tagInterracial LoveDee's Naughty Descent

Dee's Naughty Descent


"Why does it have to be so hot!" Dee thought. Seated in the bleacher watching a baseball game on a warm Southern night was not Dee's idea of a great time. She was there to see her oldest son play. It was only the fifth inning, and Dee felt bored. It seemed that everything in her life was boring. That included her life, her teaching job, and her marriage to Pat. She loved Pat. After 18 years of the same old thing.... Her thought trailed off.

Dee heard a bat crack and glanced up. She watched as the high fly ball zoomed into the outfield and dropped into the fielder's glove. It was just a big out. Boring....

"How are your workouts?" asked Lisa, who was Dee's closest girlfriend. Both were moms and bored. Lisa was a five-foot, two-inch and a very shapely brunette. Lisa weighed 115. She was a 34D-23-34. Dee envied her breasts.

"Very good. I'm going to the gym four days a week now," Dee said.

"How much weight have you lost?" Lisa asked. She was happy her friend had slimmed down over the winter. Lisa loved to be with Dee. She was much like her. Lisa was 38 and kept in great shape even after two girls and a boy.

"Oh, about 15 pounds," Dee replied. She not only had dropped the weight but aerobic exercises and Pilates had slimmed Dee's legs and tummy. She was more aware of her body now. That's why Dee was wearing the low riding pants and a tube top that left an ample amount of midriff showing.

"You look good in that outfit," Lisa said, smiling as she looked at Dee.

"I'm going to get something cold. Do you want me to get you something?" Dee asked.

Dee got up and slowly walked to the concession stand. Next to a wall, Dee glanced at three black men. She blushed when they started staring at her. Being in great shape has its rewards, Dee thought. She had caught the eyes of men before, but that seemed to be a long time ago.

She ordered a bottle of Avian. She stood there in the warm breeze drinking. The workouts at the gym had slimmed Dee down to 125. She was five-foot, three and a natural blonde. Her eyes were clear, blue, and wide. She had the eyes of a model. In fact, the kind of eyes that showed ample amount of white around the blue pupils. Her skin was milky white and smooth especially on her face. Dee's legs were long and slender. Her lips were full and turned up at the end. Dee had a beautiful face – like adding Rene Zellwegger's full cheeks to Gwyneth Paltrow. Her waist was a 23, accentuating her athletic, 35-inch hips. She could wear any clothes, but stayed with more subdued styles.

The drink had a cooling effect. The breeze felt good. It was gently blowing through Dee's blonde hair which plunged down over her white shoulders. Her tube top barely hid her firm 34B breasts. Those 34B's looked deceptively big on her small frame. Maybe she was dressed a little too provocatively for an elementary school teacher, she thought, but she felt good about her body at this point in her life.

She started the walk back to the stands. Dee noticed a younger woman just 10 feet ahead of her. This woman was the type that always made Dee envious. The girl was slender and blonde. She was sporting a tribal weave tattoo on the small of her back just above her low riding jeans. The blonde's tresses came to the middle of her back hiding the bare white skin.

Nearing the stands, Jean noticed him. He was a very handsome, athletic, 25- or 27-year-old black man with broad shoulders and strong bare arms. He was clean shaven of face and head. Dee guessed that he weighed about 230 pounds. The T-shirt did little to hide his rippled abdomen. He stood still like a statute of a black god. Dee noticed that he moved his hand to his mouth and took a drag on a cigarette and exhaled some smoke.

Then he did something that made Dee's heart leap! He stared at her. It wasn't her imagination either. "Did he know her?" Dee thought. He was definitely looking at her. In fact, Dee started to blush when the black man peered around the younger blonde to look directly at her. She couldn't help but look at him, too. The young blonde woman turned to look over her shoulder at Dee with burning, jealous eyes. The blonde knew the black man was looking at Dee, too.

Dee followed his eyes as they focused on her legs, move slowly upward, pausing at her breasts, and stopped at her blue eyes. He smiled like he definitely liked what he saw. This had never happened to the 37-year-old white woman, who had never been with a black man. Instinctively, Dee smiled back, and then she felt herself blush. She was both embarrassed and flattered. This was the perfect time to flirt, but Dee could only manage to smile as she passed him so close they almost touched. Dee could smell his light cologne and an under tone of raw maleness.

"I've got to tell you something later, Lisa," Dee said as she sat down next to her friend. Dee was excited. She just had to tell Lisa about the encounter with the black man.

"What is it? Tell me!" Lisa probed.

