tagBDSMDeep and Deeper Ch. 02

Deep and Deeper Ch. 02


CH 02 – The Heavenly and Hellacious Holiday Weekend With V

After that delicious all-nighter with Vanessa, aka V, I couldn't resist responding to her invitation to contact her via email. I wrote about how exciting the night at the hotel was for me. I wrote about some of my fantasies, like how I secretly craved being bound with no possibility of escape and forced to be a sex slave to a merciless dominatrix. I crowed about her luscious full figured body and how I loved having her smother my face with her cunt and ass.

V said she was going to be off Labor Day weekend, and told me to come to her place for the weekend. I was instructed to arrive Friday evening at 8. She also told me to take off work on the Tuesday after Labor Day, and to inform my work that I would be in late Wednesday. I was curious why she requested that particular schedule, but agreed in half a heartbeat.

It was impossible to concentrate at work for the couple of weeks leading up to Labor Day. When the day finally arrived, I left work early, went home and showered and shaved... everywhere. My instructions were to eat only a light breakfast and have nothing else all day, so that I would be famished and thirsting upon arrival. She also wrote that I wouldn't need any spare clothing.

It took about three hours to drive to her place. It was a sprawling rancher house, probably built in the 1940s. I had to look way off in the distance to see the next house, so it was fairly isolated. Following her plan, I parked in the garage and went to the door that led into the house. It was open, and as per her instructions, I de-clothed and dropped everything into an empty bag sitting just inside the door. A paper on the floor showed a marked-up floor-plan that I followed to the bedroom.

The bedroom had a king-size four-poster bed that already had one necktie hooked to each post. The other end of each tie had a loop that was knotted so it would only tighten when pulled. I laid on my back with my head at the FOOT of the bed, attached the ties to both my feet and pulled tight. Next, I put on the blindfold she had set out for me. Then I reached out with each arm, slipped my hands through the tie loops and pulled them tight, locking my hands in place. From my favorite position, spread eagle on my back, I struggled a bit and realized it was quite secure.

I didn't have to wait long before V entered the room. She didn't say anything but went straight to work. She put metal shackles on my wrists and ankles, and then attached them to the bed posts. She also looped ropes and Velcro straps around my limbs to tie them down to the frame of the bed to further restrict movement. Cloth tape was placed around the border of my blindfold to seal out light. Her finger reached into my mouth and I instinctively opened wide. She immediately shoved a ball gag into my open mouth and then fastened it tightly in place. Lastly, she put some kind of leather collar around my neck, looped a chain through it in such a way that it was fastened to the bed frame, and then used a couple of padlocks to secure the whole thing in place so it couldn't be removed without the keys.

I then heard the rattling of keys and the rustling of paper. Next thing I knew, the door opened and closed and I heard a car drive off. I was trembling because I had not positively confirmed that it was V either by sight or sound, and her plans for me remained a mystery. Why didn't she say anything and why did she leave?

After perhaps an hour of laying there naked, blindfolded and shackled in a spread-eagle position on my back, I heard the car return and the door open. Did she bring somebody else? Am I being kidnapped? Is her personality different from that fun-loving stewardess from a couple weeks ago? After all, I HAD only met her one time.

Finally I heard her voice. She leaned over me and said, "I'm so excited by what I just did. I took the keys AND the spare keys to your wrist and ankle shackles and your collar, put them ALL in a self-addressed stamped envelope, and dropped them in a mailbox in town! The mail won't be picked up until Saturday, the post office is closed Sunday, and Monday is a holiday, so the mail won't be delivered here until Tuesday afternoon. Even then, I won't go get the mail until Wednesday morning!"

V then started speaking slowly and deliberately so that her message was very clear, "So tonight, all day Saturday, all day Sunday, all day Monday, all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning too, there is no way for me to release you from this bed, even if I wanted to. You will depend upon me for everything. Think about that. You're going to need me to get your food and water, and by the way, you should be starving by now and dying of thirst. You'll need me to let you pee in a bottle or shit in a pan. You'll depend on me to do everything you take for granted, like brush your teeth, scratch an itch, blow your nose, wash your body, shampoo your hair, and shave your face, cock and balls."

