Deidre Ch. 02

byParis Waterman©

Between the beat of the music and the Jack Daniel's that kept coming my way, I quickly lost myself in the music, lights, and mood of the party. I must have danced with one dreamy faced guy after another for a couple hours.

Around eleven, it occurred to me that I needed to make use of the powder room, and after finding a line of girls ahead of me I went upstairs to use the one in the Master bedroom. There was a bidet alongside the modern looking toilet, and gorgeous towels I couldn't bring myself to use after washing up. The sumptuousness of the whole layout amazed me, and I decided to check out the rest of the house.

Expensive cherry furniture filled all the rooms, along with original oil paintings on the walls, full sets of draperies, and beds that looked like they would hold a whole family each. I began exploring one of the back rooms and was day-dreaming about what it would be like to live in such a fantastic house when I heard voices coming down the hallway towards the room I was in. Embarrassed at being caught where I obviously didn't belong, I slipped into a walk-in closet about the size of my mother's bedroom back home, and pulled the door almost, but not quite closed.

I was stunned to see Timothy's mother enter with Big Milton hugging her from behind! But right in back of Big Milton was JoAnn Childress with two of the dreamy looking guys I had been dancing with!

"Are you sure no one will come barging in on us?" The guy I'd later come to know as Derek asked nervously.

Mrs. Meadows (first name: Sandra)replied, "Nobody barges into my bedroom, sweetie. Not unless I call them in."

Big Milton laughed and ran a hand up her dress, palming her pussy. "You know what you like, eh, Sandra?"

"I know I like big black cock. You've got one don'cha?"

JoAnn laughed raucously. "Does he ever!"

"Take it out and show us, honey!" Sandra said obscenely.

From my vantage point I saw him with draw his hand from under her dress and slowly tug the zipped of his fly down. I was totally enthralled. I had never seen a guy perform a striptease, and that's what Milton was doing.

"Fish it out for her JoAnn," he said commandingly, and Joann dropped to a crouch before him, almost splitting the seams of her tight-fitting orangey outfit.

For some arcane reason I made a mental note to ask her what the hell the material was, but when I saw her shaven pussy framed between the black sheer stockings that stopped just below the short hem of the tight dress I coughed out loud and was discovered by Mrs. Meadows.

"Who the fuck is that?"

Red-faced, I stumbled out into the bedroom.

"I... I was...."

Mrs. Meadows's eyes were taking in the suppleness of my youthful body. Evidently she liked what she saw and waved off Derek, who was about to throw me out the window... well, that's what I thought at the time.

Mrs. Meadows was distracted on seeing JoAnn, who having extracted Big Milton's black cock from its hiding place, now had it poking into the side of her right cheek.

"Don't you dare make him cum!" she snarled and scared Joann so that she let him fall out of her mouth.

"What's your name, you spying bitch?" Sandra said, turning her snarl on me.

"Deidre," I replied weakly.

"Get the fuck out of those clothes and lay down on the bed!"

Hurriedly, I obeyed and nearly leapt from the floor to the King-sized bed. I remember thinking one thing and one thing only. I was going to get laid, probably more than once; probably by men and women alike. I couldn't have been happier.

Mrs. Meadows shucked her dress off, tossing it onto the floor. JoAnn and the guys followed suit, shucking their clothing on a nearby chair. Mrs. Meadows casually approached me and offered me a spray of breath freshener, and then pulled out a small bottle containing a thick red liquid.

"To freshen us up a little," she explained, placing a few droplets onto a finger, then unabashedly spread her legs and inserted a finger into her pussy, making squishy wet noises as she spread it around inside.

Then she had me stick my fingers out and poured a little bit of the stuff onto them. I sniffed it. It smelled nice, like strawberries. Then I spread my legs and carefully spread the gooey fluid onto my vaginal entrance before inserting a finger and spreading it around the first inch or so of my tight, love tunnel. I noticed that I was still nicely lubricated inside without being too wet. I was tempted to keep my finger in there, stroking my eager young cunt, but I made myself be patient, knowing that something far better would soon be feeding its aching hunger.

She smiled as she watched my finger going in and out. "Are you okay with this?"

I just smiled back and nodded, then grabbed a pillow and hugged it to my chest.

"Good... remember everyone, there aren't any rules. Just follow your instincts. You don't have to copy Milton and me if you don't want to. In fact, you guys may be pretty eager to get to the fucking, and that's okay. You can always practice the other stuff later."

"Okay," I said meekly, but hopeful.

My eyes homed in on Kurt and his magnificent abs, and huge erection. Well, later I learned it was seven inches, but hey, seven can send a girl straight to heaven, as I will happily attest.

Derek didn't waste any time. He just hopped onto the bed and sat astride JoAnn and ran his hands over her back and behind.

I shivered from the thought of being touched that way.

Kurt approached me more slowly, a little uncertain, but I looked back at him and gave him a smile that I hoped was reassuring, but was probably just a nervous grimace. Our eyes locked, and he broke into the most beautiful, bashful smile I'd ever seen. I noticed how long and graceful his sweet eyelashes were as his gaze dropped away.

