tagGroup SexDeidre Ch. 02

Deidre Ch. 02

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 2

High School -- The Prom & Graduation

As I said at the outset of chapter one, I am a very, nasty, very promiscuous lady; if anyone really considers me a lady at all. In summary, I began dating Johnny, after he asked me to the Prom. We had what I thought was satisfying sex only to learn that I was still a virgin. My best friend Elsie resolved that by fixing me up with her boyfriend, Stevie, who copped my cherry and opened a Pandora's Box of sorts; bringing us up to the next phase of my promiscuity.


My session with Stevie was revelatory in several ways. First and foremost I now knew what it was to get laid. I would try to impart this important information to Johnny without crushing his male ego. And I would, if that failed, hook up with Stevie's friend, Dick Burns. Letting Stevie jump my bones again was a pleasant thought, but I rejected it as it would hurt Elsie, and I loved her dearly and didn't want to risk our friendship for a roll in the hay.

With the Prom a week away, I found myself under the stands at the high school football stadium, with Johnny's cock once again rubbing the hell out of my clit, his hands under my sweater, playing with my nipples.

"Try putting it in me, Johnny," I gasped, for although he wasn't fucking me, he certainly was pleasuring me with all that rubbing on my sensitive nubbin.

"I am in you, baby," he grunted.

There was no arguing with the guy, and not wanting to take any chances since he was close to coming and doing me bareback, I reached down between my legs, grabbed his dick and after contorting my body to accomplish what I wanted to do, I brought it to my mouth. He was rock hard, but when I eyeballed his manhood I figured his length at about four inches. Holding firmly to the base of his dick with thumb and forefinger, I absorbed his mushroomed shaped helmet, quickly created a vacuum and sucked hard.

Johnny groaned; it was his first blowjob -- mine too, for that matter. Oh, I had given Stevie a couple a gratuitous licks at Elsie's, but that hardly qualifies as a full-fledged BJ.

In a matter of seconds I had him completed encased in my mouth, caressing the head with my tongue and being ever so careful not to scrape him with my teeth, although I did enjoy the feel of his flesh on my teeth as he buried himself in my mouth. When I felt his ball sac brush up against my chin I stopped to take stock of the situation.

I had deep-throated him for sure. But was it worth bragging about? I wondered about that, thinking of future BJ partners and how they figured to be somewhat bigger than Johnny-Boy. I began to move my head back and forth, letting his dick almost leave my mouth before sucking him back in while fondling and squeezing his balls with my left hand.

I felt Johnny's pressure building as he started moaning for his much needed release. Suddenly, and with no verbal warning, I was sampling the warm splash of his splooge on my tongue as he came in my mouth. The next thing I knew, I was swallowing his salty flavored semen.


A week later we went to the Prom. He and this geeky guy named Roger had hired a stretch limo which I thought (and still do) coolest of the cool things to do on Prom night.

Roger's date was a skinny girl named Beth-Ann, who I knew ever so slightly. She had a rep as a skank among the girls Elsie and I palled around with. Like I said, she was skinny, with a case of acne I wouldn't wish on anyone and bad breath that constantly popping Sen-Sen didn't help.

The Prom itself was typical, you know, a teacher for every couple on the dance floor, or so it seemed to me. Roger had a hip flask full of rye whiskey that we emptied repeatedly only to have him fill it from a bottle he had sequestered away just outside the place the Prom was being held at. Bottom line, all four of us were three-sheets to the wind when we reentered the stretch limo when the Prom came to an end.

I remember Roger telling the driver to take us for a ride in the park, which was several miles away, and that was fine by me 'cause it gave Johnny and me time to cuddle. Johnny being a dreamy kisser soon had me in Ga-Ga land which is where I was when I heard the slap: WHAP! And Beth-Ann screaming, "Get the fuck off me!"

Johnny and I came out of our clinch to see Beth-Ann with her panties hanging off one ankle and Roger with the imprint of her hand on his reddened cheek.

Roger started apologizing immediately, "I'm sorry, Beth-Ann, I'm really sorry!"

Then both of them became aware of us staring at them. We didn't know what it was all about, but we knew the date was over. Beth-Ann and I told the driver to take us home and he did. Beth-Ann's house was first and she just jumped out, telling Roger she could find her front door all by herself, thank you.

