tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDeep Undercover Ch. 01

Deep Undercover Ch. 01


Author's note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are fictitious and over the age of eighteen. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1

Captain James Hendricks scowled at the Miami Police detectives sitting across from him. Detective Levan Harris, the younger of the two, opened the file and flipped through photographs while his partner, Detective Carlos Espinoza, summarized the plan for the fourth time.

"I know it's risky," Espinoza said. "I know we've already lost one officer and two informants while trying to infiltrate the Las Casas organization."

"Without a goddamned trace," Hendricks snarled. "And without producing a scintilla of admissible evidence."

"This is our best chance to get close to the target," Espinoza countered. "All she has to do is plant the bug and get out."

"How reliable is your information?"

"I told you--it's good. He's never lied to me or withheld anything useful--not once."

"What do you have on him?"

"Three parole violations. If we take him in, he's going away for life."

"Can you vouch for him, Harris?"

"I can't attest to his reliability, Captain, but I was the one who caught him moving product, so I am certain of his motivation." Harris pulled the informant's rap sheet from the file and handed it to Hendricks. "I don't know if he would lie, but he has ample reason to cooperate."

"You two do realize, I hope, that if anything goes wrong your careers are as good as over," Hendricks said. "We have concurrent jurisdiction with the Feds in coastal waters. The Coast Guard, the FBI the DEA and ICE will be all over our asses if you fuck this up. I won't be able to save you. Hell, I won't be able to save myself."

"Relax, Captain, relax," Espinoza responded. "We've covered all the bases."

"I don't like it," Hendricks wipes his brow. "Does it have to be a fucking cadet?"

"No one else could pass," Harris answered. "Every woman who works at Renee's is under 25, has a rock hard body, and is gorgeous. We don't have a detective young enough or pretty enough to get inside."

"How about a uniformed officer? We have over seventy female officers in this department. At least one of them has to be hot enough. You can't tell me they all belong in the K-9 unit."

"Captain, we have as many attractive women working in the department as an organization this size reasonably should have," Harris answered. "But there are none who are both young enough and sexy enough. Not a one. If we send somebody who doesn't meet the profile, she'll be made immediately, and probably our informant, too. We can't take that chance."

"I don't like it."

"Just talk to her," Espinoza pleaded. "Talk to her first, and then decide."

"I'll talk to her, but I can tell you right now I'm going to say no. The risk is too great."

"I'll go get her," Harris stood up and walked toward the door. "One second."

Hendricks reached for the file and reviewed the notes. He looked at the informant's mug shots and rap sheet, and then pulled out the surveillance photographs, the most recent of which were two years old. He closed the file and stroked his goatee just as Harris returned with a young woman wearing a police cadet's uniform.

Despite tailoring designed to render the clothing as sexless and unappealing as possible, the shapely young woman looked stunning in the pressed blue uniform. Her small breasts stood up firm and proud while a hint of nipple protruding through her shirt emphasized her femininity. Her long legs were covered by creased blue pants that failed to hide the swell of her hips and the round curves of her ass. Her auburn hair was tied up and pinned tight against her head. She wore no jewelry or make-up on her golden skin. A light smattering of freckles on her cheeks and nose made her appear even younger than her twenty-two years.

"Captain Hendricks," Harris said, "I present to you Cadet Dana Alvarado."

Hendricks stood up and extended his hand. A low whistle escaped his lips as he eyed the woman up and down.

Harris turned to the young woman. "Cadet Alvarado, Captain Hendricks."

Alvarado took the older man's hand and gave it a firm shake.

"Be seated," Hendricks said. "Let's get this over with so I can get on with my day."

"Tell me about yourself, Alvarado."

"Well, Captain, where would you like me to start?"

"How about, where were you born?"

"Here in Miami, sir. I'm second generation Cuban-American. My father is from Havana, my mother is American."

"Go on."

"Yes, sir. I graduated from Hialeah High. After that I attended Florida International University, where I majored in Criminal Justice. I entered the Academy right out of school. I hope to be a detective, and eventually I will go to law school so I can become a prosecutor."

"You must look damn good in a bikini, Alvarado. I can see why Espinoza and Harris recommended you for this assignment."

"Thank you, sir." Dana blushed while trying to hide her involuntary smile.

"How much do you know about the operation?"

"Not much, sir. Only that it requires a female officer to go undercover in a bathing suit, sir."