"I can't tell you now. I'll call you tomorrow," Dee said.


Dee's morning passed slowly. Her mind kept going back to the evening before. She kept thinking of the young black man who was looking at her.

"I should have flirted with him," she thought. "What would it have been like to talk to him?" Dee asked herself. She began to imagine a fantasy conversation: "He reached out and touched her hand making her tremble. He took her hand and led her to the parking lot where they got into a van. He put his strong arms around her and pressed his lips to hers! They began a torrid scene of kissing, groping, and squeezing."

"Dee's fantasy continued with her reaching down to feel his maleness. Her hand found the black man's tool sheathed in his shorts and began to squeeze it...." It was all a fantasy!

Dee reached for her cell phone and dialed Lisa's number.

"Hello?" It was Lisa.

"Hi! It's Dee."

"Do you want to talk about last night?"

"Yes! Don't laugh. A man stared at me!"

"Are you sure!"

"Absolutely! He even looked around a young blonde to see me. It was a stare in a sexual way," Dee said and related how the young blonde looked over her shoulder.

"How do you feel about that?" Lisa asked.

"When he saw me! I started to smile... I think I did smile, but then I started blushing. Nothing like that had ever happened to me! There's more...."

"Tell me!"

"He was about 25. He was black."

"Did you say black?"

"Yes! Lisa, have you ever ....?"

"Yes, I have. I get a lot of black men's stares," Lisa said. "I just smile when they stare at me."

"Have you ever talked to them?" Dee asked.

"Yes. I even had an affair with a black man." Lisa confessed.

"You never told me!" Dee said almost astonished.

"I didn't know how you would take it. Besides it only lasted four dates." Lisa said.

"Would you do it again?" Dee asked.

"Definitely! It was the most sensuous, exciting four weeks of my life. Are you thinking about having an affair?" Lisa asked.

"Well.... I think .... I don't know ... how to meet someone."

"Look Dee! If you want to have an affair, you have to flirt. You know how. It's a woman's instinct," Lisa said. "Black men worship white women. They will make you feel like a goddess. You will be so surprised! ...and the sex.... You will just have to find out for yourself, sweetie," Lisa said.

When Dee hung up her phone, she was almost trembling. Dee's right hand instinctively reached for the top of her shorts, slipped under her panties and began to massage her clitoris. Her left hand slipped under her top and began tracing circles around her sensitive nipple.

In the ensuing weeks, Dee decided to start searching the interracial websites. She signed on to every personal ad site she could find. She received several responses, but her first interesting response came not from a personal ad.

Shortly arriving Dee saw him. It was a pool party at the home of a friend. She ran into him as she was coming out of the bathroom. He grinned and looked at her with those "elevator eyes". Dee blushed and started to flirt back.

"Do you see something on my dress?" Dee smiled and looked into his eyes.

"Yes, I do! My name's Vic. I'll talk to you about it later," he introduced himself. When he went in the restroom, Dee walked back to the pool patio. As she moved around the party, chatting with acquaintances, she looked for Vic. Finally, she saw him by the bar. She did not want to make it seem obvious, but she slowly maneuvered her way across the patio to the bar.

"Are you having a good time," Vic said when he saw her.

"It's getting more interesting," Dee said smiling coyly. The two talked and flirted for 30 minutes. Dee learned that Vic was a filmmaker. Finally, he excused himself and turned to walk away.

"Wait," Dee said. She quickly jotted her cell number on a slip of paper and placed it his hand.


Dee called Lisa to give her the news.

"You gave him your cell number!" Lisa exclaimed. "Dee, you did it! You are having your first affair!"

"He hasn't called yet."

"He will. No black man can pass up a hottie like you, Dee."


Lisa was right. In two days, Vic called her. They agreed to meet at a sports bar across town.

"So how did it go?" Lisa asked with excitement in her voice.

"Vic was very nice," Dee said.

"So how was he?"

"Vic was a gentleman in every way. When he walked up, he gave me a little kiss on the cheek. We sat in the bar, drank, and chatted for a while. His voice was so deep and soothing. I tell you, Lisa, I was excited and trembling. I didn't know I could do it. I am glad I did."

"Did you make a date?"

"Yes! Vic and I are going to have lunch the day after tomorrow."


"At a French restaurant on the southeast side.... You know that row of restaurants just off the freeway?"

"Yes, Yes. Go on!"

"We're just going to dine and chat. Nothing more."

"Give me a call when you leave. OK?"

"Yes! I will," Dee said and then hung up.

