tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDeidre in the Islands Ch. 10

Deidre in the Islands Ch. 10


The offer to paint Janine's body came with a string attached, and that was that the design was already chosen. She didn't know what it was but it would be painted on her by the same nurse who had given her the gel treatment yesterday that quieted down her raw and red pussy. She was supposed to meet the nurse in the clinic.

Apparently the nurse was quite a good artist. The massage girl, was also a good artist, painted other guests and about a dozen members of the staff in various capacities also did body painting on the side. That wasn't enough to cover all the guests, so Deidre hosted an "arts festival" every other week for local artists from the village and even the nearest city. They bussed in to make a few pesos (actually, quite a lot of money by local standards!) painting beautiful and provocative designs on beautiful and provocative guests. They loved their work! and it supported the arts. It was one of many things Dedire did that made her so popular with the villagers that the priest, the mayor of the town (who was the cousin of the priest), and anyone else who talked about the immorality of Iznoma Hedonia was hushed up immediately by their neighbors.

The artists had set up at tables on the patio and the part of the lawn nearest the resort hotel. They had been at their work since noon and as Janine passed she already could see some of the finished work: guests walking around with spectacular tropical sunsets on their back, lizard-like scales all over their body, boa constructors around necks and encircling breasts and, in more than one case, frogs with their drawn mouths across a woman's belly button and googly eyes on their big breasts. She particularly liked the fairy princess, with wings painted on her back and a crown painted on her forehead. One tall, skinny woman, with spiky hair that was sprayed with green, was painted up to look like a palm tree, with her boobs as coconuts.

Janine was a little disappointed that her body would be painted indoors. While she was being painted herself, she had wanted to watch the spectacle as these works of art were created on skin by the outdoor artists. But she accepted the terms of gift of artwork and stepped inside the clinic. There she noticed something she had overlooked on her first visit. There was art on the walls, nicely drawn commercial-style art, featuring naked men and women in tropical landscapes, full of detail and bright colors. In the corner of each piece was a label with a price and Janine guessed that the multi-talented nurse had painted them. If so, Janine was going to get a good paint job. Maybe more if she was as lucky as yesterday!

The nurse greeted Janine like an old friend and asked about the condition of Janine's pussy. She was so happy when Janine reported that it was just fine and all the soreness and redness had gone. "Works every time!" the nurse chirped, in reference to the green smelly gel she had applied the day before all over Janine's vulva and anal area.

The tall, long-legged young nurse was still wearing white stockings up to her thighs and nothing else but a little nurse's hat. She must have a wardrobe full of clean white stockings and needed very little else to wear, Janine thought. Janine noticed a proper nurse's uniform hanging on a hook on the other side of the room next to a desk and guessed that she only put it on when she had to go into the public area.

"First we've got to shave you, hon!" Janine hadn't expected this. Shaving off pubic hair was becoming a new fad, she knew, but in 1985 a bald beaver was unusual outside of porn flicks. She wasn't sure how she would explain it to....who? She had broken up with Brad and it wasn't like she was getting action every weekend in New York. OK, why not. So what if it was going to be prickly for a while while it grew back? Maybe she'd just keep it shaved and shock her next lover.

Janine had already let herself be fingered by the nurse the day before so she didn't flinch when the nurse had her lie on the examining table with her legs spread wide and feet in the stirrups. The tall, naked nurse put a basin of warm soapy water on the side table. With a sure touch and deft strokes, the nurse trimmed Janine's modest "hair down there" with scissors, then sponged her crotch with water and, with her bare hands, started rubbing liquid soap into a lather all over Janine's pussy, brushing many times against Janine's clit, which was waking up after what seemed like a long sleep.