"In other words, Alvarado, nothing. Espinoza, tell her the rest of this so-called plan."

"Of course, Captain." Espinoza turned his chair toward Alvarado.

"We have been tracking the Las Casas drug cartel for the past two years. The leader of the cartel is a Columbian, Jorge Las Casas. His top lieutenant is another Columbian, Arquilio Crespo. We believe that Crespo heads the Las Casas operation in Florida. He lives in Honduras, but he travels between Las Casas bases throughout the Caribbean. The Las Casas organization is responsible for over seventy-five percent of the cocaine that moves through Miami-Dade County. The cartel is also behind at least six murders that we know of, including a cop and two informants.

"We have information that on the twenty-third of this month Crespo will be hosting a party on his yacht. That ship will be parked somewhere off the Florida coast where it will be accessible to his guests and associates."

"Probably just inside the Gulf Stream," Harris interjected. "Our intelligence says that's as close to shore as he likes to venture."

"Whatever," Hendricks said. "Go on, Espinoza."

"As I was saying, at 8:00 a.m. on the twenty-third, a fishing boat will be leaving the Coconut Grove Marina. On that boat will be two crews from Renee's Catering. The first group of eight women and one man will include the serving women and the chef. The chef is our informant. He's going to get you on that boat."

"Who's in the other crew?" Alvarado asked.

"Prostitutes," Espinoza answered. "Renee's Catering is really a front for an escort service owned by Las Casas. That's why we can get you in as a server--Renee's has no regular employees, just stringers who work on an as-needed basis. Our man, the chef, will drug one of the serving girls and you'll take her place."

"OK. Then what?"

"You'll be carrying a bug and a transmitter. We need for you to plant the transmitter somewhere on the deck. It doesn't matter where, just somewhere out of sight. And then we need you to plant the bug somewhere inside, either in the main cabin, the conference room, or the entertainment salon. Just get in, plant the bug, and get out. We'll pick you up at the dock when the boat returns."

"Sounds simple enough. Just one question--why doesn't the chef plant the bug?"

"Crespo's goons will be watching him," Harris answered. "They won't be suspicious of a serving girl in a bikini."

"A bikini?"

"The serving girls will all be wearing bikinis. Very small bikinis, actually. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Um, no, but where will I carry my weapon?"

"Thank you, Alvarado," Hendricks interrupted. "Go ahead, Espinoza, tell her this part."

"You won't be carrying a weapon. Or a radio. Or a phone."

"That's why I hate this fucking plan, detectives." Hendricks shook his head. "She won't be able to carry a goddamned weapon and she can't fucking contact us."

"The chef will have a gun packed in his supplies," Harris said. "If a situation develops, you can go to the galley and retrieve it. And you can always talk into the bug."

"Do you hear that, Alvarado?" Hendricks asked. "You can go to the galley and retrieve a weapon. That's beautiful. What I want to know is, what if she can't get to the fucking galley?"

"Can I ask a question?"

"Go ahead, Alvarado," Hendricks answered.

"Why are we handling this operation? Why not turn this over to the Feds?"

"The Feds don't care about Crespo." Espinoza slammed his files on Hendricks' desk. "They're after Las Casas. As far as they're concerned, Crespo can shit all over this county and we get to wipe his ass. They don't care about our murders--not even our dead cop."

"Is that why we aren't working with them?"

"Damn straight. Crespo's going to answer for taking out Detective Trujillo."

"I see. I'm in. I'll do it."

"Are you out of your fucking mind?" Hendricks bellowed. "No. We're not doing it. It's off. You're dismissed, Alvarado. Espinoza and Harris, I want a word with the two of you."

Cadet Alvarado stood up and headed for the door. She reached for the handle and pulled.

"Alvarado," Hendricks called. "I'm expecting big things from you. Don't let me down."

"Yes, sir," Alvarado answered, blushing. She stepped through the doorway and closed the door behind her.

"That girl has balls," Hendricks remarked. "I can see why you thought she's capable of pulling this off."

"Sir, this will be Crespo's first visit to this jurisdiction since last April," Espinoza said. "If we let him go, it could be years until we get another shot at him. The Feds aren't going to help us. We owe it to Trujillo's widow."

"Don't play the grieving widow card, Espinoza."

"He was my partner, damn it, and I promised Yolanda we would catch his killers."

"We will, Espinoza, in due time." Hendricks said.

