tagRomanceDeeds Ch. 04

Deeds Ch. 04


The next morning I told Dee that I was going to stay home all week, as I have to finish paper work on the new client. She took it well. I also asked her to take a few days off and spend some time with me. I wanted her to know what she was going to miss in the years to come. I wanted her to taste luxuries that she had never known. I wanted her to know what she was throwing away. Every time that she would think back on our days together the only question I wanted her to ask was "How could I be so stupid?"

"Do you love me?" This question took me by surprise. I had no idea what to say but then I did say something smart. "I love you today more than I will every love you for the rest of my life" She squinted her eyes and said, "Now, what is that supposed to mean?" "Its deep baby, its deep" I said in an almost comical tone. I just wanted this conversation to end.

I took her shopping that day and spent a lot of money getting her a lot of expensive dresses. I picked one out for her to wear on the weekend party. It almost went close to a bridal dress. I could see she was pleasantly surprised. Then I took her to the most exclusive restaurants in town. Will Smith was sitting at the next table and I could see Lee Majors sitting in a corner and I could also see how excited Dee was to come out to a place like this. I did take her out frequently but mostly it was to places we would meet friends.

The next step was to let her know what she could have had. Now, I am a man of modest habits and I do not spend much. In fact I was able to save a little form what I made working! This also meant that I never touched a penny that I made from my business. My bank account could sleepless nights to many and although Dee knew I was loaded she had no idea how much. I wanted her to get the idea.

The next morning I left my bank statement lying on the desk as I went to take a bath. It was a place I was sure she would find it. Later in the day I heard a recording of her talking to one of her friends.

"Di, you are going to flip out when you hear how much my darling Leroy has just in his savings account." Then she gave her an obscene amount. 'No kidding, I had no idea the stakes were so high when I went around screwing with Chris. I am going to end all my association with Chris till the time I am safely married to Leroy."

She planned to end all her associations -- for the time being. I was planning differently.

I called up Chris in the evening and asked him to meet me at a small diner near his office. We had met on a few occasions when he had come to drop Mary off to take care of me and had shared some small talk but he was kind of surprised when I asked him to meet me.

When I met him that day, I was almost on the verge of breaking every bone in his body. But I am a good son and I remember what my papa told me -- "Anger finds its best ally in a gentleman."

As we sat down I asked him if he had any idea why I asked him to meet me. He said that he did not have the faintest of the idea, but his voice betrayed him. I knew he knew I knew. I just came out in the open and told him to stay away from Dee and to make sure that Dee never finds out that we ever talked. I told him in detail what me and my basketball buddies (I lied, I do not play basketball) would do to him if I very found out he has met or talked to Dee again. He said that Dee called him in the morning and told him that she wanted to have nothing to do with him. I knew she did call him but her words were "I do not want to have anything to do with you till I am safely married to Leroy."

The bastard was lying to my face. Well he had been doing a lot worse behind my back so I guess, this was okay -- for now. I told him that if he did not keep his word Mary would also find out. That scared the hell out of him. When he left the diner he was just about as confident about his marriage as I was about aliens abducting me.

I called Dee up on her cell phone and asked her to meet me at the office of the real estate agent who had helped me look for my current apartment. When she got there I was already deep in conversation with the estate agent about a villa a few miles out of town. We drove out there and I really liked the property and thought that this would be a good investment to make.

Before we left the property I told the estate agent that my lawyer will be touch with him about the purchase of the property and also that I might want to buy it in the name of wife. This was the first time I had ever mentioned about marriage or wife in front of Dee.

As we drove off she asked me if we could afford the mortgage on the house. Bitch. She knew that I could buy the villa with hard cash any given day and she was acting as if she was not sure if I could afford it. Well, this was a villa she was never going to step again into. Then I called Mary from my phone and asked her if she could help Dee buy some new shoes and designer dresses for our trip to France the next week. She was most glad to help! I told Dee to spend as high as $10,000 and that she could charge it to her credit card and I would pay up later.

