tagIncest/TabooDeliciously Sinful

Deliciously Sinful


Aria had been thinking a lot about sin, specifically the kind that had to do with sex; more specifically having sex with her older brother. David was always so self-assured and confident, successful at his business, with the kind of good looks that drew women to him like a magnet. He'd always been there for her, especially after their parents died, and she had to admit she'd had more than one fantasy about him. She wasn't sure when that started, maybe when she'd caught him making out with his girlfriend in high school, seeing the lean strength of his body as he'd stripped his shirt off. The combination of his thick black hair and piercing blue eyes with that boyish grin and sexy body just made her wet in ways no other guys ever did.

After Aria's weekend plans had gone out of control, and she'd been arrested for drunk driving, she had to call him to come and bail her out. Once they were together in his car, she fell apart like an idiot, crying a little and feeling sorry for herself. They hadn't seen each other in awhile, and now here they were, alone in his car, as rain pelted down outside, and she was feeling vulnerable and just a little horny.

"Thanks for rescuing me. I'm just a fuck up," she sighed.

"No, you're not. You're a beautiful, intelligent young woman who makes me a little crazy sometimes," David confessed, touching her cheek. "Are you all right?"

Aria moved a little closer, suddenly feeling something spark between them and wondering if she was imagining things. "I don't know anymore. I've had these feelings that make me crazy...I can't stop thinking about it."

"About what...tell me Aria," he urged.

"You! My god, David," Aria murmured, hiding her face. "Don't you get it?" For a second, he didn't say anything, and she figured she'd said too much. "Forget it, I told you I'm a fuck up."

"No, I get it, Aria," David said quietly. "I know exactly what you're talking about. You want to know what it's like to fuck me, and I want you so damn bad too. Why don't we just give in and enjoy it? It's wrong but what does it matter, we're consenting adults, and who does it hurt?"

This time she did look at him, tears on her cheeks. "We can't fight it,I want you too. I keep thinking dirty things about you and I want to have your cock in me - fuck me, David, right here..."

Rain shrouded the car, as they moved awkwardly into the back seat. His hands on her skin sent an erotic jolt to her core, and she moaned against his mouth. He slid her loose sweatpants away from her hips, and nearly came at the sight of her naked body. Her eyes, so like his, shone with arousal and she grasped his cock as he undid his jeans. "This is so wrong, and yet so damn good..." she breathed, leaning over him to stroke her tongue over him. He grabbed her hair and held her in place, so that she had to suck him in completely.

"That's it, little sister, you do know how to please me..." he rasped, as the illicit thrill of what they were doing consumed him. His fingers clenched her head tightly, and he almost lost control as she licked him up and down, stroking his balls. He nearly lost his mind, as her mouth continued to take him deeper, taking him to the edge of his climax. "Damnit, Aria! I can't wait, need to be inside you..."

"Oh yeah, I want you to fuck me hard," she panted, letting him go, licking her lips in pleasure. She pulled away the sweatshirt, and her breasts were suddenly bare for him to grab. He squeezed hard, so that she whimpered, his thumbs over her nipples. These were the breasts he'd been lusting after since he'd spied on her sunbathing topless a few summers ago. His cock felt harder than ever, as he touched her, wanting to do so many things to her that he'd been denying himself. That she was his sister merely added to the perverse pleasure.

"I want to hurt you, make you scream for more." All of the pent up emotions and desire made him a little off the edge, and all he wanted was her pain and pleasure mixed up in one.

"Yes, just do it..." she begged, nearly incoherent with lust. "I've watched you with your girlfriends, you know, it made me so jealous."

"Did it, now, baby girl?" he murmured, lifting her over his cock. "So here,this is all for you now, Aria, you want this just as much as I do, right? You want me inside of you...there's no going back after this."

Without a word, she sank onto him and they stared at each other as the reality set it. They were really doing this, he was deep inside of her, his hands racing everywhere on her body. "God, David,you feel so damn big and hard!" She squirmed like a little virgin, and it was almost as if this was her first time; a little decadent, a little naughty,and a whole lot of amazing. This was losing her incestual virginity. "My brother, I'm fucking my big brother...oh god yes!"

"I want to come inside of you...tell me I can..." he panted, rocking his hips up harder and faster. Everything else ceased to exist, it was a mindless blur of kissing and groping and biting as they tried to tease each other into climax. "I want my cum inside of you, Aria."

"Yes, don't worry, I'm on the pill. I'm good, just do it, please baby..." she managed to say, inbetween kissing his mouth and biting his lip. "Just do it!!"

Her body squeezed around him, and he grunted as he came, hot and deep just as his tongue thrust into her mouth. She hit her own peak, shaking and moaning, too thrilled with the sensation of him throbbing inside of her to do anything else. He grasped her head and looked into her eyes. "Aria,I like to know that I've been inside of you, that my cum filled you up. Whenever I look at you from now on, I'll remember you like this, all naked and hot, full of my cock."

"This isn't just a one time fuck, David..." she warned him. "Now that you've taken my sisterly virtue, I'm not gonna go back to the way it was."

"Oh far from it, little sister, I intend to have you as often as possible, and you will do whatever I want. Is that clear?" He swatted her bare ass to emphasize his words and she flinched at the sudden pain.

"So very clear," she agreed breathlessly.

"Even if I want to tie you up, or spank you, or watch you fuck another woman, we're in this together, Aria," he said roughly, his thoughts filled with those erotic images and his cock stirred inside of her again.

"Anything you say, David. I'm willing and ready for you." She grinned knowingly as his hips shifted against her. "Just like you're ready for me." He might hold some power over her but she knew how much he wanted her as well. She cupped her breasts and played with the nipples, holding them close to his lips. "I like having your cum in me, and on me, in my mouth and my ass. I like knowing you want to fuck me, I love your cock, David."

"I think we better find a better place to do this," he said quietly. "I have so many things I want from you, we can indulge in whatever we want from now on. You belong to me, this is our dirty secret."

"Dirtier the better," she agreed, licking her lips in anticipation.


"Get on the bed," David commanded, once they were in his hotel room. "On your knees, baby girl."

"Yes Master..." she said, half teasingly, but he nodded in approval.

"That's right, you're my love slave now." He crawled up behind her, and spread her legs roughly. "Good, your pussy is drenched already, and my cum is still leaking out of you. I'm going to fill you so full you won't be able to move," he warned her. First he spanked her, watching her squirm, and beg for him to fuck her. "Shit, I never thought I'd see you like this, Aria."

"Never thought it would happen either," she sighed happily. "I'm all wet for you, David...does that turn you on?"

"More than ever." The sight of her submissive pose nearly did him in. He had his share of women, of playing dominant games with both sexes, but Aria had unleashed a torrent of lust that couldn't be denied. "Don't move." He spanked her again, relishing the sound of the slap against her skin, and the sight of the pink tinge as he kept up the discipline. "Good girl, how does that feel?"

"Ah god, good..." she muttered, her breasts rubbing against the sheets, her ass on fire and her pussy clenching in anticipation. "I'll behave, do whatever you want, David."

"Yes you will, Aria," he grinned, shoving his cock into her without warning and spanking her at the same time. Deeper and faster, until they were both shaking and swearing, and he came in deep shuddering waves. "Damn you feel good, little sister. I should have done this years ago."

He let her go, and flipped her over. "Now you're really full of my cum, and next time I'm fucking your tits and cumming all over your face." Then he leaned down and kissed her, tongue deep and dirty. Aria wrapped her arms around him, nearly crying at good it felt. The kiss was dark and twisted, just like they were, and she wanted more.

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