"Sir," Harris said. "Will you think about it, at least?"

"I'll take it under advisement. Now get out of here, I have work to do."

"Yes sir."

The two detectives stuffed their loose papers into files and headed for the door.

"Espinoza," Hendricks said without looking up from his computer screen.


"Give my best to Yolanda."

"Yes, sir."

"Now get out of here."

Espinoza and Harris filed out of the Captain's office.

* * * *

Three nights later Harris and Espinoza met at their favorite rendezvous, Candee's. Espinoza liked Candee's because the eight foot high wall of concrete block surrounding the parking lot afforded a measure of privacy, the lighting inside the club was almost non-existent, and the music was so loud that there was no chance of his conversations being overheard. Over years of patronage Espinoza also managed to develop relationships with some of the dancers, who whispered rumors into his ear while he stuffed twenty dollar bills into their garter belts and panties.

Espinoza ordered a draft beer for Harris and a double scotch on the rocks for himself. After the waitress returned with the drinks, Espinoza nudged Harris and pointed to his ear. Harris turned, looked at Espinoza, and leaned in his direction.

"I think Crespo may be moving his party up a week," Espinoza said.

"Did the chef tell you that?"

"I haven't spoken to him yet."

"Then how do you know?"

"A little kitty let it slip."

"Is Crespo stocking his party with Candee's strippers?" Harris asked.

"No. The entertainment is still coming from Renee's, as far as I know."

"Then what does she know?"

"Jackson, the owner, was supposed to be gone all day on the twenty-third and twenty-fourth. He's changed his plans--now it's the sixteenth and seventeenth."


"He's on the guest list for Crespo's party."

"I see," said Harris. "Why didn't the chef say anything?"

"I don't know, but I'll find out when we get out of here."

"Damn, if that's true then we only have ten days to get everything in place."

Two women wearing only bras and g-strings approached the table. Espinoza grabbed the taller of the two, a slender African-American woman who called herself "Black Diamond." The shorter woman, a buxom blonde who went by the name "Precious" settled onto Harris' lap. Espinoza slipped a twenty into the woman's garter belt before his roaming hands explored the woman's dark, glitter-covered skin. Harris slipped a ten into the blonde's g-string and then buried his face in her neck.

"Hey, Harris," Espinoza called over the woman's shoulder. "Is your girlfriend still on board?"

"Of course," Harris answered without looking up. "Without her, we wouldn't have anything to discuss."

Espinoza kissed a trail from Black Diamond's collar bone to her breast. He swallowed her small orb, and then bit down on her nipple. The dark woman gasped.

"Stop that," she cooed in an unconvincing manner. "You know you're going to make me cum."

"So why should I stop? You say that like it's a bad thing."

"It is. If other guys see you doing that, they'll think they can get away with it, too."

Espinoza released the nipple, but then kissed his way to her other breast and repeated the procedure. Black Diamond ground her crotch on his thigh and gasped.

"Enough," she said. "You have to stop."

Espinoza released the nipple and looked over his shoulder at Harris, whose face was buried between the busty blonde's breasts while his hands were kneading her naked buttocks. Her g-string sat in a crumpled heap on the table.

"Harris," Espinoza called.

"Not now, I'm busy," a muffled voice responded.

"I just wanted to say, that was a pretty convincing performance Dana put on in front of the Captain."

"She's good. We can count on her."

"Make sure she's available if that date really is moved up a week."

"Don't worry--Dana's all in. She'll make it work."

"I'm counting on her. She's the key."

"Relax. She's on board. She knows how much this operation means to me. This is my best chance all year to earn that Sergeant's badge. If we can bring in Crespo, it's promotion time."

"You better hope so, Harris. If you don't make it this year, one of those up and comers like Sullivan or Taylor is going to pass you by."

"I'm well aware of my situation. You don't need to remind me."

Harris slipped a long dark finger between the blonde's legs and rubbed it against her slit. Within seconds his fingertip was glistening with her juice. The blonde shook her head from side-to-side, but Harris ignored her admonition. She tried to back away, but Harris' held her in place with his strong right arm. After several seconds he removed his finger, held it to his nose, and then held it in front of the dancer's mouth. Her tongue flicked out and licked the finger. She smiled, and then leaned forward and kissed him.

"Watch out," Espinoza teased Harris. "If Precious gets hold of that black dick, she might not let go."