That night she came home with some beautiful designer garments. I jokingly asked her of she had bought insurance for them. She just smiled and she looked genuinely happy. I could see how much it was going to hurt her. I spread out the dresses on the bed and asked her to get us some red wine to drink and celebrate tonight.

When I was on my fifth glass I accidentally spilled wine all over her dresses and ruined them. It was heartbreaking for me. Nah, it was not. I was enjoying every minute of it. Now, here was a maxed out credit card that would keep her busy for the next year.

It was Friday night and I was not going to let the night end so easy. I finally spoke to her and told her that this amount was peanut for me and then showed her my bank statement when she acted as if she did not believe me. Then I took her out on the terrace and showed her the engagement ring that I had bought a few days ago. Then I told her all the dreams I had for her and me - two kids, a son and a daughter and a small villa on the outskirts of the town. I told her that I had waited all my life to feel completely in love and then I told her about the good times that we had together.

I took her back to the day when I told her for the first time that I loved her. I told her that I loved the way that she looked and smelled on that day. I could recall the dress she was wearing, the glint in her eyes and it hurt me a little as I thought how little she thought of these things.

I took her inside and switched on the music system as I sat down next to her holding her in my arms for one last time. Percy Sledge started singing "When a man loves a woman" and at that time I knew I was not going to walk out of this mess unhurt. I was going hurt as much as I was going to hurt her. The only good thing was that since I was already hurting there was nothing new that was going to happen to me tomorrow at the party but for her, it would be the first day of the rest of her life!

She stared to kiss me and although I could not bring myself up to it, I kissed her back. I relaxed as she started to nibble my neck. She slowly began to stroke my hard on. Lightly, she squeezed my balls. She lifted my hand to her breasts and let me feel them. Still grasping my cock, she lay back, away from me.

Letting go of my hard on she stood up and started to undress. She pulled down the straps of her dress seductively and showed me the prettiest breasts that I have even seen. I remembered that I was seeing them for the last time. Cheating or not she was the hottest looking girl I had ever taken to bed. Her breasts were beautiful and perfect. Her black skin was shining and the dark nipples just made the view even better. She stepped out of her dress and you could see the outline of the embroidery of her black panties that matched her skin color. At this moment something took over me, I wanted her... I wanted it... I wanted something to cool the burning that I was feeling. I was feeling hot, angry, and selfish all at the same time. I have hardly had any sleep in the last few days and I want to do this and worry about the consequences later. She pulled off her she looked perfect enough. She laid on top of me and kissed me again, she then moved her tongue down my neck and she smelled really nice... I inhaled her, her natural smell mixed with her perfume. A smell I was going to miss for the rest of my life. She sat up and started to grind roughly on me, strongly on me. Her mouth traced my whole body and licked it... when she reached my hard on she sucked them. She knew exactly how hard to suck and to lick. I pulled her head up and kisses her again even more deeper, with my tongue flickering around between our mouths. I just wanted to drink her, to experience her... maybe to remember this moment for the rest of my life. I started to feel free. I could go on with my life. I was feeling hot and had lust for her body but no love. I was going to survive anything if I could survive the last few minutes and still feel no love for her.

