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Defrosting Kelly


(Thanks to Literotica for allowing a place to post my fantasies and ideas. This will be, if accepted, my hundredth submission. Thanks to the people who voted for the ideas I put in it.)


Kelly arrived home from work to find her husband waiting for her. It was unusual for him to be home so early and even more unusual for him to not be on his lap top. Her husband Peter fancied himself an erotic writer and spent every waking moment it seemed typing out some piece of trash to submit to some online web site specializing in wank stories. It was even more amazing that Kelly even saw him in bed at times since he seemed to always be looking for that next big story idea. Their sex life wasn't as glorious as he had written about. Kelly considered herself a conservative woman, so many of his fantasies had as of yet gone unfulfilled. All the ideas fed to him by the different sites on the web were to Peter just a pipe dream.

"Wow, you're home early. Something wrong?" Kelly asked as she laid down her trench coat. She could tell that Peter was tense. Although Peter was in the accounting field, he had a steady head on his shoulders and was almost never shaken up. It explained why he could write hot porn one moment, and then slide into bed next to his beloved and cuddle the next without expecting him to dry hump her. This time, Peter was visibly shaken.

"Kelly, I think I am in deep shit." Kelly's mind already could tell something was wrong the way Peter blatantly cursed like that. Part of Peter's make up was that he was never prone to use colorful language in real life. His worst curse word ever spoken was a rare Damn once in a while. The fact he said Shit was already starting to make Kelly's stomach churn. She rushed over to him and began to rub his shoulders slowly to help him relax. All it did was agitate him more.

"Kelly, I am really in deep shit this time," he implored as he stood and turned to her. His blue eyes flashed into hers as his hands grabbed her by the shoulders before his face went straight to her shoulder and his tears started saturating her blouse. Kelly's arms went around his head and held him there as he tried to cry out the anguish inside his head. Her hand gently brushed the back of his head stoking his jet black hair as she cooed next to his ear in an effort to be supportive. As he slowly surfaced for air, she kissed him on the lips gently before looking into his eyes. She could see the bags under them, the tears that streaked down the sides of his face and the way his mouth opened like a deflated balloon. Softly, she spoke.

"Peter, we've been together for years and have dealt with so many bad situations. This is the first time I have seen you like this. What is wrong?" Pete sat down on the couch as Kelly sat next to him. He took a few deep breaths before he turned toward his gorgeous blond wife.

"Mr. Sutton found the web site I submit to. He's invited us to come visit him and his wife at their private villa this weekend. He thinks we are one of those open couples I write about all the time. I think he expects to be able to do things to you or to make me spend time with that fat sow he calls a wife. He said that if we didn't go or do what he said, he'll show my work to the partners and we'll be financially ruined. I don't know what to do, Kells. I mean I enjoy writing about my fantasies and never in my mind have I expected that these fantasies would put us in financial peril like this. I love you, Kelly and I wouldn't blame you if you screamed at me right now."

"Shut up, Peter," she cried as her hands came up to cover her eyes. She started thinking about the way Mr. Sutton looked her over at the last office get together and how his hand "accidently" brushed against her rear when Peter wasn't looking. She wrote it off as drunken revelry, so she didn't tell Peter. Peter wasn't a slouch in the defending his wife's honor department and she knew he would have knocked the lecherous perv out in a heart beat without considering the consequences. Luckily, they never had kids, so they were living comfortably. It looked to Kelly that Mr. Sutton would get his wish.

"Peter, did he seem to point out one particular story you wrote as to what he wants?" Peter looked at her before responding.

"He did. It was the one about the Dominant strapping his submissive down and...."

"Wait, you wrote about that subject?" Kelly started seeing herself wearing a black dominatrix outfit with whip in hand smacking Mr. Sutton's naked ass. The thought made her smile if only for the revenge aspect before Peter continued.

"Yeah, I thought the subject matter would match your personality. I mean, you can be domineering at times, but there have been times during love making where you like to take charge and it seems to awaken you a bit." Kelly was touched to say the least. She had to know more.

"Peter, have you always based your characters on us?" Kelly waited expectantly for the answer she knew he would say even though he started to hem and haw a little.