But then he seemed to lose his shyness and in a moment I felt the bed adjusting to his weight, then my pointed little buttocks were covered with wonderful, heavy warmth as his callused hands began to massage them.

I was facing Mrs. Meadows, and noticed her eyes riveted on Kurt. There was a beatific smile on her face. When she saw me looking at her she gave me a long wink.

Unable to see Kurt, I watched Milton as he vigorously rubbed Mrs. Meadows back. His hips began to undulate on top of her, and my heart quickened when I saw his snake-like cock appear rubbing along the furrow of Mrs. Meadows's bottom. (From this point on, I'm calling her Sandra, it's less confusing.)

When Milton saw me looking, he just smiled and raised his eyebrows a couple of times. I hoped that meant he wanted to do me after Sandra. He did! But that comes later.

While Kurt and me were aping Sandra and Milton, JoAnn and Derek were already fucking. I mean, he had JoAnn kneeling on an armchair, bent over the back of it, her hair all over her face. She didn't look like a recent high school graduate at the moment, but more like a high-priced whore. What's more, he was fucking her up the butt and I had a birds-eye view. Her pussy was wide open; she was playing with herself while he fucked her. She was moaning into her forearm and he was yanking on her hair.

And although it looked painful as hell, I don't think Joann minded one little bit. With each thrust into her poop-shoot, JoAnn's tits shook and jiggled all over the place. Derek had these fat balls that hung down and slapped against her hairy snatch every time he shoved his dick into her.

All of a sudden he throws his head back and yells something like, "Holy shit, I'm cumming! Take it all, bitch!" Wrenching his dick out of her ass, he pumped it three times and then squirted what looked like a gallon of cum all over her back.

JoAnn was breathing super hard and raspy, and I knew from personal experience exactly what her fingers were doing between her legs, I could even her them squishing in her cunt.

Kurt, the sweetheart, was gaining momentum as he fucked me, changing his angle of penetration every other stroke. To make it even better, I raised my bottom a few inches. The resulting contact made us both groan with delight, and I undulated my hips beneath him, trying to magnify the sensations.

We both began to grunt and groan with the feelings coursing through our horny bodies. My little pussy was now wet enough to spread its dew onto the bed sheet beneath us.

I dimly noticed Milton sucking and nibbling on Sandra's ears and neck, while she groaned and humped her bottom up against his monster cock as it left her twat trying to get it back into her as fast as possible.

A glance to the side told me that Derek was now sitting in the armchair, with JoAnn between his legs working on his flaccid member in hopes of raising the dead for another go.

Suddenly everything went dark. It took a second or so until I realized that Kurt was kissing me. It wasn't a great kiss, but under the circumstances it wasn't a bad one either. I kissed him back and he went into high drive, pumping wildly and I responded in kind. This was fucking at its best, or so I thought at the time.

Suddenly, the heat inside of me built to an intolerable intensity. I was going to cum!

Only I didn't.

But I did feel his fingers against my sopping crotch, rubbing in search of my clit. I sent a hand to help him locate the tiny nub; he rubbed it several times and I erupted into a blazing inferno and came!

Unlike my previous sexual encounters, Kurt wasn't finished before me. Oh no. He had me rutting with him, eager to repeat the wonderful sensations all over again. My nipples were swollen and burning with pleasure. He noticed them and squeezed them, doubling the pleasure.

I managed to open my feverish eyes and zeroed in on Kurt's. His deep brown eyes were watery, burning with ecstatic intensity. I lifted my hips upward to increase the pressure of our hungry loins, and I felt him press downward in response. The speed of his thrusts quickened, and I gasped at the vigorous massage my over-stimulated little clitoris was receiving.

So this was fucking!

And the moment his sperm cannoned out of his dick filling my snatch, I came too, screaming at the intensity of it all. I recall feeling my juices bathe his sweet little ball sacs as they copiously poured forth. Then I felt his body stiffen and press tightly against mine, as warm quick little spurts coated the walls of my vagina.

His eyes widened then closed as he suddenly relaxed onto me. I rubbed my hands up and down his sweaty back in gratitude. His hardon began to soften, but not much and I luxuriated in the feel of its luxurious thickness between our bodies.

Taking a moment to regain our breath, we looked over to the other side of the bed where Sandra had turned onto her back and was noisily sucking Milton's ebony shaft for all she was worth. He was sitting astride her, his buttocks undulating over her breasts, his hands twining through her hair. His head was thrown back, his mouth gaping open, and his eyes closed in a look of pure ecstasy.

Sandra had her legs spread, and was busily frigging herself, making lewd wet noises inside her neatly trimmed pussy.

Suddenly, Milton yelped and held her head tightly against him, pressing his loins into her face. His face twisted into an orgasmic grimace, and his hips began to spasm quickly. He was cumming into Sandra's mouth.

Kurt and I turned back to face each other and we kissed again, long and slow. In a minute, our bodies began to move against each other, and I could feel his cock growing back to full hardness.

