Defiled Young Housewife


Her beautiful blue eyes remained locked to his.

"Keep your long sexy legs open wide for me, or it gonna be rough again. You got that?"

She brought her thumb to her lips and slowly nodded her reply, her eyes teary.

"Yeah, I gonna eat your fine pussy out, and you gonna let me do it without any more lip, because you mine. You my girlfriend and you love me. Say it to me again."

"I love you and I'm your girlfriend," Christy cried.

"Keep saying it, baby. Don't make me remind you."

She obediently lay there while he resumed orally assaulting her.

She renewed her whimpers and her moans, fought her hips from rising. She hated him and the way her body responded to him. "Ooh, I'm your girlfriend. No, please not there again. Oh, I love you. No, ooh, ooh, ah, ooh, I'm your girlfriend, please stop it. Ooh, ooh, no, I love you, son-of-a-bitch, ooh, god..."

The oral sex lasted too long, Reggie fully ripening her for intercourse, her clit swollen hard and begging for more relief. She rose on her elbows and looked down as he finally yanked her panties off.

"What are you doing?" she stupidly asked between her sniffles, as if she didn't already know from prior experiences with him.

Reggie again pushed her legs apart until they could open no further. He positioned his cock at her luscious entrance.

"No, I can't keep having sex with you like this, Reggie. I'm not taking birth control. I'm married to Dave and I don't want you to make me pregnant."

Christy didn't take birth control pills because of their side-effects and relied on Dave using condoms with her to avoid unwanted pregnancy. She never paid close attention to her ovulation cycle, and her youthful periods sometimes occurred sporadically. She didn't know exactly when her fertile period began.

The bulbous head of Reggie's penis entered Christy's unprotected vagina during her protests. "Please, at least use one of Dave's condoms for me this time. They're in the dresser drawer."

Reggie penetrated further. "Oh, no, baby, we ain't using rubbers. I'm hooked on doing it with you bareback. You got me spoiled. It feel so good this way. Besides, you real special to me and I want you to feel me inside you, not some piece of latex. We doing it the way nature intended, but I'll pull out this time so you won't get pregnant."

But he didn't pull out the previous times like he had promised, she thought, recalling how he had filled her pussy with cum. And she didn't want to feel him that way again. She wanted as little contact with him as possible, yet the opposite kept occurring. "Reggie, please. I'll do anything you want. I'll jerk you off; I'll suck on your cock nice like I did last time — just not intercourse again. I don't want a baby. Take it out."

Christy thought maybe the threat of pregnancy might stop Reggie, but it only made him more excited and desirous for her. He pushed more of his thick, lengthy cock into her and watched her grimace from the invasion.

Christy responded in unison to Reggie's thrusts. He went deeper and deeper instead of pulling out. "Ow, ah, ah, ah, ow." With Dave home during the weekend, it had been several days since having Reggie inside her, and now her cunt needed to readapt to his exceptional size.

He incrementally pushed more of himself into her and caused Christy to start crying out. "Ow, please. No, not too much. Ow, wait, go slower. Oh, no more. Oh, it's too far and hurting. Oh, oh..."

Reggie's penis stopped at about two-thirds its length, eight inches of his over foot-long negro sausage stuffed into her tight pussy. Christy's sobs continued for a few minutes afterwards. This was a new, deeper boundary for them, established with difficulty for her.

Typical of most females, however, Christy's vagina was amazingly adaptable. Her initial discomfort diminished and her pussy soon conformed to the additional length. Yet Christy failed to understand that the subsiding pain meant her anatomy was changing, her body accepting him as her sexual partner.

"Wrap your legs around my ass now and start hugging me, baby. And keep telling me that you love me, that you my girlfriend. I want you to act as if you like this."

How could he ask her to do that? He sickened her and she tried ignoring him.

Reggie lifted himself off her, his weight supported by only one arm and his incredible strength displayed in its bulging muscles. His huge hunk of dark meat stayed stubbornly embedded deep in her pussy the entire time, like an irritating splinter stuck under the skin, as he unexpectedly slapped her face, on her other cheek this time, to get her attention and let her know he meant business. The impact sent her head in the opposite direction from his earlier strike.

"Did you hear me? Hug me and wrap your long, sexy legs around my ass. Keep saying what I told you to say. You better start fucking me back and acting like you enjoying this!"

