tagNovels and NovellasDeep Secret Ch. 28 - Mealtime

Deep Secret Ch. 28 - Mealtime

byGlobal Carol©

After the workout, the three of us went upstairs and had some juice and coffee. Joa said she'd make breakfast for us, but wanted to shower first. A good idea, we all agreed, was putting showers on the morning's agenda.

Once upstairs in our room, I stripped out of my workout clothes. Simone had done the same before me and I enjoyed watching her naked body do the mundane things that two people do when they're close.

She brought over a basket for my sweaty clothes and threw them in on top of hers. After putting the basket in a corner near the door she walked into the bathroom. I followed.

It was a treat to watch that cute butt of hers, seeing the muscles ripple as she walked in the graceful way she did.

It went without saying that such an exclusive house would have some sort of instant hot water system: she actually got into the large shower and turned on the water while standing under the showerhead. I'd never enjoyed getting that initial blast of cold water so I hesitated, but as soon as I saw her immediately begin to enjoy the heat of the shower I got in with her. This shower was actually made for two. It was so large, in fact, that you could probably put a single bed in there. In addition, there were two sets of showerheads and controllers, one at each end of the shower space.

As each of us scrubbed ourselves clean from the workout's aftermath, I remember thinking, "I really have to ask how much these special agents get paid for their work." This was apparently a vacation home that Joa used only occasionally and I figured it must have cost at least several million dollars. Not knowing the luxury vacation mansion market, though, that could be a low estimate,

I was surprised out of my musings, when suddenly my cock was delighted to feel Simone's lovely butt sideling up in front of it. Her tight muscles almost seemed to capture my cock in the crack of her cheeks. Before I knew it I was hard and starting to find my way in between her pussy lips.

As my natural thrusting motion slowly pushed my cock between her lips, I noticed that, although she'd just finished washing, her inner pussy lips were already well lubricated. I slipped into her with ease and it felt like perfection. I started to push in and then pull out just a bit as her body responded in a similar manner to mine.

After we got into a smooth rhythm, part of my mind started to remember back to Mrs. Mysterich's anatomy and chemistry classes when we learned about hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules in the lipid bilayer of cell walls.

Now, I know what you're thinking: Why is the doofus thinking about plasma membranes while his dick is buried deep inside the sexiest woman he's ever met?

It's not an unreasonable question, but, to quote the Bard "Though this be madness, yet there is method in't." You see, I was thinking about the vagina's natural lubricants and how, even though we were surrounded by the strong shower's spray, our male and female parts were able to slide wonderfully back and forth with no diminishment whatsoever. I thought this was sort of like the idea of the cell wall in humans. (Thank you, Mrs. Mysterich!)

Boy, did I get off the subject! And while we're on the subject of getting off, I realized that Simone was now beginning a clamp down on my cock, indicating that she was "out there" somewhere having an orgasm. I enjoyed watching her beautiful, soft, firm backside and all that I could see of her enjoy this delightful climax.

This happened a couple more times: she'd stroke with me in and out and then she'd stop and climax. Needless to say, it didn't take me long to get with the program. Soon I was ready to join her.

As my thrusts into her tight and wet pussy got me to that place "from whose bourn no traveler returns" (Shakespeare must have been smiling that day!), she, of course, knew that I was going to shoot. Apparently wanting to taste the juice, she pushed into me hard and then reached down to grab the base of my cock as she quickly moved off of me and down to her knees on the floor of the shower.

Without even so much as missing a beat, she took me down to the base in her throat and continued to use her mouth and throat in the same way that she'd been using her pussy not a moment before. I was so intent upon coming that my cock didn't know the difference at first. Making my cock even happier was her tongue, caressing the area in between my balls with each downstroke of her head. I was -- almost without warning -- about to come. Simone knew just what was happening and shoved me so hard down her gullet I thought she might have broken her nose against my abs.

My orgasm began so quickly, in fact, that I must have shot two or three big jets way down her throat. Realizing that she was missing what for her was always the best part, she quickly pulled back from me, though she did keep a lot of my cock inside her mouth, her tongue doing some kind of heavenly dance all over it.

