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I guess in some ways I'm a typical married guy in one respect. The statistics that I choose to believe (there are others that I don't) say that about sixty percent of married American men cheat on their wives at least once during their marriage. I had my episode about the time of the "seven year itch," and I luckily escaped without too much damage. I came clean with my wife, cut off contact with the comely young woman that I was screwing, and did the best I could to make it up to my wife. That was ten years ago when our two kids were little.

I really didn't have a good reason to cheat. Some guys justify it by saying that their wife is no longer attractive, she isn't interested in sex, or the generic "she doesn't understand me." My wife, Carolyn, at that time as well as now even at age forty two was and is hot. She's 5'9", 135 pounds, firm ass and tits, near-gorgeous face, long auburn hair, and sultry look. She also has a high libido so that even after seventeen years of marriage we have sex about twice a week, more on vacation. She understands me very well -- almost too well, which is how she was able to suspect my affair since my behavior changed, including giving her "just because" bouquets of flowers.

It was especially shitty that I had an affair because I have a double standard. I would get insanely jealous if Carolyn ever even flirted with another guy and likely would beat the shit out of any guy she had an affair with, which is a legitimate option that I would likely have since I'm 6'6", 245 pounds, was a defensive end and wrestler in High School, worked as a bouncer in college, and still work out four days a week. Of course Carolyn justifiably threw my double standard and jealousy back in my face -- as she had a right to -- when she found out about the affair.

While Carolyn forgave me, she didn't trust me for quite a while, and I can't blame her. She forgave me because she knows that I do love her and didn't love the bimbo I was fucking, we had little kids, she loves me, and I did everything I could to make it up to her.

I only have two complaints, which I should be able to live with considering how awesome Carolyn is. She doesn't like to give blow jobs, and won't do anal. One of the few times she was drunk, about two years ago, I tried anal on her and it didn't go well when she screamed at the first penetration and ran and locked herself in the bathroom. I ended up having to eat her pussy without getting fucked five straight times after that as penance. The pussy eating obviously was fun, especially when she had two or three orgasms each time. Not getting fucked afterward was the tough part, but considering my history and that I was really being a smuck in trying to fuck her ass while she was drunk, I grinned and bore it.

Reading some men's magazine a few months ago I inadvertently came across an article about a website for married cheaters. I went on the website and looked at the profiles of the women on it. Some of the things that they said in their profiles really intrigued me, such as "love to be corn-holed," and "BJ Queen." Somehow my little pea brain let my dick take over when I read some of the profiles and looked at some of the photos so I signed up. It required a credit card to sign up but the name that came on the credit card statement was very nondescript with no phone number, I handled the money in the house especially the credit card bill, and the website promised complete anonymity and would require anyone making an inquiry to first have a password.

I made up my own profile but didn't put down the real place I lived but rather a suburb of Chicago two over from my residence, and next to the suburb I work in. I listed a different eye and hair color and age, and of course didn't post a photo.

Despite the brazenness of many of the married women's profiles it wasn't the simplest thing in the world to hook up. Most were naturally skeptical since there undoubtedly were lots of perverts on the website, and some of the women's profiles didn't ring true.

After two months I had done lots of flirting under my screen name of Upforit but hadn't actually met any of the women. Finally I did meet one for an anonymous lunch but she was skittish and didn't have a very nice ass. Her ass was flat, not round like I wanted for anal, and she wasn't the sexual tiger she represented herself to be on the website.

Shortly after that dud meeting a new woman came on the site within my search criteria. Her screen name was Delilah-lite. That resonated with me because even though I'm not religious my parents were and I was exposed to the Bible in my early years and was intrigued by the story of Samson and Delilah. I was as intrigued by Delilah's complex character as much as by Samson's. At the costume party where I met my wife I was dressed as Samson and my date (who I never saw again after I met Carolyn) as Delilah.

Delilah-lite's profile was intriguing. It had everything I was looking for. Of course lots of things in profiles are puffery or just plain lies, but it sure looked good. I started communicating with Delilah-lite, adding her to a list of four or five others that I was trying to interest.

