tagLoving WivesDee's One & Only Affair Ch. 03

Dee's One & Only Affair Ch. 03


WARNING!!!! Warning to the reader this story has some cuckolding in it before the revenge takes place. This chapter has a creampie in it as well. This will be the only chapter that has it.


As we dressed after the intense fucking we gave each other; we left for work that day. I was like a zombie and all I could think about was either Bud between my legs giving me what I would call a exquisite and heavenly screwing of my life, or the guilt I felt for allowing it. Bud was only the second man I have ever let into my body and the difference between him and my husband was like night and day. I didn't know why. Bud's cock was about the same size as my husband's; maybe he was a little thicker. But, it wasn't that much more to make it give me the orgasms I have had with it. I mean the orgasms I had this morning were so hard and so very long I almost passed out from the feeling. Strong orgasms and many of them made me want Bud more now than ever. I watched as he worked hard with the boss setting up the orders for the branches that we had around the city.

I was a woman who had just had the best sex of her young life with a man who wasn't her husband. I knew Bud didn't love me, and I didn't really love him. What I loved was the way he fucked me. I loved the way he made me do things and say things I never felt I would ever do. When he was under me and I was bouncing up and down on him I was like a wild animal. He squeezed my breasts and I screamed as I began to cum hard drenching his cock with more cum than I ever produced with my husband. Yes, the sex with Bud was strong, hard and so damn good. How was I going to stop this? I knew it was wrong, very wrong and I would have to confess all of this before Sunday so I could take communion with my husband! I felt like a prostitute going to confession and then to church.

As I was thinking about these two things, I realized I loved my husband, I really did. Believe it or not, but I did love him. I also didn't want him to find out about Bud and me and what we were doing. I didn't want to hurt him for the world. But God help me, nothing my husband and I have ever done had come even close to what Bud and I did this morning! I knew I was between a rock and a hard place. Anyone who has been in my position will know what I'm talking about. I knew that if Bud touched me again that I would relinquish all of me to him. He could have me whenever and wherever he wanted me. I also knew Bud was married and he too would have to be very careful about us.

I looked up and saw him looking at me. Oh God I'm getting wet sitting at my desk. I want to rush up and hold him and kiss him and have him spread me on my desk and fuck me hard! I wanted to feel his cock erupt and pump his cum into me. Oh God!! I have to stop thinking about this all the time! God help me, I have too!

The day passed slowly and finally it was time to go home. In his car on the way home he asked me if we should stop? I told him yes. I have no will power when it comes to him. He pulled into the street with the wooded lot again. He stopped the car and turned to me. I moved to him and in bucket seats we kissed and his hand immediately moved to above my knee. Automatically, I opened my legs as I felt his hand slowly move up my inner leg and squeeze my upper thigh. When he slid his hand over my thigh and touched his favor place on my leg, which was above the nylons, I had on, I whimpered in his mouth as his tongue slid in it. Again almost automatically my hand reached for his cock. I moaned again as I found it super hard and throbbing already. He whispered, "My cock is so hard and I want it inside you! You get me hard in seconds! God Dee, I want you so badly!"

As we touched each other for a few minutes our lips never broke our embrace. I finally broke the lip lock and said, "Back...seat! Let's move to the back seat babe."

As Bud and I moved to the back seat, he had me sit on the seat back facing him. In front of him he placed knee on the seat one on each side of him. He lifted my pleated skirt and pulled my panties down to my knees. With my knees open he reached up under my legs and cupped my pussy. It was sopping wet and hot! He kissed me as he made love to my vagina with his hand. I moved into him and kissed him hard. I think this is what made our affair so exciting. We did this in daylight parked on a side street in a neighborhood, which was full of houses. While we were on a wooden lot with no houses built there yet, we could have been seen. Most likely over the weeks we were together we were seen fucking and sucking each other. But our lust was so high and so strong we didn't seem to care.

When I was about to cum Bud told me to take his cock out of his slacks. I moaned and did it! As I stroked his hard cock he fingered me and rubbed my vagina with both hands. I climaxed against his hands while kneeing as I straddled his cock. When I finished my head was on his shoulder and Bud was holding me. He whispered, "Sit down on me Dee. Sit on my cock and let me feel it inside you. Fuck me Dee fuck me now! Please. If you don't I'll go crazy!"

His hands never stop touching and loving my pussy. I had cum all over his hands and on his pants. I even had dripped some of my cum on the fat cock head point straight up in the air directly at my opening.

Bud asked me again to sit on him. He saw the look in my eyes and knew I wanted to do it. But, I didn't move. He slowly pulled me down and since I was straddling him, my vagina tunnel came down and touched his purple cock head. I could feel how hard it was. Then he sat back and told me, "Put it in Dee. Put my cock inside you and fuck me. Please baby I need to feel you inside me."

