tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDeidre in the Islands Ch. 02

Deidre in the Islands Ch. 02


Deidre kept up her mystique by strolling the inside grounds at Iznoma Hedonia nearly naked, showing herself off with unusual and erotic jewelry, thin gauzy wraps or loincloths than concealed nothing, and, on more formal occasions, fabulous gowns cut low to display her generous, exceptionally firm, flawless bosom like ripe melons in a basket. Unlike her guests, who were here for the sun, she seldom went outdoors at midday. When she did she often walked nude and well protected by sunscreen, to keep away the wrinkles but also to be sure that what tan she did get turned her skin bronze rather than brown and was uniform over her body. Deidre was telling Janine about her Island empire, while all around them guests were groping each other, copulating, and exhibiting themselves.

Janine's head was spinning. Iznoma Hedonia was as free and open sexually as its reputation had suggested, and then some. She had never imagined a resort where condoms were passed out to couples screwing in public! And she never expected to be hit by flying semen as she walked down a path. But she had seen all of this happen in the first twelve minutes that she had been walking around the grounds of the infamous vacation paradise.

She and the fabulous Deidre walked further along the resort grounds toward the beach, dressed in their flimsy loincloths. Deidre was continuing the story of how she had single-handedly brought Iznoma Hedonia back from bankruptcy and made a fortune for herself by marketing the resort first to voluptuous women in the adult entertainment industry and then to the men who wanted to meet (and mate) them. Now she was the sole owner of the hottest adult resort of the mid-1980's.

But through Janine's research, the journalist knew much more of the story than Deidre was telling. Small wonder that Deidre had succeeded so brilliantly in the sex industry. Her unbounded ambition, natural business instincts, and calculated drive for money and power took over after her initial success as an object of sexual desire. Deidre's early fame as an exotic dancer and nude model had led rich and sometimes foolish men to obsession with to having sex with her. Once they did, they were hooked. A series of affairs resulted in her coming to possession of the most popular strip club in Los Angeles and contacts all over the world. She became a force in the industry, with the support of the richest and most powerful men in the business, men who were generous beyond reason to their coveted mistress and who bankrolled her success.

The two women passed the first jalapa, a sort of thatched-roof shelter set up with a bar. Deidre asked if Janine wanted another rum drink and Janine was happy to accept but she insisted on signing for it so that there could be no charge of buying influence on her magazine article. While they waited for it, a very cute young woman with short brown hair and lots of energy, wearing a loincloth, bounded up to the bar while they waited and ordered a Harvey Wallbanger. What drew Janine's attention were the woman's unusual tits. They were very big for her little body and hung down low on her chest. Every time the woman moved there was a ripple and a swing in her chest. Even when the woman stopped moving for a moment her breasts seemed to keep going. Finally she got her drink and ran off to rejoin whoever it was she was with, tits bouncing wildly.

Janine glanced over to the right, to the area where people expected more privacy, and did a double-take. In the distance, almost to the far wall of the property, she saw a pale young woman with curly hair lying on her back on a towel. A hugely oversize flesh-colored floppy dildo protruded from her vagina. She was pounding herself holding the dildo with one hand and frigging herself with the other. She remembered what Deidre had said earlier, that some people just liked to masturbate even when the real thing was close at hand. As Janine watched, the woman climaxed but she was too far away for Janine to hear her moan.

Janine was still smitten by Deidre's beauty. Janine felt very intimidated. Her C-cup breasts, pale tourist's skin, and girlish figure with her little round butt may have drawn men to buy her drinks in New York bars but she didn't feel all that hot next to Deidre.

The woman was old enough to be her mother but Deidre's skin still looked younger than her own. Deidre's light tan was striking. Janine guessed that her customary nakedness evened the light tan over her tall, flawless body, which was a perfect but exaggerated feminine shape. It was the body of a naturally beautiful, hormone-intoxicated, sexual, abundantly fertile but unstretched, strong but feminine mature woman who took care of her body out of professional commitment and personal obsession.

