tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDeepest Fantasies #02

Deepest Fantasies #02


Pick Up or Delivery

Mr. Tease. It wasn't the kind of nickname that would inspire sighs from literary review, but Sean needed a nickname for years. He'd called me angel so long that even I couldn't remember where it came from. All I knew was that I loved it. As a child, people had discouraged or forbidden their children to associate with me. That meant my life was somewhat intellectual and lonely. First, I grew accustomed. Then, I started to like it. Finally, I felt uncomfortable when I wasn't secluded. I'd certainly never been anyone's angel before, least of all a lanky dark-haired incubus with a sex drive as warped as my own.

Kissing Sean's chest, I asked, "How'd I get my nickname?"

He smiled. "Cuz you're my angel."

I poked playfully. "I know *that*. I mean, how did it happen? Do you remember?" Leave it to Sean to say something sweet and direct.

I stretched my mind but couldn't remember the original context. He shook his head at me, indicating that he couldn't either, before standing and tugging his boxers back on.

I wolf whistled at his ass, and he shook it for me playfully then wandered over to get the lighter I left on the hotel table that afternoon.

Swinging my legs over the bed, I followed him.

"We can smoke inside here," I reminded him with a chuckle as he fished his cigarettes from his carryon bag, "but if you want to go out, I'll come."

He gave me a glance, and I blushed from my blonde roots to the long toes I dug in and out of the carpeting. "Yeah, well, after I put my clothes on..."

"Damn laws," he mumbled.

"I know, right? -Always taking away our constitutional freedom to be buttass naked in public." I said, laughing softly and kissing the back of his slender shoulder. His long hair tickled my nose.

He threw me a grin, and as he rustled the bag, I spotted his small rotating vibrator over his shoulder.

"Do you want some food baby?" I asked against his neck, my arms wrapping him. By this time, the sun had set.

"Would be good," he said, patting a hand across my forearm slowly. I smelled myself on his skin, and warm possession tugged at my chest.

"Yeah, Fridays here, better get your order in fast. Places fill up," I rambled. My position gave me a perfect view of the sexy cut of his shoulders and the way they narrowed into his waist. The last thing on my mind suddenly was food, unless the plan was to use him as a plate.

"Cigarette," he whispered, oblivious to my gaze or how his bare chest affected me.

I kissed the back of his neck gently. "What do you want?"

He shrugged. "Whatever."

"In or out...or..." I blushed again.

He turned to kiss my lips. "Whatever's good. Never been here before."

Usually, I had a smartass comment, but I stood dumbstruck, watching him snag his room key from the table and walk outside like he was part of a fashion show. His room cornered a dark stairwell, and likely no one would notice him in his boxers smoking on the balcony. –No one but me, that was.

I dialed the number of the best takeout restaurant in town, Little Italy and sat by the single window, teased into squirming by his mostly-bare silhouette as smoke drifted into the night sky. I began to feel like a stalker, watching him. This wasn't like me at all. Usually, I was faultily independent. I nudged his black nylon bag back and forth with my boot as I listened to the connection ring.

His waterproof vibe wormed from it, and at the same time, a soft perky voice trilled, "Thank you for calling Little Italy. Pick up or delivery?"

I nearly yelped in surprise. "P..pick up," I stammered, grabbing the vibe from the carpet. "A chicken cheese steak, extra american, fried onions, ketchup and mayonnaise on the side." I hadn't eaten like this since middle school, but while Sean was visiting, I was determined not to let anything make me miserable, which meant that my healthy-for-fat-loss-diet had to go. Usually, I ate very low in processed carbohydrates, free of aspartame, and avoided anything white.

Well, I'm full of white stuff now, I thought with a snicker. "-Oh, and a bottle of Hawaiian punch and spring water," I amended.

She read the order back, and I turned the vibe over in my hands, gazing at the soft silvery beads inside it. I began to hunt through Sean's carryon for his lube.

"You said pickup, right?" the girl finally asked.

"Uh...yeah," I answered, retrieving the tube with a triumphant raise of my free hand.

"About an hour," she said, "number 33."

I thanked her then dropped the telephone back on the receiver.

An hour for pickup. They must be stacked, I thought as I liberally greased the little vibe and glanced at the clock. Seven-thirty-two.

Hoping he wouldn't mind, I slipped into Sean's t-shirt and swayed onto the balconies, toy clutched like a rose behind me.

"An hour," I murmured. Something about wearing his shirt made me feel safer being daring, though the lack of lights on the concrete stairwells also helped.

