavior I exploded, Susan sucked and milked my cock. Her pretty face and white blouse drenched with cum.

Although, we've "played" in the park several times since then we never saw the old man again. I often wondered if it was too much for him. And the saga continues....

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