I wanted to fuck her face, but she stood up and walked towards the bedroom. So, I was going to get a porn tape of us for me to see when ever I felt like... Dee positioned herself in doggie style the way she likes it, I was going to like it today as well. She spread her legs, arched her back slightly and shook her beautiful firm ass at me. I could plainly see her In a very sexual way, Dee fluffed her hair with her right hand then looked at me over her left shoulder. She said to me in a very seductive voice, "I want you to fuck me hard, but don't cum inside me, I want you to cum where I can savor it for the rest of the day." I just remembered that having full on sex with her might expose me to any disease that she might have caught from Chris. I took out a condom from the side drawers and put it on. I told her that I would have unprotected sex with her only after she went off the pills next week. She was over the moon. Now she was sure she had me hook line and stinker. I kissed her ass cheeks and ran my tongue up her spine, pushing her long black hair off to the side so I could nibble on her shoulders. Her pussy was at the perfect height for me to enter her wetness as I held her hips and watched my manhood disappear into her tight, wet, love canal. She arched her back and pushed her ass to meet my loins, holding it there while she released a small gasp of pleasure. I fucked her slowly at first, lubricating my cock with her cunt juices and enjoying her hot, tight muscles that clamped around my rod. With every thrust into her, our rhythm increased. Her thrust meeting my thrust, her pussy muscles expertly flexing and milking my hard on with every withdrawal. I slammed into her harder, our bodies were slapping loudly when her hands slid and I fell on top of her, still deep inside her. Our bodies were pressed together and my cock was thumping inside her with every heartbeat. My hands roamed freely over her tight abs as she rotated her hips, fucking me slowly. I massaged her nipples with my thumbs as I supported her firm breast in the palms of my hands. I let my left hand find its way to her clit while my right hand tweaked her nipple.

I pulled out and rubbed the tip of my cock around her asshole. I had a clear view of her ass and I pushed the tip of my cock into her asshole. She shot back "I do not do anal." I said in the most loving tone possible "Not even for the love of your life?" "No, I am not into kinky sex and I have already told you that." I simply rolled over and rested my head on the pillow and took a deep breath.

She snuggled up to me and said "Is this something that you really want? I am not comfortable with anal sex at all."

I said that it was getting late and we had a big day head of us. We needed to sleep a little.

The next morning I woke up early and called the catering company and made sure that everything was set. I then checked my answering machine for any message from people that were not going to make it. There was one from Mary that said that she was not sure she and her husband would be able to come but she would give us a clear picture in the evening. The message was addressed to Dee so I told her that Mary had called and left a message.

Then I asked if she could persuade Mary to turn up with her husband because I really liked her and would like her to be present in the evening. I heard her call up Mary and ask her to make sure that they did turn up. Mary handed the phone to Chris who at first aid that he could not come but at last relented into coming.

As the evening approached the caterers came and the whole house became abuzz with activity. I did not even realize when our first guest arrived. When her parents came in I walked up to them and thanked them for coming in.

Ray came with Melinda and Mary arrived with Chris. I was ready to rock and roll. Ray asked everybody to gather around as I had some important to say.

I stood up and started to speak "Tonight I have called up all of you, some who I love, some who Dee love and a few that we both love. It is the last day that Dee and I are spending as girlfriend and boyfriend."

Dee was still smiling.

"I am going to play small video clip over here and let you decide if what I feel is right. Every time that I look at Dee I feel deep in my heart that I am right."

At this cue Ray dimmed the light and Melinda started the video clip that was projected on the living room wall. I walked towards Ray and Melinda and stood on the opposite side of the room from where Dee was sitting. Melinda hugged me tight and Ray put his arms across my shoulder. I just then saw Mary walk towards us. She needed the support as well. I whispered to Melinda to be with Mary and she let go of me to hold Mary's hand.

The video started. It was all about the days that we had spent together. I had tears in my eyes and I was shaking. I knew what was coming next.

Dee stopped smiling.

The image on the screen was that of her talking on the phone and although the voice over was still mine saying "I love to watch her so much that I even had cameras all over the house so that I could see her doing sweet nothings on TV when she was not around. I had voice recorders all over the house so that I could hear her breath on my music system when she was not around. These were my home videos."

Then her voice came over "I am going to marry Leroy and nothing is going to stop me." This sentence was edited from a phone conversation that she had with Di. Then the video of her talking on the phone faded away and faded in another video of her undressing and Chris sitting on her bed in her bedroom. There was a large thump in the semi-darkness and just then Ray switched on the lights and Melinda stopped the video.

I walked calmly into the center of the room and said "For all who want to see this video fully, please visit me later. I plan on having private viewing of these videos every weekend till people are bored of it and I have no viewers."

