tagInterracial LoveDefending the Enemy

Defending the Enemy


Margery Downing had just arrived at station 2112 to review her next case as public defender she became accustomed to dealing with a high volume case load and at the spur of the moment she could be given any case at any moment but little did Margie know how this next case would effect the rest of her life. The pretty attorney sipped coffee while Detective Sidney Daniels filled her in on the details on her next client.

"Looks like you have you're going have your hands full this one, he's got record as thick as the yellow pages ,he won't speak with out an attorney present!" Margie glances over the his record "This one is priceless Detective!" Margie shakes her head reading on .

"Let's see he's apart of the white power movement, arrested in 2000 for attempted arson on a synagogue, arrested for assault on black teenage girl with a beer bottle and the list goes on and on." Margie says thumbing through the pages of the defendants record.

"To whom do I owe the honors for setting me up with this one?" She sighs.

"You're the only available Margie, had no control over it!"

"Hey, c'mon you're a tough gal, you can handle it!" He pats and rubs her shoulder.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence Sid!" Margery prepares for the worse, smoothing her hands across the lapels of her charcoal gray suit jacket that hugged tightly over her 42D's.

Ever since she was a little girl in pigtails Margie exuded confidence. Several times Margie had been singled out to fail, from being the only chubby black girl in ballet, to the being the only plus size model signed on at a famous agency, each every time she rose to the occasion putting her toughest critics to shame. For the first time Margie stood at the door of the interview room, nervous and unsure of herself. She wipes her fore head free of perspiration, her golden honey skin felt clammy as if she were coming down with a fever, she bites nervously at pouty red wine lips and slowly extends her hand with French manicure tips to turn the door knob. She slowly opens the door peeks in to see a handsome white man sitting in a folded chair crossing his arms and grimacing, his intense blue eyes dart in the direction of the door, his slightly tan skin flashed red as he watched Margie slowly walk in. He stares coldly into her eyes sending chills up and down Margie's spine. The hairs of his pale blonde goatee seem to stand at attention ,his square jaw tightens as he is overcome with anger and disgust at the sight of the pretty brown and voluptuous lawyer .

"Collier Thatcher, Det. Daniels said you have requested an attorney, I'm Margery Downing I've been assigned to your case." Margie extends her hand to shake his.

Collier rolls his eyes and releases his clenched jaw to a smirk. He chuckles and says, "You got to be kidding me, a nigger attorney?"

"I think you made a mistake this not the line for welfare!" Unfazed by his insults, the confidence she had since was a young girl quickly returns. Margie boldly takes a seat in front of him.

"Are you aware of the charges against you Mr. Thatcher?"

"Yeah they think I killed that spic Congressman Reves ."If I killed I'd make sure everyone would know, it's one less cockroach that needs to be stomped!" Collier answers with a venomous hateful reply .

"Well it doesn't look to good for you ,Thatcher , you stated that at the time of the murder you were at the movies with your girlfriend, seems like you alibi didn't check out, your girlfriend says she was out of town with friends and we have several eye witnesses that identify you confronting Reves that evening!

"I ‘ve seen tougher cases to prove with more evidence against the defendant, along as we can prove reasonable doubt we have good chance for acquittal!" Margie exclaims trying to look poised and professional.

"Wow a black bitch that can read?" Collier smirks .

"Yes are you jealous?" Margie retorts.

"No surprised, but I guess you can teach a monkey to do tricks!"

Margie marveled and wondered what could have inspired such a beautiful man to have such a ugly and hate filled heart.

"If you're looking for someone to be intimidate by you being some sorta Nazi, you're definitely looking in the wrong place!"

"First of I'm not a Nazi!"

"I'm just proud of my white heritage, unlike most of these limp dick so - called white men, I'm not afraid to show it!"

"Second I wanna another attorney, a real one, a white one!"

"DETECTIVE!" Collier shouts.

Detective Daniels enters the room. "What is it now Thatcher?"

"Want my phone call!"

"Once WA hears about me being represented by a nigger, they'll send one of our lawyers down quick and in a hurry!"

"WA huh?" The skeptical Detective questions Coulier.

"Yeah the epitome of white pride!" Collier answers with his signature smirk.

"Well buddy boy you might wanna read today's paper!" Det. Daniel places the local paper on the table in front of Collier.

"Seems like White Alliance is denying you had any affiliation with the group, I'm afraid you're on your own buddy boy!"