Speaking very sternly, she grabbed my balls tightly and said, "I could also spend the whole weekend torturing your cock and balls in ways you've never imagined. So you better do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I say instantly. You are now my personal sex toy and a guinea pig for the tortures I've been imagining. Nod your head if you understand."

I nodded amidst my uncontrollable trembling, but my rock hard cock revealed my excitement. She left me alone again and went to make some food. Later, she returned and said she was going to feed me. She removed my ball gag and then went right into a lip-lock. Before I knew it, she was spitting chewed up food into my mouth.

"Everything you eat, AND drink...," she chuckled with that statement, "is going to come out of my body first. I will chew up all your food, spit it into your mouth, and you will eat every bite. Same thing with drinking – I'll drool it into your mouth. You will also get nourishment in other ways. When I get hot and sweaty, you will lick all the sweat off my body. And you'll suck my tits like you're trying to milk them. But I'm sure you'll be thrilled to know that you are going to learn to drink my piss. Hmmm, and there's something else I want you to sample, but, well no, maybe I'll wait until next time..."

I didn't know what she meant by that last rambling comment, but I was so famished, I gulped down the food and begged for more. She continued chewing and spitting the meal into my mouth. She had not yet quenched my thirst and I had a bad feeling about that first drink. She brought a bowl over and had me turn my head to the side. She brushed my teeth and had me rinse with mouthwash. Then she disappeared again.

When she returned, she turned off all the lights in the house and jumped in bed on top of me. I could feel that she was completely naked with her warm bountiful flesh sliding against me. She stroked her hands all over my body, except for the areas that wanted it. Then she got off the bed, walked around to the center of the foot of the bed, leaned over me and started French kissing. It was a very deep and aggressive kiss, and I was starting to think that it might be like that night at the Four Seasons hotel.

I was thrilled about the prospect of being completely helpless and vulnerable for the next four and half days. I was locked into my favorite position with no possibility of escape from anyone until the keys arrived in the mail. That explained why she had ordered me to take off on Tuesday and arrange to come to work late on Wednesday.

After an endless kiss, she shifted position so that we could do some mutual nipple sucking. She was biting my nipples while I sucked hers as hard as I could. Then she stopped and repositioned herself. She turned around and sat square on my face with her legs spread open and hanging over the foot of the bed. Her weight was crushing down on my face. With her ample pussy smothering me, I sought out her cunt with my lips and then proceeded to give her a tongue bath. I gradually sucked her entire voluminous vulva into my mouth. I gently stroked my tongue back and forth across her inner labia. Finally I targeted her clit with my tongue. Love juices were pouring out of her. A few times she lifted up and would then spend several minutes sliding back and forth hard against my nose. This went on and on and on for a staggering length of time. I had never had gone down on a woman for so long. I lost all track of time, but it seemed like she spent several hours straight forcing me to orally bring her to one orgasm after another.

It was extremely frustrating that she had not even touched my cock or balls. The first touch to my cock was to simply slide it into the neck of a bottle so I could pee. After I was done, she put the cap on and set it in the bathroom. Then the first unpleasant event occurred. She said, "I've been holding mine in for hours. It's time to quench your thirst."

She mounted my face again but in the opposite direction so that my nose sampled her ass. She said, "Open wide. I'm going to pee into your mouth. I'm ordering you to drink every drop!" The hot salty liquid poured in surprisingly fast. I overcame my initial reaction to gag, and started gulping as fast as I could. I was so thirsty and so turned on that I didn't care to contemplate what I was being forced to do.

She must have had two minutes of piss in her. I tried to get it all, but some leaked out over my face. After she was done, she said that I was a good boy for trying so hard. She wiped the piss from my face and reinserted the ball gag. Then she said, "You missed a few drops, so now you must be punished." She opened her closet door and retrieved her electro-torture toys. She started hooking AC adapters into a couple of power strips that were plugged in by the bed. While she was getting ready she said, "You wrote to me in your email that you wanted to be the sex slave to a merciless dominatrix, didn't you? Be careful what you wish for because now your wish is going to come true."

I grimaced and nodded my head.

