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Delicious Torture


There I sat naked, at His feet, as He worked at His desk. My head was in His lap, as He softly caressed my hair while reading something on His computer. The feeling of His hands in my hair was always enough to whisk me away to dreamland, as I always felt so safe and secure in His care. There is nowhere I would rather be than with Him...feeling His touch...hearing His voice.

After almost falling asleep from His gentle ministrations, I was quickly stunned by a firm yank of His hand pulling my face upwards to look deeply into His eyes. His eyes were aflame with need and desire and I knew what He had in mind.

He immediately released my hair, swiveled His chair to face me and roughly grabbed my shoulders pulling my body into His crotch with my breasts resting against His throbbing erection. Looking at the increasing bulge in His trousers made me smile to myself as I noticed my juices beginning to accumulate. I was so embarrassed by my wanton display that I could not help but blush and look downward. Noticing my scent in the air, He snickered, grabbed my face in His hands and forced me to look upwards as He devoured my mouth with His. Our tongues began dueling each other in one of the most mind numbing kisses ever. My head was spinning...my heart was racing...and my breathing ragged. After biting my bottom lip, forcing a yelp from me, He slowly let His mouth slip from mine creating a sense of emptiness within me.

I moved backwards upon my knees and looked upward at Him, wanting His instructions...needing to follow His orders on what He wanted, as I knew better than to ask outright. When our eyes met, He shifted His gaze downwards, and my eyes followed, to His groin. I knew what I was to do, all without a word being said.

I leaned forward into His spread legs and undid His belt. As soon as He stood up to assist me, I reached my fingers into His waistband and pulled both His trousers and briefs off together. I watched His pulsing cock spring to attention in front of me as He stepped out of His clothes.

Admiring His manhood, I caressed it with my soft fingertips while He stood naked in front of me. He stepped closer, took himself in his own hands and began caressing my face with his rock hard cock. He slid His pre-cum over my cheeks, sighing at the slutty sight in front of Him. He smiled at my pleasing behavior.

He sat down again as I crawled forward in between His spread legs. Getting as close to Him as I possibly could, I wanted His manhood in my mouth so badly. I could feel my juices running down my leg...creating a puddle beneath me.

I toyed with the tip of His cock with my tongue...slowly circling the head...tasting His salty pre-cum. I wanted to get every drop possible. Then, I moved my hands to cup His balls, as I slid my tongue down one side of His shaft only to lick all the way up the other side. I swirled around the head again, wanting to drive Him absolutely crazy with lust.

Not being able to handle my delicious torture anymore, He placed His hands in my hair and forced His entire manhood down my throat. He listened to me moan as my mouth and throat accommodated His entire length and girth. He noticed the gag reflex on my part, as I got used to Him filling me up whole. Taking Him in to the bottom of His shaft, my hands played lightly with His balls. My nose was all the way down in His pubic area, as I deeply inhaled His scent...completely driving me mad with desire.

His grip in my hair lessened a bit. I knew I could then proceed to please Him as only I knew how. I slowly withdrew His cock from my mouth...stopping at the tip...to nibble...to lick...only to go down deep and hard on His cock again. Using the clamping suction of my mouth, elicited an "oh yes pet" from Him. I did all this while still fondling His balls again and inhaling His musky scent that I crave so deeply.

After about three times of this intense pleasure, His hands harshly grabbed my hair. He forced me to start bobbing up and down faster on His erection. He began fucking my face. His breathing increased as did His sighs of pleasure. While taking Him in and out of my mouth faster and faster, with one hand still caressing His balls, my other hand snuck down to His asshole. I knew that He likes me to play with that when He mindlessly fucks my mouth...or, better yet, "his mouth".

I noticed He shifted in His seat to give me better access to His ass. I was pleased with myself for knowing what He likes and being proactive in giving Him pleasure, as I am pleased when He is. Yet, neither one of us skipped a beat, as He kept fucking my mouth... increasing the pace more and more. Each one of us moaned louder now...He at the feel of my hot mouth on His hard cock...and me at feeling His throbbing meat touch the back of throat trying to get as deep as possible.

As the face fucking continued, I gently slid my middle finger into His tender ass. I pushed slowly so His hole could take me in at its' own pace. Wanting to increase His intensity, I slid my digit all the way in.

He growled, "Fuck yes, slut. Oh yes, keep your mouth on my cock and your finger in my ass."

Hearing His guttural growls brought me closer to the edge. The erotic sounds I hear from Him alone can make me cum, but only with His approval.

Per instructed, I kept bobbing on His hard-on, increasing my pace as His hands stayed tied up in my long locks. While sucking, I alternated my fingering His ass. As His cock entered my mouth, my finger left His ass, only to do the reverse next. His face fucking and my finger fucking were alternating each other thrust for thrust even as the speed increased.

As I felt the base of His cock touch the back of my throat, I noticed His balls beginning to tighten. He growled, "my good pet" over and over and I knew He was ready to cum. I wondered if He would allow me the honor as well. So, I increased the pace even more to get Him off...back and forth...back and forth...cock in mouth...finger out of ass...cock out of mouth...finger in ass. The pattern continued until I heard Him groan.

"Yes pet...I am cumming. I am going to cum in your mouth and I want you to cum with me."

Hearing those words made me immediately moan as loudly as possible with his tasty meat in my mouth. That was all I needed to hear to get over that edge.

Finally, animalistic sounds came from both of us, as He shoved His cock as deep into my mouth as possible while I shoved my finger into His welcoming ass. Then, no sounds were heard as we were both suspended in that position for the next few seconds...shudders coming over both of us now and again. As He emptied his hot load into the back of my throat, I puddled on the floor underneath me.

His delicious penis began to deflate slowly as He slipped it from my moist mouth. As He pulled it out, I licked every delicious drop of cum from it happily like the cumslut that I am. I moved my hands to His thighs and laid my head in His lap as He directed my head down. He inched me closer to Him while rubbing my hair and shoulders lightly.

Looking down to see the puddle on the floor, He whispered, "you did very well, my pet...very well."

Lifting my head up slowly, His lips met mine ever so gently as He kissed me deeply and passionately. He stood up, pulled me up next to Him and took me in His arms. He hugged me tightly. This is where I long to be. This is where I belong.

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