Defiled Young Housewife


"I'm your girlfriend and I love you," she sobbed.

"That's right, keep saying it and hug me tighter, baby, like you can't get enough of my big black cock.

In anger, her arms and legs tightened their grip to him.

"Yeah, that's it, baby, like that. That's good."

His huge penis moved in and out of her pussy with renewed fervor.

Christy's eyes were like open dams, a flood of tears rushing from them. Her legs remained locked around his muscular buttocks as she hugged him tightly. "I'm your girlfriend and I love you, but why are you making me do this? No... ooh...ah..."

Reggie felt her pussy begin contracting around his cock again and grinned.

Her hands unconsciously latched onto the big, hard muscles in his back and she gritted her teeth in angry frustration. Why did her body keep reacting this way to such a hateful act by such a disgusting animal?

But her vaginal spasms defied her anger, becoming stronger and more frequent.

"You really starting to love me and my big black dick, huh? I feel it in your pussy."

What Reggie said could not be true. "No, I don't want this. You're a sick, disgusting, basta............"

Before Christy finished saying 'bastard', she drifted off in mid-sentence, her eyes becoming dreamy.

While she had been speaking, Reggie accelerated his thrusts and altered his position, his long, thick cock making better contact with her g-spot. More friction as it pulled her tightly stretched vaginal lips in and out with the direction of its lengthy travels, an intense orgasm sneaking up on her, silencing her objections and focusing all her attention on her pussy, which felt exceedingly good.

"Oh, oh, ooh," she moaned unable to finish her thoughts.

She never orgasmed this strongly before and unintentionally hugged him even more tightly.

Moans of female arousal slowly replaced Christy's cries of grief, until her sobbing had completely stopped. Their bodies remained upon each other, Reggie in her continued embrace. He felt her soft firm tits against his burly chest, her erect nipples hardening further. "That's better, baby. I love you and I'm gonna take good care of you. Keep holding me like this and keep saying what I told you to say."

"Oh, oh, I love you, ah, and I'm your girlfriend." Christy didn't want to reply to Reggie's encouragement the way she did. She needed to remind herself that she loathed him, hated hugging him like this while he fucked her. How could he make her say these things to him? How could he say that he loved her? She wanted to shove him away and kick him in his gigantic balls, even if her body was conveying a much different message to him.

"Open your pretty lips and let me give you some tongue, baby. I told you we have a lot of love to make today."

Christy closed her eyes, wishing she could ignore him and that this would all stop.

"Did you hear me? You gonna learn to love me and like it. Now open your goddamn mouth for me before I beat the fucking shit out of you! Or would you prefer seeing something bad happen to your parents, perhaps?"

She heard him, and didn't want him to hit her again or hurt her family. Her lips separated and their tongues met in her mouth. "Mmm, oh, mmm, please, no, Reggie mmm, I don't like it...mmm...oh, mmm...mmm. I love you. Mmm, I'm your girlfriend... Ah."

She would never enjoy this with him, even if he made her act like it, she thought. But contrary to her intentions, she had spells where she forgot he was raping her. The longer he fucked her and the longer he made her hug and kiss him, the more natural all of it began to feel, like a role an actor plays many times over. I love you and I'm your girlfriend began to echo in her mind like a mantra as they fucked.

Christy was inexperienced, never had any relationship outside of her marriage. But the sex with Reggie, whom she had despised, began feeling normal to her, as if she belonged to him as well as Dave.

Perhaps she didn't hate Reggie all that much. Maybe she liked him. Physically, sex with him was becoming more pleasurable. Maybe a tiny part of her wanted to be his girlfriend and was learning to like it just like he said.

But no, this couldn't be true. She remembered it was not love they were making. Reggie was committing another one of his heinous crimes — on her. He was raping her. How could it possibly feel good?

I love you and I'm your girlfriend. But he was a despicable drug dealer, murderer, gangster, and rapist who threatened her husband, family and those she loved. She would always hate him, Christy convinced herself.

But while having intercourse with him, emotions from a deeper, more primitive part of her brain, urged her to bond with Reggie — to accept and trust him, to love him and let him love and take care of her. They kept resurfacing, like bubbles from the bottom of a pot of water once it reaches a rolling boil. I love you and I'm your girlfriend...