They walked a little further and Deidre pointed out all the little details that made Iznoma Hedonia unique. The attentive staff was always quick to supply a condom when needed. The convenient pushcarts carried everything a guest might need on short notice, including suntan lotion, vibrators, and condoms to cover them for sanitary reasons or, even better, to use on the real thing. There were specially-designed chairs, thought up by Deidre herself, with footrests where guests could spread their legs comfortably in the sun to warm their genitals and hooks for slings to raise the breasts of the bigger women so that they could get a tan on the underside. For the active guests, there was aerobics and volleyball and tennis, all nude of course. And that was just outdoors. Indoors, there was a pole-dancing studio where guests could try out the new craze and her professional strippers could learn routines of this new sensation, which Deidre was convinced would take over adult entertainment. There were cooking lessons, makeover sessions, masturbation demonstrations for all erotic persuasions, and language lesions, with native instructors teaching dirty words, sex vocabulary, and pick-up lines in English, Spanish, and Moldavian.

This crowd seemed to like to shave their pubic hair, at least the girls, Janine thought. She saw more shaved pussy here than she ever saw at the nudist colony she had visited for that story a few years ago, in 1980. Maybe it was a trend! There were also more tattoos than she ever remembered seeing, even some on women. She even saw some nipples pierced with rings or little barbells, which she had never seen in New York.

The further they went down the path, the more people there were, especially on the left. Most were under umbrellas but a few were out in the sun and the staff was keeping an eye on them so they wouldn't burn. About fifty feet away, two women had got carried away in the sun. While Janine watched, they stopped kissing and stroking one another's breasts and the larger woman, with brown hair, had moved between the legs of the smaller girl, a black-haired young woman who looked Asian, eagerly lapping at her cunt. But the one on top was pink on her back and butt. As Deidre and Janine approached, two of the staff had gathered over the amorous ladies and opened a parasol to protect them from the sun. The two didn't notice and kept at it. As they got closer they could see that the brunette had started fingering the one on the bottom. She had at least three fingers in her, curled palm up, obviously stroking the smaller woman's G-spot. Just as they passed, the woman being diddled gave a shriek and a shudder and as they watched a little gush of fluid wet the hand of the diddler. Janine felt her already damp loincloth turn a little wetter.

They were almost to the beach. Janine could see that it was a beautiful, clean sandy beach, a light copper in color instead of the more common beige. Small sailboats were drawn up on the beach off to the left, beyond a sign warning away swimmers. Palm trees dotted the landscape but did not provide much shade so there were scattered jalapas and small cabanas in clusters of two or three. Most of the cabanas had the side facing the ocean open and Janine could see two chairs and what looked like a low bed or a bench with a cushion on it. Janine saw one naked couple walk into one and close the canvas flap behind them.

Before they left the lawn and reached the beach, Deidre took Janine off the path and walked a while on the grass, passing in front of a row of nude guests who greeted Deidre warmly and invited her to remove her loincloth. They happened to spot the young woman from the bar in front of them and not far away, sitting on a towel thrown over a chaise lounge under a tree, with a very handsome, thin young man who had a very long, very erect cock. They were kissing with tongue and he was kneading her loose, mobile, pendulous breasts while she stroked his rampant dick. Her loincloth was off and bunched up on the towel. Her legs were spread and, framed by an oval of brown pubic hair, her pink sex lips were separated, her deep entrance open and visible to everyone around her who cared to look, and many did. He had probably just finished fingering her. "This should be interesting", Deidre murmured and directed Janine silently to a seat at an unoccupied table under an umbrella.

The man lifted his petite partner's hanging tits to his mouth without even having to bend over and suckled her nipple first on one side, then the other until her breathing became ragged and her rhythm on his cock broke up. Then he gently pushed her to the side and touched her back to make her go down on her hands and knees. In this position her loose tits hung down very low, almost to the towel. While they were watching, an attentive staff attendant had passed by and not only put a condom down beside him on the lounge but had opened it for him. The man saw it, grabbed it like a thirsty man grabs a drink of water, and rolled it onto his cock, which he then thrust into the young woman with such enthusiasm that he hit bottom on the first stroke. Her loose tits shimmied and swung with the motion but it was out of synch and with every pounding thrust he gave her jiggling tits went flying in all directions, swinging back to hit one another with a smack.