"Oh, God, no — I can't," Christy balled again as his heavy torso returned to rest on top of her. But she complied, hesitantly reaching her arms around his back and wrapping her legs around his ass.

"I'm your girlfriend and I love you," she sobbed.

"That's right, keep saying it like you mean it, and hug me tighter, baby, like you can't get enough big black dick."

In anger, her arms and legs tightened their grip to him.

"Yeah, that's it, baby, like that. That's good. Now say those magic words."

His huge penis moved in and out of her pussy with renewed fervor.

Christy's eyes were like open dams, a flood of tears rushing from them. Her legs remained locked around his muscular buttocks as she hugged him tightly. "I'm your girlfriend and I love you. Please stop making me say it and stop making me do this. No... ooh...ah..."

Reggie felt her pussy begin contracting around his cock and he grinned.

Her hands unconsciously latched onto the big, hard muscles in his back and she gritted her teeth in angry frustration. Why did her body react this way to such a hateful act by such a disgusting animal?

But her vaginal spasms defied her anger, becoming stronger and more frequent.

"You really starting to love big black dick, huh? I feel it in your pussy again."

What Reggie said couldn't be true. "No, I don't want this. You're a sick, disgusting, basta............"

Before Christy finished saying 'bastard', she drifted off in mid-sentence, her eyes becoming dreamy.

Reggie had accelerated his thrusts and altered his position while she was speaking, his long, thick cock making better contact with her g-spot. More friction as his penis pulled her tightly stretched vaginal lips in and out with the directions of its lengthy travels caused an intense orgasm to sneak up on her, silencing her objections, focusing all her attention on her pussy, the deep penetration that had caused pressure and discomfort earlier now feeling exceedingly good.

"Oh, oh, ooh, uh-huh," she moaned unable to finish her thoughts.

She never orgasmed this strongly before and unintentionally hugged him even more tightly.

Moans of female arousal had slowly replaced Christy's cries of grief, until her sobbing had completely stopped. Their bodies remained upon each other, Reggie in her continued embrace. He felt her soft firm tits against his burly chest, her erect nipples hardening further. "That's better, baby. You learning. I gonna love you so much, and take good care of you. Keep holding me and keep saying what I told you to say."

Christy didn't want to reply to Reggie's encouragement but found herself doing so anyway. "Oh, oh, okay, I love you, ah. I'm your girlfriend." She needed to remind herself that she loathed him, hated hugging him like this while he fucked her. How could he think she liked this? How could he make her say such terrible lies to him? How could he say that he loved her -- that he would take care of her? She wanted to shove him away and kick him in his gigantic testicles, even if her body was conveying a much different message.

"Open your pretty lips and let me give you some tongue, baby. I told you we have a lot of love to make today."

They weren't making love. They were fucking, Christy thought. She closed her eyes, wishing she could ignore him and that this would all stop.

"Did you hear me? You gonna learn to like it and love me. Now open your goddamn mouth for me before I beat the fucking shit out of you! Or would you prefer something bad happen to your family -- your parents or Dave perhaps?"

She heard him, and didn't want him to hit her again or worse, hurt her family. Her lips separated and their tongues met in her mouth. "Mmm, oh, mmm, please, no, Reggie mmm, I don't like it...mmm...oh, mmm...mmm. Okay...just don't hurt my family...I love you. Mmm, I'm your girlfriend... Ah."

She would never enjoy this with him, even if he made her act like it, she thought. But contrary to her intentions, she had spells where she forgot he was raping her. She was unaware of her own reflexes, how her pelvis began making coital motions with him. Gradually, instinct took over and she participated more in the sex act without realizing it.

The longer they fucked and the longer he made her hug and kiss him, the more natural all of it began to feel, like a role an actor plays many times over. I love you and I'm your girlfriend echoed in her mind like a mantra, their hips moving together with the rhythm of dancing partners. Their lips remained locked and their tongues, like their sex organs, eagerly greeted each other and swapped saliva.

Christy was inexperienced, never had any relationship outside of her marriage. But sex with Reggie, whom she had despised, began feeling normal to her, as if she belonged to him as well as Dave.