"Yes," Peter answered almost expectantly. Peter didn't want to tell his wife that he wrote every story, thinking about how he and Kelly could make the story real in their own lives. He didn't want to tell her that he envisioned her not only as a dominatrix, but also as a bisexual nympho who was very open and free. Peter knew in his heart that Kelly may never be that open and that by writing he was sparing her from having to live in his desires.

Kelly on the other hand was touched. There had been times she felt that Peter wasn't fully open about what he wanted from their sex life and remembered a few times when she felt the urge to explore his desires. It never occurred to her before that Peter was giving her an open invite to check out his stories to see what he wanted. As she leaned over to him, her lips pressed against his cheek and she whispered in his ear.

"Show me the link." The four words were music to Peter's ears as he reached for his Dell laptop and booted it. Kelly sat next to him watching the screen as her picture wearing her sexy green two piece became the background of his desktop.

"I thought you deleted that picture from the camera," she complained before Peter turned towards her and smiled.

"Kelly, darling, you are my muse. I have to see you in order to be creative and this was one of the sexiest pictures I had of you. Don't worry. This lap top is the only place that has this gorgeous picture of you." Peter turned back to the lap top as Kelly studied the picture. She saw her blond hair wet from the pool at the gym and the way her breasts seemed to curve around the green fabric of her top. The picture reminded Kelly of how giddy Peter seemed to be that day and how proud he was walking next to his sex pot of a spouse. She started remembering how tender Peter was when they returned from the pool and how slowly he removed her clothes like they were radioactive. She could feel his tender kisses along her neck as Peter's words seemed to deflate the dream.

"Here it is," he said as he looked at his wife lost in thought. Peter never thought his wife would ever want to see what he wrote. It inspired him to do his best to write the way he did. Peter was accomplished according to the members of the forum attached to the site. Many found his descriptions to be vivid and his ideas to not be so clichéd. In one sense, he felt accomplished even if the things he wrote about were never done in real life. As he turned to his beloved, she seemed to have been shaken from her trance as she took the lap top ad began to read.

The story Mr. Sutton read was about the main character that went over to the boss' house and helped him tie his wife down. As Kelly read through, she could feel herself loosen up a bit as he read about how the two male characters ended up teaming up on the unexpected hot wife. She caught herself gasping a bit as she turned to Peter, who was hiding the huge grin on his face as he watched her reaction. She continued reading as she imagined Peter and an unnamed hottie performing the self same acts on her. Her pussy moistened as she finished reading. She turned back towards Peter and spoke quietly.

"Let's discuss this event in the bed room." She then slowly rose up as she placed the lap top on the coffee table before she started moving quickly towards the bedroom, shuffling off her blouse in the process as Peter followed.

Later that night as Peter slept contentedly with his penis still sticky from their lovemaking; Kelly snuck out to the living room and retrieved the lap top. As she quietly turned it on, her curious mind wondered about what other fantasies Peter had in his stories. Soon, the site in question was on screen and Kelly began to explore under Peter's screen name to see the stories in question. Kelly was shocked finding the sheer number of stories Peter had written. As she looked at the different headings his stories fell under, she was impressed. From BDSM to Loving Wives to Toys and Masturbation, Kelly was overwhelmed by the sheer number. As she lay back down that night, she endeavored to read as many as she could.

The next morning was a little tense as both woke up and they started discussing the blackmail his boss was putting them through. As they talked, Kelly suggested that Peter find out exactly what Mr. Sutton had in mind so they knew the extent that Mr. Sutton was expecting. Kelly explained that perhaps Mr. Sutton was looking for something more specific than having the couple as his sex slaves. Peter agreed and went off to work with the intent of discovering Mr. Sutton's intentions.

Meanwhile, Kelly called into work so that she could start reading Peter's works. Kelly grabbed her purple vibrator that she hid from Peter and began reading dressed in only a pink tank top and a pair of her pink hi cut panties. She began reading the first story under the Loving Wives heading and found herself getting turned on as she read about the wife cheating. Even though she was hopelessly devoted to Peter, she did find herself fantasizing she could sample a strange cock for once. Her purple vibrator began to buzz the tip of her clit as she read about how the wife was sucking off the cable guy as she imagined she was doing it herself. As she neared the end of the story, she started feeling her clit moisten more. She discovered there was a rating scale at the bottom of the story and she decided the story was worth three out of five stars.

