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Dee's Emergency Service


Dee Fisher smiled wryly at her reflection in the mirror as she stood scrutinising her appearance in the staff room mirror. Her night shift had been gruelling, a twelve hour stint in St Luke's A&E, and while there were no gunshot wounds or stabbings to care for in such a small city's local hospital, there had been no shortage of alcoholics, drunken men fighting over frivolous young tarts in the nightclubs; every night was the same, tending for lacerated faces and dislocated knuckles.

Not to mention the elderly folk who came in with hypothermia or fractured hips following a slip on the ice, and the usual cases of infections, sprains, tummy bugs and grazes. She looked down at her blue uniform. I'm a mess, she thought, eyeing a smear of something nasty across her breast and a blood stain near her hem. Still, not bad for a thirty-something working sixty hours a week she thought. When it wasn't scraped back into a functional ponytail, her long brown hair framed a perfect rosy complexion and deep brown eyes which were large and always full of fire. He blue sister's dress clung tightly across her full bosom then fell to skim lightly over her tight waist and curvaceous hips. If it wasn't for that stain, she thought, I don't look half bad.

Sighing deeply, she set off for her shared office. For the last three weeks she had been seeing Danny, one of the paramedics who brought the emergency cases to her department and she had begun a routine of applying a little make-up and ensuring her hair was loose before leaving. She could never know whether he might be outside, waiting for a shout. They'd been on three dates, each becoming more erotically charged than the other, and yet they still had only made it to a quick fumble in front of her flat before she had shied away and not asked him in under the pretence of coffee. God, what's wrong with me, she thought, it's been six months since I last spent the night with a man and yet I keep turning down these opportunities! She had always been a confident lover, enjoying sex as a way of relaxation, but following the breakup with Ged, a male nurse from a neighbouring department, her confidence had been knocked.

Leaning against the solid fire door, she was about to turn the handle and step in to her office when her attention was gripped by a rattling in the stock room one door further down the corridor. Not another fucking druggie trying to break into the medical supplies again. Tentatively she peered round the door, trying to maintain her secrecy. The last thing she needed was an opiate-starved addict taking her hostage in order to demand methadone or morphine.

The rattling was indeed coming from the cupboard stocked with vials of drugs and anaesthetics, but it wasn't the only noise which met Dee's ears. She could now hear breathing, coming in rasping gasps, and a woman's moaning, low and animalistic. Dee's nipples tightened as her eyes focussed on the scene presented to her. Doctor Hirokama, the night consultant, was perched on the prep area bench, her skirt shoved high up on her waist and her pale buttocks shunting against the stock cupboards as a man, one of the porters if she wasn't mistaken, was stood in front of her, ploughing into her with such ferocity that the whole room was juddering time to the thrusts of his hips. Doctor Hirokama's head was thrown back and Dee could tell that the woman was near orgasm, her lips moist and open as her moans became more primitive.

Not wanting to be caught at this voyeuristic scene, Dee quietly pulled the door back closed and turned quickly away. Returning to her office, she began to giggle to herself. The consultant, the highest powered person working directly in the ER and the most bitchy, self-obsessed woman she had ever met, being fucked by the porter of all people? Dee almost laughed out loud but managed to restrain herself and ran her hands through her hair, letting it fall loose around her shoulders. Danny almost certainly would have finished his shift now and must be on the way home, just like she ought to be, and she picked up her handbag and left for the bus stop.

Out the side door and through the ambulance bay, Dee shivered in the cold air as she realised she'd left her coat at home the evening previous and she upped her speed as she stalked across the forecourt. Looking to her right to ensure she wasn't mown down by one of their "blue-light taxis" her eyes were met by the figure Danny, leaning against the side of his ambulance with a cup of vending machine coffee wafting steam over his face. God he looked good! Six foot three inches of green-clad muscle, she ignored the cold to allow her eyes to appraise his physique. Lifting patients in and out of the ambulance all day obviously did him good, he looked fantastic and his smile was warm as he chatted to his partner Tony, sharing a joke as both of them laughed.

Dee's pussy clenched tightly as she remembered the coupling pair in the stock room and she tried to push the image out of her mind as she gazed at the man who she fantasized about every morning, alone in her bed. She could feel herself moistening and resolved to go over and say hello, even if she was covered in the stains of a busy night's nursing.