I remember the next three or four cum shots felt so good because of her tongue. She always had the ability to do new things that caused each of my climaxes to be unique and memorable. It was just then that she began to climax. This was unlike the vaginal orgasms she'd just had. Her oral orgasms were on a whole different plane.

It always surprised me how she had these different orgasmic tiers. I liked that about her.

After shooting another one or two good-sized jets of my white juice in her amazing mouth I began to come down from my orgasm, my flow of semen ebbing. Simone, though, was still climaxing like it was an event for the ages.

She appeared to be in another world for a few more seconds when she grabbed a hold of my cock with one hand, pushed me to the side of the shower away from the spray, shot up and grabbed a towel, wiped her hands dry, and, standing directly in front of me, slowly let the accumulated ejaculate drip onto her now-dry hand. As the dripping continued to ooze over her lower lip, down her chin, and onto her hand she seemed to clench every few seconds in smaller throes of orgasm.

It must have taken 20 or 25 seconds for her to let it all dribble and drizzle out of her mouth, down her chin, and onto her hand. I was surprised there was so much of it, but I knew that I did pretty well in the quantity department most of the time.

Seeming to read my mind, when the last of it had dripped down and was hanging in pendulous strings off her chin, she said, "Ed, one of the best things about having sex with you is the taste of your cum, but another is the amount of it. You could match any of those guys in the porn business. Not that it's a career I recommend; I think you should get your graduate degree and just come on the side! Or in my mouth."

"OK," I told her, "I'll follow your advice: I'll get my degree and come whenever you'd like." I smiled and kissed her.

"You know what?" she asked me, looking dreamily at the pooled cum in her palm.

I shook my head, "Hmm?"

"I'm hungry from that workout. It's great having a gym in your own place, isn't it? Remember you and I met at the gym?"

I nodded, thinking how lucky I was that day. As she was speaking she was sexily sliding her tongue around the semen in the palm of her hand. I began to get hard again.

"Plus, all that sucking, you know. I want something to eat -- maybe with a side of semen!"

She bent her head down and slurped the entire white puddle into her mouth, having a small orgasm, obviously just from the taste. Next, she quickly grabbed my cock and gave it a little squeeze while dropping to her knees. She used both hands to squeeze another few drops of semen out and sucked it into her already full mouth.

Before I knew it, she had stepped out of the shower, dried herself, threw on a dark blue terry robe that complemented her short, flaxen hair and crystal blue eyes, and was gone.

Not knowing if Joa would be downstairs or even if there'd be any other company in the house and feeling pretty weak from the workout and the abundant orgasm I'd just experienced, I took my time shaving and getting dressed. Plus, I figured that by the time she'd reached the kitchen she would have swallowed the mouthful of semen and, after breakfast we'd be on to exploring the snow-covered resort.

But not for the first -- nor the last -- time would I be in error with my figuring.

As I came down the stairs I heard more than a few different voices coming from the other side of the great room. As I approached the kitchen I could hear many people talking and laughing.

My entry was barely noticed, though, because of a commotion at the far end of a dark, wooden, rectangular kitchen table that sat 20 or more. At the far end I could just barely see Joa seated, her back towards me, with at least a couple dozen guys crowding around her. All of them had their pants down and at least one hand on his dick. Those who were the closest each had his hard-on aiming directly at her face. Those not so fortunate were queuing up in three lines. And there I was, I thought to myself, a moment ago upstairs deciding not to wear just a robe to go downstairs lest I appear "indecent."

"Hi, how are you, sweetie?" I heard Simone say from the other direction.

Walking over to her I gave her a nice sexy kiss. When it ended she said, "You're probably wondering what's going on, huh?"

I nodded and began to open my mouth, somewhat confused. Again, I had many questions: Where did all these guys come from? Why was Joa apparently taking them all on? What was I doing here?

Had Simone swallowed her mouthful?

"It's all worked out just perfectly," she answered her own question. "I was hoping to get some more semen and when I came downstairs, Joa was practicing her deep throat technique. For now, at least, she's letting me get most of the cum."

