tagBDSMDeep Breathing Before Bedtime

Deep Breathing Before Bedtime


***All characters are over the age of 18.***

Up. Down. Up. Down.

My eyelids flutter as the length of Daddy's cock plunges down into my throat. I have neither time nor space even to gag, as his pre-cum covered tip bulges against the front of my neck. Daddy reaches back behind his thigh to finger my throat where his cock has settled, and he laughs, his length twitching inside me causing my eyes to flutter again as he bounces his pelvis against my lips.


He pulls out when I begin to break character, writhing quietly beneath him as my brain screams for oxygen. I gasp and release a strangled moan, looking up at the older man fucking my face. In the soft, starry quiet of the room - Daddy insisted on using a nightlight when he came to visit me - I could barely make out the greying stubble on his chin, the evil smile plastered across his face.

"Shh..." he hisses above me, slapping his hand gently against the side of my face. I press my thighs together and force myself not to squirm in anticipation as his hand raises to my eyes, shuttering them. His hand drifts heavily down my face, down over my nose, down across my wet, swollen lips.

There is a lull and all I can hear is the strained hum of silence.


He plunges deep into my throat without restraint. I struggle to contain my body as it commands my hands to move him away.

Restraint is for Princesses, not for Kings, Daddy often says.

Currently we are in his favorite position. I am laid back like Sleeping Beauty, my eyes closed and my hands folded lightly over my breasts. He is crouched over my face, one hand clutching the four poster headboard behind me, the other wrapped around one of the two puffy pigtails Daddy put my hair in before bed. I am wearing the long, pink satin nightgown Daddy purchased for me to sleep in, a high slit in the side as all the dresses he buys me have.

Easy access without whorishness is key for a good Princess, Daddy often says.

"I am going to fuck you until I cum, Princess," he whispers to me, and a coil of pleasure surges through me, my throat relaxing at his statement.

Up, down, up, down. I hold my breath, deep down where his cock can't touch, to give him the space he needs inside me.

Up, down, up, down. I want to groan, and I wonder if he will play with my pussy when he is done.

Up, down, up, down. The sensation of breathlessness is beginning to go to my head. I hear him humming the song Once Upon A Dream as he reams into me and reminds me that I am his Princess. My eyes open of their own accord and I, dazed, vision beginning to darken as the stars dance on the ceiling, watch as he drags his length out of my mouth and drives it back in.

I can feel my throat expanding with each thrust of his hips, and with every slap of his balls against my chin my eyes roll back a little more.

Suddenly there is air again. My lungs are burning and I am wanting to cough but only moans come out. I stick my tongue out and lap at the air like a snake as saliva pools in my mouth, seeking out my prey.

"More, Daddy. More please," I whisper in my best-behaved voice, submissive but clear. The smile on his face becomes a toothy grin and I wonder if he is less a Fairy Tale King than a Villain.

Does it matter when he fucks you like this?, a rogue voice in my head whispers. Daddy's throbbing dick pushes in and disappears again before I can think, and I am grateful for the interruption. "Sluts that only care about money beg like that," he hisses grabbing my chin and pushing two fingers down the length of my tongue. I swallow deeply then close my eyes again, remembering what he wants from me.

Be still and take what I give you Princess, Daddy often says.

"Open your eyes."

Shit, is too late? I open my eyes and look up at him, waiting. There is a tenseness in the air that cuts through even the smell of sex, and I remember I am in his guest room, in his manor, wearing the clothes that he bought from me and - what was most important - begging for his cock.

"Are you a slut, Princess?"

I open my mouth to answer and immediately he is back inside, his girth raking against the slick, sticky sides of my throat. He puts his other hand behind my neck and pushes me forward onto his dick, grinding and bouncing against my face as though he were fucking my pussy.

Yes, I scream inside. Please, yes!

"My little fuck toy," he whispers, his tip scraping deliciously against the roof of my mouth. Yes, fuck toy!

"My little Princess," he groans, his pace becoming erratic and brutish. Ungh!

Yes! I begin to mumble inaudibly against his dick as he pistons in and out; as the weightlessness that comes with a lack of oxygen returns, I can no longer differentiate where he is fucking me.

I know this, however: I am being fucked.

My eyes open again and I watch the stars circle mechanically along the ceiling as Daddy's hands clasp over either of my ears. A forceful shove sends his cock deeper than it has ever gone and I cringe in pain even as my pussy sings with happiness. The lack of sound sends my body off balance and I feel then as if I am floating, a cloud, wispy and thin amidst the storm that is Daddy's desire. Then my throat is swallowing and Daddy is whispering in one ear as the other remains covered: "Swallow you little bitch, take it all."

I squeal as my pussy starts to spasm, and I wonder that I might be coming as well. The world turns a fuzzy shade of grey as we both wait for him to go soft in my mouth. When it does I smile and gently suckle his now flaccid penis.

"What a beautiful Princess I have," he groans, and I feel myself glow with pride even through my immense fatigue. He lays my head back against my pillows and wipes at the cum that escaped my mouth, swirling it on my chest and dotting it on my nose. "Say 'Thank you Sugar Daddy,'" he demands as he licks his lips and slips a hand beneath my nightgown, tugging at my right nipple.

"Thank you Sugar Daddy," I parrot back to him, my voice thick and dreamy. My eyes follow him as he swings himself off of me and stands up from the bed. I want to whimper and make him stay, but I know how he expects me to act, and once I am calm I close my eyes and straighten my posture.

He is humming again, and I can hear his footsteps as he returns. The bed creaks under his weight as he sits down at my side, and I hold my breath as his hand delves between my legs, lifting up the satin fabric of my nightgown.

Slowly, teasingly, he pushes in a dildo long enough to hit my cervix, and I moan quietly, my pussy twitching around the cold surface of the toy. Once fully inside, he replaces the satin fabric, bunching it and tucking it underneath my ass for good measure.

"You are so sleepy, aren't you little one?" he whispers, as he runs a soft rope beneath my thighs.

"Mhm, so sleepy," I mumble in a gentle voice, yawning even as my hips attempt to grind the dildo further into me.

"So sleepy -" he continues, tying my legs closed, the dildo now nestled comfortably inside. He reaches in between my now fastened legs, his fingers searching.

"It's time for bed Princess," he states clearly, a jarring command amidst the sweet, lulling whispers of before.

A switch is flipped and a strong, pulsing vibration is now destroying my already tenuous hold over my self-control. I whine lazily and my hips begin to rise from the bed, an orgasm I am consciously aware of now threatening to take hold.

My eyes open. Thanks to the stars cast by the nightlight I can see him clearly, his eyes darting between my face and the scrunched, dampening fabric between my legs. I can still feel the stickiness of his cum in my throat and yet he is already rubbing at his crotch like a starved man.

"Uh... uh... Daddy," I breathe, trying to tell him... something. Anything. Please.

Finally, after resting on the sight of my erect nipples pushing up through the pink satin, his eyes connect with mine and I begin to salivate, my body stiffening and readying to -


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