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I wandered slowly across Broadway to Pioneer Square. There were the usual homeless children dressed to resemble their idol, Marilyn Manson. Their hair dyed red and blue and green. The black leather they wore screamed out desolation and hate. Hate because deep in the back of their minds they knew me. One girl with red hair wearing a knee length skirt, flared with an obscene petty coat, and Levi jacket over a black sweater stared at me as if almost comprehending. I could feel the hate emulating from her. But that was not all. There was something else too. A feeling of knowing respect. Maybe this one was ready to take her place as a player in the game. But did I need a student? Not now, I thought. She will be here tomorrow and the day after. I will chose my time with her.

I looked at the sky and could see the red growing to the east. It was getting late so I turned toward the park and began slowly walking. That feeling of anticipation began to grow at the pit of my stomach. Somehow I knew he was already there, waiting impatiently. But who he was I did not know yet. I quickened my steps until I neared the corner of 7th avenue then slowed to a casual stroll. I must find my place before the sun fell behind the west hills. I found the bench near the fountain the City received as a gift from some WOP years ago.

So there I was sitting on this park bench soaking up the last of the late afternoon sun filtering though the oak canopy when this fantastic guy walked by. I knew instantly he was the one I was waiting for. He slowed for a moment and I felt his eyes moving up my long, tan legs. They moved up all the way to where my short skirt barely hides my thong covered pussy. My hand went to my ample breast, my fingers dipped lightly into the opening at the neck of my blouse slowly moving downward towards my rosy left nipple. He smiled broadly, then turned to resume his journey. I beamed my naughtiest thoughts in his direction and saw him turn and look over his shoulder, a smile curling the corner of his mouth again. I knew I had him.

He turned back and moving in front of me said, "Have we met before?" Of course we had not, but I had to play the game. After all, this man held a treasure that I needed. I replied, "Maybe. Do you come to the park often? And how could I have missed a delicious guy like you?" With that, I stood and faced him, my ample breasts nearly touching his shirt, knowing what he would say next.

"Well, yes. But have we spoken before? It's as if I know you from somewhere."

"Maybe you do. Or maybe you've been waiting to know me," I said in a level tone. "I'm Jenny." I stuck out my hand as if to shake.

"Oh, I'm Robert. Glad to meet you. Are you waiting for someone?" He took my hand. I held it, allowing the vibrations of my soul transmit into him.

Ah, the game. "Shall we?" I said with my cutest smile as I lead him across 7th avenue towards the Starbucks on the corner of Pioneer Square, still holding his hand. I knew it was getting late. The sun was already down behind the west hills, but the game had to be played.

Standing outside Starbucks, Capachino in hand we talked about nothing, sometimes laughed at nothing for over an hour. Finally Robert looked serious and said, "There is a fantastic movie playing at the Music Box. Would you like to come with me?"

Taking him by the hand, I lead him up Broadway to the theater. He paid for two tickets. Inside I lead him to the seats in the rear. We sat. We chatted. Then the lights went down. As the film began my hand slid from Robert's leg to his crotch. I could feel his cock begin to grow as he leaned over to kiss my neck. I unzipped his Levis exposing his penis. I took it in my hands and began to stroke as it continued to grow.

Robert's fingers fumbled with the buttons of my blouse. He gasped as he discovered I was braless and his hands met the warm skin of my tits and rock hard nipples. He slid off his seat to his knees as I raised my skirt. My thong came away at his first touch. Then his tongue was exploring me. His fingers spreading me wide. His tongue found my clit and circled it, playing. My breath coming is gasps as he drove his face into my throbbing pussy.

As if unexpected, I could feel the heat beginning in the pit of my stomach moving outward to engulf me. I covered my mouth to stifle a scream as my whole body began to spasm. My legs locked around Robert's neck. My back arched to drive his tongue deeper into me as wave after wave of orgasm overwhelmed me until I was finally spent. I leaned back in my seat, panting, sweat running down between my breasts. The entire theater spinning around me. Then it was over and Robert was back in the seat next to me, pushing my head down into his lap. This was what I had waited for. This is the thing I needed to survive, the one thing I lived for.

I took his big cock in my hand and began to stroke it again, feeling it becoming harder than it had ever been. My tongue licked out at the head. I could taste the first few drops of pre-cum. I knew it was time. Moving slightly over his cock I lowered my mouth over his shaft, engulfing it in my mouth. His cock slid all the way into my throat and he moaned, eyes closed, mouth open. My pussy began to throb in anticipation. This was my time.

I sunk my teeth into his cock snipping it off at the root. I spit his cock out then dove back down to lap the blood that spewed from the wound. Robert tried to scream but there was no sound. He body became first rigid with the pain and shock then he slid into unconsciousness.

I lapped all the blood I could then began sucking furiously on the stump. Robert's blood filled my mouth again and again. Each pump of his dying heart pumped the blood that ran down my throat. I could feel the power of it, invigorating me, renewing my life with the death blood of another.

When it was done I wiped my mouth on his shirt and rose, walking quickly I left the theater and strode into the night, my heart pumping, my body satisfied for now. I felt so wonderful, so alive. Like I said he was delicious.

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