tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDeidre in the Islands Ch. 14

Deidre in the Islands Ch. 14


By Thursday afternoon, Janine had written and polished the first draft of her story. She had only been at Iznoma Hedonia for four days but she wanted to capture her subjective reactions to the sexual life at while they were still fresh in her mind --while her pussy was still tingling from the excitement!

She was confident that her editors at Against Moss would love it -- she was bringing the gonzo journalism of the early 1980's, what her magazine was famous for, into a new world -- the world of sex! She was inventing a new form of gonzo journalism: gonzo porn, in the form of the whacked-out sexual diary, where the reader follows the participant on a first-person emotional and libidinous sex binge and the feelings that get communicated don't have a lot to do with actual facts. It was 1985, after all -- the world was ready for it!

She had spent the morning with the indescribable Deidre, who had welcomed Janine to her fabulous resort and then ravished her with a strap-on the night before. Her head had been filled with images of Deidre naked all during the interview, a distraction made worse by the blown-up and handsomely framed pictures of Deidre's body hanging on the walls of her office. Janine had particularly enjoyed the artistic treatment of the mature woman's vulva behind her desk. It had shown her generous, sun-bronzed, pillowy mons to perfection, denuded of hair, two crescents of her outer lips framing a delicate brown butterfly formed by her long, spread labia, lightly ruffled, moist and between them a wet, pink orifice, slightly gaping in the picture, that led to earthly delights for men, the secrets of womanhood, and the hormone-spilling female glands and organs inside that made it all possible. Deidre's erect and oversized clitoris could be seen asserting itself from beneath a retracted hood, so riveting the attention of the viewer that the tiny and barely visible peehole was overlooked in the public representation of her anatomy, as important as it was. It was a beautiful cunt.

What athletes were to muscles, Deidre was to sex organs. But now Janine had to stop fantasizing about the older woman's incredible body. She had to get her story to the magazine now.

Janine had gone down to the library and printed out the draft of her story from the Dec word processor. She watched the dot matrix printer as the letters took shape on the scrolling paper. They had the most modern equipment here at Iznoma Hedonia! It was set up to be business-friendly for the benefit of the many porn producers and directors who came to Iznoma Hedonia, attracted not only by the sex resort's reputation but by the chance to meet the latest performers and, hopefully, screw them, or to cast them in their latest production, or both, or both at the same time. Here in the resort library they had lots of research material and a workstation all ready, in case they got sudden inspiration for the perfect porn movie script. Now Janine was using this same state-of-the-art office for her masterpiece!

The dot-matrix typing was a little light, so she copied the pages on a copier set to a darker image, clipped them with a paperclip, and set off for the resort office. Within half an hour after feeding the first page into the machine, her story was being transmitted by fax to New York, to the offices of Against Moss, the magazine of her generation. Wasn't technology wonderful!

Now all she had to do was wait for the praise! She was free of her obligation to report on Iznoma Hedonia! Now, she could have fun without obligation!

Tonight there would be the weekly talent show for guests to show off. Janine was looking forward to that -- many of the top strippers in the business tried out their new acts here before they debut them on the circuit. One of the biggest, by the name of Charlene, was rumored to be in camp and likely to participate in the talent show. Many other top adult performers demonstrated their specialties onstage but others showed that they could sing, dance, and act for real. It was going to be great. But how would she spend the afternoon? What sexual adventures did she crave now that she had finished the research for her story?

That was the problem with Iznoma Hedonia -- too many choices! Should she go for novelty and sample the delights broadly, or for epicurean delights and intensity and go for depth? Janine decided that that since her first experience with anal sex on Tuesday afternoon had been positive and her butt was not sore yet, so maybe she would explore her backdoor sensations a little more. She was sure that there were different ways to be sodomized and she had only experienced one. Besides, who knows. Another session with a woman like Deidre might not be confined to a single hole. She should be prepared for the next time. But then she thought to herself, well, anal was a lot better than I thought it might be but I don't really like it any more than fucking or oral. Besides, the next time someone takes me in the butt it'll stretch on its own and I don't really like the idea of loosening it up. So, let's take a pass on anal.