Things progressed a little better with Delilah-lite than the others, and in one communication I actually talked her into posting some photos on the site with the following exchange over a couple of days:

"So, Upforit, you want photos huh? I can't take the chance that my husband or anyone I know will see them so if I do post it will only be for fifteen minutes, and no face."

"I understand DL" (short for Delilah-lite). "Just tell me a time that they will be up and I'll be sure to be online then."

"You'll need to post photos too, Upforit."

"Can't risk my wife seeing them, DL, so the same conditions as your posting."

"That's fair Upforit. How about tomorrow between 4 and 4:15?"

"Great, I'll look for yours then and you look for mine."

At the appropriate time I posted two photos of me shirtless, one from the back, and the other from the side with my face turned away and lifting a dumbbell. I am a dumb jock at heart, after all. DL posted a photo from the back and side also, wearing tight jeans -- something my wife never does despite her fine ass -- and a halter top. She had long blond hair, although I thought that it may have been died.

Delilah-lite didn't just post those two photos though. She also posted one of just her tits, and another of her bare ass. What an ass it was, too, as nice as any I'd ever seen, including my wife's! I salivated.

I took my photos down after fifteen minutes and so did she. I messaged her on the website right afterward.

"Wow -- you look incredibly hot. That ass was built for fucking and those tits for sucking! I don't suppose you could post again for a while longer?"

There was no way to capture images posted on the website and I wanted to inspect that ass some more.

Her reply came back quickly. "Sorry, I won't be posting photos again. I got fifty hits in the time that it was up from guys of all ages, including single guys even though my profile says 'Married guys only!'"

I could see her point so I had to just go by my memory from those fifteen minutes, half of which I couldn't enjoy since I was interrupted at work.

That night I was so horny that you would have thought that I hadn't gotten laid in six months. Envisioning Delilah-lite's tits and ass I enticed Carolyn to bed early. I ate her to two orgasms, fucked her to a massive orgasm with her on my lap facing me and her sculptured thighs around my torso while I sucked a tit, ate her again (I never had done that before after I fucked her -- the thought of licking up cum makes me shiver) to yet another orgasm, and then fucked her again doggy. The last time that we fucked twice in the same night was on a vacation two years ago.

I was in a good mood for two days after my mega-fuck session with Carolyn. However things with DL were not proceeding quickly and the other women that I was soliciting dropped out of the game. I got the feeling that someone 6'6" and 245 pounds was intimidating to a lot of women for several reasons, including making some think that I had enormous cock that wouldn't fit into their pucker hole, even though my cock is only slightly longer and thicker than what I have been told is the average for an American male. So I changed my profile to 6'2", 215 pounds.

Delilah-lite recognized the change in my profile the day after I did it. Her messages over the next two days were stern.

"Hey, Upforit, what's with the change in profile? That doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in me to meet you."

"Hey, sorry, DL. While you're my #1 Internet desire since our relationship hasn't moved to the 'meet' stage and since the height and weight I had previously posted seemed to be turning eligible women off, I changed it."

"Look, dipshit, if you want to meet me you need to be honest. If you don't give me the correct information on height, weight, hair color, eye color, facial hair, age, and glasses if we meet and anything is off I'll leave immediately and you'll never be getting a BJ from me, let alone sticking your cock in my asshole."

I got religion after that and gave her my complete accurate information immediately as well as being as solicitous as I could be. That seemed to change her attitude. Within a week, on a Monday, I had gotten an ideal message.

"Hey Upforit. I want to see if you'll put your dick where your mouth is (lol) -- actually where my mouth is (lol again). Let's meet at J&B Bar and Grill in Bannockburn on Thursday at 2:00 p.m. I'll make sure that my husband will not be clued in to what I'll be doing there. I'll be at the bar. In case you don't already know I'm 5'10" with blond hair and I'll be wearing the jeans and top from the photos I posted. If all the info you've given me is correct and we hit it off after a couple of beers we can proceed to the Holiday Inn down the street. Let there be no misunderstanding. If we go there I will be sucking your cock and you will be fucking my ass. Understood?"