Then I turned my attention to the direction where the loud thump came from. Her father was lying on the floor with no one around. It was about then that the first person spoke. It was her mother "Please someone have a look at my husband he seems to have had a heart attack." She was crying. I felt bad, they were not evil, but then we all pay for what our children do, don't we?

I rushed to his side and Mary was quick to get to his assistance. Dee was still sitting in the chair and had not uttered a word. Chris had a defeated look on his face and was standing in a corner facing the wall. The party soon broke up. Left in the room were Dee, Ray, Melinda and I. Ray said they would step out of the room if we wanted to talk alone. I told them that would not be necessary.

I sat down on the couch and asked Melinda if she would kindly fix me a drink. Then I turned to Dee and spoke to her for the first time in the whole evening. "So, I guess this is goodbye then"

She looked at me and for the first time a tear appeared in her eyes. "I am so sorry.." I broke her in the middle and started speaking "it was never meant to happen. It just happened and I did not know how to stop. Swear to god I never meant to hurt you. I love you and this was nothing but a physical thing that meant nothing. I have no feelings for Chris. I need you. Can we find some way to work this out?"

She could not believe what she was seeing. I was being hurtful and rash, something that she would never expect me to be. I was the sissy, the cuck.

I said, "if this is not what you were going to say. Please complete what you started, but if this is what you were going to say, I have said it and it means nothing to me."

She just sat there sobbing. Melinda had not gone fix a drink, she had gone to pack up Dee's bag. As she came out with her bag Dee realized what was going on. She was going to get thrown out of the house. She had just seen her father being taken away to a hospital so she knew for sure that she did not have her parent's place to go. Di had left the room in a hurry and I was sure that she would not like to keep her company, as it would cast a doubt on her character as well. So that was another place she could not go.

I had carefully snapped her debit card earlier in the evening and removed all but 13 dollars from her purse. Her credit card was maxed out and she did not a car anymore. It did not look all that good to me but then she was still to find out about the debit card and the missing money from her purse.

She looked at me and pleaded "You are not going to throw me out like this. Doesn't our time together mean anything to you?"

"Did it mean anything to you when you went to bed with that asshole?" I asked.

She just sat there saying nothing.

"I would love to have thrown your sweet ass on the streets tonight but that is not going to happen is it?"

She looked at me "You are not going to throw me out on the streets?"

"I am going to throw your stinking ass out on the street because I am sure when he fucked your ass he must have left some stink in there." I spat venomously.

Ray walked up to me and said "Lee, you are a better person than this."

Dee looked at him and pleaded "Ray, please don't let him do this to me."

Ray looked at her and spoke to me again "You are a better person than this, you should not speak in such unkind manner to anyone. If you are going to throw her out of the house do it quickly without getting into this verbal abuse. Such language, such crudeness is not expected of you."

I looked at him, he was toying with her. His words were the final nail in the coffin for Dee. She knew that no one was going to speak for her.

I had already taken her keys to the house from her purse earlier in the evening along with her car keys. Now all I had to do was walk her out the door and lock the door behind her.

That is precisely what I did.

I did meet her again but then that is a story for another day.


From Dangerouslydead: Thank you all for your comments. I take all the brickbats that have come my way for the first three parts of the story. They were rather short, but then it is my first attempt at writing for you. As for the spelling mistake on Porch, I live in India and this car does not see here. I had to think of all things American to make it sound good enough for readers in America. I apologize for the spelling mistake.

If I get enough comments for this story I might write an epilogue . I dedicate this story to DG Hear. He is the greatest.

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by Anonymous12/05/17

Congratualtions on a great opening story.

It was fun, pacey and to the point. And well done for steering clear of the more obnoxious racial clichès, aside from the big cock of course, that typify a lot of the less imaginative and more offensivemore...

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by bruce2205/05/17

Punishing the Father did not seem reasonable.

Perhaps he should have been on Business trip to Bangledesh.

You are obviously reacting to some painful experience but are obviously improving your writing as you. If you have more to throw at us, pleasemore...

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