Next we let Roger out, and then drove to my home in almost complete silence. Johnny walked me to the door and I remembered that I was unzipped. We both giggled as he pulled the zipper up for me. I was almost 4:00a.m., so I didn't invite him in, but I tiptoed and he bent down for our goodnight kiss.

I found out the next day what happened in the back seat. Roger had brought a pack of rubbers and expected to make it with Beth-Ann. She told him he could go down on her and she on him, but that she wasn't putting out for him. But when her panties were down and his fly opened, he tried to slip it into her. What he didn't expect was that Beth-Ann would anticipate his move and cut him off at the pass, as it were.

I told her I was sorry because I knew she liked him a lot. She told me not to worry because he'd be back. Before she hung up the phone she said, "See, he's at the front door now." Then she giggled, "Don't tell anyone but we're gonna fuck like rabbits up in my bedroom."

I'm not sure what it was, but something about her really turned me off.

I didn't hear from Johnny on either Saturday or Sunday. On Monday he took me for a short drive, and just when I thought we start making out, he told me how much he liked me, but didn't want to tie me down when he went off to college the following month.

I swallowed what he had to say, smiled brightly and agreed that he was just thinking of my interests in the whole matter. I gently removed his hand from my breast and asked him to take me home. He drove me home and I went upstairs to my bedroom, fell face down on my bed and cried my eyes out.


And with everyone abuzz about their plans for college, the summer, getting drunk, high or whatever, in no particular order, I told, well more like bitched about my experience to Elsie. She couldn't stop cursing when I told her about him. She asked if I wanted Steve to come over and console me. I thanked her, told her she was a real friend, but declined. So she did the next best thing, and we went on a double date, her and Stevie, me and Dick Burns.

We wound up at a nearby lake where we could water-ski. Dick Burns had his father's speed boat and all the necessary equipment, so we could swim, cook-out, and in general, have a blast.

We hopped in the boat and sped off to a small island just to be away from the crowd. On the island, the guys opened a cooler and handed out the beer. I declined and opted for a coke. In all my dates with Johnny I had never seen him drink anything but sodas, but high school was almost a thing of the past and I couldn't wait to get drunk for the first time, but I shied away from it just then.

Elsie and I did some water-skiing while Dick drove the boat and Stevie watched the tow line and us to make sure we were okay. Afterward we grilled some hot dogs, had another couple beers and after peeing in the woods, we lay on the shore on a blanket.

Steve and Elsie did the same thing. A short time later a summer squall came up on us and we had no cover except the trees. Instead of running for the trees, Steve and Elsie pulled a blanket over themselves, so I didn't object when Dick did the same for us. This gave us an area of blanket under us about the size of a twin bed, so we were pretty close.

I was inside the folded side, by the way. So there we were all cuddled up against the rain and we could hear Elsie giggling. I said, "I wonder what they're doing?"

"This," Dick said and he rolled over and kissed me. It was our first kiss but I didn't object, after all, Elsie had proposed that he take my cherry the night that Stevie did.

So what was a kiss after that?

I enjoyed the kiss; he concentrated on my lower lip at first then moved to the upper before trying to stick his tongue in my mouth.

When we rolled over, it put the blanket in a bind so that I was pressed really close to him. I honestly couldn't tell if his forearm was sneaking a feel of my tits or not. So I pretended he wasn't and let his arm stay between us. I figured that it was alright as long as there were no hands involved.

I was wearing the skimpiest bikini that my mom had ever allowed me to buy. It tied at the sides of my hips and the top tied in back and also had a neck strap. By today's standards, it was conservative for a bikini. Still, it showed the tops of my 34B's and I had to keep pulling at the bottoms to make sure my ass didn't hang out too much. The neck strap hung down in front.

"Hey, what are you two doing over there?" Elsie called.

I just giggled and Dick said, "We'll never tell."

"Hey, c'mon, Steve, give that back!" Elsie squealed. I looked out from under the blanket and saw Steve's hand holding Elsie's bikini top straight up in the air, and her hands were trying to grab it. As I watched, the struggle stopped. The bikini top fell to the ground outside their blanket. All I could see was their forms squirming under the blanket. It was then I realized he was removing her bottom too.