Collier's jaw drops in disbelief. "Lies, made up by the liberal Jew media!"

"I want my phone call now!!!!"

"C'mon Thatcher make my job easier and do yourself some justice too, with a confession the judge is bound to give you a lighter sentence!"

"I want my fucking phone call, it's my right!"

"Have it your way, Thatcher!"

Detective Daniels places the phone in front of Collier and quickly leaves the room while Margie stares at Thatcher with curiosity.

"WA, Brad Baker's office how my I direct your call?" A woman's voice answers.

"Gina, this is Cole, I need to speak Brad!"

"Okay, one moment Cole I'll put you through!"

"Brad Baker speaking how can I help you?"

"Sir it's Cole!" Brad interrupts Collier before he can finish his sentence.

"Yes, I've been expecting your call son."

"Look the group had a meeting upon hearing about the murder, seeing that your not officially documented as being a member of WA, I regret there's nothing we can do for you."

"But I came every last one of the meetings since I was twelve!"

"And all the recruits I found at school, I brought in and trained 76 willing soldiers, for you!"

"And you're telling me you can't help me because of some bullshit paper work?" Collier confused and exasperated pleads with the WA Leader.

"The group appreciates all the hard work you done , but without a official membership, my hands are tied, sorry son!"

Collier still in shock makes a final plea. "But what about Grace Sir, your daughter, my girlfriend?"

"Leave her out of this!"

"What ever went on between you two is not official WA business!"

"Look I got the Feds breathing down my neck, scrutinizing every move I make and every shit I take, I'm not about to sacrifice all we're doing for white pride on a fuck up like you!" Collier is left the sound of the dial tone in his ear. He slams the receiver down throwing the phone against the wall.

"Fuck!" He screams in frustration. He put his hands on his head wanting to cry but way too proud for that, especially in front a nigger.

Margie interrupts Collier's ranting to reason with him.

"Look you don't like me, in fact you hate me, I don't like you either!"

"Lets put our personal feelings aside, so I can do my job of defending you!"

"On one condition, no more racist remarks against me or any one else for that matter in my presence!"

"I may have to represent you by law but I don't have to give you a good representation."

"Push my buttons one more time and I'm falling asleep in court!" Collier pauses to think about Margie's offer, he realizes the presence of black attorney defending him might win favor with a jury.

"So do we have a deal?" Margie extends her hand once more. A reluctant Collier shakes her hand and nods in agreement.

"Besides your looking at one of Maryland's finest attorneys, I graduated second among the top ten in my class and I have 89% success rate ,plus I love a challenge!"

"Who the first to graduate from your class a white man … right?" Collier asks.

"No actually an Asian woman named Sunny A. Walker, I believe you seen her commercials on TV!"

"She runs the biggest law firm in Maryland!"

"Well she's not white, so the name doesn't ring a bell?" Collier shrugs his shoulders.

"Well of course!" Margie smiles.

Margie stands to take off her jacket Collier eyes scans her entire body, her honey brown cleavage slightly peeked out of her low cut white blouse. Margie bends over to pick up a pen that had fallen to the floor giving him a direct view of her full backside making Collier's cock jump at the sight of her luscious ass stretching the fabric of her skirt. Collier hated blacks from the core of his being or anyone that wasn't white but for a long time he secretly lusted for black women . In the privacy of his own home he would often jerk off to porn via the internet featuring black women being impaled by huge white cocks. Afterwards he would feel so ashamed that he would leave racist comments berating the women, their bodies and the men that were with them. His lust for black pussy became too strong for him to fight, he even contemplated hiring a black prostitute. As a result of the guilt he felt for his sexual attraction to black women, Collier further emerced himself into his activities with WA, becoming the groups' most dedicated rising star. Collier's good looks and charisma lead many young people to join WA something the group desperately needed. Collier's work with WA kept his mind distracted from his secret desire but the moment he observed Margie's thick and curvy body the feelings all came rushing back.

"First thing we have do is get passed this bail hearing, do you have any one that can loan you the money for bail?" Margie asked he awakening from his day dream.

"Just my sister Candice."

"Give her a call!" Margie hands Collier her cell phone. Candice answer with a shaky voice from crying.


"Candy it's Cole!"

"Cole I've been worried sick , what's happening?"

"I've been hearing all this stuff on the news, Momma keeps calling from the hospital , she's frantic!"