"Uh?" he asked, taking the last few long drags of the end of the butt.

"We have to go get the food in like an hour," I said, still hiding the vibe behind my back.

"Seriously?" His lips cupping the near-burning filter, his eyes widened on the lot below. He looked shocked.

"Well, usually it's about forty-five, but it's the best cheese steak shop here, so it's really busy," I said, ego deflating a little. "If you wanted Pizza, we could have gotten Angelino's but even that would be like forty or fifty minutes, especially on a Friday."

He chuckled. "Knew you'd get cheese steaks," he said then shrugged, very je ne sais quoi about the time, and tossed his cigarette butt.

I grinned as he leant over the railing to see where it went, and my arm bracketed his chest. I kissed behind his ear slowly. "Isn't it illegal to just toss your butts out there?" I breathed, stroking a hand up his stomach slowly.

He bobbed his head a few times, swallowing a groan.

"Well, that's too damn bad, because I like when you toss your butt," I teased, looking left then right as I alternately toyed with his naked nipple then ground it into the cold steel rail.

His ass swayed deliciously, as if cued. "You get a rim shot for that," he exhaled with a shaky chuckle.

"But I do like it a lot, rim shots too," I whispered lecherously. "I bet you're getting hard all over again, aren't you, Sean?"

"Uhhuh," he stammered, bucking back against me. "We have to go get the food..."

"In an hour, love," I reminded him. My nails skimmed his back, gently nudging his boxers around his thighs before I massaged one of his tight little ass cheeks.

He made an "o" with his mouth and snuggled into my touch, his elbows on the railing. "Enough time?" he asked.

"Absolutely," I vowed. "If I give you something, do you promise to be good and not remove it?"

"Yesssssss," he sighed hotly, "I promise." I grinned, watching the cool air prickle his flushed back.

"Don't scream," I whispered against his shoulder. I parted his ass cheeks gently with my clean hand, smearing the remnants of lube against him.

He yelped softly and bit down on his lip as the chilly gel touched his hole, but the first moments of discomfort quickly retreated from the soft taps of my finger. Blood began to rush the tight thin skin around his opening, and he wiggled again, moaning softly.

"Relax baby," I soothed against his ear, "Relax."

I stroked the vibe against his puckering skin. "You know we're in a public place," I cooed against his ear lovingly, "and you're not wearing very much. Anyone that wanted to see us could..."

He squirmed and clenched against my finger, humping and arching his back at an odd angle to try to take it inside.

I lapped at his jaw, asking softly, "Would you care?"

"Huh uh," he moaned, slowly shaking his head though a blush did color his cheeks.

I cooed against his ear again, reminding him to relax as I massaged his taint from behind. I kept my voice a lulling monotone and gently worked my fingertip inside then wagged it side-to-side, careful not to stretch him too much at once.

Adding a second one, he reared back, pressing close to me with a raw needy whimper. His hand went to his exposed cock, covering it and grinding it into his palm at the same time.

"Shhhh," I comforted softly, "almost there, love. Almost there."

When I could easily open both fingers, I replaced them with the vibe head and turned it on.

He panted softly, swallowing what I reasoned to be squeals.

I wiggled the vibe a slow inch deeper, my thumb toying with his balls. "Want more?" I asked.

"Uhhh huh, please," he begged.

I was very shy about the idea of strapping him, having never done it and being afraid that I'd look silly or hurt him. He seemed so ready for it though that it was the only thing on my mind as I watched his sexy ass lustily wiggle for the vibe until the adjustment knob pressed against him.

I gently took his hand and the key, and he shuffled into the room beside me.

It was ten after eight.

I exercised most of my self-restraint in not sucking his cock as its perfect contoured head drooled for me like an excited mouth.

As Sean bent to pull his khakis on, I pressed my hand to his back.

"Mmmm stay like that a minute," I said, wiggling the vibe out most of the way.

He moaned loudly again

I lubed its entire length until it gleamed and exhaled around it to warm it up before sliding it back in, to his quick gasp and longer sigh. I shoved his boxers all the way down.

"No underwear. We're not coming back til late," I said, "so grab whatever you want for a few hours."

He looked adorably confused, and I kissed his lips softly, my hip brushing ass and teasingly nudging the vibe back and forth inside him to the gratifying sound of a whimper.