Perhaps she didn't hate Reggie all that much. Maybe she liked him. She was becoming more comfortable having intercourse with him, and although she remained in denial about it, he really felt good after she became used to his big cock. Maybe a tiny part of her wanted to be his girlfriend and was learning to like it just like he said.

But no, this couldn't be true. Banish such horrific thoughts. She remembered it wasn't love they were making. She was married to Dave and Reggie was committing another one of his heinous crimes — on her. He was forcing her to do this and it was sick, wicked and wrong. How could it possibly feel good?

I love you and I'm your girlfriend. She couldn't stop hearing herself repeat those awful words. He was a despicable drug dealer, murderer, gangster, and rapist who threatened her husband, family and those she loved. She would always hate him, Christy convinced herself.

But intercourse with him continued, along with all the kissing, the embracing. And while they fucked, emotions from a deeper, more primitive part of her brain, urged her to espouse their illicit act and bond with Reggie — to accept and trust him, to love him and let him love and take care of her. They kept resurfacing, like bubbles from the bottom of a pot of water once it reaches a rolling boil.

They were no longer strangers to each other and nature wanted her sentiments to match what her body was doing with his. Although Reggie had coerced her into having sex, they had engaged in it often enough to begin influencing her feelings for him in irrational ways, at least while participating in these carnal acts with him. I love you and I'm your girlfriend...


They finished another round of passionate French-kissing and she saw the clock on her nightstand. Dave had worked overtime, yet where did all those hours go? She still hugged Reggie tightly, and he still fucked her zealously.

Christy had become more complaisant the longer they stayed together. She had tired of resisting his huge cock burrowing into her, allowed it to subdue and seduce her. "Ooh, oh, uh-huh, ooh, Reggie, we've got to stop now. Ah, oh... ooh, please. Look at the time. Dave will be home soon. Please, ooh... he'll find out about this. We can't let him see what we've been doing."

"Show me some more love, baby, say what I want to hear from you and start squeezing my cock with your pussy. I'm close, but you gotta cum with me this time."

How did things come to this? To where she was cumming with him! She couldn't risk delay and Dave coming home and seeing them like this. A telling squeal escaped from the back of her throat, her fingers digging into Reggie's muscular back, her vagina clenching his penis.

"Oh, ooh, I'm your girlfriend. Uh-huh, ah, oh, I love you. Cum for me now, Reggie."

He felt her pussy tightly squeezing his cock in recurring orgasmic fits. "Oh, yeah, baby, that feel incredible. That's the way." His big arms pulled her closer to him and she felt the familiar, powerful tension in his huge muscles, his heart thumping in his chest.

Even though he had promised to pull out, Reggie came in her again. Was this the fifth time today? She couldn't remember how many times he came for her, but they were orgasming together now.

"Ooh, don't, oh, you're cumming in me again. Take it out." she murmured.

Once more he experienced incredible pleasure and relief as his huge penis fed the copious contents from his enormous balls to her soft, wet vagina. "Ah, yeah, baby, that feel really good. I'm sorry, but I can't help it. I can't take it out now. It feel too good. I gotta cum in your pussy. Oh, I love you so much. You know what to say back to me."

She knew what he wanted her to say to him, and while it hurt to keep betraying Dave like this, she said it anyway to appease Reggie. "Oh, I love you and I'm your girlfriend."

"Good girl."

He finished pumping his load of cum in her pussy and relaxed on top of her.

Her arms loosened their embrace around his strong shoulders and her legs released his firm ass. She labored her words while catching her breath. "Ooh, oh, are we done now?"

He finally lifted off her, withdrawing his long, thick schlong from her sperm-flooded cunt. After spending yet another day together, their bodies at last untwined.

"Yeah, we done for today. Did that feel good for you, baby?"

Yes, it felt good. It felt incredible. But it was wrong and Christy didn't answer.

He stood nude looking at the family pictures on her dresser, among them her wedding photo with Dave.

Reggie's smirk at her wedding photo went unnoticed by Christy. She remained in bed a moment staring at his humongous, flaccid penis that seemed to leave a void in her vagina from its exit and was coated with a slick, wet sheen her pussy had put on it.

The many orgasms she had unsuccessfully fought against having left her feeling exhausted even though Reggie performed most of the work. But the sex had finally ended, the euphoria faded, and rationality returned to Christy along with disdain for him. She detested what he did to her.