My response was short and sweet. "Understood! Can't Wait!"

I fucked Carolyn's brains out that night, to the point where afterwards she asked "What's gotten into you, horndog?"

"You just turn me on," was my response while stroking her face and left boob, "can't I just be turned on by my lovely wife?"

I tried to act as normally as possible on Tuesday and Wednesday but I noticed Carolyn giving me side glances on occasion, like she thought that something may be up. "Shit," I said to myself, "does she have affair-radar or something." She never said anything, though, and on Wednesday after dinner I thought I gave a classic "normalcy" performance, including cuddling her as we watched TV.

I had everything at work set up to cover my trip to J&B. I had the perfect cover story for all of the people who worked for me, complete with "inadvertently" leaving my cell phone in the office, and even the name and number of a friend who Carolyn didn't know posing as the client that I was supposedly visiting.

I excitedly arrived at J&B about 1:55. I saw a sexy tall blond woman at the bar with her back toward me, with a killer ass that filled out her jeans perfectly. I was salivating at the thought of fucking that ass and cautioned myself "Play it cool, don't blow it," as I walked toward the bar.

Delilah-lite was looking straight ahead, away from me, as I approached. There was another woman at her elbow to the right, and she turned toward that woman just as I approached from the left. I gently tapped her on her left shoulder as I asked "Are you Delilah....," but the "lite" never got out of my mouth as she turned to face me.

I'm sure the color drained from my face, and I got weak-kneed, as Carolyn stared at me with a diabolical smile on her face. "Yes, I'm Delilah-lite. You must be Upforit," she sarcastically replied. "I'm sorry, I have some bad news for you. I double booked and will be leaving with HorseCock instead of you."

I'm sure some sounds came out of my mouth, but I certainly don't know what they were.

Carolyn took off her blond wig and handed it to me. "I feel bad, so let me give you this as a souvenir."

I looked at the wig in my hand while starting to choke up.

"Look what I've got here," she said pulling a tube out of her pocket. "KY lubricating gel. HorseCock says that if we use this gel even his long thick dick will fit nicely in my pucker hole."

With that she walked away from the bar. Anger and jealousy started to well up within me and I yelled "Hell no!"

Carolyn was about five feet away from me when I blurted that out. She turned on a dime with fire in her eyes and went nose-to-nose with me. "HorseCock is a detective who carries a gun and I've already told him to be prepared to deal with my abusive husband. Use your brain instead of your dick for once and don't make him have to arrest you. Plus you should be happy that my asshole is going to get penetrated, that's always what you wanted, isn't it?"

"But I never abused you...." I stammered.

"Not physically, just with your cock's interest in other women. But HorseCock doesn't know that, and he hates nothing more than guys who beat their wives. See this bruise on my neck that he thinks is from you?" she continued, moving her hair away to show something that looked like a bruise that had to either have been self-inflicted or was just a makeup job.

I stood there stunned as I saw her walk twenty feet away, where she was greeted by a handsome guy in a suit almost my size but a good ten years younger. She gave him a peck on the lips just before they walked out of the bar arm-in-arm.

I wrote this story at home on Friday, not having slept even a second on Thursday night. I kept imagining Carolyn on her hands and knees moaning in pleasure as she grabbed the sheets and a big cock reciprocated in her asshole. There was a note when I got home Thursday that the kids were at Carolyn's Mom's house for a long weekend and that she'd pick them up on Sunday and see me then.

I feel like hell and am full of regret. I don't know what the fuck to do at this juncture except to kick myself for being such a dumb shit! I hope that I can think of something by Sunday night.

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by networkguru08/09/17

Some women

are just not into anal and/or oral. this dude married her, and I'm sure he knew this already. respect her boundaries and move on. this is no different than those stupid cuckold fantasies some men havemore...

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