After a few minutes of this she whispered something to her partner and he eased back and sat on his ankles. She followed him backwards, keeping him inside her, and while everyone watched she picked up the cord. In what must have been a well-practiced move, she took the black cord belt in her hand and draped it over her forearm so that it dangled over her elbow. She leaned forward and brought her forearm across her body under her boobs. Then she lifted her loose, low-hanging tits with her forearm, reached over to grab the end of the cord with her other hand, brought it over her breasts, tied it and pulled the cord. Her breasts were now bound at the chest with the big, soft cord holding them together. She pulled it tighter around her yielding breasts and knotted the cord. Then she reassumed the position and he mounted her again, with equal enthusiasm. This time, her tits swung together, forward and back, in time to his thrusting motion but still jiggled invitingly even though they swayed less from side to side. The binding had pushed enough flesh out from her chest and into her boobs that they hung a little lower now and the nipples grazed the towel, giving her a little thrill from the friction.

The man held on tightly to her hips and was positioning himself so that his thrusts were directed forward, to hit her right where she loved it. It didn't take long for her to stiffen and shake, holding her body rigid while he continued to pound against her and heaving with deep breathing. Her tits were wobbling so much they looked alive. Then she relaxed a little and he almost knocked her over with a big final thrust when he also went rigid and shook. The two of them held their position while the nearby guests applauded. Everyone appreciated their public orgasm, which in addition to their own exhibitionistic pleasure made the atmosphere more erotic for everyone else. The man gingerly disconnected and sat back, pulling the condom off his softening dick. The woman sat on the edge of the lounge and untied her tightly bound boobs, letting them wobble and sway freely again. She reached over and took the used condom from the man and let the contents spill out onto each of her huge breasts. While he and everyone else watched, she leaned back on the lounge and rubbed his semen into her skin with her fingers, breasts rippling with the motion, until it dried. He let the last drops of come from his prick drip onto the grass and lay down on the lounge next to her. They cuddled, wetly, and fell sleep.

Janine felt overwhelmed. Her head was spinning. She had seen more people performing more sex acts in one hour than she had ever seen before in her life, even after three years of sorority parties where the girls made out with their boyfriends in dark corners. She wasn't just damp any more. Her pussy was leaking and making her loincloth wet. She felt flushed from the sun, the rum drinks ... and her own arousal. "Deidre," she said, "I need to go back to my room to lie down. It was a long flight from New York and I ... " her voice trailed off. Deidre knew exactly what she was experiencing. "I'm sure you're tired. You go take a nap," Deidre said in a motherly voice. "Everything will still be here later. I suggest that you dine tonight at the beach restaurant, La Diva -- you've already seen the public restaurant. I'll be there at 7:00 if you want to join me. If you want to dine alone, I suggest the Conch Shack, the Arepa House, or the Beach Bar, if you just want something light. They make great conch fritters at the Beach Bar. Oh, and we require guests to wear at least a loincloth at La Diva -- it's formal." Saying that Deidre sauntered away, breasts swaying.

Janine was confused and upset. She felt flushed and lightheaded and unsteady on her feet. Was it the combination of two rum drinks in an hour and the sun? Was it the unrelenting sexual stimulation? A dried splash of a strange man's come was on her leg! Gross! But most of all she felt conflicted, she was going to be here for five days and during this time the only person in this exhibitionistically sexual environment not having sex was going to be her. She had to be objective because she was a journalist and couldn't let her own feelings color the story. She felt a huge tension between her professional duty to report the facts and her personal emotional reaction at being assaulted by other people's blatant display of sensuality. And the truth is that she didn't know how she really felt about it.

She had thought she was so liberal and modern, yet all this unrestrained sex around her was disconcerting. Retracing her steps she kept seeing things that either aroused disturbed her. A hand under a loincloth, three people playing with vibrators, a man stroking the ass of a woman young enough to be his daughter. Or a tattoo on someone's back that was more sexual than any she had seen before, a studded choke collar on a woman's neck, pierced nipples (she had never seen one before 1982 and now they seemed to be getting popular). She didn't know what she thought about that. She didn't know what she thought about anything right now. Back on the path, she saw on the north side in the distance the fair-skinned size queen pushing an even larger dildo into herself and rocking her pelvis to get it deeper, a living tribute to the elasticity of the human vagina. A woman sitting at a table had her foot buried in the crotch of the women sitting across from her and seemed to be wiggling her toes. It was all too much. She was getting dizzy.

After Janine had been gone a few minutes and she was sure that she was not coming back, Deidre walked over to the Beach Bar, a little further down nestled in a small grove of palm trees toward the mountain, and used the telephone.

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