Dee felt nervous when she walked into the restaurant to meet Vic. She was anxious, not knowing where her new life was leading. Instead of setting in the dining area, Vic told the Maître d′ to seat them in a booth in the bar. They chatted at first.

"You look hot! Where did you get that dress?" Vic asked.

"I bought it yesterday. Do you really like it?" She was wearing a green polyester and rayon with spandex knee-length style dress that ties in back. It accentuated Dee's hot body very well. It had a row of buttons in front. The sleeves were three-quarter length. The neckline dipped to her cleavage and showed her milky white skin.

"Do you realize what that dress and your hot body are doing to me?" Vic said as he looked directly into her eyes.

"No... Well .... I don't.... I don't know ... Tell me." Dee was blushing and embarrassed. She felt a hot flush come over her.

"You and that dress cause my cock to get hard." He was smiling. He took her hand and squeezed it. "That's what you wanted. Wasn't it?" he asked.

Dee knew it was true. He had to know that when she pressed her cell number in his hand.

"He know what I really want," she thought.

The drinks arrived. They continued to hold hands and sip their drinks. The conversation became more provocative. They finished the drinks. Vic paid the tab and took Dee by the hand and led her outside....


"Hello?" Lisa said.

"Hi Lisa! It's me Dee." She called her friend with latest news.

"Hi! Did you meet him?"


"Can you tell me what you did?"

"We had a drink and talked. He started talking about my dress and body. Lisa! It was so hot. I almost had an orgasm while talking to him. I don't know what kind of impression I made. I was so embarrassed. I was blushing."

"What did he say?"

"He thinks I am hot! Me! Can you believe it?"

"You ARE hot, sweetie!"

"I just have never had a man look directly in my eyes with such lust. There's no doubt he wanted to have sex. We walked to the car, and he took me. He was so strong, and I wanted him to have me right there." Dee was excited.

"Go on!"

"He kissed me."

"Go on!"

"He stepped back and put his hands on my waist and moved them down to my hips and squeezed me on the bottom. Then he reached inside my dress and felt my boobs. He squeezed my right nipple between his thumb and finger. Then he pulled out my boobie and started sucking on my nipple. It was so hot! Right there in the parking lot!"

"Oh my god! Did he screw you, Dee?"

"No. He took my hand and placed it on his ... well er... uh"

"Cock! It's a cock, sweetie!"

"OK. Cock. He put my hand on his cock."

"Was he hung?"

"Hung? What do you mean?"

"Was his cock big and long? You are so naive, sweetie!"

"I know. Sorry. Yes! It was so big. He said, 'Unzip my pants, Dee, and take my cock out.'"

"What did you do? Go on!"

"His cock just sort of flopped out. Only it wasn't floppy. It was standing up! He was so hard. I was causing his cock to be so hard. Me! Lisa! I was making him excited!"

"Of course! What did you think? He wanted you, Dee. Now, go on."

"Yes! He was holding me close and whispering close to my face. He said, 'I want to fuck your hot cunt!' I was trembling, Lisa! Then he said, 'Stroke my cock.' I started stroking it. His foreskin was still intact. He was ...."

"It's called being uncut, baby cakes! He has an uncut cock. Go on!"

"Yes. Anyway the foreskin was loose. Uh... er... He was uncut. I stroked it while he was groping and sucking my boobies."

"They're tit's, sweetie! Black men call them tits! Go on!"

"Well. We broke it up when a car pulled up in the parking lot."

"Did the driver see you?"

"Yes! I think so. It was a woman. She looked at us and smiled real big."

"I can just imagine that scene." Lisa and Dee started giggling. "So what are you going to do?" Lisa asked.

"He wants me to meet him tomorrow at his apartment." Dee said dreamily.

"You ARE going?"

"Yes!" said Dee who finished the conversation and hung up.

It was almost too much for Dee. She was married at 19, slaved over her man and his bore his three children. Now, she was bored and felt neglected. Somehow the world seemed to have passed her by.

"Where have I been all these years?" she thought. Dee wanted to catch up! She wanted to experience everything she had been missing for the past 18 years. This was her chance.

Dee wanted to dress provocatively for her first true 'date' with Vic. Dee looked at the dress she picked out. It was a body clinging black knit polyester, rayon, and spandex dress accented with rhinestones on the three-quarter length sleeves. It had a deep V-neck style neckline that plunged to the middle of her breasts. The banded bottom accented her haunch. The hemline was to the middle of her long, slender white thighs.