She had lost count of how many times she came and resented what he made her say to him, the way he forced her body to respond in ways she did not want. Did the powerful orgasms he made her have mean she enjoyed sex with this horrible man and vicious criminal, like he had predicted and wanted?

There was no time to dwell on these disturbing thoughts. Dave would be home shortly. Christy hurriedly changed the sheets, disgusted by the large wet spots of jism left on them, and took a shower to eliminate evidence of what had occurred again with Reggie in her marital bed.

With a wash-cloth she once more attempted removing all the cum he had ejaculated inside her. There was so much of it. It was part of him and she didn't want him in her body.

Her pussy felt like he had stretched it out. Would Dave notice a difference in her when she had sex with him again? Would her vagina feel looser because of Reggie? Reggie went so deep inside her -- further than Dave's penis was capable of penetrating -- and his semen remained beyond reach, where it would live for days searching for an egg to fertilize.

How could she stop Reggie from continuing to do this to her? His large cock sometimes made her vagina tender and swollen, leaving her unable to have sex with Dave. And even when Reggie hadn't made her pussy sore, getting so thoroughly drilled by him most days had an insidious side-effect on her -- one she didn't even realize -- of diminishing her desire for Dave. Any physical need for male companionship she might have had was already fulfilled by Reggie by the time Dave came home from work.

The marks Reggie had left on her cheeks slapping her earlier weren't too noticeable. When she finished showering, she put on makeup and blush to conceal them. He had been rough with her this time, but there had been something exciting in it that a tiny part of Christy enjoyed deep down inside, even if she would never admit it to herself. She had been taken by a powerful man who wanted her so badly he couldn't resist it.

Dave returned home fatigued after working hours in a hot warehouse. He barely responded to Christy's hugs and kisses as she greeted him in the kitchen. She had begun throwing together supper right before his arrival.

"Hi, Honey - I'm dead tired. What's for dinner?" He noticed her eyes looked a little red and puffy, and extra rosiness in her cheeks, but he failed to appreciate the full extent of Christy's anguish. "Are you okay? You look like you've been crying."

Christy and Reggie looked at each other for a moment. Her mouth opened but words failed her. "Um..."

Panic set in. She didn't know what to say. Reggie would kill them if the wrong words left her lips. She looked down at the dish she had been preparing, its contents providing her with a plausible excuse.

She forced a smile and gave a girlish giggle. "I was cutting onions; Reggie had to finish them for me. And my allergies have been acting up too. I just took an antihistamine."

Recalling why Christy had cried earlier, how he had slapped her before fucking her all day and putting his cum in her pussy, Reggie quickly held out a bottle of Michelob to distract Dave. "Hey, bro, you look like you can use a few cold beers tonight."

Reggie smiled as he handed Dave the beer. Christy was learning to like big black cock with him while Dave was at work. He was tapping and spoiling her tight pussy good. Had it been a while since Dave got any from her? Dave probably wouldn't get much more from her because he would never be able to satisfy her now that she had a good taste of big black cock, Reggie thought, taking another beer for himself. The two went into the living room, apparently the best of friends, while Christy stayed behind preparing supper.

Dave and Reggie sat in the living room watching another football game on TV. Christy heard them howl over a play. She disliked them bonding.

Reggie was like cancer in her marriage, separating her from Dave physically and isolating her from him emotionally. Why couldn't Dave see it? Reggie's charade sickened her — pretending to be Dave's buddy while taking her behind his back. Reggie had no interest in being Dave's friend other than fucking her.

Christy needed carrots. When she opened the refrigerator, she stared contemptuously at the full stock of beer Reggie had left in it for Dave. Dave rarely drank before Reggie moved in with them. But with Reggie's encouragement, Dave now became intoxicated every evening.

She finished cooking the meal and went to the living room to fetch Reggie and Dave for dinner.

She had never been cognizant of penis size before, but now her eyes lingered on the outline of Reggie's huge dick that hung down the left leg of his grey sweatpants as he sat next to Dave on the sofa. Reggie had made her suck on it, swallow his ambrosia, and she knew how he tasted. He had made her play with it and she knew how warm, thick and massive he felt in her hands. He had fucked her with it and she knew how he felt deep inside her, stretching her open, rubbing against her sensitive folds, completely filling her.

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