They finished another round of passionate French-kissing and she saw the clock on her nightstand. Dave had worked overtime, yet where did all those hours go? She still hugged Reggie tightly, and he still fucked her zealously.

Christy had become more complaisant the longer they stayed together it seemed. She had tired of fighting the unwanted feelings from his huge cock burrowing into her, had allowed them to subdue, then seduce her. "Ooh, oh, Reggie, we've got to stop now. Ah, oh... ooh, please. Look at the time. Dave will be home soon. Please, ooh... he'll find out about this."

"Show me some more love, baby, say what I taught you and start squeezing my cock with your pussy. You gotta cum with me this time."

She couldn't risk delay and Dave coming home and seeing them like this. A telling squeal escaped from the back of her throat, her fingers digging into his muscular back, her vagina clenching his penis.

"Oh, I'm your girlfriend and I love you."

"Oh, yeah, baby, that feel incredible. That's the way." His big arms pulled her closer to him and she felt the familiar, powerful tension in his huge muscles.

Even though he had promised to pull out, Reggie came in her for the fifth time that day and they orgasmed together this time. Once more he experienced incredible pleasure as his huge penis ejaculated the copious contents from his enormous balls into her soft, wet vagina. "Ah, yeah, baby, that feel really good. Oh, yeah. I love you so much. You know what to say back to me. Now say it."

"Oh, I love you and I'm your girlfriend."

He finished pumping his load of cum in her pussy and relaxed on top of her.

Her arms loosened their embrace around his strong shoulders and her legs released his firm ass. She labored her words while catching her breath. "Ooh, oh, are we done now?"

He finally lifted off her, withdrawing his long, thick cock from her sperm-flooded cunt. After spending yet another day together, their bodies at last untwined.

"Yeah, baby, we done for today." He stood nude looking at the family pictures on her dresser, among them her wedding photo with Dave.

Reggie's smirk at her wedding photo went unnoticed by Christy. She remained in bed a moment staring at his humongous, flaccid penis that seemed to leave a large void in her vagina from its exit.

The many orgasms she had unsuccessfully fought from having, left her feeling exhausted even though Reggie performed most of the work. But the sex had finally ended, and rationality returned to Christy along with disdain for him. She detested what he did to her.

She came so many times, she lost count. She resented what he made her say to him, the way he forced her body to respond in ways she did not want. Did the powerful orgasms he made her have mean she enjoyed sex with this horrible man and vicious criminal, just like he wanted?

There was no time to dwell on these disturbing thoughts. Dave would be home shortly. Christy hurriedly changed the sheets, disgusted by the large wet spots of jism left on them, and took a shower to eliminate evidence of what had occurred again with Reggie in her marital bed.

With a wash-cloth she once more attempted removing all the cum he left inside her. There was so much of it. It was part of him and she did not want him in her body.

Her pussy felt like he had stretched it out. Would Dave notice any difference in her if she had sex with him tonight? Would her vagina feel looser? She realized Reggie's cock went so deep inside her that much of his semen was beyond reach, where it would live for days searching for an egg to fertilize.

When she finished showering, she put on makeup and blush to conceal the marks Reggie had left on her cheeks slapping her earlier.

Dave returned home fatigued after working 14 hours in a hot warehouse. He barely responded to Christy's hugs and kisses as she greeted him in the kitchen. She began throwing together supper right before his arrival.

"Hi, Honey - I'm dead tired. What's for dinner?" He finally noticed her eyes looked a little red and puffy, an extra rosiness in her cheeks, but he failed to appreciate the full extent of Christy's anguish. "Are you okay? You look like you've been crying."

Christy and Reggie looked at each other for a moment. Her mouth opened but words failed her. "Um..."

Panic set in. She didn't know what to say. Reggie would kill them if the wrong words left her lips. She looked down at the dish she had been preparing, its contents providing her with the plausible excuse for Dave.

She forced a smile and gave a girlish giggle. "I was cutting onions; Reggie had to finish them for me. My allergies have also been acting up."

Reggie quickly held out a bottle of Michelob to distract Dave. "Hey, bro, you look like you can use a few cold beers tonight." Reggie took another one for himself and the two went into the living room, the best of friends, while Christy stayed in the kitchen preparing supper.

