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Defiled Angels


The twenty young nursing graduates posed for their group photograph with pride, ten standing and ten sitting, with Matron Catherine Lucas sitting proudly between them. Their ceremonial capes fluttered in the strong cooling breeze but none of the graduates were concerned. They had made it. They all had, and that was all that mattered.

It was a particularly proud moment for Carol Dalton and Fiona Nugent. Both were twenty-two. Both had gone to school together. Both had gone to college and now they both had graduated as nurses together. They were lucky enough to get jobs at the same hospital too and shared a flat that was just around the corner from Earlston General Hospital, where they both worked.

Both sets of proud parents had arranged a joint party at the local hotel in Earlston, Essex, England. Carol and Fiona attended only until ten. They had an early start in the morning and did not want to be late on their first morning.

They made their way together in the dark towards their flat, still wearing their dress uniforms and capes. As soon as Carol turned the key and opened the door, she felt a hand push her onto the floor. When she turned she saw Fiona being held with a large hand stifling her screams. Carol herself was about to scream when a second attacker placed his hand over her mouth silencing her.

Both young women were made to stand up. Carol's attacker still held his hand to her mouth and now she felt the cold sensation of a knife to her throat. Her attacker spoke.

"Ok. Now listen up. No one gets hurt so long as they do what they're told, understood?"

Carol nodded and the hand was released from her mouth.

"Please, we have no money. We only start work tomorrow and won't be paid for another month."

"Aw, that's too bad," said her attacker sarcastically and dragged Carol to her bedroom. Carol was thrown on the bed.

"What are you going to do?" she asked innocently.

"What does it look like?" he replied.

"Nooo!" she screamed and once again her attacker stifled her scream and place the knife at her throat.

"Now look. I told you the deal. Do as you're told and you won't get hurt."

Carol submitted, with tears running down her eyes.

Her attacker began unbuttoning her dress uniform slowly. Each button he opened seemed to give him a certain excitement. As the last button was opened, he parted the garment and signalled her to slip it off, revealing her full white slip.

Carol could hear the sound of her slip rip as the knife cut through the fabric with ease. She looked up and could see her attacker licking his lips in anticipation. The undergarment simply fell away as he cut through both thin shoulder straps. In the same manner, he simply took the centre of her plain white bra and with one snip of the knife, the ruined bra fell away, revealing her firm, luscious breasts and hardened nipples.

"Lift your arse," he ordered as he dragged her black tights and plain knickers from her body and tossed them to the floor. He stripped rapidly and mounted his prey. He kissed her passionately, moving to her neck and then to her firm breasts, kissing, sucking and chewing as his went.

Carol's naked body reacted to this sensation with goose bumps. It excited her but she managed to battle the temptation to moan. However as he gently sucked her breasts she herself weakening in her resolve. The sensation of her attacker's tongue skilfully licking one nipple and then licking between her breasts working up to her left breast was too much for Carol and she released a deep moan.

Travelling down her naked, slim waist, he finally reached her pussy. His tongue with the same gentleness, made its way through her pussy lips and stroked her clit. By now, Carol was herself consumed in lust. She moaned repeatedly as her attacker's tongue ravished her pussy. He moved forward and inserted his hardened rod into her.

Carol placed her hands on his hips as if to guide him. The rhythm built up with each stroke. Her body matched his movements. Their breathing became deeper and deeper.

Carol felt her juices starting to gather and she knew he was close to cumming.

"Oh my God. Come on, come on," she yelled in the excitement.

Finally, they both orgasmed together. Carol's juices collided with her attacker's hot cum, making them both moan breathlessly with deep sexual satisfaction.

The full day's events and the sex with her attacker combined to overwhelm Carol and through sheer exhaustion, she fell asleep.

Meantime, Fiona had been dragged to her room and tossed backwards onto the bed. In contrast to Carol's attacker, Fiona's attacker simply stood over her brandishing his knife. He surveyed his prisoner with a growing lust.

"I always wanted to fuck a nurse in uniform," he said.

"Please. Don't do this." Fiona's plea fell on deaf ears as he put his finger to his mouth in a signal to remain silent and at the same time displayed his knife in a menacing way that frightened her.

"Now get that dress off."

Fiona, hesitated for a second and began to unbutton the front of her uniform, with tears running down her eyes. As she slipped it off, he took it from her hands and threw it to the ground. He walked over to her as she stood in her full slip before him.

Fiona tried to back away in fear. His hands grabbed the fabric and literally tore it from her body, revealing her low cut black bra, matching thong and her black thigh high stockings.

The sight made her attacker grin. "I bet that's not standard issue."

Fiona blushed and desperately tried to cover herself.

"Get the rest off," he yelled in anger.

Fiona obediently complied, removing her bra, thong and stockings. As she stood naked before him she once again tried to cover herself with her hands.

"Now, now. What would you say to your shy patients? You haven't anything I haven't seen before?" he asked with an ironic chuckle. "Now lie on the bed."

As Fiona did so, her attacker stripped with lust and climbed on top of her.

Fiona felt his hardened dick enter her trimmed pussy. He pounded her mercilessly. The speed of his movement picked up with each stroke. An exhausted Fiona orgasmed first, followed by her attacker. Both breathed a deep sigh of fulfilment. Like Carol, Fiona fell rapidly asleep.

Carol was woken by the sound of her alarm. She turned and realised she was alone. She put her dressing gown on and ran to the shower. She wrapped herself in a large bath towel and was about to head for her room when she could hear Fiona sobbing.

Carol knocked gently and then went in. Fiona was sitting up in the bed, with a bed sheet wrapped round her body.

"Are you ok, Fee?" asked Carol with concern.

"Oh Carol. They raped us."

Carol sat down and put her arms around her friend. "I know, Fee, I know. Why don't you have a shower and get dressed for work and I'll make breakfast?"

"But what will the others think?"

"They don't have to know Fee. We have a full day's work ahead. We'll talk about it tonight when we finish see what we should do, ok?"

Just as Carol predicted, their first day was very busy. Thanks to Carol's support and encouragement, Fiona managed to get through the day. They agreed to remain silent on their ordeal and helped and supported each other in the following weeks.

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