tagBDSMDelayed Reaction

Delayed Reaction


Picture the scene. Son is at work - 10 until 3pm Daughter is at audition 10 until 4pm

we have the house to ourselves ...

We are downstairs, Master is reading the posts on the computer, and I am sitting by his side. After a while he starts to tease me. I am getting really ready for some play. He tells me that he wants me naked - I strip as quickly as possible. He plays a little more. He says that I should go up to bed.

I walk as calmly as I am able to, quickly put my wrist and ankle cuffs on and wait, play collar in hand, for him to join me. The collar is place round my neck and he allows me to undress him. He draws me to my feet and pulls me to him. He begins to spank me and soon I am whimpering in need. He turns me and pushes me down to the bed so I am bent over ... the spanking continues, getting firmer, harder, and more urgent. I can feel my excitement rising … and when he checks my pussy ... he knows just how ready I am ... He reaches for the flogger and lifts it high ......

The phone rings

He beckons to me to answer it, which I do, trying hard to clear my throat. My daughter’s audition is over much earlier than expected and could we collect her please?

I could have sobbed.

Master kept me 'topped up' and on edge for the remainder of the afternoon. I do not wear panties in His presence (if truth be told ... I don't like wearing them at all now) and He had me stand next to him so he could play with me at various times all afternoon and evening.

Ten o'clock was slow in coming round ... when it finally arrived, I asked if I may go to bed ... and it seemed a long wait before He fixed me with his gaze and nodded His consent.

I went and prepared the room. Then I put my ankle and wrist cuffs on. Then I wrote my journal entry for the day. Then I waited ... and waited ... and grew wetter with each tick of the clock

I heard him climb the stairs and got into position to greet Him in the correct manner.

He poked his head around the door and said 'Daughter has just come back, I am running her and her boyfriend back to his house - I will not be long'.

I attempted to sit calmly. Not to wriggle to relieve my need. A few more minutes would not do me any harm ....

I tried to sit still when every fibre of my body was like a taut string - ready to be played.

Finally, He entered the bedroom. I greeted Him and he ran His nails down my back after placing the play collar around my neck.

All I am able to do is whimper softly. I am so ready for play, for whatever He desires ...

I am told to lie on the bed, on my back. He doesn't say another word to me as He fetches the leg spreader and attaches my ankle cuffs to it. I am in such an aroused state that I feel my juices running. He went round the bed to my head and sat me up. He placed the bit gag on me and fastened it tight ... then the blindfold. He took one hand and I felt something being attached to my cuff. I soon found it was a rope as my arm was pulled towards the spreader and tied there. The other arm followed. Gently He pulled me backwards ... my legs rose into the air. I was spread wide open, ready for whatever was to follow.

As he moved back to the other side of the bed I felt my pussy lips part - they were so ripe and I was so longing for some release.

I waited. My need grew. I told myself to breathe - in and out ... deeply.

I jumped! That first touch was like a bolt of lightening shooting through me - he had run his nails up my thigh. A groan escaped my lips, creeping around the gag.

He stopped and I strained my ears to try and get some sound to give me an idea of what may be coming.

A hand on a nipple, pulling and pinching ... a clothespin is applied. The pain shoots down and I feel my clit throb once more. *Whimper* The second nipple is readied. I brace myself and jump as a sharp slap is given to my open pussy. I begin to drip ... The second pin is applied and I begin to float.

I can no longer even sense where He is.

I feel something pressing against my anal opening ... a plug is inserted, followed quickly by His fingers in my vagina ... I am so, so close to losing it.

The fingers withdraw and I am whimpering out of control.

I feel His hand stroking my thighs, pausing now and again to push on the plug. I try not to strain to meet His hand.

A vibrator is inserted and turned on low speed as His thumb caresses my clit.

It is getting harder now to breathe ... harder to think ...

Vibrations increase, pressure increases, clothespins are flicked. I am so close that I cannot even think about what sensations my body is feeling.

I am beyond any sound now ....

Finally - I have no idea how long passed ... He says a single word "Now"; and with that he turns up the vibe to full power and really pushes on my clit. The orgasm is so powerful that I am lifted off the bed. A sound like an animal escapes me. I lay there feeling the intense heat wash over my body. Every fibre of my being seems to be singing.

He releases my bindings and arranges my limbs to His satisfaction ... I have lost the power to move by myself. He draws my body into his and gently strokes me until I am back down to earth.

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