"I'm the dominatrix and you're my sex slave. I won't use any safe-words because you wanted the dominatrix to be merciless. Not that you could say anything anyway with that gag in your mouth. I intend to go way beyond your limits this weekend. Your rock hard cock is revealing your excitement. I'm going to be a very very very bad girl this weekend!"

She had me arch my lower back way up so she could reach my butt. On each cheek so attached a large 4x6 butterfly electrode. She connected it to a TENS electrical muscle stimulator and started fiddling with the controls. I started to feel the cheeks contract slightly. The duration of the pulse was a couple of seconds at first, but then she increased it to about five seconds. Then there was a pause for a few seconds followed by another pulse. She said, "I can't spank or whip you while you are laying on your back, so I'll just have this little machine do it for me. This is set at 20 (mA) right now. The pleasure zone is from about 20 to 30. The 40s and 50s become painful. Higher settings become unbearable. Oh, and this little machine will go up to 100, so keep that in mind when I ask you to do something."

She started attaching more electrodes. These were smaller ones, about 2" round. She put a pair at the very top and bottom of my inner thighs on each leg and did the same for each hamstring. Then I heard the clanking of metal and Plexiglas. She pulled my balls and scrotum as far from my body as possible while connecting the base part of a ball crusher. The base had two acrylic cylinders connected together by a pair of long screws near each end, with wing-nuts that could be spun to push the two cylinders together. Those cylinders were positioned to separate my balls from my torso. She tightened them together by spinning the wing nuts until the cylinders were as close together as they would go. The cylinders squeezed my sac extremely tightly. The other part of the ball crusher had a large flat rectangular Plexiglas plate connected perpendicularly to the cylinders by two more long screws and wing-nuts. She started tightening those wing-nuts until the plate pressed hard against my nuts. As she continued tightening, the pressure mounted as my balls were compressed and had no place to go. She could hear my moans through the gag as the discomfort increased. I feared that she might actually burst my balls. She finally stopped and whispered, "A little bit more. Nod yes, or I'll crush them all the way." I didn't even want another quarter turn, but I nodded yes anyway out of fear. She turned it again, but very slowly, and she watched in fascination at how the balls would try to relieve the pressure within their new prison.

I heard her snap something onto the ballcrusher plate. Then shockingly, I felt the same kind of pulse that was on my cheeks flow through my balls. She said, "I forgot to tell you that this plate has two built-in electrodes perfectly positioned for each ball. Let's turn up the juice and see what happens."

My whole body tensed up and I tightly gripped the chain around my wrist shackles and pulled. The current flowing into my scrotum made it feel like someone was kicking my balls with a boot. She said, "I forgot to mention that I have a lot of these wonderful machines. This one for the balls is set at a power of 20. The balls are much more sensitive than your butt and don't have a lot of mass to absorb the shock. I'll set this so that every 10 seconds you will get a shock that lasts for 2 seconds. I'll turn up the power again shortly."

She turned on the juice to my thighs and hamstrings. She turned the power up to 50 on my cheeks. This power level went from pleasurable to a feeling of a vicious spanking. But this wasn't a person who would eventually tire, it was a machine that would spank relentlessly. She cranked up the power to my thighs and hamstrings too. Lastly, she upped the power on the balls from 20 to 30, causing me to gasp at each shock. Then she said, "You're balls are being crushed and shocked, but still at a pretty low setting. You're ass is being spanked by a machine that won't get tired. You're leg muscles are being tormented by muscle contractions they can't stop. I'm going to give you some time to ponder your predicament. Each night I'm going to try different things and turn the power up. Way up. It's the middle of the night and I'm getting sleepy. I'm going into another room to get some rest. Pleasant dreams!"

There was nothing I could do to pass the time quickly. My leg muscles were gradually fatiguing like I was running a marathon. My balls were hurting more and more with each shock. It was like someone kicked my in the balls, causing me to double over, and then kicked again, again and again. If this setting was 30, I couldn't possibly imagine experiencing a setting of 100. There was no way to sleep, so I started counting each shock to the balls. V said that there were 10 seconds of delay followed by a 2 second shock. Every 5 shocks would span a minute. When I got to 300, that meant about an hour had passed. I was literally and figuratively stunned that she would leave me like this all night.

