tagRomanceDee's One & Only Affair Ch. 04

Dee's One & Only Affair Ch. 04


Our affair went on day after day for months. We would meet some mornings whenever the timing was right and fuck in my house. Or, we gave into each other at night when we could have an hour or so together. Some days we did it in the morning and at night. Even at lunch sometimes we would walk in the park and touch and feel each other. Once we went up the rear of the theater and opera building and Bud sat in the stair well. I straddled him with my skirt over his cock and rode his throbbing dick as I sat on him. Then I would go back to work with my vagina full of his cum. We almost got caught a few times doing that but we just couldn't keep our hands off of each other. It was a hot and very romantic affair between us and we had sex of some sort every day. When I say sex I mean he made me cum and I made him cum too, I'd suck his cock or he would eat me into an orgasm. Or we would fuck.

When I had my period or was in my fertile time during the month I would suck Bud or jerked him off. He wanted to fuck he everyday but not during my period and certainly not during my fertile period. But I would let him make me cum even if I were bleeding by rubbing my clit and sucking on my breasts. It was a hunger I couldn't seem to full. He never touched my pussy directly while I had my period just my clit. But, I was so horny during these times he could get me off easily. And I have to say he did make me cum at least once each day we were together.

When I was in my fertile period Bud would eat me and give me a bunch of orgasms. Then I would suck him or jerk him off. But when we could we fucked. It was animalistic raw and sexually hot.

We became friends with the other's spouse too. We would go out together just the four of us. Dinner, bars, shows or at each other's houses. We went all over the places on the weekends so Bud and I could be together even if we couldn't fuck. Once during an oldies concert show staring the 4 Tops and Temptations we were sitting together and Bud had my foot in his crouch under the table. While his wife sat next to him he reached under the table and stroked my leg up to the knee. I rubbed his very hard cock and we looked at each other with lust in our eyes whenever we could get away with it. I could have raped hi that night I was so hot for him. My husband didn't realize it but I was playing with Bud's cock with my toes all night. I actually made him cum in his pants! I swear to God I did! I was so hot when we left the building! I fucked my husband on the floor in the living room exactly where I fucked Bud that first day of our affair.

Once when Bud and his wife were over our house Bud and I kissed, tongued and played with each other's sex, as I stood in the kitchen with the refrigerator door open. He held my tight cupping my ass cheeks and pulling me into him letting me feel his hard cock as his wife and my husband and two other couples were in the very next room. I squeezed his cock and moaned into his mouth. We were getting bolder and bolder with our meetings and what we were doing. And I didn't care about it. It seems that all I wanted was his cock inside me. It was like I was addicted to him and he to me.

Once when his wife worked on Saturday I came to his house. He had me on the floor nude in a mater of minutes. I fucked him on the kitchen floor like a witch, I mean thrusting up into him like I was insane as I yelled for him to fuck me harder and faster. You could hear our body slamming on the floor with a loud thump, thump, thump, thump as my ass lifted up taking him deep and then him pushing us both down on the floor with a hard pounding with Bud ramming my with his cock. It was two hours of the most intense sex we ever had. Then before he came Bud picked me up and put me on his bed where he fucked his wife the night before. I screamed when he reentered me and shot a huge load of cum into my body! It was magical and so damn good!

We had always talked about trying to spend an entire night together, but it never happened for the first four months. Then one day I came home and my husband told me he was called up for his two weeks of active duty training. I told Bud and we knew my husband would be out of town and not be able to get home. This might be the perfect time to get together like we had always wanted. Bud pressed me to have him over my house one of those nights. I wanted him to be there but was scared someone would see or find out about us and tell my husband. Plus it wasn't a good time for me since I nearing my fertile cycle. But I was so damn hot for him to spend the night and fuck me in my bed as I had fantasized about many nights as my husband was fucking me.

So I debated it internally for a long time before my husband was due to leave. The night before he left he made love to me for over an hour. That was the longest time we ever spent making love since we were married. But, he still came in me within a few minutes of entering me. At least now he ate my pussy nicely. In fact since we talked and I had asked him to do it, he had begun to eat me every time we had sex. That night like many others his mouth was able to make me cum three times. But, in the time we had been married he had only been able to give me an orgasm from his cock three times. That last night before he left for North Carolina was one of them. . Then the next morning came and my husband left at 6AM for North Carolina for his two weeks training.