This made me really uncomfortable as I knew where they were headed and wasn't sure I wanted to follow. But we were so close under the blanket and intimate contact was unavoidable so when Dick's hand closed over my breast I only murmured "No, Dickie," but didn't move his hand away.

When he moved to pinch the nipple I was about to put a stop to the fondling when Elsie barked, "Stevie!" I knew from her tone that she would grant him anything he wanted from her. It also served to distract me from what Dick was doing.

What Dick was doing was freeing the breast from the bikini and licking it with his tongue. I didn't really mind, after all it was customary for Johnny to suck on them all night as we made out, and I really liked having my puppies played with that way.

So there I was, holding Dick's head to each tit in turn while he ducked gallantly away, sending rapturous tingles right to my cunny. While Dick was thusly occupied, I turned my neck to see what Elsie and Steve were up to, or at least how far they'd gotten.

From the odd shape of their blanket some ten yards away, I figured that Elsie was on top of Steve, probably naked by this time, and maybe doing it under the covers as the rain pelted down on all of us. The thought of her getting laid while I looked on made me hot. The fact that Dick was sucking and tweaking my nipples made me hotter yet.

His hands and mouth were setting me on fire, and his hands... his hands were squeezing my bare butt, and had been for a while with me distracted by Elsie's shenanigans. . To his credit, he removed the hand from my ass before I made him do it. Then I knew why he did not object, the side tie of my bottom was open, and his hand was on my belly between my navel and my pussy.

"Please don't, Dick," I said in as pitiful a voice as I could muster.

"All's I'm gonna do is touch you a little. I promise that's all."

I'll be honest; once he started touching there I went all mushy-like. It felt soooo good and all. He was everywhere: my face, hair, arms, and my breasts. But it was his kisses that kept me out there in La-La Land. His mouth was sooo soft and his tongue so hot and squishy in my mouth that I was half-way to heaven from that alone.

Every so often he left my lips to suck very hard on a nipple, sending me soaring with the erogenous effect. He was sort of laying half on and half off me. I could feel his boner through his bathing suit as he rubbed it against my upper leg. When I became uncomfortable, I tried to shift and this caused one of his legs to sort of "innocently" drop between my thighs. At first the leg was covered by the fabric of his bathing suit but Dick soon had the leg of his swimsuit pushed up so that his bare thigh was now pressing there. That felt fine, but then the thigh began to press and move against my crotch, massaging my pussy with his kneecap.

I had never heard any of my girlfriends talk about this; but it started to really turn me on. I could feel myself climbing to some peak way up there, closer now, but still out of reach. All my protestations were melted in this feeling of being "hot." The hands left my tits, but his lips continued to worry my little peaks.

Up to this time I had no intention of going further than this very heavy petting. In fact, I was about to call a halt to everything when he adroitly lost his bathing suit.

Even in my heated state I gathered my resolve and bleated, "You've gone far enough Dick, now stop."

Only to hear the words I'd longed to hear all my life. "Jesus, Dee, I had no idea you were so beautiful!"

I blinked a couple times as I realized he was holding the blanket up and gazing down at my body with an expression of awe on his face. I don't think I had ever felt more important in my life. This was the first time I had ever let any boy see me entirely naked.

"Can I just hold you for a minute," he said.

No way was I going to refuse this guy with a silver tongue.

"Mmmm," I replied. He laid his head on my breasts with one ear covering a nipple. I brought up a hand and began to rub his head. The rain had stopped, but had soaked the blanket; our body heat caused a tepid warmth that was actually very pleasant.

He twisted his head and kissed the ear-warmed nipple then suckled it lightly. I felt my emotions stirring.

Then he was kissing me again. His hand found my pussy and his fingers began a magical massage that felt really, really good. I might have called a halt to things, but just about then he discovered my clit and I melted.

And so, when he slipped inside me and I did not resist in any way. I put my arms around his neck and pressed my body up against his. I will probably never know how much encouragement he felt from that one move.

Dick immediately began rapid in and out thrusts. Every time his groin smacked mine, it made an audible "slap" and my breath would exit in a "whoosh." I don't know how many times he pounded me like this, maybe twenty or thirty times, but he went rigid and I felt him grunt out his climax. Then he just collapsed on me.