I counted over 1200 before V finally returned to the room. Every single one of those shocks caused my whole body to tense up. She turned off the power, but I still felt tingling everywhere. She casually said, "I have to go to the bathroom" as she removed the gag from my mouth. She mounted my mouth and let loose with another torrent of piss. I welcomed her golden shower as I finally had respite from the relentless and painful electro-torture. She finished up and returned to the other bed. I quickly collapsed into a much needed deep sleep.

As I came to, sometime Saturday morning, V had mounted my cock and was fucking my brains out. She had removed the ball crusher and all the electrodes, and slid a cock ring on the base of my penis to keep it hard. She said she wanted to take advantage of my usual rock-hard morning erection. She was moaning and gasping while sliding up and down my pole. I kept pumping hundreds of times until finally exploding. The cock ring still kept me hard for several more minutes of pumping before she stopped. She repositioned herself to seal her cunt over my mouth and then ordered me to suck her dry. I sucked and licked all the sweat, juices and cum I could get my lips and tongue on. Then she lay down next to me and relaxed for a long while as we both dozed back to sleep.

Later she got up and allowed me to pee in a bottle again. She drooled some juice into my mouth first and then started chewing up the breakfast she made for me. A French kiss followed and the "chewed up" breakfast was spit into my mouth. We continued like this until the breakfast was gone. She got a wet towel and wiped me down and cleaned me up. She brushed my teeth and had me gargle with mouthwash. After reinserting the ball gag, she got out a razor and shaved my face and neck. I felt shaving cream being spread all over my cock, balls, legs and pubic hair area. She skillfully shaved off all the hair, including all the hair off my legs, and then she started talking about something I recalled her mentioning that night in the hotel.

She said, "I've been so looking forward to the moment. You are going to be my partner in my favorite fantasy. We are going to do this each day you're here, and try to make it a little different each time. I'm going to gather all the supplies now."

Although I had no idea what she was planning, I was extremely excited and anxious to find out. V made several trips into the bedroom, but it was a mystery as to what items she had gathered.

She instructed me to lift my torso up off the bed as much as possible. She stuffed a very thick but narrow foam pad underneath me, elevating me up off the bed. The padding only went under my torso, so my legs and arms angled back down towards each corner. Then she looped a belt-like strap underneath the pad and around my lower abdomen and tightened it. She repeated this twice more with straps around my middle and upper torso, affixing me to the pad so I would not be able to roll off. I figured that this was going to make her more comfortable if she were on top of me for an extended period of time. Next, she took leather cuffs with D-rings and connected them in several locations along my arms. Then she attached butterfly electrodes to my butt cheeks and turned on a TENS unit even more powerfully than last night to commence my electrical spanking.

The next thing I knew, my asshole was being lubed up. She said, "I'm going to insert this male pleasure wand into your ass. It is curved to press right up against your prostate. I just put fresh batteries in so it will vibrate like crazy all day." My eyes teared up as this vibrating thing was shoved up my ass. She used duct tape to secure the vibrator firmly in my asshole.

Next, she pulled my cock and balls through some kind of ring. She took several plastic "cable ties" and very tightly secured the base of my scrotum to the top of the ring and the base of my cock to the bottom of the ring. She pulled very tightly and was satisfied that there was absolutely no way for me to pull out of the ring. I couldn't imagine WHAT she was planning to do with that setup.

V said that it was time to get HER set up. She narrated as she went along. She told me that she was taping butterfly electrodes to her ass. She took two vibrators for herself, put in fresh batteries, turned them up to full blast and inserted them into her ass and vagina. She used a lot of duct tape for her anal vibrator, but did not secure the other one. She said that I would be keeping that one secured in place. She also attached leather cuffs all along each of her legs. Then she straddled my face, spread her legs to parallel my arms, and then started linking her legs and my arms together by connecting the cuffs' D-rings together with more cable-ties. She said she had to turn on her TENS unit at the point before continuing. She said she turned hers up to 60 with pulses every other second, just like what I was receiving.

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