tagMind ControlDeeper and Deeper

Deeper and Deeper


"I want you to go on a journey with me--not with your body, but with your mind. I want you to come with me into the heart of the spiral.

"Every spiral has a heart, of course. The line of the spiral always curves inwards, inexorably drawing the eye down to the center. Whether on the shell of a snail or the groove of a record, no matter where you start to follow the spiral, you always find its heart.

"But we're going to travel down a very special spiral. This spiral only exists in your mind's eye. If you close your eyes for me, now, you'll be able to see it in your mind perfectly. It's white against the blackness of your mind, a broad expanse of pure light that slowly narrows as it goes around and around and around into the center. That's where we're going. We're going to follow the spiral path deeper and deeper until we find its very heart.

"You can imagine focusing your attention on the outermost edge of the spiral, almost as though you were stepping onto it and letting it carry you. You follow the curve of the spiral as it loops around, feeling pleasantly dizzy as you try so hard to keep your eyes from tripping onto the next groove. It's just a little tricky to keep them traveling along that slow, soft arc, instead of letting them fall right into the center, but I know you can do it.

"There's something so soothing about following the spiral as it goes around and around, always traveling inwards, always moving down towards the center. It doesn't even feel like work, really. Your mind traces the path easily and effortlessly, as if the spiral's gentle turns carry you right along with them. Even when the spiral isn't turning, it feels like it is, because your eyes follow it deeper and deeper. It's alright to give into that feeling and let the spiral spin in your mind.

"And as your eyes follow the loop around, you become aware now that the spiral is on both sides of the curve that you're following. It's almost surreal, the way that you feel like you traveled in a perfect circle, but somehow the spiral wound around to encircle you. It's as if you're standing still, watching a single motionless point, and the spiral is curling around you over and over and over again, sending you deeper and deeper into its center without any effort on your part. Almost as if the spiral has captured you.

"And as you let the spiral draw you in, further and further, deeper and deeper, you might start to feel like you're descending. You might come to feel like the spiral path slowly heads downwards, as though you're walking deeper and deeper down as you come closer and closer to the heart of the spiral. Your eye traces the soft curves around...and around...and around, and it's as though you could look up and see the spiral towering over you. But you don't want to look up right now, do you? Not when the path of the spiral is such a gentle, easy descent deeper and deeper into its center.

"Down and down, as you trace the white against black...or perhaps it's black against white? It's difficult to remember. Your mind is so focused on the depths of the spinning spiral that it just seems to be endless bands of black and white and black and white and no matter which one you trace, it still pulls you deeper and deeper down into the heart of the spiral. No matter where you look, the inward curve of the spiral is irresistible and inexorable. The deeper you go, the easier it is to go deeper and the harder it is to do anything else. And you're so very deep already...

"It feels warm and peaceful to focus your mind so intently, doesn't it? The more you follow the spiral, the more you focus and concentrate on the curve as it turns around and around, over and over and over again, the more everything else fades away. It's just you and I, traveling the path to the heart of the spiral, losing ourselves in its depths, and you can let everything else go and just enjoy the journey with me. That feels so nice, doesn't it?

"And yet, no matter how deep you go, it seems like the path keeps leading you along. Each circuit of the spiral loop takes less and less time as your focus narrows more and more; your eyes now helplessly stare so deep into the depths of the endlessly turning spiral, but you can always imagine a smaller loop inside the curve you're staring at now. The spiral descends around and around and around, deeper and deeper into infinity, always narrowing, always drawing you along, until your whole world is nothing but the journey into the heart of the spiral. You shed all your other thoughts, one by one, leaving them behind as you sink into the spiral. There's no need for them right now, not when the spiral is so fascinating.