"You'd best be worrying about your own shit," Harris answered. "I'm handling my business. By the way, are you still banging Yolanda?"

"Twice a week. Where do you think I'm going after I talk to the chef?"

"I don't blame you. Keep it wet, my friend, keep it wet."

* * * *

Espinoza turned onto Yolanda Trujillo's street a little after midnight. The security light came on as soon as he pulled his car into the driveway. The garage door opened as he shut off the engine. He got out of the car and entered the house through the opened garage, which closed behind him as soon as he was inside.

The house was dark. A soft hand took his and pulled him into the kitchen. As soon as he was inside he was enveloped in a tight embrace by a curvy woman in a silk negligee. She looked up and kissed him, pushing her tongue into the back of his mouth.

"I wasn't expecting you tonight, Carlos," Yolanda whispered. "And I don't think you were expecting me, either."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because you smell like whore," she answered. "Cheap perfume, discount make up, and coconut oil lotion--you've been to the strip club. Some island girl was rubbing her body all over you. I used to smell that on Ivan on all the time."

"I'm going to smell like you when I leave."

"Oh, so you think, Detective Espinoza?"

"I'm going to have your scent all over me, from head to toe--starting with my face."

Espinoza kissed Yolanda on the neck and then continued lower, past her breasts, down her belly and to her crotch. He pulled her panties to the floor and buried his face in her pussy.

"Let's go to the bedroom, Carlos. I don't want to the kids to catch us."

"Right behind you."

* * * *

An hour later Espinoza got up and grabbed his clothes.

"Is that it? You just came over here to fuck me and now you're leaving already?" Yolanda sat up in the bed.

"You know I can't stay."

"Of course. Your wife."

"Once the divorce is final I'll be able to do whatever I want, but until then I have to sleep in my own bed."

"You can fuck in my bed, but you have to sleep in your own bed? That doesn't make any fucking sense."

"She's being--difficult. And her lawyer is a real cunt. She wants my balls mounted in her trophy case."

"So tell me, Carlos, was that the only reason you came over tonight? Just to tear up my pussy? Or do you have something for me?"

"Well, Yolanda, I was going to wait until it's final. But since you asked, yes I do have something. We're putting together an operation to go after Crespo. I can't tell you the details, but within two weeks or a month at the most, we should have enough put him away for life--maybe even get him an appointment with Ole Sparky."

"That's wonderful news, Carlos. Why didn't you mention it sooner?"

"We're still working it out. It has to go through channels, you know."

"I wish you would have told me that earlier. I probably would have let you put it in my ass after hearing that news."

"I guess I should have led with that."

"Come back to bed, Carlos. I think I feel like celebrating."

"Yolanda. I can't."

"Where would you rather be? Here, fucking my tight round ass, or home with that bitch of a wife who wants to castrate you?"

"I can't stay."

"I see. OK. Go ahead, go home. I'll take care of my situation myself. I can go on the internet. I'm sure it won't be too hard to find some big strong man who wants to come over here and shove his hard cock up my tight little asshole. I'll be fine. Good night, Carlos."


"Make sure you lock the door on your way out."

"OK, you win. Get out the lube."

"I think I'm out. Get my lotion off the counter in the bathroom. And don't keep me waiting."

"I'll be back before you're even in position."

"Please hurry. I'm so fucking horny."

* * * *

Three days later Alvarado met Harris and Espinoza at a little Jamaican restaurant in North Miami. Espinoza ordered food from the counter while Harris grabbed four Red Stripe lagers and two ginger beers from the self-service cooler. Alvarado set up the booth with napkins and plastic ware. Harris handed the two ginger beers to Alvarado, and set the Red Stripes between himself and Espinoza. Espinoza was the last one to return to the booth. He was carrying a plastic cafeteria tray loaded down with curry goat, jerk pork, meat patties, peas and rice, and coco bread.

"Don't keep us waiting, coño," Harris chided Espinoza. "What did the Captain say?"

"He said it's a go," Espinoza answered. "We're on."

Alvarado distributed the food. When she was done, Espinoza and Harris each had huge piles of the savory meat and rice on their plates, while hers contained a single meat patty.

"Is that all you're eating?" Harris asked.

"If I'm going to be on a boat all day wearing a bikini around all those beautiful women, then I'm not touching any of that," Alvarado answered, pointing to the mounds of food on the men's plates. "In fact, I shouldn't even be eating this."

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