I could stop! I cried out his name and came down all the way on his nice hard cock. I just fell down on top of him and he buried his cock all the way up inside me. I moaned as I held him like that just loving how it felt deep inside my body. My God! I was so hot! As we sat in the back seat of his car I began to fuck him. Up and down, up and down, I rode his cock like a master whore. I started to feel that wonderful sexual feeling again and I started to fuck my lover now as hard and as fast as I could. I wanted to give him everything I had. I wanted to please him and give him what he had given me. I sat down on his cock and was what he called balls deep. I rocked back and forth just like he told me he liked. I did and would do anything for him now. I wanted him to cum! I rode him like a real whore letting him fuck me again this afternoon after fucking him three times in the morning! He moaned and I knew he was close. I looked into his face and told him, 'Give it to me Bud. Cum in me. I want to feel your cock thump inside me and fill me with cum! Oh God babe! Cum in me!"

I was so worked up I didn't realize I was having my own orgasm. I hit my head on the roof on his car and slammed down on his cock just as I felt the first shot of his sperm pump into me. I moved faster and faster back and forth milking his cock for all I was worth. He was holding my breasts but when he started cumming he moved his hands to my hips to help me bounce and move up and down on his cock. When he thrust up into me and stayed up off the seat, I knew he hard peaked. We stopped moved and I could almost hear his cock thump, thump, and thump, thump with each shot of cum he deposited in my womb!

If it were my fertile period I would now be with Bud's child. I would have my seed planted with one of his sperm. I wondered what I would do if it did happen. Would I tell him or just tell my husband it was his? It scared me and I didn't know what I would do. All I knew was it was not my time of the month to be able to conceive.

Then when I felt I could go any higher or feel any better, I came again and screamed as he held his cock deep inside me and used his thumb to stroke my clit. It was throbbing and hard and blood red. Finally after I had stopped cumming and climaxing, I fell against him and we just held each other. As his cock soften and finally just fell out of me it was time to go. We both arranged our clothes and used paper towels to clean up our cum. Thankfully it hadn't got on our clothing! It did cover the crouch of my panties. I wiped it out of the panties and my vagina. But Bud had pumped so much cum into me I was still leaking when we pulled up in from of my house.

I patted his hand and he pulled it out from between my open thighs. It was covered with wetness too. He smiled as I got ready to get out of his car and I watched as he licked his hand. I moaned and got out of his car and walked to my house. I turned and told him to come to the house early tomorrow. He told me it was Saturday. I had the entire weekend to do without him. I wondered what was going to happened as I unlocked the front door. As I watched him pull away I realized I wouldn't see him or feel him for three nights and I moaned again as I walked into the bathroom to clean up. I removed my clothes and stood in the shower cleaning my body of my lover's smell and cum. I stood there until the water turned cool. Then I got out and put all the clothes in the hamper and on the floor into the washer and turned it on. With the towel wrapped around me I walked back towards the bathroom when the front door opened and in walked my husband.

He smiled seeing me in a towel and said, "Well this is nice. Have you been waiting for me?"

I smiled and said, "no just worked hard and I needed a shower. But if you hurry I'll wash your back babe."

He smiled and started to get out of his uniform he wore to work. When he was in the shower I dropped the towel and got into the shower with him. I soaped him down as his back was towards me. He was taller and built a little better than Bud. When he turned around his cock was hard and bobbing up and down with his excitement. I was still very hot and excited. I knew he would be fucking me tonight before dinner. I looked forward to it as we walked hand and hand into the bedroom. As I lay down on the bed I told him, "Slowly babe, make love to me slowly. I want it to last tonight. OK?"

He smiled down into my eyes and said, "I'll try Dee but you're so beautiful and so sexy I never can last long. I'll take my time and try."

I sighed knowing he most likely wouldn't last more than two or three minutes once he was inside me just like usual. But the guilt filled me. As my dear darling husband loved each breast and then moved down my body towards my already well-fucked pussy I realized what he was going to do.

I said to myself, "Oh God he's going to try and eat me! Should I stop him? Oh God what do I do? I have always wanted him to eat my pussy! But not tonight Oh God! Oh God! NO!! Not after Bud had fucked me and cum in me!"

He moved and opened my legs fully before moving between them. I tried to pull his head up telling him to fuck me now. I wanted him inside me now. But, he didn't stop. He held my hands and put them on his shoulders as his head moved down and his lips locked on my wet open vagina. I moaned, "Oh God!! Oh God babe no fuck me now! I want you inside me! Oh God babe!! That feels so good Oh God YES! YES! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!"

I let my husband eat my pussy and give me two orgasms. He didn't say anything and neither did I!

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Just to let you know

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5s! ALL5s!!! God you can really wirte a fuck story

Thank you for getting me off so hard and fast!!

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