tagRomanceDeep Blue Ch. 11

Deep Blue Ch. 11


Chapter Eleven: Dinner and Stuff


When I finally got back to the cabin, Gretchen and Lisa were waiting for me with open arms. I was whisked into the bedroom, stripped, and all but frog-marched into the bathroom to clean up. For once, I was in no mood to argue.

Lisa drew the bath and made the water as hot as was safe before she and Gretchen helped me slip into the whirlpool tub. Then they washed my hair. It felt sinfully decadent to let someone pamper me that way. I should've told them to beat it and washed my own hair, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. My time with Gretchen had made me understand that it was okay to let someone else do things for me, and that complaining about it stole the pleasure from them as well as me. So instead of whining, I simply lay back and enjoyed the attention. When my hair was finished, they proceeded to bathe the rest of me.

Every time I started to tell them what we'd found in Skip's cabin they shushed me. It was almost spooky, since both of them were usually rabid to know what I was up to during an investigation.

"What's going on?" I asked suspiciously. "Have space aliens replaced you both with pod people?"

Gretchen laughed. "No, dear. Tonight we're having dinner and enjoying ourselves. I told the rest and now I'm telling you; I don't want one word about any of that stuff. It'll wait until tomorrow. We came on this cruise to enjoy ourselves and, for tonight at least, that's exactly what we're going to do." She kissed me softly on the lips. "And if you're a good girl, you get dessert."

I raised an eyebrow. That sounded promising. I looked at Lisa and she just grinned silently. I turned and gave Gretchen a little grin of my own. "Okay, I promise to be good. Have I mentioned how much I like whipped cream with my dessert, though?"

Lisa laughed and Gretchen smiled wickedly. "We haven't determined if you deserve dessert yet, so talking about whipped cream is a bit premature." She held up a hand as I started to protest. "Besides, I think there's going to be a lot of cream flowing tonight. I'm not sure if it's going to be whipped, but I think you'll probably still want to lick it all up!"

Lisa laughed again. "I think she topped you, Hawk."

I bit back 'No, but I wish she would' and just shook my head. I didn't need to win all the time. Not with Gretchen, anyway. "You're right, Lisa. Gretchen, honey, I'm going to be a good girl and earn my dessert. No business talk tonight. I wouldn't want you to spank me."

Gretchen got a gleam in her eye. "You know, you're the second person to mention spanking today. I might just have to find a paddle. Though you're not in shape for anything like the time we made love in Kat's office."

I laughed. "No, I don't think I could dish it out like that right now. And if we destroyed the cabin like that office, the bill would be pretty high."

Gretchen laughed again. They helped me out of the tub and dried me slowly.

The soft caress of the towels quickly became arousing. Gretchen knelt at my feet and ran the soft towel over my legs while Lisa dried my torso. My nipples became almost painful as she dried my breast and my breathing seemed to race in my chest.

"This is so unfair," I complained without much force. "We have to get ready for dinner and you two are working me up."

Lisa glanced at Gretchen and then kissed my cheek and headed for the door. "I need to go get dressed, if I'm going to be ready on time, and I think you two need a moment alone. See you in a few minutes."

As the door closed, I pulled my wife into my arms and kissed her deeply. Her arms rubbed my back as we melted against each other. I wove my fingers through her hair and gloried in the taste of her mouth.

Only when she started down my jaw line and toward my neck did I growl and push us apart. "Everyone's going to be waiting for us. I want to toss your ass onto the bed and have my way with you, but it'll have to wait. And there's no way that I'm going to sit through dinner all hot and bothered."

Her eyes smoked at me as she smiled and turned to walk into the bedroom. The sway of her hips trapped my eyes like a bear trap held onto a rabbit. I took a deep breath to steady my nerves and followed her.

Gretchen was stripping out of her clothes, and I had to stop again and watch her. By the time she was down to her frilly red bra and panties, I was falling into that hot and bothered state I'd been trying to avoid.

The graceful movement of her body reminded me how awkward I felt next to her. I knew how badly I bumbled around the dance floor. I was only graceful in a fight. She was poetry in motion. How in hell had I gotten so lucky?

She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me as she sat down to do her makeup. That smile melted my heart all over again. "You need to pick out something to wear. I suggest something fancy tonight. We're all dressing up."

If only she knew how much of a civilizing influence she was on me. I wouldn't dress up for just anyone. "Fine," I grumbled, "but only because you asked nicely."

