tagErotic HorrorDefiled Ch. 02: Confession

Defiled Ch. 02: Confession


Chapter 02: Confession

Edited by: CiaoSteve

Writers note: Please enjoy this ongoing story, I intend on writing more very soon. In order to do so, I will need advice from readers like you. As normal, constructive criticism shall always be welcomed and appreciated.

Above the stone walled room and far from the splintered wooden door are groups of concerned people, many of whom shift about, still trying to find the source of the muffled groaning. A devout woman worried about the upcoming ceremonies rises from her seat. She is dressed in simple robes; a thin black veil covering the top of her head. Under that is a semi transparent cloth cascading over her back, its clean white color signifying purity as her graceful form steps across the marble floor. A long chain with a single rosary around her waist keeps the whole ensemble together.

She grows curious as she draws closer to the door, listening to the questionable noises coming from somewhere beyond. She brushes curly brown hair from either sides of her face, carefully tucking it back into place as she readjusts the shifting veil. Her dark brown eyes shoot open as she also notices liquid dripping from the door's brass handle. The inquisitive nun rears back in disgust as another approaches from behind, also intrigued by the bazaar ivory fluids. She backs away, gasping quietly as if not to interrupt the day's proceedings.

They both lean forward to listening to the loud sounds of slurping and sucking that come from below, coupled with the indistinct moans of two or more people. The noise is broken from time to time by coughing, only for it to return to uninterrupted gagging. Both nuns now rest against the door which creaks underneath their added weight. The splintering wood cracks along connected hinges, causing those hiding in the basement to look upwards. Cadenza's perverse actions cease for a brief moment as the demon listens intently. Her pointed ears can pick up soft sounds of breathing, along with pacing footsteps.

"More company, fantastic." Sarcasm drips from her whispering voice.

Meanwhile, Agnella remains enchanted, even as her master tries to pull the hard cock away. She continues to suck with reckless abandon. The swaying member enthralling and hypnotizing in a wonderful manner, teasing the slave as she playfully releases it and tries to catch it in her open mouth. Agnella is too busy distracting herself with the impressive slab of meat struggling to get away from her rosy lips.

Far after the others finish their work on Cadenza's shiny demonic cock, Agnella is the only one who tries to keep going. Her voracious maw opens even further, trying to accommodate for its wide girth. Still unable to catch it, she reaches even farther with her tongue, lapping up falling strings of white hot cum.

Her greedy need to continue this blowjob quickly becomes a nuisance as Cadenza stifles her own moans of pleasure with a hand over her mouth, and another on the top of Agnella's head. Even with fingers sinking deeply into her slave's hair, Cadenza finds it extremely difficult to withdraw her member when it becomes far too easy to simply give in.

Agnella's hands wrap around the base of the tumescent shaft. She moves in soft jerking motions as she continues to suck and tug, coating even more of Cadenza's cock in saliva. Her methods seem well practiced, drawing out even more cream from tight overworked balls. However, Cadenza forces her slave away, staring at Agnella with a lustful and frustrated expression.

"Remind me to punish you next time I have you to myself," the demon whispers.

Cadenza regains her composure, patiently petting her overzealous thrall. Like an animal obedient to her master, Agnella brushes up against Cadenza's thigh while adorably moaning, her hands still caressing the demon's softening cock.

"I got carried away again." She continues. "It's already time to receive our lovely guests."

She readjusts their clothing and changes forms, her inhuman visage disappearing only to be replaced by the pale complexion of a humble nun. Cadenza then hurries back up the steps and listens closely to the conversation unfolding outside.

"What was that?" an innocently soft voice cries out.

"Can you settle down?" the older nun asks with fingers coming to her chin while thinking of a solution to their strange problem. "Wait here, I'll find the key and get this door open." Her assertive and harsh tone is easily recognizable.

"Yes, Mother Superior." The honest nun replies, submissively abiding by her superior's orders.

A few onlookers change their interests as Mother Superior passes by. Many notice her curvaceous hips. Even though they are obscured by long white clothing, she manages to fill out the tunic quite nicely.