As she approached, Danny turned to look at her, and he watched her full hips swaying purposefully towards him and a slightly concerned look flicked over her face. She was like a luscious peach, soft fragrant flesh encasing juicy firmness if his experience was anything to go by. Her cool professional front did nothing to allay his suspicions that beneath there lay a temptress, demanding worship, and he felt his cock stirring within the confines of his padded green paramedic's jumpsuit.

"Hi Danny, how's your shift been?" she tried to remain nonchalant as her pulse quickened.

"Not too bad, had one feisty one, that lad from Dean's? He wasn't best pleased that we were prising him away from some young piece of skirt, hadn't even noticed that half his ear was off an thought we were tryin to muscle in on her. As if the uniform doesn't give him a clue that we might not just be on a night out like him!"

"Yeah, I had the pleasure of gluing that one together again, he left me a battle scar" she lifted the hem of her dress up, indicating to the bloodstain but also keenly aware that her stocking-top was being scrutinised. She lingered, feeling bold, one finger tracing the black lace, then shuddered as an icy blast of winter shot round her legs.

"You must be freezing out here in just your dress. Why not come an sit in the back of the van for a while an have a coffee? The old girl's due her service today and a deep-clean, so we could even drop you off at yours if you wanted; it's on the way to the main garage. Tony's just gonna go take a call of nature then we'll get you home, eh Tony, that OK with you?"

"Yeah whatever you say Danny. Just gonna go take a leak."

Danny went to the back of the ambulance and opened up the double doors. Pulling down the steps, he bowed with mock-servience, and ushered her into the warmth of the interior. Once installed on the comfort of the trolleybed inside, he pulled the doors to with a bang.

"So, any plans for today then Dee?" Danny sat opposite her in the paramedic's seat and offered her his coffee. She took it without question and took a long gulp of the warming liquid.

"Nothing really, I might have a long bath before going for a kip. Maybe later I'll enjoy some afternoon telly? I'm back in again tonight so no point doing anything too strenuous. You?" Danny weighed up the situation. Here was the object of his desire, sat in the back of his ambulance with her skirt riding up past her stocking-clad thighs, and his cock was stiffening by the minute. The idea of Dee stripping off in a steamy bathroom then plunging into a hot bubble bath spurred him on, and he slid off the chair to kneel in the space in front of her. His voice was thick with wanting, he'd been trying to get this woman into bed for three weeks now, and now he had her captive right where he was at his most confident.

"Fancy some company for the morning? I could wash your back for you." He leaned forward and placed one palm on her left thigh, his other hand steadying himself on the trolley alongside her bottom.

His brazen offer would, in any other circumstance, have been turned down with a flat refusal but Dee was already hot from the scene she had unwittingly wandered into earlier and she was feeling more like her old daring self. Why am I being so coy, she wondered, and an image of Ged, sat on her couch confessing his betrayal to her shot into her head. The pain of him leaving her for the other woman stung her with renewed potency, a hollowness that for the past months had been subsiding suddenly opened up inside her again, and nearly made her gasp.

Focussing on Danny, she stared deeply into his eyes, recognising in them a longing that had once been in the eyes of every man, and often woman, that she came across. The hollowness burned, but began to sink into her groin and she allowed the heat of Danny's hand to coax it into a burning that was much more welcome. She uncrossed her legs and allowed Danny to move into her, kissing him languidly and deeply as he ground his hips harshly into her crotch. The rough coarseness of the material of his uniform against the bare of her upper thighs aroused Dee further, and she moaned into his kiss, wrapping her legs around the back of his.

"You're not getting away with a quick kiss this time, Sister Fisher" Danny growled into her ear as he moved to kiss along her throat and along the neckline of her dress. His breath was hot and coffee scented as he began to nuzzle her, and a warmth began to spread through her breasts. Dee felt a tug in her stomach and felt for the zip on his jumpsuit top, relishing the attention he was lavishing on her neck. Soon she had him pulling his arms free, and zipped the suit right the way down, exposing his stiff length straining at his underwear as the suit fell around his thighs. She was reminded of peeling a banana and a laugh escaped her lips. She was enjoying this.