Dave and Reggie sat in the living room watching another football game on TV. Christy heard them howl over a play. She disliked them bonding.

Reggie was like cancer in her marriage, separating her from Dave physically and isolating her from him emotionally. Why couldn't Dave see it? Reggie's charade sickened her — pretending to be Dave's buddy while taking her behind his back. Reggie had no interest in being Dave's friend other than fucking her.

Christy needed carrots. When she opened the refrigerator, she stared contemptuously at the full stock of beer Reggie left in it for Dave. Dave rarely drank before Reggie moved in with them. But with Reggie's encouragement, Dave became intoxicated every evening.

She finished cooking the meal and went to the living room to get Reggie and Dave for dinner.

Her eyes lingered on the outline of Reggie's huge dick that hung down his left pant leg as he sat next to Dave on the sofa. Reggie had made her suck on it, swallow his ambrosia, and she knew how he tasted. He had made her play with it and she knew how warm, thick and massive he felt in her hands. He had fucked her with it and she knew how he felt deep inside her, opening her up, rubbing against her sensitive folds, completely filling her.

Compared to Reggie, Dave's smaller penis failed to even hint of its presence in his trousers. Did intercourse with her husband only promise disappointment now that she had experienced an enormous, black cock? she wondered. Reggie was so big, strong, and muscular. I love you and I'm your girlfriend, echoed in her mind along with what they did earlier.

She was getting wet! She became angry with herself for staring at Reggie's huge bulge and having such perverse thoughts. He was a monster and she hated him.

The clang of utensils against plates filled the dining room as the three sat for dinner around a beautiful oak table purchased by Dave and Christy during better times. "I've got some great news, baby," Dave suddenly announced. "I'm getting a $200 bonus, plus earning more overtime. They're sending me to the Amarillo warehouse for two weeks. They're short on help there."

Reggie called her baby when they were alone together having sex. She felt uncomfortable hearing Dave say it to her now. But even worse, Christy's world was collapsing around her and she was helpless to stop it. She looked worriedly at Dave. "Amarillo is almost 500 miles from here. You mean you won't be home for two weeks? When do you have to go?"

I need to pack some things tonight because I'm leaving tomorrow. It's kind of short notice, but I jumped at the opportunity to get some extra money."

All their problems seemed to stem from money, and now Dave was leaving her alone with Reggie for two weeks for $200? Christy noticed Reggie — who sat across from her — grin as she tried to maintain composure. She knew why he was smiling. It was like she shared a sick, inside joke with him that excluded her husband.

Dave couldn't leave her alone with Reggie for two entire weeks. He had no idea what that would mean — who Reggie was and what he would do with her. "Oh, Dave, I don't want you to go and leave me. Can I come with you?"

"I'm afraid not. The company is making us share hotel rooms and their insurance won't allow non-employees to travel in their vehicles."


Reggie asked if he could ride along with Dave and Christy as they were leaving to drop Dave off for his trip. Reggie claimed he wanted to pick up some things at the grocery store, but Christy knew better. He lingered around them like a rancid fart in an elevator. But Dave had no issue with Reggie accompanying them, even though this would be their last opportunity to be alone together for two weeks.

Reggie had afflicted them like a contagious disease: the sex he secretly had with her, his drinking with Dave. Christy saw it, yet Dave obliviously believed Reggie was his friend.

After dropping Dave off at work, the drive home began in silence, a blur of cars and buildings passing outside the car's windows, like a rear projection scene in an old movie. Then Christy felt Reggie's hand glide up her inner thigh and begin to rub her crotch.

"Please stop touching me, Reggie. I don't like it."

"Then why do you get so wet and cum for me so much when we make love? Your pussy don't lie to me, baby."

What they had done together more times than she wanted to remember wasn't making love, Christy thought. They fucked. She responded with silent tears, continuing to drive with Reggie's hand messaging her pussy through her pants. She thought about the previous night, how she avoided making love with her husband again because of what she had done with Reggie while Dave was at work.

Reggie fucked her almost every day when Dave went to work. The early hour Dave left in the morning, until his return in the evening, she was fair game for Reggie's perverted desires. Now Dave was leaving her alone with Reggie for two weeks. Dave wouldn't be home in the evenings, nor on the weekends to give her reprieve from this horrible criminal that lived with them.