Then she thought that she might like an orgy scene -- it had been fun yesterday morning with that mellow group. And since then she had had her pussy shaved, so the experience would be different, so this was an interesting possibility. By now she had discovered the "erotic interest group" bulletin board. Guests posted announcements for planned sexual adventures. Janine went over to the board and looked under "open house orgy". Open house orgies were group fucks in which anyone could join in at any time. "Party orgies" had limits on the number participating and used sign-up sheets. There were none going on right then and the last party orgy started an hour ago, too late.

She thought for a while, standing in from of the bulletin board, nude, when a good-looking couple walked by carrying towels, water drops still glistening on their skin. That's what I'll do, thought Janine. I'll go for a swim. A little physical activity will do me good -- the only exercise I've had here for days has been fucking and cumming.

The swimming pool was on the south side where the lawn ended. It was sort of T-shaped, which is unusual for a swimming pool, and had a lot of shallow nooks and coves in the crossbar of the T. That is because the upper part was designed for play, not for serious swimmers. The pool may not have been an Olympic practice pool but the long part was plenty deep enough for naked dives -- beautiful to watch! -- and had lanes painted on the bottom for swimmers who wanted to do laps. There were only about three dozen people there at the time, since there was a popular cooking demonstration going on at La Diva and a tantra yoga workshop was about to start indoors.

Janine got a towel from the attendant, staked her claim to a poolside chair by throwing the towel on it, and walked down the steps into the shallow end, at the very top of the T. The water was warm and very comfortable. She moved into the deep part and swam a few laps. It felt good to use her muscles beyond rocking her pelvis back and forth. She floated for a while on her back with her eyes closed. The sun felt good on the front of her naked body. Although there were about a dozen people in the pool, and another two dozen around it, she wasn't worried about bumping into anyone. Her fine boobs kept her upper body floating easily. She could almost fall asleep, now that she was so relaxed after finishing her story.

When she opened her eyes, she saw that she was floating into the left side of the crossbar, where there were little coves around the sides, and she noticed a naked young man with dark glasses and a large erection sitting on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water. He was muscular and very hairy, Janine thought that he looked like a weightlifter. He was staring at her very nice breasts. Janine had C-cup boobs, which were large for her body size, and they were very distinctive -- her areolas were huge and dark pink around the thick, suckable nipples.

"Hello!" Janine said. "I'm Janine!" Janine was getting used to men staring at her tits and after years of being offended by tit-centered male attention she was learning to like it. In fact, she had started staring at dicks and his was long.

"You're also gorgeous!" the man said, and his penis twitched visibly. "I'm Randy!"

"So I see! Your name could be Harry, too" she said brightly. "Do you always salute the girls like that?" She was still floating -- her breasts kept her small body very buoyant in the water.

"Only the ones I'd like to fuck!" he replied, cleverly.

"O-oh," she drew out the vowel, "so forward!" She let her legs drift apart, enjoying the feel of the water on her bare pussy lips. "And why would a girl you like want to do something like that with a guy like you?"

The young man thought for a moment, and said "Because I have a big, hard dick and right now your cunt is empty. You look like the kind of girl that wants hers filled."

"And why do you say that?" Janine was getting turned on.

"Lots of reasons. You keep your pubic hair beautifully trimmed. That means you like to show it. Second, your clit is sticking up, like it wants attention. Your nipples are stiff and it's not cold out -- you are obviously horny. They look really suckable, by the way. Finally, I saw you screwing in that orgy yesterday morning and you showed real appetite for it and real talent." Janine wondered after he said that if he was an agent for porn actors. "The buzz was that it was your first time for anal!" Buzz? Janine had no idea that people were talking about her like that.

Janine was now standing in the shallow part now, water up to her nipples. She had immediately righted herself after he pointed out that her delectable little pearl had poked its head out from under her clit hood to signal its arousal to the world. She was still getting used to her freshly-shaved crotch and how its signs of arousal were no longer so easily concealed. Even standing in the water didn't hide her crotch completely and she now realized that without her pubic hair she couldn't hide her reaction to men! Standing in the pool at least made it harder to see embarrassing details like an erect clit. Such an obvious display of arousal made it hard to play hard to get.