When Bud picked me up for work that morning, I told him I had decided about him spending the night. If we were going to do it, it would have to be Wednesday night. I told him I wanted him over at 8PM and that he could spend the entire night. He told me he would fuck me or eat me or make love to me, or all of the above all night. He told me I wouldn't be sorry. He was extremely happy I had agreed to us spending the night together.

That evening was Monday and when he drove me towards home, he stopped at our usual place and we got into the back seat. He actually wanted to go to my house since my husband wasn't there but I told him no, he would have to wait until Wednesday. So we started making love in his back seat. Bud surprised me by turning me around so I was facing the back window.

He placed my hands on the back of the seat and lifted my skirt up from behind. He licked my neck as he ran his hands over my ass cheeks. I watched as he opened my legs further as he knelt behind me.

With my hands against the back seat, I laid my head on the top of the back seat. When I wasn't resting my head on the seat I was looking out the rear window. Bud told me he wanted to take me from behind doggie style. I have never done it this way and wanted to try it. As his cock slid in-between my ass cheeks I wondered if he would try and fuck my ass. I wouldn't want that! But then I felt his hardness as he moved it under my ass and against the slit of my vagina. As the head moved into my pussy hole I moaned so loud and so deep I scared myself.

Bud held my hips now and began to slowly pump his nice hard cock in and out of my already wet and aching to be fucked vagina. He took his time and I have to tell you I was hot! I mean my God!! MY GOD! It felt so good.

Bud was nothing like my husband's 2-minute fuck! He had stamina and tonight he showed me just how much. He pumped his cock into me long and hard fast and slow, again and again and I climaxed again and again. But he didn't, he continued fucking me this way as his hands moved up and tried to unbutton my blouse. I helped him. Now with my breasts hanging down he cupped them and squeezed them as he pumped into me. Over and over again he moved his cock in and out of my pussy. God I must have made a puddle on his back seat but he just continued to fuck me. I felt him pulling on my nipples. As he did and I moaned again knowing he was going to make me cum again! Jesus, Bud was really going to town back there now!

After about 20 minutes, I'm not bull shiting it was at least 20minutes, I felt his cock harder and get even thicker. It sort of pulsed like a heart! I knew he was close. I pushed back into him and he thrust one last time and held my hips as he arched his back and moaned that he was cumming. I could fell his cock release shot after wonderful warm shot of cum deep into me. I climaxed again feeling Bud cumming!

When he was finished he fell forward on to my back and I could feel his heart beating a 100 MPH. His breathing was quick and fast too. He said, 'My God Dee that was the best yet! I think you are going to kill me before.........before we decide this is over. If that ever happens."

I turned and looked at him. I asked, So you're getting tired of me now?"

He pulled out of my pussy with a soft popping sound. He turned me around and held me in his arms. His hard cock was rubbing the front of my pussy now. Then he kissed me and told me, "No! God No babe! I won't ever get tired of you Dee. I....I will always want you. I think I.......love...you!"

I jumped when I heard that word. I said, "Oh Bud. No! No babe! We can't fall in love. No! No Bud. We don't love each other it's the sex. We just love to fuck each other."

I pulled him to me and kissed him hard. I was crying! He held me and kissed me and made tender soft love to my mouth. I returned the affection. This was bad! Really bad, because I was thinking I felt this way too. But I didn't tell him. Finally I said, "Please.... Please take me home baby! Take me home. I'll be with you tomorrow night, all night. OK?"

He kissed me one last time and we straighten ourselves and he dropped me off. He then drove home to his wife. I went into the house and cried.

After that night I started to get sacred. I wondered if I should stop this affair now. I was getting way to involve now with my heart. I knew Bud was too, he had even told me he was. We should have never decided to spend the night together. The sex was just too good. It was softer now and very romantic compared to how it use to be. It used to be wam bam thank you mam. Now it was still so intense but loving in a way. We held each other much to long afterwards now and told each other things only lovers tell. While the sex was still very, very hot it had changed now at least for me. It was still animalistic but it was also tender and loving afterwards. We were both falling in love.