I dug through the closet and pulled a set of black Georgette Palazzo slacks and a silvery silk blouse with sheer sleeves. I considered wearing a thong but decided with my belly it would look ludicrous. The image of me in the thong started me giggling, and the idea that I even knew what Georgette Palazzo slacks were made me laugh all the harder.

I was just starting to calm down when Gretchen poked her head out of the closet. "What's so funny?" she asked, sending me back into paroxysms of laughter. She shook her head and went back to getting ready.

I finally caught my breath and settled on black panties and a matching bra. As I slipped a pair of nursing pads into the cups of my bra and settled it in place, I shook my head. I sure hoped these weird moods would end when the pregnancy did. I was acting like an idiot.

"If you're done giggling, sit down and let me do your makeup," Gretchen said as soon as I was into my underwear.

"I was not giggling, and I don't need any makeup," I objected. "I'm already dressing up."

Gretchen simply rolled her eyes. "Sit," she commanded.

With a sigh, I sat down. She used all the obscure implements of female torture on me. I hoped she didn't make me too girly. I hated that. This was like playing dress up and I'd never been into that. I definitely wasn't a lipstick lesbian. Thank God the hormones didn't seem to affect that.

When she was done, I looked in the mirror and the first thing that jumped out at me was the black eyeliner and the dark red lipstick. I would've complained about it but all I could see was the way her eyes shined at me. If it made Gretchen happy I'd just have to accept being dressed up like a Barbie doll.

"You look fabulous!" she said. "I am going to be the envy of all the other diners."

"Bullshit," I said with a smile. "Get over there and get that gorgeous ass covered before I toss you on the bed and make us late for dinner."

She laughed. "Let me help you get your pants on and then I'll get dressed." She helped me into my pants and shoes before slinking herself into the fire engine red dress I'd been drooling over since she'd bought it. She was so getting the full treatment tonight.

"You're a cruel, cruel woman," I told her as she modeled it for me. "Now I'm going to need a bib all through dinner to keep from drooling all over myself."

"It'll be worth it," she said with a wink. "Come on, the other's are probably ready."

I followed her out into the main room of the suite, once again eyeing her shapely ass.

Almost everyone was gathered in the common room waiting for us. The men were dressed in sharp three button, single breasted suits of dark tropical wool. None of them were quite the same cut, but there was a certain similarity of style that suggested to me that they might have picked them up on the ship. Ted and Keven managed to look suave. Earl, on the other hand, looked like a couple of mob enforcers I'd seen over the years. Big, tough, and surprisingly sexy. He didn't look anything like a redneck now.

Lisa was decked out in a low-cut sapphire blue dress that clung to all her curves. The sight of her quickened my breath. She was beautiful. Ted was one lucky bastard.

I forced my gaze off her and took in Sandy. Her gown was a pale ivory and studded with pearls. Unlike Lisa's, it buttoned up to her throat. The formal look made her look so elegant.

Jo was dressed the most exotically in a deep green wrap-around sarong. The way the fabric clung to her slender body and hinted at her assets was most alluring.

The only one missing was Trish. I raised my eyebrow at Gretchen. "Did we lose someone?"

"Not yet," she said mysteriously. "She wanted to let us get seated before she joined us. Have a seat, everyone." She gestured at the dining table.

I took a seat. "Isn't that just like a woman to make you wait?" I asked Ted in a sotto voice.

He smiled back with a twinkle in his eyes. "Sometimes, but it's always worth it."

I settled back and it finally dawned on me that the dining table was fully laid out with plates and serving utensils. Platters of food were probably under the silver domes that dotted the table. I raised an eyebrow at Gretchen. "We're eating in and dressing up at the same time? What gives?"

"It's a surprise," she said with a smile. "Just go with it." She raised her voice. "Trish! We're all waiting for you."

The door to Keven and Sandy's bedroom opened and Trish came skipping out. My heart stopped beating for a moment. She was dressed up like a Catholic schoolgirl in a white blouse and dark skirt that swirled around her mid-thighs. Her hair fell down her back in two long braids.

"Evening everyone," she said cheerfully.

I was speechless. When I finally tore my eyes away from her I saw that all the men were just as stunned as I was. The women looked surprised, except for Gretchen. That figured. I'd never thought myself susceptible to that male fantasy, but the evidence that I was wrong was unmistakable. In a flash I was wet. My heart started beating again, and it was going a mile a minute, as if making up for lost time. Now I knew what Gretchen had in mind for after dinner entertainment.

