tagMind ControlDelilah's Power Ch. 01

Delilah's Power Ch. 01


Natalie moaned as Jeff made love to her. He pushed his cock into her slowly and held it inside her. He moaned softly and Natalie felt that he was cumming. He was silent as a mouse and after he came he whispered into her ear "Did you cum baby?" Natalie nodded.

"Good." Jeff rolled over and pulled Natalie into his chest. He was asleep quickly and Natalie lay there for a few minutes. Her pussy was still wet and she was horny. She had never been able to cum during sex and had just decided it was easier to lie then tell her husband the truth.

Natalie was awake first and stretched out in bed. She had woken up in the middle of the night to put on some panties and as she looked over at her husband, she smiled. She had known Jeff almost fifteen years now and they had been married for ten. She had met him in high school and they had fallen in love immediately. Both sets of parents had discouraged them from dating, but it was no use. Jeff had proposed on graduation day and they had gotten married after their first year of university. Natalie rolled over and began to nibble on Jeff's earlobe. She wanted to bite harder, but knew he wouldn't like that.

"Good morning sweetie." Jeff opened his eyes and looked at his beautiful wife. He truly loved Natalie with all his heart. He moaned softly as she nibbled his ear and he pulled her on top of him. He ran his hands down her back to cup her round butt. He felt her silk panties and grinned.

"I would love to spend all day in bed with you, but we both have to work." Jeff rolled out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. The couple moved around the house on automatic pilot. It was the same routine they had done for the last few years and nothing ever changed. Natalie put on her skirt and blazer. She worked as an advertising assistant at a small firm in the city. She loved her job and was likely to be promoted in the next few years. Jeff and Natalie stood in the foyer at the same time, both ready to leave for work.

"I'd love a quickie before work." Natalie whispered in Jeff's ear as she began to undo his pants. She bit softly on the left side of his neck.

"Don't. I don't need a bite mark when I go to work. We'll make love before bed tonight." Jeff smiled and when Natalie smiled back he assumed everything was fine. Jeff drove Natalie to the subway station and they both made their way to work. Jeff drove the short distance to his office and by the time he had his third cup of coffee and was settled at his desk, he didn't even think that Natalie was upset.

Natalie stomped her feet as she entered the subway. She sat down in an empty seat and closed her eyes. She hated that Jeff was so resistant to change. He had always been like this and it really had never been an issue until lately. She wanted a more adventurous sex life and was slowly getting more and more frustrated.

After work, Natalie called her husband. He only worked half days on Wednesdays so he could work on some online courses. He was an accountant and was upgrading his qualifications.

"Hi sweetie. How was work?" Natalie twirled her engagement ring around her finger as she listened to her husband.

"Work was great Natalie. I have a big assignment to work on so I'll be busy when you get home."

"Hun, I'm going out with Kate and Marianne this afternoon. Remember I mentioned that to you?" Natalie rolled her eyes as she listened. Jeff always had a bad memory.

"Oh you're right. I'm sorry. Have a great time. Love you."

"Love you too."

Natalie hung up the phone and waited for Kate to pick her up. Kate and Marianne were her best friends and they tried to get together on a weekly basis. Marianne had just had twins so they were meeting at her house. Natalie grinned as Kate's red sports car pulled up. Kate had married an older businessman and was able to be a stay at home wife.

"Hi Kate. Nice car."

"Thanks. Greg told me if I sucked his cock every morning before work he'd buy it for me."

Natalie blushed. Her best friends were both very frank when it came to sex. Natalie was a little quieter, but had her fair share of sex stories.

"Glad things are still going well."

They drove to Marianne's house and pulled up to the small bungalow. Kate and Natalie made their way up the front steps and after knocking on the door, they just walked in.

"Hi Marianne. It's Kate and me."

"Come in." Marianne yelled out from the kitchen and they made their way through the cluttered house. Marianne was standing in the kitchen wearing gray yoga pants and a gray t-shirt. Her two babies were fast asleep in swings. Kate and Natalie walked over and kissed the babies on their foreheads before settling in the living room. Marianne had already made tea and the three women settled in the comfy couches.

"So we have about an hour before the babies wake up demanding to be fed. So Kate you go first. How's the old man?"

Kate rolled her eyes. "He is not an old man. He's forty-nine and things are great."

"So what about you Natalie. How's the sex life?" Marianne had always been blunt. After blushing and taking a deep breath, she responded.

"It's fine. He's still a little boring, but that's O.K."

The two best friends looked at each other. They knew that tone of voice.

"Oh come on. You're miserable aren't you?" Marianne was sipping her tea. She knew her best friend too well.

"Yeah I am. What can I do? He won't try anything new. It's always naked sex, at night, with the lights off. He always says it's making love. I can't even use the F word around him."

Natalie took a deep breath and continued.

"I want it rough sometimes. And in different locations. Like the kitchen, or couch. Anything other then the bed. Any suggestions?"

Marianne looked over at Kate and she looked back.

"I know of a woman who can help." Kate was grinning from ear to ear.

"I don't want a threesome Kate. Come on I'm serious."

"And I'm serious as well. There's a woman that lives on the other side of town. She has these powers that can help you out."

Natalie's mind was racing.

"What? What the hell are you talking about?"

The twins were beginning to wake up so as Marianne went to settle them down while Kate continued.

"One of Greg's friends knows her. She had the opposite problem though. Her husband was too wild and adventurous. Supposedly she has complete control in the bedroom and he doesn't suspect a thing."

"Where does she live?"

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