Danny pulled away, suddenly uncertain. He'd never had a woman laugh at him, if anything his confidence was bolstered when women saw how well endowed he was, but here was Dee giggling at exposing him. He looked into her face, searching for a reason, but was met with a wanton gaze and she began to lick her lips.

Dee reached forwards to free his burgeoning member from the restraints of his cotton underpants, feeling its length through the material before reaching under the waistband and tugging them down. He sprang free, the glossy head of his dick bouncing as she gripped the shaft and pulled him towards her again. She could feel him pulsing within her hands and each throb increased her arousal. Her nostrils became aware of a male, musky scent and every nerve fibre in her pussy tingled in anticipation of the delights this man could give them.

Danny stood up and finished removing his clothing, and Dee unzipped her top to give him an eyeful of the black lacy bra with her globes of pure milky skin heaving inside it. Taking his cock back in her hand, she guided him to her open lips; locking his eyes to hers she took his length into her mouth and wrapped her tongue around the underside of his shaft. Danny moaned once, long and softly, as she slowly began to tend to his erection with the loving and attentive care which was normally reserved for the sick and injured. She entwined her tongue around his glans and sucked softly, flicking the tip of her tongue over the opening while gently using one hand to play with his balls, the other gripping his shaft firmly. He moaned again as she took more of his length into her mouth and increased the suction. Wrapping her hair around his fingers, he began to hold her head firmly in his hands as he pushed his cock into her mouth repeatedly, fucking the silky wetness of her mouth.

She must be pretty practised in this, he thought, as he increased his tempo, noticing that she did not gag like most at this brutal thrusting of his engorged length, instead altering her breathing to match his withdrawal. The thought of this experience brought him closer to coming, and he was almost glad of the sound of the driver's door being opened and his buddy climbing into the ambulance before he exploded into her mouth, far too soon.

Dee jumped. Shit! I forgot about Tony! Her mind raced and she became self conscious again as Tony climbed into the driver's seat. He looked back through to the main body of the ambulance, his blue eyes first shocked, and then twinkling as he looked at the pair. His partner stood naked, cock dripping saliva onto the floor of the ambulance, as Dee sat on the trolleybed, her breasts foaming out of an almost non-existent bra and her dress round her waist. Her legs were wide open around his partner's knees and he could see that she wore an equally tiny thong, merely an effervescent strip of lace snuggled into a shaved, glistening slit. Tony's cock began to grow hard in his trousers and he grinned.

Danny froze. He'd been nude in front of his partner before, they'd been friends since school days and had shared hundreds of showers after rugby matches, but he'd never been stood in front of him with a rock-hard cock, about to come, with the woman of his dreams half stripped and her face inches from his crotch.

Dee's mind panicked for the briefest moments. She looked up at Danny, who was frozen, and at Tony, grinning through the gap in the front seats and quite clearly ogling her cunt without so much as a waft of decency. Neither man spoke, neither man moved. Well then, if they were happy with the way things were, then so was she.

A smile playing on her lips, she looked up at Danny and motioned for him to pick up where he left. Unmoving, he seemed to be unsure as to what to do. Bloody hell, was she going to have to do everything?! Lying back on the trolley bed, she lifted her hips and slipped the dress right off her body, then opened her legs allowing both Danny and Tony a full view of her pussy. Slipping her thong to one side, she began to stroke along her wet pink folds and gently but purposefully circled her clit. Leaning up on one elbow, she watched Danny move his hand to his own hardness, and Tony was quite clearly unzipping his own jumpsuit to free his length. She giggled, and slipped a finger into herself, wriggling her hips and allowing the boys a full view of her arousal. Her juices were flowing and rivulets of sweet pussy cream were tracing paths along her slit and down over her anus, into the lace of her knickers. She lifted her hand to her lips and licked her musk from her finger, then curled it and motioned to Danny to come and pleasure her.