Wednesday came and we went straight to work that day saving ourselves and building the desire for the evening when we came home. I had decide to give Bud the one full night with me to see how I would feel about it when we were done. I don't know what he told his wife but he showed up at 8:00 PM Wednesday night just as it was getting dark.

I opened the front door and let him in. He closed the door and took me in his arms immediately. His lips touched mine and I took his tongue as he slowly inserted it into my mouth! I could feel his heart beating against me. We melted into each other, as we tasted each other's lips. My breasts pressed against my chest and I pushed my pelvis into him as I arched my back pressing my vagina against his hard member. He held me that way for a long time before we moved to the couch.

I offered him a drink but he told me he didn't need one. So I stood and took his hand. We walked towards the master bedroom. The only man to ever go in there was my husband until tonight. We sat on the bed and I told him to take his tee shirt off. I pulled it over his head and dropped it on the floor. He took my blouse and unbuttoned it as he looked directly into my eyes the entire time.

Once the blouse was on the floor with his shirt, he looked down at my breasts and told me how marvelous they were. I didn't have large breasts back then, 32 B but they are full and round and soft. For a small woman I think I have great breasts. He calls them fantastic breasts. He also loves my nipples telling me they are as red as he has ever seen on any woman. I asked him once how many nipples he had seen and he told me many. Since he was in the Navy overseas I didn't think he was telling me lies. Then he bent his head and lifted my breasts to his mouth! We began to make love slow and easy we had all night.

A soft moan echoed inside me as he playfully teased my breasts with his lips and tongue. Then he looked in my eyes and I guess he saw I wasn't into any mood for teasing. I told him, "Make love to me Bud! Please babe love me now make love to me all tonight! I want you so bad my love!"

I didn't want this to hurry. I was not a believer in fate, even though he was lying in my arms. I knew the time we had was short. I knew it, and I was not prepared to let go so fast tonight. I would never know if he would ever be back into my arms like this again. I did not want to let the moment I had with Bud now, the moment we both shared, end soon. "Oh god Bud", I murmured when his teeth pressed against my nipples and bit them while his tongue flicked over the hard point and his hand was now between my opened legs stroking me like he did most every night we were together.

"Dee! Oh God Dee I love your body so much. I love you so very much!" he whispered in my ear as his tongue licked my neck on the way to my breasts.

Soft lips brushed over my breasts and sighs and whimpers came out of my mouth as he sucked and licked them. His hands roamed over my abdomen and then up to capture and cup the fullness of my right breast. Within the palm of his hand he lifted one of the soft globes and bit the hard tip of my red hard nipple. He held it in his teeth and licked over it! As he did he used his fingers, thumb and index finger to rolled the other one. My nipples were very sensitive tonight for some reason and soon I told him they were hurting and to not bit them hard. He stopped as he kissed them gently. I was dreaming with my head feeling like it was going around in circles as Bud continued to make love to me bring moans from deep inside my body.

"Please," I murmured, as my hands searched for his hard cock. When I held it in my hand it felt so warm, so hard so loving. It was throbbing and jumping as I slowly stroked it! He whispered in my ear, "Do you want me in you now Dee? Oh please babe I'm so fucking hot!"

I told him, NO! Not yet Bud Not yet babe! Slow we need to go slow lick me first!"

He said, "Oh God please baby! I'm so hard!"

As his lips met my neck I tilted my head back and he held me in his arms as he sucked so very gently on my breasts. We shifted around a little now and I was laying fully on the bed with his face and shoulders over me. My breasts pushed up into his mouth as he squeezed and sucked on them. The sensitivity was still there but my passion was stronger.

At the same time he sucked my nipples I moved my hips again and shifting them under him. He let his stiff cock press against my leg. I told him to take his shorts off now. He sat up and removed them. Bud now had only a pair of boxers on and I could see the big cock sticking out the front of the opening. I reached for it and pulled his cock to my lips. I kissed and sucked it as he moaned and held my head. The big mushroom head was wet and shinning with his pre-cum!