"Well," Janine said defensively, "everyone's got to have a first time." Her buoyant breasts were lifted up by the water and were floating in front of her, making her look bigger than she was.

"Hey! I'm not giving you a hard time -- well, in another way I'd love to give you a hard time, but anyway I think it's sweet that at your age you were still an anal virgin!"

At my age!! Janine thought to herself! What the fuck! Does the whole world have anal sex before they turn 26? But she didn't say anything about it. He seemed to be fixating on her butt, she thought. Maybe she was going to get buttfucked today after all.

"Well, you have a really nice ass and you should be proud. Hey," the man continued. "You look thirsty. Can I get you a drink?" She kind of nodded, like she was going to think about it. Without waiting for a definite answer he dashed off toward the bar, dick bobbing up and down as he ran.

Janine knew he wanted to ply her with liquor and get her drunk so he could have his way with her ass. That seemed just fine to her, a perfectly reasonable way to conclude the afternoon swim session. She was in the mood for one of the special resort drinks, not just the usual rum punch, and she called after him to get her an Iznomia Hedonia "cream pie", that yummy confection she had first had in the penthouse with Deidre last night but by the time she got it out he was already out of hearing range. She settled into one of the little semi-circular coves built into the walls of swimming pool. They had little built in seats big enough for four people who didn't mind their legs touching.

A small group of guests, all women, all naked, and all in possession of their pubic hair, had drifted into the shallow end and two of them recognized Janine from the costume party the night before. Janine's outrageous costume -- the sex organs on her front were painted in such colorful anatomical detail they looked real -- had attracted a lot of attention then. The tallest woman in the group was a heavy-set, zaftig woman with a pretty face and enormous boobs who stood about a foot above Janine's height. The shortest one was in the water up to her neck and her breasts were bobbing and floating around like buoys in the ocean. Janine didn't recognize the women out of costume, although she thought the tall one might have been the one at the party with the "bass fiddle" costume (belly painted with f-shaped figures to look like a musical instrument, with vertical strings going up her neck and black pegs sticking out of her ears, breasts painted to look like hands moving toward the strings to play them) but one of them she recalled very well from the special burlesque revival show on Tuesday night. She had been in the audience, wearing the butt plug. They all started chatting about the costume party -- the women were all old friends but they quickly made Janine feel very much at home in their company.

As the girls were talking, they heard a loud splash -- a guy had jumped into the pool doing a cannonball, splashing water all over! When he surfaced he swam over to them.

"Hey there!" the diver said, as he surfaced. He was blonde, built like a football player, and hunky in the extreme. Janine didn't need the water to make her wet anymore. The man was well aware that he was intruding on a ladies' conversation but that happened all the time at Iznoma Hedonia. Men picked women they liked out of a group all the time and the reverse happened almost as often. This particular group of women didn't mind him crashing the little group because he had a penis and at some time in the next half hour or so at least one of them would probably want one. The women couldn't see the length of his penis clearly in the water but they could tell that he was hung! And whether it was a trick of the water or for real, Football Guy's balls looked huge!

The male intruder was trying to be polite and made a joke about coming over to protect them from the sea monsters, followed by small talk about the talent show that would be the evening's entertainment, which was always an icebreaker. Since Iznoma Hedonia attracted a lot of Deidre's friends and business associates from the sex industry, the talent show was usually a highlight of the vacation. Professional strippers and famous pornstars often used it to break in new acts, new costumes, and new tricks. One of the new sensations was something called "pole dancing", which was taking off in a big way in 1985. All of them wanted to try it out and Janine thought it might be fun to rub her crotch against the pole in public, never mind the dancing.

As they talked, Janine became aware that the hunk was edging between her and the other women. As they talked, he was slyly positioning himself so that he was cutting her out of the pack. So that was the game, she thought! She was the real object of attention!