Almost stumbling, Danny moved forwards and buried his face into her hungry cunt. Dee gave a deep moan as he flattened his tongue to her and lapped up her wetness, catching every drip of her sweetness and using the velvet of his tongue to stroke from anus to clit in languid motions. His fingers dug into her thighs as he settled to his task, forcing his tongue into the tangy darkness of her arse before slipping over her vagina to chew delicately at the pink swollen nub of her clitoris. Dee thrust herself towards him, trying to spear herself on his tongue but he wouldn't allow her satisfaction, instead increasing her desire and causing her to growl out like a cat calling for her mate. Minutes passed and he deftly traced his tongue and lips over her, nipping and nibbling then licking and lapping, until she couldn't bear it any longer.

"Fuck me, fuck me, for Christ's sake plunge that cock of your into me before I go insane!" she half-begged, half-demanded of him, and Danny was only too pleased to oblige. The thought of another man watching him fuck Dee should have made him feel self-conscious but instead he looked at Tony, furiously wanking and staring at the events occurring in the back of their van, and felt himself becoming even more self assured.

Motioning Dee onto all fours on the floor of the ambulance, he walked round to the back of the van and peeled the lace from her peachy buttocks. The wet flesh of her pussy glistened in the artificial light of the van, and he pressed the head of his swollen length to her pussy, meaning to tease her with it before allowing her full access. Dee however had other ideas, and feeling the hot head entering her she found herself involuntarily pushing back onto him. His cock was engulfed by her warm slick depths and it felt to Danny as if she pulled him in with her inner muscles, clamping onto his cock like a demoness.

Grasping her hips he took a few thrusts to coat his cock in a mixture of her juices and his saliva, before setting up a steady rhythm, coaxing slow grunts from Dee as he did so. His balls nudged her clit with each thrust, threatening to make her come, but he slowed the pace to draw out her delicious agony. Her pussy walls tightened with each stroke and he didn't want her collapsing in satisfied ecstasy until he had proven to her that he knew what he was doing.

Dee found herself on the edge of orgasm, teetering on the brink of divine sensations, yet Danny seemed to instinctually know this and refrained from giving her the fast, hard fuck that her body craved. Her cunt was kissing his cock yet her mind began to reel and retaliate against the man who was denying her release. Fine, she thought, two can play at that game.

She lifted her head to look at Tony, still intently rubbing his throbbing member while watching her. Come here she said to him with her eyes, and stepping out of his jumpsuit and between the gap in the front seats he joined Dee and Danny in the back. Dee manoeuvred so that Tony could perch on the trolleybed and gave his cock the once over. Not as long as Danny's, it was much more thickly veined and had the girth of two men put together. She squeezed his length with her hand, all the time rocking with the motion of the man fucking her from behind, and a jewel of precum seeped out of his eye onto his swollen cock-head. A predatorial smile curled one corner of her lips and she stuck her tongue out to lap at this precious gem, satisfactorily noting the resulting groan of approval from Tony.

Wasting no further time, she gobbled his length. As the rocking of her body became stronger she knew that this was turning Danny on further, and she was forced to cling on to Tony's hips and the trolleybed to prevent herself being flung forwards. Her face was buried in his lap and Tony, close to coming before even moving from the front seat, began to fuck her mouth, thrusting hard into her from the bed. Dee could feel his urgency and knew that it would not be long before he came over her tongue, and doubled her efforts to please him. Her long hair tickled his thighs while her tongue wove over his length and she moved one hand to cup his balls, nestled in his lap and becoming rapidly sodden as she hungrily feasted on his manhood.

Feeling her desire, Tony couldn't hold back any longer and she felt his balls began to twitch, holding her head in his lap he howled and shoved his cock into her mouth as fast and as hard as he could muster. She felt his cock throb and salty, acrid spunk flew down her throat and over her tongue. Streams of thick sperm continued to pump from his dick as he shot his full load into her eager mouth and over her lips, and Dee almost spluttered from the sheer quantity of cum in her throat.

Relaxing back into the bed, Tony's cock slipped from her mouth, still semi-hard, and Dee's thoughts returned to the huge cock still ploughing into her from behind. She was so close to orgasm and the taste of cum on her tongue was pushing her over the edge of a huge wave of pleasure. Free of Tony, she moved one hand under her belly and searched out her clit, slick with her lubrications. She closed her eyes, concentrating only on the pummelling sensations in her cunt and the throbbing of her tingling clitoris. Three more thrusts and I'm going to come, she thought, and her breath became ragged. She was going to come, she was going to....

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