"Deeper and deeper, down and down and down, almost as if the spiral is unspooling endlessly around you now. Closer and closer to the heart of the spiral, chasing the ribbon of white on black and black on white deeper and deeper until it's all you want to think about, all you need to think about, all you can think about. You can understand now that the more you let go of your other thoughts, the faster you can move down the spiral path and the sooner you can find its center with me. And you know that's going to feel so good, so warm and happy and peaceful to be blank and open in the heart of the spiral in your mind as it turns, and turns, and turns, carrying your thoughts further and further away as the spiral spins ever outwards and you travel ever inwards, deeper and deeper and deeper...

"And then you feel it, that perfect moment of relaxation as we reach the very center, the very heart of the spiral. It's almost like letting go of a physical weight, the way your mind goes still and blank as you reach the innermost depths of the endlessly spinning spiral. Your breath goes out in a sigh, and then becomes soft and even, regular and gentle as you relax completely and feel the spiral unwinding out all around us. The spiral wraps around you over and over and over, so many times that you can't even count them all even if you wanted to, and you don't really want to. It feels too much like work right now.

"You can imagine your body floating here, at the center of the spiral. It's as if the pull of the spiral was the pull of gravity, and here at its heart you have no weight at all. You drift gently, letting the spiral spin all around you, carrying your thoughts away as soon as you form them. Here at the center of the spiral there is nothing but my words, filling up your blank and empty mind, and that feels so good. That's just what you wanted when you set out on this journey with me, even if you didn't let yourself know it until now.

"You wanted to be filled with my words, filled with my thoughts, filled with my ideas. You wanted to be blank and open to my influence, and now it's happened and it feels so very good. Imagine me pouring pleasure into your blank and empty mind, and you can't escape it because the pleasure is here at the heart of the spiral and the spiral always pulls you down, deeper and deeper into its heart. Into the pleasure. Into my will. Feel how good that feels.

"You can feel your body shivering in bliss as the pleasure overwhelms you. There's nothing to distract you from it, and so you can feel it all the better as you float at the heart of the spiral with me. And you can always feel more pleasure. You can always feel even better. You can always open yourself up more and more to the gift of ecstasy that I provide you. Opening yourself to the pleasure, opening yourself to me. My words stroke your mind like fingers stroking your body, bringing forth more and more pleasure until you have to let go and release it all. But you wait just a bit longer, floating just a bit longer in my will so that you can build the pleasure more...and more...and more...

"And more...

"And release. That's it, letting your mind release all the pleasure in a single burst of orgasmic bliss, shaking and quivering at the heart of the spiral as you come for me, blank and open and peaceful and happy as you listen to my words, as you let them soak into your deeply hypnotized mind, as you let them make you feel so very, very good for me now.

"That's right. And because you've done so very well, I'm going to give you a little short-cut for the next time we take this journey. When you hear me say, 'heart of the spiral', you can imagine your mind just skipping one little groove along the endless curves of the spiral's depths. You just slip a little bit deeper every time you hear, 'heart of the spiral', and the journey will feel so much better because you'll go deeper and deeper faster and faster every time you listen to my words. And you want that, don't you?

"And now, having enjoyed every moment of this wonderful, pleasant journey together, it's time for us to head back up out of the spiral depths. You can easily imagine the spin of the spiral reversing, so that instead of carrying you deeper and deeper, it brings you effortlessly up and out along the spiral path. You're following the spiral up and out into the waking world now, finding your thoughts along the path where you let them lie, picking up each one as you traverse the curves faster and faster as they widen out and bring you up, up, up into a happy, rested, refreshed state of mind. You can remember this journey if you want to...or you can leave those thoughts behind as you travel back up and out of the spiral, and just remember a peaceful, pleasant trip with me that you'd like to take again sometime. It's your choice.

"And now, you're following the curve up and around as it widens and broadens, and you can see the outer edge of the spiral as you begin to wake. You feel your body stretch a little, feel your mind become more aware of the waking world, as you take one last turn around the spiral, one last turn to the very edge of it, feeling refreshed and alert as you wake for me...now."


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