He began to move downward, slowly but purposefully. Then I felt the head of his erection slip down my furrow to press against my gaping vaginal opening. I adjusted myself slightly, and felt a mounting pressure as he roughly shoved himself back inside me.

Suddenly, Kurt was pulled away from me. I sat up in surprise and saw that Sandra had straddled him and was riding him hard; her eyes ablaze with crazed lust.

I shrugged, but didn't attempt to do anything about it. Milton moved next to me and began caressing my flanks. It felt good and I leaned toward him and we kissed. His mouth was soft and sweet. He was without a doubt the best kisser I had ever kissed.

When it ended he told me he was going to go down on me. I lay back, spread my legs and waited.

Next to us, I heard a series of lewd sucking noises came out of Sandra's pussy as her fluids mixed with Kurt's and trickled down onto his thighs in a thick froth. A moment later I lost track of everything but Milton's mouth as he devoured my cunt.

He made a feast of it, stretching my labia with his fingers and then sucking on each lip as if he was shucking corn. It was fantastic! But nothing compared to when he approached my clit, brushing it ever so lightly with his lips and then inserting several fingers into me. I have no idea how many, I've examined and studied his hands many times since. I cannot for the life of me picture him with more than two of those incredibly long, thick digits in me. I was, after all, only eighteen. I had not been used all that much. In a word, I was tight down there. But he told me he had four fingers in there, worming around, looking for my g-spot.

And he found it; found it at approximately the same time he began nibbling on my swollen clittie; and sent me into outer space with a tumultuous orgasm that I can still feel if I think about it on a quiet night.

But he wasn't done with me. He waited until I revived enough to stop shuddering and as he so quaintly phrased it: "Laid some pipe in me." Again and again and again my magnificent black lover plowed into my gripping, spasming, tight little cunt, measuring his pace and not letting my desperate thrusts break his rhythm. I lost track of time, my awareness fixated on my lover's massive, plunging cock and my burning, twitching sodden twat.

It seemed like I was coming forever. My consciousness nearly shut down as an animal lust swept over me.

I vaguely recall Sandra, going down on me afterward. She craved Milton's sperm and sucked most of it out of my pussy. I have the briefest recollection of Derek fucking me after that, but couldn't swear to it.

I remained in the bed long after the others left. Mrs. Meadows, (I forgot to think of her as Sandra once she had her clothes back on.) told me I could stay there as long as I wanted. Only when the house was quiet did I dare to leave the bed. My body ached, especially my twat, but I managed to dress and slowly moved down the staircase to the living room. It was dark, but a cigarette glowed from across the room.

"Good night, Deidre," Mrs. Meadows whispered.

"Good night, Mrs. Meadows," I said. "Nice party."

"Yes, it was, wasn't it?" there was a short pause, and then, "You must call me some time. I'm in the book. We can have another... session like this evening's. Would you like that?"

"I'd have to be crazy not to," I replied, as I found the door knob and opened the front door.

"Do you need a ride?"

"Um, I can walk," I answered.

"No, no. Not on those shaky legs. Wait a moment. I'll be right back."

I waited by the door. In less than a minute she was back with her son, Timothy. His acne all but glowed in the faint glow of his mother's cigarette.

"I... I can, um drive you home, Deidre, you want."

I nodded. I was in no shape to walk the two or three miles to my place.

"Just give him a nice blowjob, Deidre. It's the least you can do. It's so late and all. And it is his graduation," Mrs. Meadows chirped.

Timmy drove me home in his mother's BMW. After he parked outside my house, I leaned down and took his cock out. It was about six inches and hard.

"Did you get laid tonight, Timmy?" I inquired more out of curiosity than any real desire to know.

"Naw... I'm kinda shy, you know?"

"Well your mom did."

"Did she?" he seemed genuinely surprised.

Rather than provide him any more information, I took him in my mouth and swirled my tongue over his stiff appendage. He came in no time at all. I cleaned him off and put him little friend back in his pants. I reached for the door, but his hand stopped me.

"Could... could I have a good night kiss, Dee?"

"Sure you can, Timmy," and I kissed him softly, then applied enough pressure to get him to open his mouth and sent my cum slicked tongue into his mouth.

He moaned the length of the kiss. I felt sorry for him.

"What, um, are you doing tomorrow, I mean, tonight, Timmy?"

"I dunno, watchin' TV, maybe playing some video."

"Want to get laid?"

"What... sure I do!"

"Can you get your mother's car again?"

"I guess," he said.

"So meet me by the Baptist Church on 4th Street, say around seven?"

"Yeah... sure. You... you're not fucking with me are you?"

"I just gave you a blowjob, didn't I?"

"Yeah, but...."

"No buts, Tim. Tonight at seven. You'll get laid, I swear it."

"Hey, you... you're the one I'm gonna fuck, right?'

"I'm not sure yet. Probably, but I know someone who might want to fuck you. Interested?"

"You know I am!"

"Good. Seven then."

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