Her choice was a U-plunge bra. The connection between the cups were low enough to allowed the deep V-neck dress to show her firm, milky-white 34B's. She did not have much cleavage, but they looked delicious. She chose back-seamed, lace topped thigh-high hose. She did not want a panty line so she chose a red Bridget™ lace-top thong panty.

For shoes she chose sexy, red one-piece open toed mules with four-inch micro-stiletto heels. They made her feet feel sexy, nude, and naughty.

She picked out rhinestone chandelier-style earrings that stood out visually from her blonde hair which she teased high and combed back. The blonde tresses swept over her shoulders and down her back.

"That's hot!" she thought. It was the first time Dee had ever worn anything like this. Was she releasing some secret pent-up desire? "Yes!" she answered her own thoughts.

The drive to Vic's place was not that bad, Dee thought. However, after arriving she realized she was in a run-down warehouse district. A few up-market coffee shops and boutiques nearby made her feel more comfortable. Vic's place was surprisingly nice. It was a loft apartment in one huge room. The kitchen, living room, entertainment center, and bed were grouped in clusters around the enormous floor. A large mirror was suspended on chains hung over the bed.

"Come in," Vic said has she stepped off the elevator. Dee felt very nervous, but her passion took over. "I made you a drink," Vic said handing her a glass. He didn't ask what she wanted to drink. He just handed one to her. "Have a seat," he said.

Dee sat down and crossed her legs, allowing her dress to ride high up above her thigh-high hose. She was setting on a sectional sofa that semi-surrounded a 54-inch high-definition TV. Vic calmly selected a video and placed it in the player. A video with a black man screwing a white woman started playing.

"This is very nice. Roomy," Dee said breaking the silence. She re-crossed her legs, allowing the dress to ride up higher. She looked down to see her red thong showing. Vic sat down beside her. He looked down at her exposed thighs. His hand moved to her thigh and gently squeezed it on the bare skin above her hose.

"That dress makes you look hot," Vic said looking at her long legs and thighs.

"Hot legs and thong, too," Vic added. His eyes moved up to the white skin on her bosom and then to her eyes. He smiled approvingly. Dee felt a warm blush sweep over her face.

"I want to fuck you." Vic announced casually.

The aroused couple laid back against the back of the couch; their faces were only inches apart. Dee felt Vic's hands push her blonde hair off of her shoulder and trace down the inside of her neckline. Dee heard her breathing stop as Vic slipped his hand into her bra and squeezed her tits. Vic's lips touched her neck as he pulled her toward him.

"Take off your dress!" It was not a request. It was a command. Caught up in the moment, Dee giggled and slipped the dress over her shoulders. She stood up and stepped out of the dress.

"Nice body. You are one hot woman," Vic said while sweeping his hands over her shoulder and down over her bra.

"Turn around." Vic unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor.

"Take those off," Vick said pointing at her panties. His commands were terse. When Dee stepped out of her thong, she was left standing with only her thigh-high hose and red mules. Vic's hand forced her down to her knees.

"Take my cock and suck it!" Vic said. Dee found very erotic. Her hand was trembling when she pulled his pants down. He was not wearing boxers. She was shocked at the enormity of Vic's shaved, uncut cock. Dee's small white hand encircled the base of the black man's cock. She felt his velvety balls. The contrast between her white hand on his black nut sack was very erotic to Dee.

"Take those balls in your mouth," Vic said. Dee slowly took the balls in her mouth and sucked gently. She sucked one ball and then switched her attention to the other.

"Slowly run your tongue from my balls up the bottom of my cock to the tip," Vic commanded. Dee aroused and wanting to please her lover complied. Her mouth was wet now. Dee pushed Vic's cock up and started working on the underside. She left a trail of wet saliva from his ball sack, up the length of his cock to the head.

"That's it, baby. Lick that head. Taste it."

Her lips pushed the foreskin back. Dee tasted a drop of pre-cum at the little male orifice. It tasted sweet. She let the cock slip in her hungry mouth. She had never taken a cock so big, but it easily slipped over her tongue.

"Suck on that cock. Take it deep," Vic said, spurring Dee to move faster and deeper.

"That's it. That's it. You're hot. Really hot! He placed his hand behind her head and started a face fuck. Dee started to gag when Vic's cock moved in too deep. Her lover thoughtfully removed it to let her regain her composure. She felt Vic starting faster movements with the head moving between her lips to the top of her tongue. Dee felt more comfortable taking a big cock at this depth.

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