~ * ~ ~ * ~ ~ * ~

I took him to one of the largest surviving public parks on the eastern coastline. "That's Mount Misery and Mount Joy," I said, pointing first to a sprawling snow-darkened peak that melted into a low plateau of purple clovers, still obvious against the light pollution from the city. Sean stopped rocking on the vibe in his ass long enough to stare at the mountains.

"And those, my dear, are deer," I said, slowing to a crawl on the road and lifting my hand from the thigh that I squeezed. The deer harem mulled harmlessly to the other side, taking their sweet time. Sean gave a long moan beside me, and I kissed his cheek gently.

He'd been bucking on the vibe since we left, scrunching in the seat to stimulate his prostate then slouching when the sensation became too intense. I'd made him walk into Little Italy with it in place, my hand lovingly pressed to his ass to lend a sense of security. He'd looked at me with relief that faded into hot humiliation and restraint as I tilted it deeper. I played with his ass cheeks, my evil grin begging him to moan while we waited in the crowded restaurant for our food.

I grinned deviously as we neared the memorial arch. "This is a u-turn," I whispered, fishtailing out onto the abandoned cobble road.

I could barely keep my eyes on it as I nudged the car back down into second gear and slowly trekked up the old stones. The salty aroma of cheese steaks wafted enticingly from the bag between his legs, but my eyes were more transfixed on the straining crotch of his pants and the little stain of pre-cum dotting them.

Sean wiggled and squirmed on his makeshift plug, moaning unevenly. "Ohhhh God, Pleeeeeeeease," he begged with each bump, but I didn't think he knew what he was begging for.

-Neither did I, in fact.

I pulled from the road into a Sycamore-choked parking area.

"How long can we stay here," Sean asked. His thigh twitched, and he looked around the car nervously.

"All night if we like," I answered, grabbing the food from between his legs and pressing a kiss to the hard bulge in his pants, "definitely long enough for dinner and dessert."

He walked bow-legged by this time, the soda bottles that he carried keeping him from adjusting his toy. From the rear, I urged him forward, my car's emergency blanket draping my arm like a flag as we hiked the steep hill. Through the pine trees, he wiggled, and I watched his ass cheeks clench around the vibe until, near the shadow of Mount Misery, we came to a clearing floored by soft pine needles.

A tight ring of old-growth evergreens watched us as I put the food down, spread the blanket, and sat then stretched out my legs. Crisp, slightly wet, and decidedly not Californian in nature, the air would be cold to him, though it wasn't to me. "Come here baby," I murmured, wrapping him in my arms when he sat between my thighs.

"Put your legs up," I whispered against his ear, and he wrapped them around my waist.

"Ohmmm," he groaned immediately as I centered his weight on the vibe and rocked him in my arms.

I asked gently, "Are you cold?"

"Uh huh," he shivered. My hands strode up and down his back, and I wiggled into a mostly Indian-style position beneath him, lifting his body from the still-cool blanket and holding him close.

He began to rock again, and I moved with him. The vibe slipped as low as it could in his pants with each contraction then thrust in again. His long moans drew kisses and long flickers of tongue from my smiling lips.

"I think everyone in that place knew you had my big dick up your ass," I purred, kissing up his throat encouragingly. "Mmmm the way you ground back so hard. You're lucky your t-shirt's long."

As I listened to his growing moans and felt him shiver, I grinned mischievously and tore the foil hotwrap around one of the long sandwiches.

"Wh...what are you doing?" he half whimpered, his bounces slowing.

"Well, you looked so busy, I figured I'd feed you," I answered, breaking a piece of the warm shredded chicken and cheese-laden bread then gently lifting it to his mouth.

He took the food that I offered with a blush then sucked my fingers ravenously. Once he finished, I sucked at them in return, tasting him and the salt of fried onions.

He broke the next piece and fed it to me then followed my lead, enthusiastically flicking his tongue across his fingers.

I kissed his nose lovingly before stealing a long sip of punch from the bottle and passing it to him.

He stared at me perplexed though he accepted the two liter. "Thought you only liked diet," he said, taking a long drink.

I grinned wolfishly then swallowed. My tongue traced the lines on his hand, the punch staining his skin hot red to memorialize my licks.

He groaned, bouncing a little harder on my thighs. Crickets chirped through my whimpers as he brushed a red kiss across my nipple, his hot tongue staining the little pellet until my nails roughly scraped his hair.

Halfway through the bread, I took another draw from the punch and dipped my fingers into my mouth, signing my name across his heart in cursive. He groaned and tilted me back. His mouth covered mine, kissing me hotly as his slick fingers groped my breasts. Deer snorted and clacked their horns, and a screech owl yelled a war cry at its panicked prey.