Suddenly I'd lost my appetite. Our relationship had always been a sharing one, well, to some degree, at least. I didn't know much about her work as an agent, but that was part of the deal. Yet, whenever we'd occasionally had sex with others we'd discussed it first or at least we were both in sync. Now she was going to be swallowing the semen from a large bunch of guys I didn't know and she hadn't told me about until just now.

I loved her sexuality, her desire to please me, her desire to please herself, her incredible mind, and her amazing body. But somehow just learning that she was going to suck off this bunch of guys was more than just stretching things. I felt betrayed. I felt like our relationship was breaking down, maybe ever since I'd learned about this whole secret agent thing. And, mostly, I was pissed.

On the other hand, what was I going to do? Was I going to stomp out like a child not getting his way? We'd never said anything about being exclusive. I knew that part of her job was to do whatever it took to get the job done. She -- of all people -- was supremely qualified to do that. (And she looked like the kind of agent you only see in the movies.)

"You're OK with that, Ed, aren't you?" she asked.

"Well, it's just kind of a surprise. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel," I told her.

"I'm sorry, honey, but I didn't think it would upset you. You always thought the enjoyment I get from semen was a turn-on."

"Uh, yeah," I mumbled. "I guess."

"Oh, come on. You know how I always come from the taste of cum. Well, here's a rare opportunity for me to get a lot of it. You wouldn't deny a gal her heart's desire, would you?"

At the end of that statement she licked her tongue slowly around her lips and then opened her mouth wide, her tongue extending down toward her chin. To emphasize the intent, with her back to the guys in Joa's face, she opened the robe revealing her squeaky clean, flawless body. Her high and unrealistically large natural breasts quivered and then came to rest. She slowly shook her hips from side to side. I looked down at her trimmed nearly hairless pussy and those legs that went on for days, then moved my eyes back to her breasts and finally to that open, sensuous mouth.

I could think of nothing at the moment except her enchantments. I was putty in her hands. I was excited. Suddenly I wanted to see her suck all of those guys and drink their cum. I wanted to see her enjoying every last drop of it.

I was one sick puppy, but I didn't care. I had an insistent hard-on and I wanted to come all over this beautiful woman's -- my beautiful woman's -- welcoming tongue.

Suddenly, I realized, I was no longer pissed. It was time simply to be in the moment, to enjoy what was, and to stop overthinking everything.

"OK, guys, I've got breakfast almost ready," Simone announced to the room.

"I think we're almost there, too," Joa said, though her mouth was being invaded by at least two cocks at the moment. Hence, I was unsure of her exact choice of words.

"I'll put a low light under it and see how we're doing," Simone said. After doing the former she headed over to the table to do the latter.

I followed her to the far end of the table, amidst the cries of pleasure.

It's interesting that those same cries are the ones we say when we have pain: "Oh, fuck. Oh, shit. Oh, jeez. Oh, fuckin' shit." Of course there were some others that I'd never said while experiencing pain, such as "Swallow my fuckin' cum," "Take my load," and especially "Here, eat this, bitch!"

But, I digress.

It appeared that Joa had induced a mass of orgasms in the men surrounding her. Joa was naked from the waist up and that beautiful brown skin was well speckled -- in some areas, coated -- with gobs of semen. She looked like an "after" shot on a before-and-after bukkake party flyer.

"So, does your team's hiring requirement include 'must be able to perform extraordinary feats of semen production'?" I asked Simone as we just stood there enjoying the view.

For their part the guys were oblivious to almost anything except Joa's mouth, though a couple were stroking their cocks against her exquisitely well-shaped breasts. It was especially endearing to see the beautiful smile on her face and her mouth overflowing with semen. Try as she might to retain it, nevertheless, it was literally flowing over her lips and down her chin, as the cum seemed to be accumulating faster than she could swallow.

"Now, remember you promised," Simone yelled to her.

Through a mouth, obviously filled with something, I heard Joa yell, "Oll." I didn't know what that meant until I saw Simone race back to the kitchen cabinets and scoot back with a lead crystal glass bowl.

So they were going to be tag teaming a bowl of semen, huh? I found that exciting and disgusting, simultaneously.

I decided to stay with "exciting" and let go of the other feeling. Normally I don't do that too well, but with so little blood flowing to my brain at the time, I didn't think I could entertain any additional thoughts.

