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My name is Amy, and I have been marred for twenty-one years. Like any marriage we have had our ups and downs, however all in all it's been great.

My husband Berry just had prostate surgery last march and now is unable to perform in the bedroom if you know what I mean, it may be two years before he's back to normal, at forty nine years old this was quite a surprise.

We have one daughter Brandy which is away at college. I home schooled Brandy from the first grade and now with Berry working every day, I find myself feeling more alone than I have ever been in my life.

I am from a large family and due to being the oldest was given a lot of responsibility at an early age.

My Mom and Dad was very strict on me, however I have had a couple boyfriends before Berry but still was a virgin when we were marred.

I was very active playing tennis and was very good, I started playing even back before I started my first monthly cycle.

I was a tall slim girl with blonde hair and soft blue eyes, and if I must say so, a great ass and breasts that stood out.

When I went out on a date, this was the first thing a guy would go for. There was a few boys that tried to get down my paints and finger bang me, I let them play with my breasts, but I just wasn't ready for any cock.

I was brought up thinking sex was dirty, and had a real problem letting myself feel good, without feeling guilty.

Well that was than and this is now, I just turned forty five last December And I have a big day of cleaning the house a head of me. Joy Joy. About this time is when the real story starts.

It was about 1:00 PM and the delivery van pulls up outside, Berry is always getting computer parts so I met the guy at the front door.

He tries to hand me a large package, and then trips on the front step sending the box towards me and I go backwards falling on my back with my legs strait up in the air and with my panties pulled to one side giving him a good shot of my pussy and ass.

I was stuck there for a moment trying to remove the package off of me and get up. This has indeed been an interesting day.

The guy comes in, stands over me and helps me get to my feet. I quickly tie my robe back in place. There is dead silence for a moment, he than asked if I was ok and how sorry he was.

I stated that I was alright, but I'm sure my face was beat red and I felt like hiding my head. He had broken his signing pad in the mishap and was picking up the pieces.

I helped and laid the parts on the table and ask if he would like to set down and try to repair it. He said thank you and started placing the parts back in the holder.

We sit for a little while talking and thinking of what just accrued. I started to laugh out load, and went on to tell him about the type of day I was having and would he like something to drink.

He said that it was his quitting time and a drink would be really hit the spot, I agreed and ask what he would like.

He stated if I had something strong he could use it. I went into berry's computer room knowing he always kept gin in the side of his desk.

Brian watched as Amy walked out of the room, her good looks stood out, and I can't get the picture of her pussy out of my mind, A perfect shape that looked like a rose in full bloom, her blue eyes and full moist lips are a thing of beauty.

My sack grew tight, just from the thought of maybe fucking her.

Amy was at Berry's desk looking for the gin, I hope It's still here she thought, I don't drink much at all, but since he just seen my pussy I could at lease have a drink with him.

I took the gin and grabbed a couple of shot glasses and some cranberry juice on my way back in, I hope this will do, I said.

He grinned and said I think it will. As I poured the shots he told me his name is Brian and that he is twenty two years old and was new to this route. I don't think I will bring up my age.

We put down a few shots and talked some more, He told me about his x-girl friends, his dog, and his truck, just like a guy.

I started feeling a little light headed from the gin and went to the kitchen for some more juice. It was going down real good.

As I turned to go back to the table I seen he was undressing me with his eyes, as I passed I could see a huge bulge in his paints. I then thought well how am I going to get out of this, and do I want to get out of this.

Berry had said if the time came when I needed some cock, as long as I didn't sneak around it won't be cheating, but Berry is the only one I have ever had and I'm just not sure.

We had one more shot and I could see he was inching closer to my side of the table, I could really feel the gin now, and any wall of guilt that I had, was gone.

That last shot has made my pussy go from zero to wet. A lot of things was going threw my head, he's not married, and he looks clean cut.

At that point I felt his hands rubbing my neck, ohhh that feels great I said, his hand slide down my back unhooking my bra.

I felt like a teenager out parking. nice first pass I thought, The neck is one of my erotic zones, It has been so long and I feel my nipples getting hard and I can feel the wetness forming on my panty's.

My breathing is getting heavy. I think I'm about to cum. His hand moves down to my breast, he moves down and takes a nipple in his month, I get a Jolt of pleasure through my clit.

It has grown hard as a rock, so hard that it's pushing into my panties. He slides me around, chair and all facing him. He gets on his knees in front of me and slides my panties off my ass and down too the floor.

My pussy is wet and I can feel a drop run down my leg, he putts his month on my clit and begins sucking hard and rolling his tong across my now swelled nub, I felt like my clit was going to explode.

He takes off my robe and moves me over to the couch, He than drops his paints and pulls his shirt over his head. His cock is full, he rubs it on my nipples and I can see pre-cum drip out his slit.

I reach out and take his cock in my hand and place it in my mouth, I started sucking the head and than he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed his cock to the hilt, all the way to his ball sack, I can take it all the way in, his shift wasn't that long, but it was very thick.

He turned me over face down and spread my legs, I could feel him place the mushroom of his cock right at my ass, I've never had been into anal and I'm not starting now.

I jumped forward and reached my hand back and guided his cock down to my pussy, He got the hint.

He turned me over on my back and placed my legs up to his shoulders and pressed his cock to my opening, spreading my labia.

I then froze, I had forgotten about a condom. I was just about to stop Brian in order to get a condom from the bedroom, when he pushed forward.

My pussy was so wet his mushroom popped right in, a few more strokes, his balls was slapping on my ass.

His thick cock felt great, my pussy was stretched open to the max, he was pumping hard pulling all the way out, then back in.

His thick cock was rubbing everything in my pussy, my clit was poking out touching the base of his cock, he was pumping in and out and I could feel his cock rubbing on the top of my pussy at the same time.

I felt that feeling that I needed to pee, I new I was close to cumming. Brian's thick cock was pumping me to a point that I wasn't sure what was going to happen.

One hell of a good feeling, But I didn't want to piss all over him, just than a feeling shot threw me, I new it was to late to stop.

I grabbed both sides of his ass and rammed him in me, my legs began to shake, my head went back, and I could feel cum shoot out of me, running down my crack and over his cock.

He than pulled my legs up farther, I could feel the crown of his cock start to swell ever larger, so thick, so nice. I new he was ready to blow a nut in me. I began to cum again, He shoved as deep inside of me as he could.

I could feel the powerful gushes of his cum spray the back of my pussy again and again, It filled me up and overflowed out the bottom of my pussy and down my ass.

I reached down and cupped his balls with my hands. I could feel him pump the last few squirts of cum into me.

He brought my legs down and just laid on me kissing my neck, I could feel his cock start to shrink inside of me, he stood up and I could see him pop out of me bringing a wave of cum with it.

He said that he had to get going, and could come by next Thursday. I said that I would like that and would it be about this time. He said yes, and came over and gave me a long kiss, and said good by.

I stood up, knee's very week, and went to the bathroom to clean myself, cum running down both legs, My pussy lips was red and tingling, Maybe a fuck buddy every now and then would be nice. I sure did enjoy fucking my stress away. More to follow later, stay tuned for chapter two...

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