After a few moments of no movement from him, I pushed his chest and he rolled off of me, leaving a trail of semen along my thigh. I felt cheap and betrayed. Maybe Steve and Elsie were going great a few feet away. Elsie later confided that he'd cum three times in that short time frame. I still don't know about that. But I do know Elsie had a glow to her that lasted until the following afternoon.

**** Elsie didn't say a word when I dissed Dick when we were alone again. She just shrugged and some minutes later said: "Look we're graduating next week. Wanna have a party?"

"A party? Not at my house we're not!" I said.

Elsie shrugged her shoulders. "Oh I know that, not mine either. But... you know a guy named Timothy Meadows?"

I did happen to know him. He was a nerd, who was tall and skinny with the worse case of acne I'd ever seen. And of course I readily agreed to go. I mean, it was my graduation, everyone parties that night, don't they?"

Graduation was nothing to write home about. Stephanie Crabgrass was Valedictorian, Marie Gambetta had top honors; you know, nothing special that is until I got a peek at JoAnn Childress, who wore nothing under her gown. Elsie, me and Tammy Wheatland got a glimpse of her after the ceremonies. Apparently she had been boffing Big Milton, the star black basketball player who was going off to Cornell just before the guys had to line up for the presentations, and didn't have time to get dressed. So she brazenly ambled up, accepted her diploma and hoped to hell no one saw the state she was in. But as we were ahead of her in the acceptance line we left the auditorium just ahead of her and saw her trying to duck into a classroom with an armful of clothes; so we peeked in on her.

I know the whole story because after a few drinks at the party that night she 'fessed up about her and Big Milton. But after a few more drinks I was creating an even worse experience of my own. But I'm a little ahead of myself.

Earlier, Elsie and me got dressed, more for the party than the graduation ceremonies. I recall shimmying into a short, tight skirt and silk nearly see-through top; going panty-less just for the sheer thrill of it! I thought it transformed me from a grungy-looking high school girl to a hot-looking young woman. I glanced in the mirror and saw a Cosmo babe with long dark hair hanging down my back and sexy green eyes, glowing with excitement looking back at me. Oh, I had that feeling of anticipation that I'd had just before Elsie introduced me to Stevie.

Speaking of Elsie, I had never seen her so elegant before. Oh, I had been with her when she bought the dark green dress, but on our Graduation Day it barely held her tits in check.

I'd seen her naked many times, but in that dress I was stunned at the amount of cleavage she had going for her. In addition to that, her hair was pulled back and pinned on the sides revealing her delicate earlobes and perfectly sculpted neck. Her stiletto heels gave her a good extra 4 inches of height, but that still only brought her up to about 5' 7".

After getting a gander at the two of us standing side by side, I felt like Cinderella before the Fairy Godmother showed up.

Stevie drove us to the party, which was actually held in Timothy Meadow's basement. I'm not knocking that. It was a huge space, with several rooms partitioned off at one end. It even had two half baths, so no one had to traipse upstairs to tinkle.

In the open area they had a DJ playing CD's from humongous speakers in the corner and about a dozen guys that weren't from our high school, but looked like they had stepped right of Rolling Stone Magazine. My male classmates looked like freshmen standing alongside them.

Every girl in the place, and I would include Timothy's mother among them, gazed lustily at them.

"Who are they?" I asked Elsie, who knew everything as far as I could tell.

"Friends of Timmy's older brother. The one in the red T-shirt is Timmy's brother Jack."

I was sipping a Jack Daniels and coke that Mrs. Meadows made for me when JoAnn Childress came down the stairs with Big Milton on her arm. A cheer went up from the guys who recognized him, but truth be told it was really for JoAnn. It had to be for her the way she was dressed.

JoAnn's athletic body was revealed in its full glory by a tight and short orangey-peach colored gauze dress that exceeded the slutty look the rest of us were striving for as it hugged her curves like it almost wasn't there. Her full breasts, rounded bottom, small waist and long legs all hit the eyes at once, and the effect was stunning. She wore heels that made her long supple legs seem to go on forever, black sheer stockings that held themselves in place and stopped just below the short hem revealing a tantalizing sliver of uncovered skin.

It wasn't long before some of the brawny studs made their way up beside Tammy Wheatland, Elsie and me and asked us to dance. Elsie left us to retrieve Stevie who was gabbing with some guys, and Tammy and me were swept away by the pair of Prince Charming.

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