The priest giving the sermon clears his throat, struggling to regain the attention of those who find themselves straying from their set path. After regaining his flock, he raises both his hands with palms facing outwards as he goes on to thank those in attendance.

"Your hearts are in the right place, shielded and free from those who wish to harm you." He pauses to take a breath, thumbing through pages of scripture. "I know you all seek a life filled with spiritual pleasures that transcend worldly materials. Let us bow our heads, and pray for those who aren't with us."

The well practiced public speaker leads a silent prayer, and all in attendance bow their heads in unison. They remain quiet, rejecting all forms of distraction. There is a beautiful serenity that washes over the entire room, where everything is still and calm. The priest quietly raises his head, looking over his church filled to capacity with disciples.

Their seats are well crafted and set up as they were before with red velvet cloth lining the cushions. Some of the pews up front have worn plaques dedicated to those who have invested a great deal of money into the church's restoration. This also includes their seniority and decades given in service to the greater good. Far from the seats are luxuriously carpeted steps that lead upward. However, there is still a weathered look to the church that remains present. The stone flooring beneath them is cracked along with the walls on either side. They rest and worship in the hands of opulence, and have grown accustomed to the comfortable lifestyle.

Each pew in six rows of four seats at least twelve people, with the total population reaching upwards of one hundred. Many young individuals sit in the back, some fidget impatiently and occasionally open their eyes to see if the moment of silence is over. The mature adults with years of wisdom and hair tinted grey by unrelenting stress sit at the front, keeping to themselves as they pray.

"Please rise." The priest's voice carries far from the podium, ensuring that those in the back can hear. "Those who wish to partake in our rituals may step forward."

He continues reading from sacred texts as two long lines of people begin to form. Those at the front take a vow, and step up as the priest places a white object into their open mouths. Reddish fluids soon flow from a golden chalice encrusted with glittering rubies and finely cut emeralds that sparkle in the dappled light. The liquids chasing what was willingly swallowed.

At the top of the stairs, Cadenza is now dressed again and ready to present herself to the rest of the congregation. She asks the single nun on the opposite side of the door about her intentions. Her hand resting on the handle as she speaks.

Her calming tone does well in alleviating the tense situation. "I heard knocking, is there something wrong?" Her slaves notice how well Cadenza plays her role. Her tone easily switches over from domineering to caring and somewhat joyful.

"I don't know how long you've been down there, but I've been hearing strange noises. To be honest, we're really concerned," the nun replies, asking about the events taking place downstairs.

Cadenza sighs; her initial suspicions are coming to light. "You should be tending to the needs of our guests. I'm just doing some cleaning and heavy lifting; I'll be just fine on my own." The dismissal in her voice becomes rather transparent, causing the woman to raise an eyebrow.

"Nonsense, you open this door at once. I'm not going to ask again." Her words become louder and troublesome as their arguing voices can be heard. The nun on the other side of the wooden barrier proceeds to bash on the door. She then stops to look around and notice many others shifting in their seats. Some of whom are starting to become visibly annoyed by the constant rapping of knuckles on the door's frame.

The other three slaves, who are still on their knees, easily overhear the conversation causing Percy to jolt up from his hazy state. He continues to struggle, his body shaking in defiance. He tries to stand, but feels his body deny his mind's command through a dull thumping pain in the back of his head. Its awful intensity grows with every desperate thought, soon forcing him to cease his futile efforts.

He cannot speak, as his lips are held tight by demonic energies that are still surging through his brain. Percy's sweat covered body barely manages to budge. His fists are clenched and his knuckles white. The married man then looks to his poor wife, who is busy playing with her wet pussy, still soaked in Cadenza's warm cum.

She looks happy and content, but her eyes are that of a lust filled woman, bordering addiction. Her pursing lips wordlessly mouth Cadenza's name as her voice soon becomes background noise.

"What did she do to you?" he thinks to himself, wrestling with the idea of his once loving wife belonging to another.

"How could I let this happen to you? Why I'm forced to watch such sweet innocence die?" Tears soon flow from Percy's face, along with terrifying energies flowing through his body. He knows he cannot feel or think without being punished for it.