As the gang made way for Simone to get to Joa, one of the guys began to come, aiming at Joa's mouth, but apparently not a strong shooter. Simone could see that his orgasmic offering was going to be wasted and knew what had to be done. Kneeling in front of Joa, surrounded by all these guys violently stroking their cocks, she grabbed the comer's cock and aimed it into the bowl, working with his hand to complete his orgasm. He was telling the world loudly that he was enjoying himself and, though I was a little unsettled by seeing my girlfriend with a stranger, it was exciting to watch her handle the situation with only a small bit of semen missing the bowl.

"Yes. Yes. Oh, god. Yes!" Simone interjected as she made the dick shoot its white fluid into the bowl.

When he was nearly done, Simone swooped down to suck out what she could from his cock. After apparently all he was able to produce was either in the bowl or her mouth, Simone smiled at me and I watched a surprisingly large amount of cum dribble from her mouth into the crystal bowl that was now in Joa's lap.

The brimming mouthful that had been slowly but steadily dripping from Joa's mouth had been mostly drooled down her chin and a nice little pool of semen had begun to coalesce in the bowl. Seeing the white and the black skin of the two beautiful women seemed to have the effect of bringing several of the guys to new orgasms. I think four or five of them came at almost the same time in Joa's mouth or the bowl. Simone also took it upon herself to assist in the orgasms of at least two more that I could count. (How thoughtful.)

As the gang continued their spree of climaxes, seemingly unabated, I settled into a nearby chair to watch -- and, I must admit, to start stroking myself in a slow, but deliberate manner. Watching the two of them devour these cocks and their endless supply of semen was incredibly exciting.

It's one thing to see it on a computer monitor, television, or tablet. It's another to see the same interweaving of two beautiful and sexy young women with live cocks. Live cocks don't do things according to a porn director's instructions and this made for an even more interesting panorama of male juice production.

Whereas Joa had cum covering her mouth and lower part of her face, Simone had it virtually all over her head. Some of the guys who could not make it to Joa's mouth, or even close to the bowl, had come on the sides and top of her head and forehead and now semen covered her face. There were little cumsicles flopping from her eyebrows and drizzling off her chin and nose. Even her ears were not free of semen.

For a moment I fantasized about Simone as a student in one of my business classes getting up and explaining to the professor that she didn't hear the assignment because she had cum in her ears. I chuckled aloud -- although no one even turned my way -- and returned to focus on the ladies, their exhibition, and my stroking.

Both of the women were oblivious to the layers of errant juices that had missed their mouths. They were so focused on the ever-changing array of dicks that were constantly shooting and then receding so that others could take their places. Both were even more occupied by the female orgasms caused by these male orgasms and the juices that triggered them. In fact, at one point it was almost difficult to discern whether the truckload of men or the two women were screaming the loudest, announcing to the huge home that sexual climaxes were an ongoing affair.

Another thought popped into my head.

I think it was a result of my (a) having just had sex, (b) was actually getting hungry for some pancakes, and (c) was not physically involved at the moment with either of the women. I was just sitting there playing with myself. It was like watching live porn. In fact, that's pretty much exactly what it was.

Anyway, about this other thought: I was a little surprised at both women's disregard for the men. In most porn I'd seen the women tend to make eye contact with the guy or the camera (POV) or both. Here, though, Joa and Simone almost never looked up at the guys' faces. They were solely concentrating on their cocks. Those they stared at intensely as one was shooting and/or moving towards them. In fact, I think they looked at them as though they were living things, divorced from their owners. The men didn't even exist for them, it seemed. They were only focused on the cocks and the cum, smiling, climaxing, and sometimes even laughing at the enjoyment they (the guys) were providing and the fun they (the girls) were having.

Although it was probably something a therapist would admonish for objectifying sexuality, it was kind of sexy to me. Women just interested in cocks for their own pleasure in the consumption of their semen.

"Let me through. Let me through!" one rather average looking guy suddenly screamed as he pushed aside the crowd of near-to-climaxing men.

"It's Scully. Get outta the way!" yelled Simone, followed by some sound from Joa, both apparently wanting this guy's cock.

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