tagMind ControlDelilah's Power Ch. 02

Delilah's Power Ch. 02


Natalie walked down the empty street and tried not to look around. It wasn't the best neighborhood, but this is where the woman's office was located. The buildings were dark and dingy. She walked fast enough to show that she knew where she was going, but at the same time not too fast. She was worried one of the guys sitting on the street would take it as her being scared and use that against her.

Natalie was still wearing her business suit and when she walked by a man sitting on the ground outside a doorway, she cringed. She knew her skirt was above her knee and wished she were wearing pants instead. The camisole was low enough to show off the top of her creamy breasts. She looked down at the piece of paper with the number written on it and was thankful when she was standing outside #101 Birch Street. It looked like a normal home, but was very run down. The front window had a crack that ran across the windowpane and from the inside you could see yellow tape holding the glass in place.

She rang the doorbell and waited. She heard nothing, no movement from the inside. She knocked on the cracked wooden door and heard movement from inside. Natalie thought to herself that based on the disarray of the home, the doorbell probably wasn't working. The door opened and a woman wearing a red and pink outfit answered. Her hair was black and cut short. Her pants were bright red and clung to her rounded legs. The pink shirt was loose and was bunched up on one side of her hip.

"You're Natalie. Come in." It was a statement not a question. Natalie entered and tried to casually look around without gawking. The home was decorated nicely, but had a lingering smell of Italian spaghetti. The woman didn't look Italian, but Natalie thought nothing of it.

"The cost is fifty dollars. Cash only."

Natalie nodded and took the money out of her purse in tens and twenties. She was a little nervous, but smiled when the woman stuffed the money into her bra without even counting it.

"Tell me why you want this power. Don't leave anything out."

"My husband is sweet, romantic, and sensual. I want more, but he's unwilling to change."

"My dear if I'm going to help you, you need to tell me exactly what sort of power you want." The woman was leaning forward and Natalie could see how droopy her breasts were. Natalie took a deep breath and continued.

"I want the sex to be more intense, more rough. I want him to be more aggressive. I really love him, but the sex is getting boring. It's always the same positions. It's always the same time and place. I want more excitement. Is that too much to ask?"

Delilah nodded. "No dear it is not. You are young and pretty. You deserve more. Now, do you remember what I asked when we spoke on the phone? You need a catch phrase. A statement that begins and ends the control. It has to be something that is not said normally by yourself and needs to be ambiguous enough that it blends in to normal conversation."

"Breakfast in bed. Is that O.K.?" Natalie bit her lip and waited for the older woman to respond.

"Yes that is perfect. Let me tell you what you need to do."

Natalie walked out of the decrepit home a little while later very happy and excited. She walked quickly down the street towards the subway station and was thankful when a train was there waiting. When the train passed under Lincoln Street, she sighed. She was back on the right side of town and was relieved when her stop was called. She exited the train and made her way up the cold cement stairs. The smell of moldy food and ladies perfume filled the air and instead of mixing together to cancel each other they combined to create a foul odor. She walked up the street to her home. As she entered, she grinned. She was excited to try out her new power.


Natalie and Jeff were sprawled out in bed. They had just spent the last hour making love and both of them were exhausted. Jeff was snoring softly and Natalie was ready to do her work. She leaned over and began to whisper in his ear. She whispered exactly the words Delilah had told her to say and remembered to say her control word. She whispered it again and heard Jeff mumble in his sleep. She grinned. It was working and she got so excited.

The next morning she woke up and realized Jeff was already awake. He was in the kitchen making breakfast. She slipped on her satin robe and tiptoed into the kitchen. Jeff was dressed in his business suit. Without saying a word Natalie walked the four steps towards her husband and began to nibble his neck.

"Good morning sweetie. We don't have time to make love." Jeff loved how cuddly his wife was, but needed to make sure he wasn't late for work.

"Yes we do. I want breakfast in bed." Natalie said the control word and waited for a reaction. Jeff blinked twice and felt his cock swell. At this exact moment, he needed to fuck his wife.

"Fuck me now." Jeff hissed those words and spun Natalie around. He pushed her down on the counter and ran his hand through her blonde hair. His other hand was fumbling to undo his dress pants.

"Fuck me hard baby. Give it to me." Natalie was so aroused, she could barely think. All she could think of was how wet her pussy was. It was hot and swollen and she could feel her juices dripping down her inner thighs. She felt Jeff pull up her robe and sink his hard throbbing cock deep inside her.

"Fuck you're wet baby. I'm going to fuck you senseless." Jeff was so aroused and he completely forgot the fact that he only had sex in the bedroom. He forgot he was almost fully clothed, fucking his wife in the kitchen. He griped her hips and pulled her back harder against him. Suddenly, he felt her pussy quiver and pulse. He had never felt this before, but knew what was happening. He was making his wife cum and it was so hard he could feel it.

Natalie could barely breath. She was cumming so hard her legs were shaking. She could feel her pussy pulse against his cock and she loved it. She felt his hands tight around her hips and felt him fuck her harder and faster.

"God I love this. Fuck me harder Jeff." Jeff nodded and spun her around. He picked her up and sat her on the counter. His eyes were full of lust as he thrust his cock back inside her pussy. He leaned over and bit into her shoulder. He sucked on her skin while he ran his hands through her hair. He tugged lightly and when his wife moaned, he tugged harder.

"Fuck me!" Natalie was hissing those words as she was fucked senseless.

"Cumming!" Jeff screamed out those words and thrusted himself deep inside her pussy. He was normally quiet during sex, but this time he was loud.

"God that was amazing. Did you cum baby?"

Natalie was smiling so wide. She loved this new power she had and loved that for the first time she could honestly answer yes. Yes she had cum.

"Oh yeah and it was amazing."

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