"Dear God in heaven," I muttered in awe.

"Thank you!" Trish said and started serving us.

Gretchen laughed and hugged me. "Surprise. Now, let's dig in everyone. I'm betting we'll need the energy later."

It took a while for us to get into any kind of normal dinner conversation. We ate and talked about the interesting things we'd seen on the ship. I remembered that work was off-limits and kept myself focused on listening to their stories of shopping. Jo and Earl had visited the water park and were enthusiastic about getting in some swimming. That actually sounded like it might be fun.

The seafood that someone had picked for the meal was wonderful. I devoured my lobster like I was starving. Then I had a second helping. The butter sauce was fabulous.

Half an hour later we had demolished the meal and Gretchen served us an after dinner drink. I was shocked to see that she handed me a real drink. I took a sip of the small whiskey she allowed me and eyed her curiously.

"One won't hurt," she said. "Just relax and go with the flow."

I wondered when someone would mention what was going to happen after dinner, but no one talked about it. I began to wonder if I'd misunderstood when Gretchen took my empty glass and set it on the bar.

"Hawk," she said, "are you okay with this? Say the word and we'll just retire to the bedroom."

I looked at everyone else and saw the excitement and uncertainty in their eyes. I'd known we would be getting together with Ted and Lisa, but this was a lot more. An honest-to-god orgy. I searched my emotions and then I nodded. "Let's see what happens."

A silent exhalation let the tension out of everyone. I wondered how one kicked off an orgy.

Gretchen helped me over to a couch and sat down next to me. "I think the way to ease into this is for everyone to start with their own partners. Trish, do you want to help me?"

Trish rose to her feet and sat down on the opposite side of me from Gretchen, looking at her expectantly. Everyone else was moving to couches and love seats, but my attention was focused on Gretchen and Trish.

Gretchen broke the ice by kissing me deeply and rubbing her body against me. My tension flowed out of me in a rush and I wrapped my arms around her, returning her kiss with all the love I had inside me. The wine she'd drunk made her mouth taste exotic and sweet. Our tongues dueled in growing heat.

I was reminded that we weren't alone when I felt a soft pair of lips tracing the curve of my neck. A wave of extra excitement flowed through me like an electric current. I gasped in pleasure and Gretchen pulled back a few inches.

"Kiss her," she whispered huskily. "Kiss Trish, Hawk."

Almost like I was in a dream, I turned my head and my lips met Trish's. Her eyes were bright with excitement and her breath tickled my nose. Her lips were soft and inexperienced. A wave of lust rolled across me.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl as we kissed for the first time. She smelled of strawberries and innocence. And desire. I felt Gretchen kissing down my neck and unbuttoning my blouse, but it was almost like it was happening to another person. Before I was really aware of it, she had my blouse fully undone and was kissing the curve of my breast as she deftly undid the clasp to my bra. My swollen breasts swung heavily as she released them from captivity.

Her lips and tongue began working on my right breast as Trish broke our kiss. The girl helped me out of my top and bra before swooping down to capture my other nipple in her mouth.

I threw my head back and moaned. Her mouth was like a furnace on my nipple. It felt like she was trying to suck every drop of milk from my breast and suck my nipple down her throat.

Then she squeaked in surprise and pulled back. I opened the eyes that I hadn't remembered closing and looked at her in sudden concern. A trickle of white from the corner of her mouth told me what had happened. Her eyes were wide with surprise.

"Sorry," I murmured. "I should have told you I was lactating. You don't have to do that."

Gretchen turned Trish's face and kissed her. A subdued wash of jealousy came over me, but I forced it back down. Gretchen loved me. This was just fun. It was surprisingly easy to beat the feeling back as I watched Gretchen go after my milk. Trish kissed her back enthusiastically.

When they broke their kiss, Trish looked at me with her innocent eyes. "It's okay," she said softly. "I was just surprised, that's all." She lowered her lips back to my nipple and looked up at me. "Feed me, Momma Hawk."

"I told you the cream would flow tonight, honey," Gretchen whispered in my ear, "but I can tell you forgot that you have three sources to our one."

I'd only thought I had a furnace between my legs. With Trish's and Gretchen's words as fuel, I was suddenly on fire as Trish licked the drop of milk off my nipple and began nursing at my breast. Her eyes closed and her face became blissfully serene. I watched her throat as she swallowed the milk that was suddenly spraying into her mouth.

