tagSci-Fi & FantasyDedication to Eros

Dedication to Eros


Outside the temple, the afternoon sun shone radiantly, illuminating ornate hewn marble columns. Fragrant garlands were draped from every crossbeam, the heady scent of summer blossoms filling the air. Inside the sanctuary, a group of priestesses waited, clad in modest gowns the color of new cream, their voices raised in sweet harmony with the breeze.

Slowly, the crowds before the altar parted and the lilting chant came to an end. The young woman stopped before the altar and knelt, her dark unbound hair spilling over her shoulders beneath a coronet of roses.

"Daughter," Solara the High Priestess intoned in a husky voice, "you come before the altar of Eros. What blessings do you seek?"

Nilani the general's daughter raised her head and smiled serenely. "Oh beloved Priestess, I seek not Eros' blessing, but entrance to his Divine Order. I seek to praise the beauty of Aphrodite, 'ere the end of my days." The ritual words rang out in the surrounding silence.

"General Oeticles, do you permit the dedication of your daughter to Eros? Do you relinquish her freely and vouch for her maidenhood?"

A few steps away, the General nodded once, his stern countenance softened by gentle affection. "Aye, I swear it so Priestess."

Solara's smile broadened and she offered Nilani her hand. "Come, daughter of Aphrodite, come and see the wonders of the god."


The inner sanctuary smelled of roses and exotic oils, its gold-veined marble walls softened by rich weavings depicting the life of Eros. Nilani fidgeted with her sash, at once apprehensive and even more determined.

"This way, daughter," Solara led her down another small corridor. "Are you ready to dedicate yourself to the god?"


"Don't be frightened. The god wishes you no harm, daughter," her voice was kind in the shadows of the corridor. "Ahh, here we are." They stopped in the portico of a room lit from above, sunlight streaming in the latticework ceiling. An oddly-shaped altar lay within, the smooth marble edges softened with pure white linen cloths and feather pillows. Solara gently closed the door behind them, locking it with an iron key from her girdle.

Nilani surveyed the room slowly before approaching the altar, choosing jasmine incense and lighting it from a small brazier. "Eros," she whispered, kneeling before the altar, "accept my maidenhood in token of my service in your honor." A gold warmth spread outwards from her belly, and she shivered with the delicious sensation of phantom hands caressing her face.

"You are almost ready," Solara's quiet chuckle came from behind her. "Let the god see you in all of your earthly beauty." She held out her arms to receive the blue linen gown, setting it aside before helping Nilani to mount the altar. "It's time to remove this, daughter, I think the god has ample proof of your body's youth and your dedication." The priestess carefully untied the silken cord at Nilani's waist, pulling away the knotted cord that lay nestled between the lips of her body. It glistened in the light, moist with the wetness of arousal. Nilani sighed as it came away.

"There now, you won't miss that for long. You can put it back a little later. It's not necessary for what is to come."

The young woman nodded and shivered again as the bud of her pleasure throbbed softly. She lay back on the altar, spreading her legs wide and pulling her knees up. Solara bound her wrists gently above her head with a string of pearls. "Submission to the god," she murmured, "fear not, he will not harm you."

From beneath the altar, Solara lifted up a silk-wrapped bundle about the size of her forearm. Pulling the cloth away, she folded it and secured it over Nilani's eyes. "Breathe deeply daughter, let the god fill your body and touch your soul." The marble phallus lay cool in her hands as she gently caressed the woman on the altar with the tip.

"Oh mighty Eros, god of love and passion, come greet your mother's daughter," she chanted softly. Nilani's breathing increased and a fine sheen of sweat rose on her pale skin. "Oh Eros, your mother's daughter takes unto her body this symbol of your power. Greet her with the fires of passion, initiate her into the mysteries of your worship. Let her arise a true Priestess in your name."

Solara slowly teased open the wet and swollen lips, inserting the tip of the dildo and letting it warm before pressing its full length into Nilani's quivering body. With her thumb she massaged Nilani's engorged clitoris before stepping back and around the altar.

Behind it was a second, smaller marble slab, carved with an upraised phallus and smooth places on either side for thighs to rest. Solara raised her linen robe and mounted the dildo gladly, keeping an eye on the woman ahead of her. Its cool hardness was soon warmed with her wetness and she rode it like a lover, invoking the god's name with each breath.


Blindfolded, Nilani shivered with arousal as the High Priestess penetrated her body with the dildo. There was a small pain as she felt herself stretched, but that was soon replaced with a growing feeling of need. The incense and Solara's chanting soon faded away but for the rush of blood in her ears and the throbbing ache in her pussy.

She was barely aware of the Priestess' moans behind her. What felt like a pair of hands slowly traced up the inside of her legs, pausing to caress each thigh. "Eros," she breathed in wonder. A low, masculine chuckle answered in her ear and the weight of a man's body settled over her.

"Sweet Nilani." The god's voice was low and aroused another wave of need deep within. "Are you ready to become a woman in deed?"

Her lips curved up in an ecstatic smile as the dildo was removed and replaced with large fingers. "Aye."

Warm breath tickled her ear, and lips trailed from her throat to suckle on each nipple in turn. Then the aching emptiness was replaced with an altogether unfamiliar heat, seemingly hard as the marble but throbbing in sync with the blood in her ears. The feeling of penetration overwhelmed her senses, drowning her in desire as those teasing fingers moved to caress her clit in time with each stroke.

It seemed to last an eternity, until the pleasure built to some unknown peak. "Sweet Nilani," the god's voice was lower still and tinged with something else she couldn't name, "let go and become my Priestess."

Nilani's eyes flew open and even through the blindfold her inner eye saw a well-built young man, muscular and golden-skinned, with ocean blue eyes and luscious full lips. Her inner eye took in his broad shoulders and narrow waist, the girth of the phallus of flesh entering her body. It was too much. With a cry, she let herself go into the climax, floating on waves of ecstasy.

She thought she heard the god whisper her name once more, felt the gentle brush of lips against hers and tasted a sweetness like the ambrosia of the gods.


When awareness returned, Solara was removing the blindfold and untying her hands. "High Priestess?" she managed in a tired voice.

"Yes sister?"

"Was the god pleased?"

"Judging by the pleasure he shared with me, I gather he was delighted with his latest Priestess' initiation."

Nilani sat up slowly, still feeling the aftereffects of the god's size. "Are visions with him always so intense?"

The High Priestess handed her a cream robe. "The first time is always something special, sister. It will be a while before you are ready to experience him on your own. When the time comes though, you'll have to ask him yourself. Welcome to the temple, Priestess of Eros."

Nilani thought she heard the echo of his voice in her ear, the touch of large hands on her body, as Solara gently shut the door once more.

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