"Tell Momma everything will be find , I got an attorney, she's gonna handle things!" Collier reassures his sister .

"I may need the money from the house for bail?" Collier asks.

"No Cole, that's only thing we have left after paying for Momma's medical bills!"

"Please Candy, you gotta believe me, all of this shit they accused me of…I didn't do it sis!"

Candace silently debates in her mind ,she truly believed her brother but she was scared of risking the only thing the family owns , her mothers home.

"Alright Cole, but please, down let us down again!"

"Thanks Candy, never again!" Collier proclaims determine not hurt them as he done before .

Collier hangs up the phone ."My sister can help me out, now what?"

"Now we have to convince the judge you not a flight risk!"

"I over your heard you have a elderly Mother in the hospital?"

"Yeah what's it to you?" Collier eyes become fixated on Margie's mouth , he tries to concentrate yet thoughts of Margie wrapping her full ruby lips around his throbbing cock invade his mind.

"Does she depend on you financially?"

"Yeah I take care of my mom."

"Don't have a steady job, did a couple of construction jobs, fixed a couple computers for the members but for the most part Brad and group took care of everything else!"

"As long I kept bringing in members, mostly women or girls, my bills were taken care of!"

" Why mostly women or girls?" Margie questions.

"Well there's a lot more male members … it's strategic!"

"Ah I see, bring in the girls and the guys are soon to follow?"

"They meet , pair off and keep the white race pure and heavily populated!" Margie added.

"Sounds like Eugenics, Thatcher." Collier leans back in his chair folds his arm and nods his head yes, reluctant to give any more information to the nosy attorney.

"What‘s this all about anyway?" Collier asks.

" Just need any information, that can help keep you out of jail, Thatcher!"

"Something your leader said just doesn't sit right with me?" Margie noted.

"What ‘s that?" Collier asked curious to find out what Margie was insinuating.

"Well, he said WA couldn‘t help you because of missing paperwork, right?"

"Yeah so?" Collier answers.

"It's seems kinda odd to make a decision about not offering you legal assistance so quickly, you only been in custody for 8 hours!"

Still in denial about Brad Baker and WA virtually turning their backs on him, Collier becomes defensive, snapping at Margie.

"Just what are you getting at you black skinned …..

"Margery… The name's Margery, Thatcher!"

"Do you have any enemies besides the obvious?"

"Looks like someone you know might be trying to frame you!"

"All WA men are loyal, that's what white brotherhood is all about!" Collier boast.

"Right Thatcher, but where was that loyalty when you needed legal assistance?" Margie retorts.

Collier becomes consumed with anger, he immediately leaps up in a rage throws the table on it's side and

grabs the terrified and shocked attorney by her blouse.

"Don't you go accusing WA of nothing , those men saved my life!" Margie struggles to break free from his grasp.

"Get your hands off of me, Thatcher!" Margie shouts. Detective Daniels burst into the room followed by two other officers. Daniels shoves Thatcher knocking him off balance causing to stumble to the ground, he continues to thrash around while the two officers fight restrain and cuff him.

"Relax Thatcher , don't get your panties in a bunch!"

Daniels takes Margie out of the room to talk with her , about the incident.

"Are you alright Gal?" asks the concerned Detective. Margie nods.

"Look dear, your lip is bleeding!" The remorseful detective pulls out handkerchief from his suit pocket and gently wipes the blood away. Detective Daniel always had romantic feelings for Margery but he felt too old and too married to ever pursue her.

"Thanks Sid or should I say Sir Galahad?"

"I guess chivalry is not dead?"

"Don't thank me Margie, I shouldn't have left you alone with that animal!"

"There's gotta be some way of getting you out of this dear!"

"Not unless he fires me, besides I don't want to Sid, there's something more to the case, bigger than Thatcher!"

"You mean White Alliance?" Daniels asks.

"Exactly, I just need more time with Thatcher, something tells me he knows more than he lets on!"

Detective Daniels looks into Margie's eyes with uncertainty

"I'll be fine Sid!"

"I'm a tough girl remember?" Margie caresses Sidney's face and creeps back into interview room.

Margie enters the room, to see Collier subdued. His hair was mussed, he was cover in small scrapes, he was also bleeding from the nose and lip. Margie walks over to the first aid kit attempting to try to get Collier to let his guard down.

"Are you relaxed now, Thatcher?" Collier nods his head while Margie pours peroxide on a cotton swab, she moves in close inches away from his face softly dabbing his cuts . He takes in the sweet smell of her perfume Beautiful by Estee Lauder.