Gretchen chuckled throatily. "I prefer my cream from a different source," she told me, before kissing her way down my stomach. Her nimble fingers quickly undid my pants. I raised my ass to help her slide my pants and panties off. Then I turned to the side and lay down on the couch. My back was immediately grateful. She then climbed onto the couch and dipped her face between my legs.

Her hot breath was quickly followed by nimble fingers and her sweet, sweet tongue.

"Oh, god," I moaned. I couldn't even see her over my belly so I focused my attention on Trish. "Don't stop. Please."

Trish moved to kneel on the floor and resumed her after dinner drink. She nursed for a minute and then let my milk spray on her face. She was quickly speckled with drops of mother's milk until the flow subsided to a trickle. Then she kissed me. Her mouth was full of milk and we shared it in a kinky kiss, swapping it back and forth before she swallowed it.

Then she stood and let one hand play with the front of her skirt. Her head hung in mock innocence. I wasn't fooled. I could see the lust in her eyes. "Momma Hawk, I feel funny. Down there."

I laughed. I'd have figured myself to be the last person turned on by this particular kink, but I was. "Oh, you poor little girl," I said. "Let Momma Hawk see your owie."

She shook her head and scrunched her face up. "It's in my special place."

A sharp groan momentarily pulled my attention back to the rest of the room. It was Earl. He was sitting upright on the couch and Jo knelt at his feet, her head bobbing in his lap. His eyes were on us, though. Or, rather, they were on Trish. If he wasn't careful, Jo was going to get a real mouthful.

Lisa was on the dinner table, of all places. Her dress was pulled up to her waist and her legs were spread wantonly. Ted's head was between her thighs and I knew just what kind of devastation he was laying on her. She caught my gaze and squeezed her breasts. She really liked being watched. I knew exhibitionism was her game.

Keven and Sandy were naked and he was lying on top of her on the other couch, slowly fucking her. They were kissing and lost in their own world. I took a moment to admire both of them and wonder how he would feel inside me. I hoped to find out soon.

Gretchen chose that moment to lock her lips around my clit and slip two fingers deep inside me, searching for my G spot. My eyes rolled back in my head at the sudden pleasure. My wife certainly knew how to eat pussy.

"Momma!" Trish said mock-petulantly, pulling my attention back to her. "My special place is hurting!"

"Bring it here and let Momma Hawk kiss it and make it all better," I said.

She lifted the hem of her skirt and I saw her mound pushing out the plain white panties she was wearing.

I pulled her panties down and she daintily stepped out of them. Then she flexed her knees and brought her pussy to my face. I used my fingers to rub her swollen labia and then kissed her mons. The scent of her arousal filled my senses.

Using my fingers, I opened her up and gazed at the fresh, sweet womanhood before me. With a primal growl, I ran my tongue up the length of her sex. I couldn't see her face anymore, but I felt her body tremble and heard her moan. Then she was sliding onto the couch and planting her knees to either side of my head, settling her sex onto my mouth. The sudden dark under her skirt cut off my sight, but I dove in with gusto. She'd saved my wife and I was going to show her how much that meant to me right now.

She must've been on a hair trigger because she flooded my mouth with her sweet nectar in seconds and ground her clit against my nose while she screamed. "Yes! Eat me, Hawk! Suck my clit."

I wallowed in her sex, using my lips, tongue and entire face to pleasure her. My hands held her hips as I tried to stick my tongue all the way inside her. I was still trying when Gretchen pushed me over the top and I screamed my own pleasure into Trish's slippery pussy.

Trish's fingers in my hair pulled me back to my task and ground my face into her as I felt Gretchen climb off the couch. I returned to devouring Trish and only came back to myself when several pairs of hands helped slide a pillow under my ass.

I was wondering what was going on until I felt the couch shift with the weight of someone heavier than Gretchen. My guess was confirmed when a rough chin rubbed against my inner thigh. Then an unfamiliar tongue split my sex.

Whoever it was, he was pretty good but was obviously too excited to keep at it long. All too quickly, he moved to kneel between my legs and I felt a condom-covered cock rubbing at my pussy. I was holding my breath for the moment he slid into me when I felt another pair of hands moving Trish's skirt off my chest. A pair of feminine lips quickly began sucking me. I hoped she didn't mind my milk.

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