Cadenza who is busy fighting to keep the door closed and locked continues her conversation, trying to find a way out of the problem. She thinks for a long while, filling the air with awkward silence. Soon the choir begins to sing, harmonizing wonderfully as their volume rises, easily interrupting Cadenza's train of thought. Young men, who dedicate their lives in service to the faith, continue to soothe aching souls with angelic voices capable of making devils weep.

The choir sings in an area surrounded by tapestries that ceremoniously hang above all else. They flutter in the wind, along with other banners that depict symbols considered sacred to their religious traditions. They are in rather good condition thanks to the growing community. Along the balcony that encircles and overlooks the entire room are paintings belonging to the church.

Some depict stories passed down through generations of clergymen while others are portraits of beautiful women, who stare into the light above them. Too important to be lost and scarred by time, they are framed and hung from their walls. The choir continues, blessing those below them with wonderful songs of worship

Upon hearing such music, Cadenza's voice begins stuttering. Her once confident words are now jumbled together with long pauses in between. "There's nothing to worry about. If I were to need any help... I would have called for you..."

"Regardless, Mother Superior will be here to sort this mess out shortly," the loyal nun responds, her form still leaning against the door as she speaks out.

Cadenza curses under her breath, unsure of how to handle the problem before returning to her kind voice."Would you please give me a moment?" she speaks up to pierce through the singing choir.

Far from the two bickering women, Mother Superior can be seen entering a back room normally closed off to the rest of the public. She swiftly shuts the door behind her and turns around to face a messy site. The unkempt area appears to be in a poor state. It is all rather concerning to a worrying nun, who quietly sifts through randomly placed objects. Through the noise from outside, she remains distracted, unable to hear another approach her from behind.

"Is there something you're looking for?" a voice calmly asks.

Mother Superior spins back around, surprised to see a friendly face appear in such a startling manner.

"Nerezza!" she exclaims, placing a hand over her forehead while clutching her rosary in another. "I didn't see you come in. How did you get here so quickly?" she demands an answer.

"I was here for most of the day," the dark skinned woman responds while walking closer to Mother Superior.

"It sounds like they're preparing for communion, shouldn't you be there with them?"

Mother Superior scoffs before Nerezza finishes her question. "I should be asking you the same thing," she sighs, turning back around to rearrange displaced books and writing utensils. "While you're here; I need help looking for a key to the basement. I can't seem to find it anywhere."

Upon mentioning the lower levels of the church, Nerezza draws even closer, her eyes widening while trying to make proper sense of the situation.

"Well, why do you need to go down there, is it an emergency of some kind?" Nerezza asks with a calculating tone underlining her words.

"Not really, but Cadenza seems to have locked herself away and won't open the door." Mother Superior rambles on, still cross about the state of the back room. "To be honest, that girl was starting to grow on me, but I always got the feeling she was trying to avoid me," she plainly states. "Always keeping to herself while the others worked their tails off, it was like she always had something to hide..."

A handkerchief suddenly crosses over Mother Superiors lips, causing her to jolt in fear. She instinctively swings her hands back, hitting Nerezza just blow the temple, the sudden strike causing the dark skinned nun to loosen her grip.

"What are you doing!?"

Before she can finish her sentence, Nerezza bashes Mother Superior over the head, causing her to fall prone onto the wooden floor with a loud thud. She groans, struggling to stand as Nerezza kicks her onto her back. Nerezza can hear ribs crack as Mother Superior cradles the bruised area.

"Don't you fight this; it was bound to happen sooner or later," Nerezza continues. "I told her to be careful and keep quiet, but no, Cadenza never listens."

Nerezza then mounts the once authoritative figure, and wraps both hands around her throat, limiting her breathing.

"You aren't the first I've had to do away with, and I'm afraid you won't be the last," Nerezza whispers. She applies even more pressure by pressing downwards, starving the battered woman of oxygen.