After a few minutes, the other women decided to move on, especially now that it was clear that Football Guy was focused on Janine and had no interest in the tall girl, who was a better match physically. They left Janine alone with him. As soon as they were gone, he started to back her into the little cove and against the wall, where he put his hands on her hips and started to whisper that he thought her tits were very hot. Janine knew it was her tits that grabbed everyone's attention right away but she also thought her butt looked nice and wished more men would notice while it was still small and cute. However, just then her butt was under water and facing away from him so she forgave him for not noticing.

"Hey, buddy! Where did you come from?" The first guy had come back, carrying two rum punch drinks. His cock was still erect and Janine wondered if it had gone down and come back up again when he saw her or had been stiff for all that time.

"Who invited you to the party?" snarled Football Guy.

"This drink's for her, dude. I was here first!" Weightlifter guy was getting angry.

"Well, she's with me now, dude!" Football Guy drew the word dude out sarcastically, making fun of Weightlifter Guy.

"Get lost! I saw her first," said Weightlifter Guy. He threw the drinks on the lawn and jumped into the pool. The two big, strong, and testosterone-addled men circled each other in the water. Janine heard them mutter insults to one another and say things like "your dick's too short for her!" and "she needs a guy with balls, not a gorilla". There followed a stream of insults and macho posturing.

Janine was alarmed but also flattered! This was the first conflict she had seen at Iznoma Hedonia and the first time in her life two guys had actually faced off in a fight over her! In the bar scene in New York she had had guys start up but one of them -- usually the smallest -- had always backed down.

"Boys, boys!" she shouted, "stop it! You don't get to decide this! You can't get me to screw one of you by fighting! It's my body and I'll decide who I want to fuck!"

Just then a bright-yellow security patrol golf cart came screeching to a halt (well, a golf cart makes a little screech, maybe not like a patrol car and nowhere near as impressive but still a short screechy-like sound when it stops quickly) by the side of the pool and an older man in the resort uniform with a cloth badge stitched on the arm, wearing a cowboy hat and dark aviator sunglasses, jumped out. He moved fast, even though he was bigger than either of the two guys. He had silver hair and a barrel chest but no beer belly, and just exuded authority. Janine learned later from Marjorie that his name was Cal and he was from Texas -- Deidre's chief of security.

"Knock it off, you two!" he barked. He said something into his walkie-talkie like "got it covered" and continued, "we don't 'low no fighting at Iznoma Hedonia. Especially over pussy. There's lots of pussy here if you want it and you ask for it nice. You don't need to fight and we won't stand for it!"

The two men looked sheepish and backed away from each other. It was true. They were fighting because it was a guy thing -- if they wanted pussy they didn't have to go after the same one, they could get it anywhere in the resort. Once this was pointed out, Janine was starting to feel like nothing special again, like her pussy wasn't worth fighting over after all. Damn, she thought, it had been nice, just for a moment, to have two hunky guys willing to fight to screw her!

Cal, the chief, called all three of them to come out of the pool. Janine swam to the steps and climbed out, her naked body dripping, showing the gathering crowd just what it was the two men had been ready to fight over: pretty face, lovely tits, bubble butt....and a shaved pussy with her clit hanging out, but her brown hair was wet and stringy on her shoulders. Weightlifter Guy's hair was matted down all over his body -- he looked like a broad-shouldered swamp creature with a long dick and swinging, egg-sized balls. Of the three of them, Football Guy looked best wet -- his curly hair was in place and his huge genitals -- big dick and balls the size of peaches -- were on display now for everyone's enjoyment. There were about forty people standing around by then, watching the action, including the women from the pool.

Cal was carrying on with his lecture to the two miscreants. "Now I don't deny that this pretty young lady has fantastic tits and a primo-looking pussy but there is no way we are going to condone fighting at Iznoma Hedonia. Besides -- it's her choice, not yours who she lets suck on those great boobs and get into that little cunt. I'll bet it's tight!!" Janine felt better now, knowing that her charms were appreciated.

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