The nurse started to shave Janine, carefully but quickly, rinsing the razor in the basin and reapplying soap to Janine's now-smooth skin. The nurse stretched Janine's outer lips this way and that and pulled on her inner lips to keep them out of the way, every move stimulating Janine's increasingly interested clit. Finally, Janine could feel that her pussy was perfectly smooth – she felt more naked than she had ever been in her life! The nurse was rubbing her smooth skin with some light oil and letting her fingers stray deep into Janine's cunt, not even pretending any more to stick to business. Janine was gasping and heaving her pelvis by the time the nurse was finished. She had built up a lot of sexual tension that morning reliving her experiences at Iznoma Hedonia and working on her story and this nurse was stoking it beyond the point of control!

"Now hon, it's very important for you to lie still while I paint you. So I'm going to do a little something to you to make you relax while I work. It'll only take a minute and I think you"ll like it!" The nurse pulled out the largest vibrator Janine had ever seen – it was a foot and a half long and had a big pad at the end that the nurse applied right at the top of Janine's now practically vibrating clit. Janine was startled – it was a frightening instrument, even in the hands of a professional, even this nurse who was giving her such pleasure! With her other hand, the nurse thrust two fingers into Janine's wet cunt, curling them to press on and stroke her G-spot as the powerful vibrator pushed Janine toward release. In no time, Janine came hard, moaning so loud it could be heard outside, vagina contracting around the nurse's long, thin fingers, as the vibrator slipped all around on her wet, oil pussy.

But that was not all! The nurse never let Janine come down from her first climax. Instead she ramped it up a second time, turning the speed of the vibrator up and thrusting a third finger into dazed Janine! It was more than the poor girl could stand and within seconds Janine was coming again, even better, feeling as if the nurse had reached in and pulled a massive orgasm she didn't know she had from out of deep inside her! She hadn't asked for either orgasm but they were both so good, especially the second, that she wasn't going to complain!

"There! That's better, hon. You were a bit tense before. I'm sure you feel a lot better now. You'll lie all quiet now while I work." The nurse said matter-of-factly. "Stand up for a minute while I set things up."

Janine felt unsteady on her feet and was glad to settle back onto the examining table after the nurse put down some pillows. This time the nurse did not put Janine's feet up in stirrups. The pillows behind Janine's head, back and pelvis lifted her shapely torso up and let her legs and arms drop to the sides, out of the way. The nurse turned on a bright overhead light and turned a switch. Janine heard the sound of a compressor and realized that the nurse was going to paint her with an airbrush – that was a professional touch!

The artist-nurse had obviously done this design many times. She laid out a stencil on Janine's lower abdomen, taped it in place, and sprayed over it. Then she removed it and started to do spot painting on the background she had sprayed. She worked fast. Not able to see what the nurse was doing, Janine, still postorgasmic, became drowsy listening to the whirr of the compressor and the hiss of the airbrush. She dozed off for a while. She dreamed of penises and swinging balls, men with strong arms and broad shoulders, and being crushed in the embrace of.... Janine woke up with a start. The nurse immediately shut off her brush and chirped "You ok? You can't move like that, hon!"

Janine settled back down to let the nurse finish the detail work. Most of the action seemed to be along a line from her belly button down to below where her pubic hair had been but there was also a lot of painting going on over her outer labia and crotch. Janine could also feel when she took a deep breath that there was paint to the sides of her belly button as well.

But that was all! The nurse had not painted her face, her arms, her chest, or her back. Janine was disappointed that she would not have a full-body costume. Obviously her design was limited to her abdomen. What kind of body painting was that? She had expected her lovely breasts to be incorporated into the design. Then she remembered – she was here as a journalist, not as a vacationer. She was getting too involved and expecting too much. This was about reporting on the experience, not how well her tits were decorated.

Finally, after taking much longer than Janine had expected, the artistic nurse stood up to examine her handiwork. "All done, hon! You can get up and look at yourself in the mirror!"

Janine expected to see something like a tropical beach scene, a bunny with tall ears or a sad clown with big eyes. She was totally unprepared for what she saw. She gasped in shock and stood motionless for a long time taking in the weird sight.

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