His lips took in my vagina and within minutes he had me pumping it into his face. Minutes later I exploded for the first time and cried out with a rapture I have never known before or since. Finally I pulled hi head out from between my open legs and pulled him up and kissed him tasting my own cum.

With his cock free, it began to rise up even bigger and harder between my hands and lips. As I sucked on him, he undid my shorts and I lifted up so he could remove them. He moved and his cock came out of my mouth. He looked down at my naked body and slowly stroked it as he told me how beautiful I was. He told me how lucky my husband was to have me in his bed every night.

I stopped him with a finger to his lips. I said, "Please! Please Bud don't speak of him again tonight! This is hard enough and while I want it and you, I don't want you to remind me of my husband. OK?"

He told me he was sorry. Then he said well then any man would be lucky to have me in his bed. That was better. Our lips crush against each other again and I held him against me fully now. I also felt his hard cock pressing between us. It was time.

I could feel the moist lips of my cunt waiting to grant entrance to his hard and eager cock. With a readiness I will never have again, and my heart pressed against him burning with desire, he hovered over me using his hands as a support. He looked down into my eyes and I said, "Do it! Fuck me Bud! Fuck me now in my bed!"

The way his hips pressed down, I knew he was waiting for me to tell him it was OK to take me in my bed I had shared with my husband. It was some sort of symbiotic gesture I guess, being fucked in my bed that only my husband had shared with me before this night! I was, no we both were more than ready for this for months! And now it was going to happen. I was scared but there was no turning back. Now what would happen would happen. If we fell in love completely and we left our spouses so be it. If we enjoyed each other's bodies and that was all there was, well that was OK too.

As he slid down onto me, his cock slowly pushed into my warm wet vagina. I could almost feel the blood throbbing in its veins as it pulsed like a living-breathing animal. It felt alive like it was living by itself without Bud. I moaned almost softly as my fingernails bit into the flesh on Bud's back. For some reason tonight's sex was much more stimulating and much more passionate.

A shiver ran through me and my breath began to quicken as Bud began to slowly fuck me moving in and out of my warm wet pussy tunnel. I tried to hold back, to not orgasm so quickly, but my body betrayed me. Bud entered me so slowly again and again I could feel every millimeter of his cock as it went in and then came back out. And he did it over and over again and again!

I opened my legs wider for him to give myself to him completely. I was burning up with passion now. It felt tight as he pushed further inside me until his balls were resting against my ass. His delicious shaft was now fully embedded in my body and I shudder and shook as my orgasm began. My hips rolled up as I drove them up off the bed lifting us both and taking him even deeper into me. My legs where shaking as I arched my back and drove into him again and again and again as I began to climax. Bud held his cock deep inside me letting me fuck myself on it.

My lips sucked his and he kissed me hard as I climaxed and climaxed and climaxed. Bud simply held me and let me go wild on his cock. I was crying it felt so good. I reached up and touched my hand to his cheek when it was over. Bud kissed me again. When our lips met this time it was a gentle and soft kiss. It engulfed both of us in its desire, heat and passion. My dark brown hair fell across my face and he used his fingers to push it back. He told me he loved the color and shape of it. He told me he loved everything about me. That I was the most sexist woman he had ever known. Then he said it again; "I love you Dee. I love you so much."

I placed my fingers to his mouth and told him to stop talking and fuck me. I thanked him and kissed him and told him he was the most sexist man I have ever known even if I had only knew two men! He laughed with his cock still hard and still up inside me. He then used his hands and put them under my ass. He withdrew his cock and stopped penetrating me. I wondered what he was doing and then I knew. He slid down my body lick and kissing it as he went. He moved between my legs and I knew he was going to eat me. His tongue pushed past my very wet opened cunt lips with force. I raised one hand and placed it on his head holding it as he sliding his face completely between my wide-open legs. I arched my back and lifted my ass up off the bed as his lips and tongue found my wetness. "Oh Yes babe! Eat my, lick me! Oh God yes Bud make me cum again!"

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