His tongue shot down my throat to my nipple, long shivers exploding through my back. My neck arched, watching the sky spin above us.

When he finished marking me five or six times for my one, I exclaimed, "Cheater!" with mock indignation.

"Mmm," he groaned, "need to change the rules if that's cheating."

I nodded agreeably and nudged his shirt up. "Two places each time," I purred, running my wet fingers around his nipple and down his ribs then lapping away the grease.

He groaned; his shirt pulled up, his pants strangling his pulsating cock, and his body stained with wound-like slashes of red, I sat back to examine my handiwork.

"Mmmm, you look perfect," I whispered, delivering a quick red lick to his cheek.

The long sandwich was gone with much of the punch, and I balled up the wrapper and put it in the bag.

"Good?" I asked.

"Very," he nodded, eyes tilted toward the sky.

I kissed his nose again, my tongue sliding to his ear. "You look thoughtful," I murmured.

He shivered, his fingers creeping up my chest and circling a red-splattered breast slowly. I sighed and arched into his touch while he stole a look around the pine trees huddled together to shield us from the wind. "Wondering about dessert," he said shyly and squeezed.

My sigh drizzled into a smile. "You'll have to take your pants off," I admitted softly, "and lay back, much as I'd love to watch you turn your cock into a hammer head."

He laughed and lay down beside me, the broad swirl of his head springing from his khakis though he kept his pants around his balls.

"Mmmm nah uh," I commanded, "all the way down with your knees by your ears."

He glanced up quickly, and I kissed his stomach.

"Nobody will find us, and you won't get cold," I promised, "unless you stop rubbing your cock for me like a hot little slut."

As soon as his pants fell, I covered one ball with my mouth, slurping and sucking it and corralling the warm air against his body with my shoulders. So swollen with cum that both wouldn't fit in my mouth, I kept a lube-slick hand against the other, massaging it slowly away from the one that I sucked.

At his frantic moans, I slathered more lube around his hole, pulling the vibe halfway out slowly then shoving it back in hard. He squealed, his hips jumping against my face.

"Oh God Selina pleeeeease can I cum?" he begged repeatedly, his head thrashing side to side as he stopped his rhythm.

I kissed his taint then between his balls and covered them both with my warmer hand. Supporting them in the curve of my palm and using my thumb to keep them apart, I lifted them tenderly.

Sean released another higher-pitched "Ohhhhhhhhm" that sounded almost like a prelude to ohmygod.

I didn't give him permission, instead lowering my tongue to his hole and gently tracing its rim as I shoved the bucking vibe in faster with short grinding strokes.

He panted uncontrollably, "Pleeeeeeeeease ohgod stoppppppp, ohhhhm, I can't..."

I felt his balls contract in my hand, and I smiled against his hole, lapping the strawberry flavored lube from it with newfound enthusiasm.

"Ohhm," he moaned shortly, "Ohhhhhhhh goddddddd." His calves flexed, and his body went completely rigid. The first blast of his hot cum splattered across his cheek, the next landing on his chest before his orgasm intensified again, and he covered his jaw, stroking himself feverishly.

I continued kissing his hole, my hand gently massaging his balls to empty them while I used the vibe to milk his prostate.

When his spraying cum dribbled to a trickle then stopped, I gently turned off the vibe. My heart pulsing in my ears made counting out the few breaths I wanted to wait easy, before I slid the toy from him slowly then dropped it beside the bottle of lube. My hands massaged his thighs as I coaxed them down, finally creeping up his body.

Eyes closed, I knew his sugar and food warmth would soon wear thin. I gathered him in my arms and gently lapped his cum from his chest and stomach before I tugged his khakis back up. I nudged his shirt down, stroking his chest as I scooped the cum from his face with my tongue then fingers.

He stirred a little, snuggling close to my chest and sucking one of my fingers into his mouth.

I kissed his lips coaxingly.

He groaned, returning my kisses with spent passion then sucking more of his dessert from my tongue.

"Good?" I asked again.

"Uhhh...uh huh," he sighed, looking absolutely, adorably exhausted.

"-Not carrying you to the car," I teased, curling my body around his on the blanket.

"I love you," he said softly, slits of green gazing into my face.

I kissed his eyelids closed and grinned, whispering, "I love you too, Sean, but I'm still not carrying you to the car."

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