Mother Superior's eyes begin to roll the back as she chokes, both of her own hands on Nerezza's wrists in an effort to pull them away. She tries to fight back, hopelessly flailing about; scratching clawing at her would be assailant as an awful look of anguish contorts her face. Light shining through a dirty window manages to shimmer across Nerezza's visage, allowing one to look into her cold unforgiving eyes, a window into her chained soul.

"You...were like a daughter to me... like my own..." she says, desperately trying to find a hint of humanity while fighting in Nerezza's grip.

"Shut up!"Nerezza commands."You don't get to say that now; it's far too late for apologies." There is a moment of pause where Nerezza shakes her head in confusion. "I'm so sorry." A sudden rush of pain surging throughout her body as she whispers to her captive. "I'm only doing what's best for my master."

Mother superior's arms soon go limp as she lays on the floor, now unconscious. Nerezza sighs heavily before standing to clean herself off, ensuring no blood was spilt. She then looks around the wooden desk, tossing parchments onto the floor. Given enough time, she finds a bronze key hiding beneath a pile of useless papers.

After regaining her composure, she walks back out, and passes many people still listening to the choir. Nerezza does her best to avoid curious eyes as she calmly saunters over to the basement. A few elders, older men and women belonging to the congregation look on with curiosity.

"Sister." One said, raising his to try and gain her attention. "You look upset, is something wrong?"

Nerezza turns around, and presents her best smile, something rather odd for a woman so callus. From a distance, Nerezza can see another troublesome woman hurling her shoulder into the door, still trying to get it open.

"Did you see mother superior?" the innocent and awfully unaware nun asks, with a squeaky youthful voice. "I thought she went to find the-"

Before anything else is said, Nerezza triumphantly dangles the key from it's ring as the innocent nun reaches for it, only to have it pulled from her reach at the last second.

"Don't worry, I found it. Let's get that door open."

Nerezza shoves the nun out of the way, revealing a key hole just below the metallic door handle, its unpolished surface sticky with fluids. When she realizes this, she sighs heavily, and begins mumbling under her breath. Unable to contain her disappointment, she knocks twice and pulls a handkerchief from her tunic, using it to unlock and open the door.

"Sorry it took me so long." Nerezza nearly trips walking down the stairs in the dark, but catches herself by reaching out to the wall next to her. "I'm sure there's a proper explanation for all this confusion."

The innocent nun then rushes past to get a better look at Cadenza, whose swaying form is covered in blackness. Candle light complements her sexy body; and each step she takes causes her breasts to bounce underneath her religious attire.

"Cadenza, what's the problem?" The naive nun asks, her voice cracking as she jumps at the sound of the door closing behind her. "I heard moaning coming from down here."

Her sentence is then cut off by her own astonishment, she notices strange markings along the floor, and moves closer, allowing candle light to guide every cautious step. Cadenza politely moves aside, and watches the innocent nun with peaked interests. Eventually, the nun gets close enough to notice otherworldly symbols, and leans forward in an effort to read the rather alarming glyphs. Her faint voice shakes while trying to make sense of the wax symbols below. Her hazel eyes dance across each marking as she makes her way around the circle, her jaw drops as she becomes aware of others who hide in ominous shadows.

"Sweetheart, you're becoming a problem." Cadenza steps forward, gently placing two fingers on the nun's chin to close her gaping mouth. "I should be angry, but I have so much to worry about now that our guests have started their... communion." Her voice drips with disgust and malcontent as she finishes her sentence. "I wanted to wait a few more hours, but I suppose this will have to do. Things might get a little, messy."

"Messy?" Agnella speaks up as she crawls towards her master, reaching in between her legs to grab at her flaccid member. Her strokes are slow and caring, only moving from the base to a particular vein running along the underside of her shaft.

Of course, when given enough time, Cadenza's soft cock grows into an incredibly hard pole. It's complete magnificence not so noticeable through black clothing. It bobs up and down, teasing Agnella who then paws at its head. Cadenza's virile rod begins leaking, staining her robes and dripping onto the floor. The circle at the center of the room is now sullied with fluids. Particular markings were also erased and scratched out thanks to previous activities.

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