"My mother used peroxide because I couldn't stand the sting of rubbing alcohol." Margie smiles while continuing wiping his cuts. Collier looks down at her cleavage noticing a huge rip in the delicate fabric of blouse causing the tops of her smooth brown breast to spill out. She leans in closer to work on the cuts on his forehead placing her tits directly in Collier's view. The white lacy see-through bra hardly held in her huge breast . The light from room gave her honey brown breast a little sheen making them look very appetizing .Collier couldn't take his eyes off them. He could see the outline of her big chocolate nipples peaking through the delicate fabric bra taunting him. His cock was full attention ,he wanted so badly to each lick and suck each one.

"Honestly Thatcher, I'm just trying to help, you need as many people on your side as possible!"

"Do you know any one we can get some answers from?"

Collier couldn't take it any more, he finally decides to let Margie know about her torn blouse.

"I think your top is ummm…ripped!"

Margie looks down to see her tits almost fully exposed ." Shit!" Margie completely humiliated does her best to cover up and scrambles for a safety pin from the kit.

"Sorry about that Thatcher, I know how hard it must be for you to stare at black tits!" Collier smirks thinking to himself , "You have no idea how hard it is!"

Margie continues to press Collier for answers, she signals one of the officers to uncuff him. The officer looks at her confused. "It's okay , I'll be fine!" The officer shakes his head and uncuffs him. Margie thinks back on what her grandma use to say. "Baby girl ,you gotta kill' em with kindness, sometimes kindness is you best weapon!"

"You sure wanna do that?" Collier asks.

"I think you would have learned your lesson gal!" he adds. Margie places her hand on Collier's shoulder looks deeply into his bold blue eyes and says.

"As your attorney we need to develop some sorta relationship , you need to trust me and I need to trust you!" The moment Margie places her hand on Collier's shoulder he wanted to grab her hand to pull her close into his arms to kiss her soft pouty lips but instead he pushes her hand from his shoulder. Margie sighs and walks to the other side of the room.

"We might as well call it quits, Thatcher, there's simply no reasoning with you!" Collier thinks about his mom and sister, he wanted desperately to keep his promise to them.

"Roscoe Baker." Collier grumbles under his breath. "He's Brad's older brother …he was second in command!"

"He goes by Jim Beam on account that's all he drinks!"

"Okay, good, how would I get ahold of him?" Margie asks.

"You can't, he won't talk to blacks and he won't talk to the cops either…it's gotta be me!"

"He's gotta know something, wouldn't be surprised if he set me up!"

"He hates Brad even more than the cops and black combined!"

"Why's that?" Margie ask.

"Brad got him kicked off of leadership because of his son."

"The kid had Down Syndrome ..he was pretty nice kid, he didn't deserve half the shit they done to him." Collier continues.

"Brad said he wouldn't except him as nephew, he said was an unfit excuse of white man!"

"So Roscoe left the group and got his own ,they're called the True Patriots of America!"

"Interesting and tragic." Margie replies.

"We definitely need to investigate but first, we need you out on bail!"

"I'll see you tomorrow for the bail hearing …Trust me Thatcher ,I'm gonna work hard to get you back to your family."

Margie finally arrives at home to wanting to soak herself in bubble bath and make love to her fiance William Jeffries. William being an attorney also, prepares for a conference at dinner with the partners at the firm. Seeing Billy with his shirt off makes Margie want to fore go the bubble bath and get straight to work on his cock.

"Billy I'm glad I made it in time to see you baby, I missed you , today was a nightmare!" William pecks her lightly on the cheek . " I know, I seen it all over the news, seems like your case went national!"

"You what that's going to do for your career, right?" William says. "Yeah but you know I don't do it for that!"

"Nonsense your one of the best baby, you should have your own practice!" Margie hugs William from behind while he fixes his tie.

"Leaving so soon Sweetie , thought we might time for a little fun!" Margie unbuckles Billy's belt and gets ready to unzip his fly to grip his cock but he pulls her hand away.

"Not now baby , you know I gotta leave!"

"But baby it's been almost a month , I need you!" Margie turns to face him, she kisses him gently parting his lips with her tongue. She unbuttons his dress shirt tracing her finger tips along his chiseled mahogany chest, she reaches into dress pants to stroke his semi erect cock. She sucks and nibbles on bottom lip.

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