The next story she read followed the mature category. As she began reading about the sneaky things she would do to the coffee girl, she tried to determine which coffee girl Peter was thinking about. She then reached the part where the wife began eating out the girl and Kelly found her vibrator was sliding between her pussy lips. She could feel herself driving closer to climax as she read how she would be sliding her tongue into the coffee girl's pussy while Pete watched. The dirty image in her mind was so sinfully delicious that she felt her pussy clench her vibrator harder while she climaxed. As she came down from her high, Kelly began to have ideas about how to surprise Peter.

Peter arrived home that night with the information from Mr. Sutton. As he walked in, he could smell something different in the air. He walked into the kitchen and saw no sign of anything on the stove. Peter could tell that the smell didn't originate from there. As he walked towards the bed room, he thought he heard the sound of his wife moaning softly. He snuck up to the door and peeked in. There was his conservative wife naked on the bed with what looked like a vibrator sliding along her pussy lips. Her eyes were closed as she rubbed it up and down while Peter watched. Peter could feel the tension developing within the confines of his dress pants. Kelly's eyes opened up slowly and a lazy smile crossed her face.

"Come here, my loving writer. Come amuse your muse," she murmured as she slid the vibrator all the way to the hub inside her before moaning. She slid it in slowly a few more times as Peter undressed. As he stood there poised with his cock in his hand, he started walking towards his regular position between her legs.

"No, my wonderful writer," she murmured. "Let me taste your cock." The words were wonderful, yet fear-inducing to Peter. It had been a long time since Kelly went down on him. He crawled on the bed and scooted closer before Kelly rolled over and began to take his shaft between her lips. Her mouth moved it in deeper like she had been doing it professionally as he felt his dick hit the back of her throat. Peter's mind was in overdrive as her hand snaked underneath his testicles and pressed him into her mouth by pushing on his ass. Peter was so over-stimulated that he felt his balls were about to explode.

"Kelly, I'm gonna...." He said before she let his cock go. She looked up at him with begging eyes.

"Want me to prove how much of a slut your muse is?" she asked before she grabbed his cock with her hand and slid it back between her lips. She pressed into him once more before she felt his cock twitch before it spewed its load into her mouth. She began to swallow immediately striving to take as much of Peter's fantasy induced elixir down her gullet. Her mouth closed tightly around his member as it slid out and she looked up to smile at him. Peter was impressed. The sight of his wife lying in the bed on her side with his freshly drained cock in her hand and the sexy grin was a massive ego boost. As he sat down next to her on the bed, she looked up at him again.

"Peter, do you want to watch me cum for you?" Peter immediately slid to where her legs were spread as his eyes were glued to her pussy. His breath was driving her crazy as she kept buzzing her clit until she felt his tentative tongue touching her at the base of her clit. She moaned loudly empowering him to lick more. Never before had Kelly indicated to Peter that she would love to be licked. As his tongue began to explore her pussy, Kelly brought the vibrator up to her lips and imagined her hottie sliding it into her mouth. When Peter looked up and saw her sucking her pussy juices off of the vibrator, he plunged his tongue deep into her snatch. This elicited a louder moan as her pussy clenched his tongue. For the first time, Peter taste Kelly climax on his tongue and he was enjoying it. The rest of the night was magical as the couple spent most of their time talking about ideas to try as they tried others. Kelly had the motivation to try different positions while Peter was allowing his ideas to be heard. By the time their heads hit the pillows that night, the thought of the following weekend was not as intimidating.

After a few days of Kelly studying Peter's stories and the couple exploring each other, the day of the blackmail arrived. Peter decided to just wear jeans and a T-shirt while Kelly shod herself in a black cocktail style dress with high heels. The feelings were more of trepidation than anything as they edged closer to the address Mr. Sutton had given them. Peter filled Kelly in on what Mr. Sutton expected from them as they neared a place to park and took a few deep breaths. As they reached the front door, a gentleman opened the door and ushered them into a side room.