Reggie never tired of sex. She dreaded how long it would last, how often they would have it with Dave away. She wished there was some way of stopping Reggie without jeopardizing everyone she loved.

Reggie got harder as he thought about working his cock into Christy and pumping her tight cunt full of cum. He couldn't wait to get home with her. With Dave gone, they would be alone together for two weeks, and he intended to completely break her.

Christy stopped her car in the driveway to drop Reggie off. She wanted to leave him at their house and find someplace else to stay for a little while, although she didn't know exactly where she would go. She didn't have enough money for a hotel, couldn't risk the questions friends or family would ask if she went to them, and if she stayed away too long, Reggie might make good on his threats.

Reggie had anticipated her intentions. "Pull into the garage, Christy."

She became defiant. She needed time away from him to figure things out. "No, Reggie, I'm not going in with you right now. I'm staying somewhere else for a little while."

Surprised by Christy's sudden courage, Reggie needed to take the fight out of her and make her obedient. "I warned you before about ever crossing me! You my girlfriend and you better act like it." He began unbuttoning Christy's pants there in the driveway.

She tried to pull his hands away from her. "What the hell are you doing?" How could he attempt this outside where everyone could see them? But her fear was unfounded. No one saw them. It was the middle of a weekday, and besides the sound of a distant lawnmower, the neighborhood was sunny and still, the nearby houses empty shells.

Christy's small hands were no match for Reggie. He quickly unfastened her pants and slid his fingers inside her panties.

"No, stop it! Not out here," Christy shouted.

He located her clit and pinched it.

Christy discovered her clitoris delivered pain as effectively as it delivered pleasure. An agonizing jolt travelled through her nerves like a paralyzing electrical shock that quickly vanquished every ounce of her bravery. "Ow! You're hurting me. I'm sorry. Yes, yes, I'm your girlfriend. I'll be good."

With his free hand, Reggie calmly pushed the button on the remote and opened the garage door. "That's a better attitude. You don't want me contacting my homeboys to have them hurt your family. Now, pull the car in, baby."

She pulled in, and the garage door closed behind them.

"Give me your keys, Christy."

Only one thought was in her brain: she needed to stop that terrible pain. She complied and Reggie's excruciating grasp on her clit became a soothing stroke. Her hands gripped the steering wheel. She looked down in disgust, watching Reggie's fingers work inside her blue silk undies. She was getting moist for him.

The pain was gone now, but Reggie had her car keys — her means of escape. She tried to figure out a way to get them back, although she had nowhere to go. It was becoming difficult to concentrate, however, a different distraction gaining her attention. Her pussy was getting wetter, more receptive to being touched.

Christy squeezed her eyes shut to stop watching her own molestation, but the sound of Reggie's fingers splashing in her silky secretions was just as disturbing as what she saw with her eyes open. "Oh, Reggie, please don't."

She felt messy down there and embarrassed by her body's reaction, which contradicted her feelings of repulsion.

"You see how much nicer it is when you obey me?"

She bit her lower lip and refused to give him the satisfaction of a response, her small, white fingers clasping his wrist in a futile attempt to pull his hand out of her panties.

"It ain't coming out until I think you ready," he said.

Her soaked pussy was ready to be fucked, still Reggie worked her intimate folds, enjoying the expressions of emotional disdain mixed with physical pleasure displayed on her face.

Christy's face contorted from the conflict and suggested to Reggie that he was successfully wearing her down. He finally withdrew his wet fingers from her pussy and licked her tasty juices from them. "Mmm, you so sweet baby. I love you."

It revolted Christy to watch Reggie lick her secretions from his fingers the way he did, relishing her taste. But at least he had stopped fondling her. The welcome break allowed her to regain control of her body and thoughts.

Her thoughts cleared some, but he had left her with an uncomfortably swollen clitoris. Horribly, she was used to him making her clit hard like this and was also used to him relieving it for her by making her orgasm multiple times. The words he had made her say to him so many times when he molested her and fucked her, haunted her, I'm your girlfriend and I love you.

She regained composure and the tension in Christy's face dissipated.

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