Deidre Ch. 03

byParis Waterman©

"Here it comes, baby!" He grinned at me as I looked over my shoulder and I felt his hands grabbing the little bit of flesh around my hips, holding me tight. He started fucking me good then, pulling almost completely out and then slamming himself deep, over and over until I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. It was so good like that, just getting totally fucked hard. No foreplay, no lovey-dovey stuff, just his dick riding my hole the way it was meant to be.

"Yeah, that's it, baby...cum all over my cock...Fuck...what a slut!" He was breathing hard and pumping me while I moaned like a three dollar whore.

Off to one side someone asked, "Is she really coming, man?"

Dominic replied, saying, "Lookit her man, it's running down her fuckin' legs!"

Then someone else was rubbing their dick against my mouth and I opened wide and took him in.

The bald-headed guy fucking me slapped me on the ass, "Havin' a good time, sweetie?"

"Mmmfff," was the best I could manage by way of reply. I arched my back and groaned loudly as he began a rapid pounding into my pussy. I remember my body shivering with pleasure as that beautiful cock brought me to a heavenly orgasm.

He came, filling me up with his cum and when he pulled out another guy, I never knew who, replaced him, fucking me hard from the start. I came again, maybe a couple times before he did. Then another guy, I think it was Jack, took his place.

They flipped me over on my back after Jack came, and I saw several faces for the first time, none of whom I recognized.

Tony hopped back on me, having been usurped earlier by the bald-headed guy, immediately yelling crazily, "Yeah, fuck it, bitch! Fuck that cock!"

Then Kevin took a turn, talking dirty with every stroke of his cock. I'd never heard anything like it and it really turned me on. It's funny but all I recall him saying was, "Get your head up, bitch... look at me when you cum!" He practically growled each syllable at me as he wrapped his fingers in my hair and pulled my face up to his before letting go so that my head snapped back and banged against the floor.

Then I was sucking two or more cocks at the same time. When they came, they made sure to get it on me; on my face, in my eyes, in my hair, or on my neck.

Eventually my head was covered with sperm.

"More," is all I can think to say as another guy comes over me, I move my head down and see men around me their hard cocks in their hands, I know they'll all cum over my face and can't wait to feel their cum all over me.

Two guys came at about the same time; one spurted across the bridge of my nose, the other on my left arm. For some reason I licked the cum off my arm, and then scooped what hadn't dripped off my nose into the palm of my hand and licked that clean too. I moaned and a bubble of cum leaked out of the corner of my mouth then burst as several guys laughed.

I stood up on wobbling legs. They were finished with me.

I found my panties and put them on. Kevin tossed my dress at me and I put that on too. My cum soaked hair was sticking to my face, and I tried my best to ignore it.

Later I learned that Kevin had brought a video camera, so most of the time there I was being photographed or videotaped.

Someone, It wasn't Jack, dropped me off at Elsie's.

She let me in, and I flopped down on her couch acutely aware of the smell of sex emanating from my body, the gooey wetness in my pussy and my face and hair.

"It turned into a fuckathon, Elsie," I managed before starting to cry.

Elsie stripped me, hauled me into the shower, and cleaned me up.

A week passed, Jack didn't call. My period came and went. He still didn't call, and I realized that he wasn't going to.

I've never come across the pictures that Jack and the others took of me, though I've certainly spent plenty of wasted hours browsing through random homemade porn on the internet. They're out there though, somewhere. I can almost guarantee that.

To be continued...

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