"Ah, you must be the Master's guests this evening," he said in a kind of Vincent Price type voice. "My master has asked me to present your beautiful wife with this trinket of appreciation." He held a box up to Kelly and watched as she took it. As she opened the box, she gasped as she pulled the diamond covered choker from the box. Peter was a tad bit jealous considering that Mr. Sutton was quite a bit more well off than he was. His jealousy turned to awe as the man he perceived as the butler helped Kelly buckled it onto her neck. It was almost perfectly sized already as Kelly showed Peter with a priceless smile on her face. Peter looked back at her with an equally large smile.

As they were led through the house, Peter began to wonder if the villa was really Mr. Sutton's. As they reached the center of the house, they were greeted by the blackmailer himself. As he walked forward, Kelly checked him out. Mr. Sutton wore a Hawaiian shirt that was partially open to reveal a chest with a little hair on it. His head was crowned with what she considered "peppered" hair, a mixture of black and gray intermingled and closely cropped. He wore a pair of knee length white cargo shorts and a pair of white flip flops to complete the outfit. Kelly had to look twice to ensure it was the same Mr. Sutton who groped her during the Christmas party.

Peter saw him and was surprised since he had seen Mr. Sutton daily to see him in such a casual outfit. There were others in the room as well almost equally divided between men and women. The men were all dressed in a similar outfit to Mr. Sutton and the ladies wore various outfits befitting a mild summer night. Each woman wore a choker similar to his wife's except hers was the only one with diamonds. Mr. Sutton extended his hand to Peter before he had a chance to react.

"Nice to see you, Peter, can you follow me?" Peter and Kelly began to follow before he looked at Kelly. "Is it possible for me to speak to Peter alone, Kelly? It is a matter involving work that we need to hash out before we relax."

Kelly apprehensively stepped back and found one of the villa's plush lounge chairs to sit as Peter followed Mr. Sutton to a separate room where a desk sat. There was a bamboo chair sitting behind the desk and a wicker seat in the front. As Mr. Sutton took the bamboo chair, Peter remained standing until Mr. Sutton offered him the wicker seat. Peter sat down cautiously before he saw Mr. Sutton's elbows on the desk and his hands clasped as in thought. Mr. Sutton smiled before speaking.

"I'm sorry I had to say what I said, Peter. Perhaps I need to explain..."

"Explain? You told me if I didn't comply with your demands, I'd be ruined," Peter exclaimed as he felt his hair on his arms crawl a bit.

"Okay, guilty as charged. I didn't mean to make it sound that way. Just the fact you came tonight and brought your gorgeous wife along told me you'd do what you must to protect yourself and your secret," Peter confessed as he sat back in the chair. "My only intention was to invite you to our little club we have here and I was unsure how to do it, especially since of what I perceived by your wife's conservative nature. However, when one of my cohorts showed me one of your stories, I thought you and she were more open than you portray yourselves to be."

Peter breathed a deep breath before answering. "To be honest, sir..."

"Peter, please don't call me Sir. My friends call me Don. If it makes you feel better, you may call me as such. I do request that this privilege does not go beyond this villa however considering our careers."

"Agreed, uh Don, what kind of club is this?" Peter seemed tickled by the question.

"A swinging club headed by me. I chose to start one due to my girlfriend's insatiable appetite. I wasn't sure if you knew that my ex-wife left me last year due to her own indiscretions and I have found a woman about fifteen years younger than I who completes me. She brings youth, vibrancy and a strong passion to the relationship. The downside is that she also is quite a nymphomaniac and I started this get together every other weekend as a way of sating that desire. She's actually the one that found your stories on line and prodded me for a few months to invite you and your beautiful wife to visit us here. That's why I invited you even though I used blackmail to do it. Can we agree to never speak of the blackmail in exchange for your wife and you remaining here to see what occurs?" Peter thought about the offer a few moments before he responded.

"Sir, I mean Don, you have piqued my interest. So why does Kelly have a diamond collar instead of the plain ones the other women seem to be wearing?" Don smiled.

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